PAX East 2014: See The Evil Within in Action

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PAX East 2014: See The Evil Within in Action
PAX East 2014: See The Evil Within in Action

This weekend, evil takes hold of our Bethesda Booth at PAX East in Boston, MA. Throughout the day, we’ll be doing the first North American public demonstrations of The Evil Within – the new survival horror game developed by Shinji Mikami and his Tango Gameworks team based in Tokyo, Japan. During the demo, the game’s main protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos, will square off against one of the game’s most terrifying creatures: Boxman.

Be sure to stop by our booth and check out the presentation. And if you happen to dress up with The Evil Within cosplay, we’ll reward you with a spot in the front of the line.

Can’t make PAX? Be sure to watch our new PAX East trailer for a glimpse of the Boxman boss battle.

Stay tuned for more info on The Evil Within – coming to both PS4 and PS3 on August 26th.

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  • This looks wonderful and will probably sell like gangbusters. Someone tell big publishers, because they haven’t got a clue.

  • oooo shiny!!

  • Graphics look quite outdated but still it seems like the game is gonna be badazz nonetheless. Can’t wait!


  • This game looks AWESOME! Can’t wait for August!

  • I wish US was getting a good Easter sale like EU. :/

  • I SERIOUSLY just awoke from a dream where i was playing a demo of it.

  • This game looked awesome when they first showed it. The graphics took a nose dive as it gets closer to release. Im tired of seeing this. Unless this trailer is for PS3 this game doesnt look next gen

  • THE LAST OF US PS4 “remastered” version its right now on PS STORE, i want to know more about that ! omfg i need to see this, please reveal today with an awesome trailer.

  • “one of the game’s most terrifying creatures: Boxman.”
    Err, the last part of that sentence seems to be lacking some impact. “Boxman” just isn’t doing it for me.

  • I was really excited about this game, but now I don’t know. I’ll keep an open mind. I do see the graphical hit (and graphics are usually secondary to game enjoyment, but hey, this is PS4, it can do better). I guess I thought it was going to be an intense crawl through were you were strung up but his looks more action oriented. I shall keep an eye on it still.

  • This game just keeps getting better and better
    We need an actual horror game like the old school resident evil

  • If you look at the earlier version of the game the graphics are great. I guess they had to downgrade it. I will still get it because I love horror games.

  • “Boxman”… really? Does that remind anyone of a certain other horror game’s antagonist with geometry for a head?

    I’m still excited about this game but that took my excitement down a couple of notches

  • Please listen to me and bring it for PS Vita as well :(

  • There is some crazy s**t going on in the trailer ha but…Yay I have my eyes on this game since the announcement…game looks really good with some insane atmosphere…but the animations still looks clunky as hell though..I hope you guys improve that in the final version of the game.BTW that guy in the end looks bad**s…I’ll’ be getting it on PS3.

  • My girl liked watching me playing outlast,she was exited with this trailer:-)

  • Also forgot to ask…why is this game called Psycho Break in Japan?…I know there are a lot of games with different names in Japan but why Psycho Break?

  • This is the xbox 360 version.

  • C’mon guys it’s clearly the PS3 version.

    Looks like the best horror game since RE4 …. Day 1!

  • I’m buying this game based off the cover art alone.

  • @21 Oh yes oh YES, Best Cover Art I’ve seen in years!

  • That’s PS3 footage right?

  • Looking forward to this one. Reminds me more of Silent Hill, which I prefer, than Resident Evil though. Also you should tell which version is being shown to cut down on unnecessary confusion. Unless of course that’s what you want

  • So another survival horror game aye the industry really seems to be into the horror genre right now.

  • @tusunami well this is made by the guy who created “survival horror” soooo…..

  • @26
    Alone In The Dark existed before Resident Evil.

  • This game looks *ucking scaring lol, it sad to see how horror games are becoming more scarier than horror movies nowadays



  • Looks so much to Silent Hill 2!! I’m really eager to see more about this game.

  • OMG!!!
    Oh dear my sis birthday is today and I forgot .
    My mom is going to kill me noooooooo!

  • WOW! This looks truly horrifying and really interesting. Day one.

  • im really excited for this game to come out, i see the graphics had been slightly down-graded hopefully its temporary if not im still fine the way it is. true horror here i come…. in 9 months lol :P

  • My anticipated game of the year :)

    Also why August though? Why not July so we could play it on summer?? :(

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