Drakengard 3: Designing an RPG Hero

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Drakengard 3: Designing an RPG Hero
Drakengard 3: Designing an RPG Hero

Drakengard 3 is drawing ever closer, as we’ve made evident today by revealing our third and final wave of pre-order bonuses. If you’ve already pre-ordered the game, you’ve got this coming, but if not, you can pre-order today and get six free themes featuring Zero, Mikhail, and the game’s four Disciples: Cent, Octa, Decadus, and Dito. If the game’s Intoner Sisters are more your thing, fear not: each Disciple theme actually has three panels in its rotation, one of which showcases them with their Intoner masters. So it’s worth pointing out that technically you’re getting all the main characters, except One…

Speaking of Intoner sisters, we’ve also updated the selections of our prequel novella on www.drakengardgame.com to include Two, Three, Four, and Five. While we’ll release a few more chapters down the road, the paperback edition included in the Collector’s Edition is the only way to read the entirety of the fiction.

Drakengard 3Drakengard 3

These chapters starring Zero’s sisters are too good not to share though, giving readers a glimpse into the personality of each one before you meet them in the game. They’re quite a charming bunch, but I won’t spoil your reading pleasure by giving out any more details than that.

We’ve also posted a new behind-the-scenes interview with Character Artist Kimihiko Fujisaka. He’s been designing for the Drakengard series since the beginning, and you can really get a sense of how excited he is to resume the project after its eight year hiatus. He points out a lot of things you may not have noticed about the game, such as how the new characters are done in a more modern style and are contrasted against enemies that retain the series’ medieval roots. He’s an incredibly talented artist, so I hope you’ll check out what he has to say.

Drakengard 3

Finally, I’d like to announce that Drakengard 3 is now available to pre-order on Amazon.com and other participating retailers. While the Japanese VO, Nier Pack, and PSN themes are exclusive to those who pre-order through the Square Enix Online Store, these retailers have their own unique pre-order bonus, with three costume variations for Zero.

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  • I am absolutely planning to buy the game… but I can’t justify preordering from Squenix anymore until they switch over to something other than digital river. Their current online store simply DOES NOT WORK. It took me about a 50 tries and 3 times contacting customer support(who were completely useless btw) to get my preorder of Lightning Returns to work and I was never able to get a preorder for FFX/X-2 to work(I was hoping for the CE because the art cards looked gorgeous but oh well).

    I love that you guys are offering pre-order bonuses, making them exclusive to a store that simply is broken takes away any fun those preorder bonuses have.

    But on topic… I like what you’re doing with the little narrative glimpses.

    • May I ask if the customer support line you called was 310-846-0345? We wanted to ask so we can see what may have happened!

  • Already pre-ordered European Collector’s Edition, as you don’t ship to Europe from NA S-E Shop. :(

    Really sad that we don’t get physical disc (only a paper with code written on it) and no Nier DLC nor Themes, and we have to pay MORE than you guys… (European CE costs 96 dollars and has no *REAL* game inside it nor all DLC you get) I’m thinking to stop supporting Square-Enix Europe and to import/buy used games instead, if we continue to be ignored… I have been huge fan since Final Fantasy VIII (my first Square game) and want to throw my money at you, but we Europeans miss so many games. (Chrono series for example and Lightning Returns had no CE in Europe)

    Very disappointed fan here. But it’s not you guys’ fault, so…

    ON TOPIC: THIS GAME IS ONE OF THE MY MOST ANTICIPATED GAMES OF THE YEAR. And it’s looking darn good. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. And Japanese Voice Over DLC is great pre-order bonus.

  • Looks good for a PS2 game, and seems to play fine for a PSone game.

  • Was able to cancel my digital preorder through their site once Amazon had it as a retail preorder. Rather much buy it off them then get anything off their online store because of hearing so many bad experience.

    DLC stuff was just pure hype, thought the last one would actually be the DLC that came out in Japan, the prequel story or whatever it was. Just silly stupid costumes and themes. Still getting it to try it and plus I like hack n slashes.

  • What’s with all the hate?
    I’m really looking forward to this. I pre-ordered from SE website. So I got all 3 bonuses.
    I’ve never had problems ordering from them before.
    Thank you for bringing the game stateside. Looking forward to more.

  • @4 The collectors edition comes with the prequel stage and that was announced day 1 so why would tier 3 be something hey already announced.

    On the other hand Ty Square Enix love the tiered bonuses and going to really enjoy my collectors edition. Still holding out hope for a FFXII remake or at least rerelease on ps3 with trophy support.

  • oversevethousand

    Thanks for making some of the stuff people would want to buy most timed preorder exclusives. We all really, really appreciate that kind of completely unnecessary treatment. Thank you, in turn, for making sure I never buy anything from you guys – ever – in the foreseeable future, because this kind of crap, combined with your sorry excuse for a store, is just unacceptable.

    • The pre-order items that have expired will still become available to purchase for those that preferred not to pre-order through the Square Enix Store. The JP VO DLC will be available on launch day for purchase, but we were happy to reward our fans who pre-ordered the game so early by giving it to them as a free bonus for doing so. 

  • PS4 or Vita support? I dont buy last gen games anymore

  • Really want to buy this from the Square Enix store, but shipping is $8, ugh! Pretty ridiculous that $100 is the minimum to get free shipping.

  • Little confused, does the Collector’s Edition come with all the DLC including the costume variations, or are those exclusive to places like Amazon? It would make sense that the CE would be the most complete package but it’s sounding like now some stuff will be left out…?

    • The costume variation will only be available at Amazon.com and other participating retailers.

  • Thanks for the update, Sakura.

    If I may offer some valuable information I’d like to say that I think Square Enix has underestimated the frothing demand there is among the US and European audiences for a new Drakengard game and other games like it. I’m glad you have finally let other retailers sell the game to increase the sales potential this title has. It’s not going to do blockbuster numbers like a title like The Last of Us did, but I think there is definitely a lot of people who wanted to play a new Drakengard game and now more of them will hopefully find out about it.

    Thanks again for the update. :)

  • Will the framerate and tearing be fixed for the NA release? I hear that it’s really bad.

  • Wish it had a physical release.

    As it stand I don’t like to pay over $20 for digital goods.

  • (I’m aware some places in US, like amazon, have a physical release – but they don’t ship to Canada. At least to me anyways.)

  • Awesome, Now let me order a physical copy thru Amazon or Gamestop, Had way too much trouble just trying to get the Final Fantasy X HD collection from your store

  • I was excited to see that Amazon has the standard copies of Drakengard 3 now. And that they’re offering all three bonuses to people that preorder now — even Square Enix isn’t do that. On top of that it’s free and faster shipping.

    Shame there’s no CE available through Amazon though.

  • Yay! Drakengard 3 themes! I ordered the CE the day it came out so I’m really looking forward to this game. Here’s hoping I can finish it (unlike Nier). I really like the look of the themes so I’m totally excited for them. Too bad One isn’t in them but otherwise really great!

    • Yay! Glad to hear that you are excited about them! The images rotate randomly per theme too so it’s quite fun!

  • Besides that flower in her right eye which is pretty sucky… I like everything about this game…the artwork is phenomenal…I’ve been around the internet downloading pics of the concept arts of all the characters…its really amazing…incredible job Fujisaka-san.

    • Fujisaka-san is incredibly talented and I can’t get enough of his style and design. I love his detailing on his work — hope you enjoyed his interview! More interviews to come :)

  • Last time I bought from Digital River it wasn’t bad at all. Everything went smoothly other than a few login issues but I don’t think it’s as bad as it previously was or so I heard.

  • There seems to be a lot of confusion in these comments, so let me clarify:

    Drakengard 3 IS available for pre-order on Amazon, for those who don’t trust (or can’t access) the Square-Enix store.

  • I pre ordered the Collectors Edition when it was announced lol, Neat to see the next set of bonuses! Can you confirm if the Amazon skins will be available for download on the PS Store later, or are they just early unlocks?

    • They are exclusive to Amazon and other participating retailers but they will become available for purchase in the future on PSN.

  • The year of the RPG genre great games incoming quite fast must pace myself.

  • This game looks soooo promising and I pre-order this game already. If this would come out to PS4 I would not mind spending more cash again. I love the story line and its mechanics. I have been playing the game since PS2.

    Thumbs up to all behind the people made this game possible.

  • <3 <3 <3

  • Awesome! Are there avatars in the work? If there will be, may I request one of Zero without the flower in the eye like in the intro video?

  • While I’m bothered that my pre-order of the Collector’s Edition no longer nets me everything that will be available, at least I’ll be able to get those costumes at some point in the future.

    It’s been such a long road since playing Drakengard almost 10 years ago. NieR was an awesome spin-off title, but to finally get another game in the mainline series is so awesome. Just over a month until release, though DR’s shipping info seems to suggest I won’t even get my copy until after Watch_Dogs releases the following week… that’s gonna suck.
    But either way, really looking forward to playing this.

    And hopefully if we get another game, the developers won’t feel the need to censor the violence in “hilarious” fashion in a misguided attempt to “lighten” the mood of the game. The series has always been dark. That’s what we liked about it. Stuff like this shouldn’t happen. ***mild spoiler***

  • Artworks, soundtracks, throwbacks, those are all nice, but story bits being exclusive to deluxe editions or limited releases needs to go by the wayside.

    If you could put in the word to the ears of whoever can make this happen, provide official digital releases of…*
    – Final Fantasy VII Advent Children The Novel (included in the Limited Edition Collector’s Set)
    – Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i- (included in Best Buy preorders of FFXIII-2)
    – Final Fantasy X-2.5 (no current English release, but relevant to Final Fantasy X -Will-)
    – this Drakengard 3 novella
    – anything else I’ve overlooked

    Fan translations, transcripts, and summaries should not stand as the premier means of getting the complete story, especially from a company whose history is steeped in narratives. Though, if (*clears throat* “when”) FFVII AC TN gets a digital release, please check it over for italicization corrections, most notably in “Barret”.

    *Modified for sensible capitalization.

  • (Note: I would have no qualms if those texts come at monetary cost, just so long as they are available to a wide audience.)

  • Don’t understand why we need to preorder it on the SE site.
    Why don’t just let us preorder it on PlayStation Network Store?

    You guys could have got lot of orders from worldwide.

  • @ phoenixkissme_PA: Because pre-orders through PSN give Sony a larger cut of the sale price. Pre-ordering directly from S-E gives them maximum profit from each sale. Considering that this series isn’t as popular as say, Final Fantasy… I’m fine with being slightly inconvenienced for a chance at this being profitable for S-E, which could lead to another game in the series.

  • Got the Collector’s Edition Day 1 :D

    Can’t wait for this!

  • looks like a good game. gonna try it

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