Rogue Legacy on PlayStation: Building a Roguelike RPG

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Rogue Legacy on PlayStation: Building a Roguelike RPG

A dread memory hangs above your head. A haunted castle stands in your way. And your family has struggled for generations in the name of redemption and fortune. In Rogue Legacy, players embark on a harrowing quest in a retro-style Roguelike, filled with brutal challenges and hundreds of upgrades. Rogue Legacy is coming to PS3, PS4, and PS Vita, with all the dark humor and alluring secrets that made it an indie hit on PC.

We spoke with Cellar Door Games Co-founder and Game Designer Teddy Lee about how the team built this addictive RPG, and why they approached the Roguelike in a new way. See below for the full interview, and Teddy’s insight into the design process.

Kenny Lee, Teddy’s brother and Cellar Door co-founder, also notes:

We hope you’re as excited about the release of Rogue Legacy on PlayStation as we are. Releasing a game on consoles has always been a milestone and a bit of a dream for us, and we never would have taken that step forward without your support and enthusiasm. It means a lot to us, and we know we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you so much. For those planning on playing on PS4, make sure to share your videos because we can’t wait to see them!

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  • I have been waiting for this game on ps4!!

  • Is this a work in progress post? Either way, first I read Transistor info and release date now info on this. This is my favorite day in a long time. Are we close to knowing a release date on this. I bought the PS4 at launch because of this game being announced and Transistor so everything is coming up roses for me.

    • I like this phrase, “coming up roses.” ^_^

      And this is not a work-in-progress post. Do you see a typo?

  • Thanks for the update. I’ve skipped so many Steam Sales just so I can buy games on PlayStation. This is one of them and I’m starving for it. Cross-Buy of course, yeah?

  • This looks great! Will it have cross-buy between all three versions? If so, Day-1 purchase for me.

    • UPDATE:

      Hi everyone! Just heard back from the Cellar Door Games team. At this time, they DO plan to support cross save and cross buy, and they aim to launch in Summer 2014.

      Hope that helps! Cheers.

  • Chuckling at the “rouge” slip-up in this article’s description in the big Featured Article section on the main page.

    It was bound to happen eventually.

  • Is there a release window yet? I can’t wait to play this on the Vita.

  • looks great, my only wish is that your character didn’t run around with their sword in the air. Seems kinda silly, but I respect your design decision. Looking forward to picking this up when it releases.

  • Come on, give us a release date! May, June?

    Also, if anyone from Sony is reading this, what the HELL happened to Planetside 2? Your SOE team had a big press conference yesterday about H1Z1 and no mention about how a PS4 launch title isn’t here 6 months later?

  • Many great indie releases last year but this was my favorite. Can’t wait to grab it on Vita / PS4.

  • Awesome! Glad I did not buy this on PC!

    Oh and can someone please make a TRADITIONAL TURN BASED roguelike for a change? Like Moria? It’s impossible to find those games on modern platforms anywhere outside PC land.

  • Major turn on!
    This game provides SO MUCH FUN!
    Glad that I will be able to play it on the PS4 / Vita!!!

  • Release date, btw??

  • Day 1 on Vita. Actually own it on Steam, but like Fez and other games, I’ve been waiting to double dip and play it on my Vita.

  • Looks really interesting. I’ve always wanted to get into these Roguelike games but found them too brutal and annoying how they make you feel like you wasted time once you died. I’m glad to hear they’ve used a system to make this game more approachable for people like me.

  • I’ve been resisting Steam sales (no easy task!), waiting for the Vita version instead!

    Any ETA?

    A PS+ launch week discount would be nice too :)

  • Fell in love with this game on PC, and thank god for controller support!

    This game is ripe for a sequel, new diseases/conditions, job classes, etc… So a sequel is in the works right?…right? If you confirm it, I promise not to tell anyone.

  • I can’t wait for this. Are there any other games that are on Steam that are coming out on Playstation this year?

    Totally feels like those old school hard games that I miss. Kinda has a castlevania/ metroid feel to it.

  • Can’t wait to play this on the PS Vita! It looks like a game tailorborn for the PS Vita! It also reminds me of NEXON’s Maple Story.

  • I am so excited to finally be able to play this on my PS Vita. :D

  • This reminds me of a game on the PS1 or PS2 can’t remember but this seems like a cool game and it looks like cross-buy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Tusunami, This game makes me wish that Sony would reboot the MediEvil franchise on the PS Vita.

  • this looks cool I love games like this I would love to see the suikodens put on psn

  • NICE!, Waited so much for this game!

    Ryan, you must ask the devs if this game support platinum…

    Sony needs to hear your friends “Sr. pride of Long Island” and “Mr. Oreoration”: Platinum sells more games…

    Anyway, will buy for the vita =D

    Skipped on pc, just to have the feeling of playing this on the go…

  • Is going to be crossbuy and crossave?

  • @#24

    Yes, Ryan gave an update confirming both, replying #4

  • Great! Going to be perfect.

  • Wow looks good, really reminds me of Castlevania both gameplay and the music.

  • OMG YES!! I’ve been waiting for this game to hit the Playstation platform >_< I can finally play this on the go with my Vita! Wooohooo

  • Same here, I was patiently holding out for the VITA.. it paid off! THANKS!

  • Be careful guys, this game is addicting.

    The microscaling and rogue-elements make it incredibly too easy to hit the start button after dying. If you don’t make yourself stop you WILL play all night.

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