Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Revealed for PS3

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Revealed for PS3

More Borderlands? Yes please!

2K just announced Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, a new entry in the awesome/ridiculous/ridiculously-awesome FPS series from Gearbox. It takes place between Borderlands 1 and 2, and explores the rise of the latter’s charmingly sadistic villain: Handsome Jack. Oh, and it’s on the moon.

Offensive opportunities will be plentiful, with new laser-based and “Cryo” weapons joining the already gargantuan armory present on Pandora, and you can play as one of four new characters — including Claptrap.

Read on for full details about Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, straight from 2K.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Handsome Jack is back with a whole new cast of playable characters and he’s taking you to the moon of Pandora in the next standalone AAA game in 2K’s best-selling franchise – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. 2K announced today that the game is being co-developed by Gearbox Software and 2K Australia, and will be available later this fall for the PlayStation 3. See, aren’t you glad you kept your PS3!?

Narratively, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel takes place between the original Borderlands game and Borderlands 2. For the very first time, you’ll play on the other side as four new playable characters fighting alongside Handsome Jack, and you’ll witness Jack’s transformation into the megalomaniacal tyrant that you loved to hate in Borderlands 2. Fans of the franchise will no doubt remember some of these characters from past games. There’s Athena – The Gladiator, Wilhelm – The Enforcer, Nisha – The Lawbringer, and Claptrap – The Fragtrap. That’s right, you can play as THE Claptrap! Oh, and did we mention that you’re fighting on the moon!?

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands: The Pre-SequelBorderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Pandora’s moon is called Elpis, and it’s inhabited by a whole bunch of new baddies – Scavengers, Lunatics, giant bandits in 70s-era NASA spacesuits – you know, the type you’d enjoy blasting off the surface of the moon. And that’s just it, because you’re off of Pandora, gravity is different and so is the atmosphere. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has an all-new oxygen system that not only allows you to breathe in the moon’s zero-atmosphere environments, it gives you an oxygen-powered jetpack that enables you to perform insanely long moon jumps, or even double jumps. Combining your double jump with the crouch button performs a ground-pounding slam that deals area of effect damage, and can also deal crazy elemental damage. Oxygen is a lootable resource just like ammo, which has been plentiful in past Borderlands games, so you don’t have to fear that you’ll run out.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Borderlands game without gazillions of new guns, but not just guns, all-new weapon and elemental damage types. In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, you’ll shoot ‘n’ loot with laser guns – the type that ‘pew pew’ like in Star Wars, and the type that shoot continuous beams like in Ghostbusters. You’ll also freeze bandits in their place and shatter them into hundreds of bloody pieces using an array of Cryo weapons. Cryo is an all-new elemental damage type, and the combination of fire from laser and ice from Cryo has us itching to jump back into Borderlands.

What do you think? Are you excited to jump around Pandora’s moon, blasting bandits in the face with laser guns? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you’re headed to PAX East this weekend, you have a chance to get a first look at Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in action at 2K’s booth #962.

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  • And this is why you don’t get rid of your PS3 so easily. I will be jumping on this for sure. More Borderlands is always welcome.

    And for people that will complain that this isn’t on PS4, it doesn’t have to be on there. If you really want to play this game you would get it for the console it’s intended, not wait for a port that may never happen. And if you don’t have a PS3 get another one or borrow one.

  • huge fan of the borderlands series, and with this AND the vita edition coming out soon, i cannot wait

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! LOL…I’m so freakin’ excited about this announcement! Borderlands is among my top 3 franchises of the PS3 generation (along with Bioshock and Uncharted) and I’m very happy to hear that PS3 owners will get one more opportunity to dive back into the beautiful world that Gearbox has created. Prior to playing Borderlands (which I only played thanks to PS+…don’t know where I’d be without that service), I had never played a loot-driven game before. I like First-Person Shooters generally, but their single-player campaigns could never hold my interest for very long. The RPG elements and loot-gathering properties of Borderlands completely changed what I was looking for in a FPS and also introduced me to my obsession with action-RPGs like Mass Effect (4th favorite franchise of last-gen). I will also be jumping on the Diablo III bandwagon as soon as the game drops in price a few more dollars (my enormous backlog allows me to patiently wait). Gearbox/2K…thank you guys for bringing another chapter in this wonderful franchise to the PS3. I will probably upgrade to a PS4 around the same time you guys announce Borderlands 3. :)

  • And I will obviously be grabbing BL2 Vita in May…the thought of looting and leveling up on the go is just to delicious for words!

  • So, what your saying is that the game will be Playstation Exclusive?! So no sales on STEAM?

  • BlaqMagiq24, I agree 100% on every point.

  • Loved this “Pre-Sequel” thing. Makes so much sense :D

  • This is going to be release for Pc Ps3/360 as well, don’t understand why they would mislead people to think it’s A PlayStation Exclusive

  • Really Looking Forward To It!

  • That is great news….! Borderlands is so darn addicting! My only complaint (and its a minor one) about it coming out on the Ps3 is that, to my knowledge, the previous Ps3 versions of Borderlands I & II does not allow you to track the hours logged. That bugs the hell out of me to no end! It’s just a pet peeve of mine to want to see my hours of game play. I’ve heard rumors that if you join a game hosted by another player that you can see a glimpse of the hours logged on the Ps3 briefly. However, the last time I join a game I got hacked, so I had to start my file all over and now I’m reluctant to try it again to see if I can actually see the game hours. Still glad its coming out though. I haven’t even played Borderlands 2 yet……

  • Now this is the kind of news I like to open my web browser to. The laser and cryo additions sound awesome.

  • Personally, I couldn’t give two craps. Destiny is all I need and want. I guess I’ll pick this up for free when it’s eventually added to PS+ in a year or so.

  • Just more ways for Borderlands 2 on PS Vita to flop. First putting out Borderlands 2 on PS3 for PS+, now this. Great management. I know Gearbox and 2K won’t give a hoot about Sony since they are publishing that version and working on the port too. But still. You’d think you’d at least try. And Sony had some decision in the PS+ inclusion, so that is half on them too.

  • BUT WE ALREADY KNOW WHAT HAPPENS DAMN IT, what is the freaking POINT?! I can’t understand the thinking behind this, prequels are mostly moronic cause of the fact that you know we KNOW what happened for the most part, and we know how it will end.

    VERY few games have done a Prequel justice, in fact only ONE game ever did it well enough to be acceptable, and that was Lufia 2, not that god awful DS remake one though the SNES one.

    Why not a connect story between the second game and the hopefully announced 3rd game?! Something NEW and things we wont know about…. besides that this game sounds like it wont last long, I can’t imagine they will try and ask for full price on this sounds like a 20 bucks game to me.

  • After all the GAZILLIONS DLCs, I will purchase the complete package, it is just NOT FAIR for the early buyers, BUT this is how the industry works, right?

  • @14 (Elvick_ on) – I’m failing to see how Borderlands The Pre-Sequel has any effect on Borderlands 2 Vita. The benefit of BL 2 Vita is that there will be a version that you can take with you anywhere and be able to transfer your saves from PS3 to Vita and vice versa if you own both versions (like me). I beat the game once, but I could play this game all the way through six times and get six different experiences thanks to the different classes. I wasn’t going to do that on the PS3, but I definitely will be doing that on the Vita. Trust me, all this announcement does is get people even more pumped to dive back into BL2 on Vita. It will not flop, my friend.

    Further, BL and BL2’s inclusion on PS+ was pure genius, as it introduced many PS3 owners to a franchise that many of us let pass by. If it weren’t for PS+, I personally would have never played a Borderlands games. As it now stands, it’s one of my favorite franchises and I can’t wait for this third installment. Not sure why you’re so concerned with Playstation’s financial bottom-line (I think they’re doing pretty well with PS4 selling like gangbusters), but the two Borderlands announcements the last two days have been nothing but a positive for gamers.

  • @ 15 (ZigNoff) – What’s great about prequels is that although the destination is known, the journey is most of the fun. Although we ultimately know what happens to Handsome Jack, I think it will be fascinating to see his transformation into what has ultimately become a pretty awesome villain. Besides, how many BL players are playing the game first and foremost for the story?! Although I thought BL2 told a really good story and had fantastic writing, what kept me playing were the phat loots!!! The Pre-Sequel will not fail to deliver in that respect and I’m fairly certain that that is why most BL gamers love the franchise.

    Also, something new will more than likely be coming down the pipe with this franchise. It doesn’t mean that they can’t stop to deliver another experience on the PS3. Hold your horses…I’m sure BL3 will look great on PS4 once it’s announced.

    Finally, according to IGN, the game is longer than the first Borderlands, but not the second. In other words, this is not a $20 game or DLC packaged on a disc. It’s a full-fledged Borderlands game, one I’m looking very forward to!

  • No more Siren abilities? Now I don’t know what class to play. Is there a Soldier class (with auto-turret)?

  • Why only last gen? Id insta-buy this but I will NOT buy last gen games anymore. Port to PS4 and you have my money

  • @20 (Mando44646) – 150 million user install base (PS3/360) vs. 15 million user install base (PS4/XBone).

    I think 2K/Gearbox will lose minimal sleep over losing the money you were going to give to them.

  • ViZuAl_zombie_v2

    I hope this will be on ps4 also!

  • @ GStylez1980 If you think for one second there are 150 million people still playing PS3/360 then you just like to google straight facts. Bringing the game to PS4/XBONE is not just about the money but the fact that it’s current and not last gen like the PS3 is as of release of the PS4. If you’re one of those cheapskates that won’t upgrade for some reason then just go away. GREATNESS AWAITS and you’re just sitting there talking about how 150 million people will buy the last gen version of a game that is plenty boring after the first playthrough.

  • More Borderlands, Yes please! but on PS4 aswell, why do you insist on penalizing PS4 user’s? I did not purchase a new gen console to have to go back to previous Gen. I love borderlands but if it’s only for PS3 I’m sorry but my money i going for a PS4 game.

  • Loving the Ps3 love with this release. Can’t wait to get back into Borderlands. I trust this is a full game with a platinum.

  • no ps4? No buy!!!

  • Ever heard of “too much of a good thing?” Boarderlands 1 and 2 were plenty. I can eve see doing a handheld version on the Vita, as there is no portable version yet. But to also be making this prequel….that’s too much. Why not just let the idea of boarderlands, go down as a good one, with BL1 and 2, and a vita version. Everyone knows after this PS3 prequel, there will be borderlands 3 on X1 and PS4. It’s the same with Batman Arkham Origins/Knight. They assumed 3 years would be too long for fans to wait, so they crammed another “side note” batman (Origins) down our throats, and it tarnished the stellar name of the Batman series. Everyone knows that Knight will be the game they ACTUALLY want. Now you’re doing the same with Borderlands.

  • @BlaqMajiq24 – PS4 needs more games. PS3 has plenty.

  • Nice I can’t wait to play this. Now if you guys would only get rid of PS Vita plus games Uncharted, Wipeout, and Gravity Rush and replace them with newer games or just something that hasn’t been on plus for over a year I’ll be happy.

  • I will always be up for a new Borderlands, but there are some bad things about this one. Being on PS3 is a pretty big drawback. I don’t plan on continuing to buy games for that console. I also don’t like the time period too much. I usually don’t like the prequel type games.

  • I freaking love Handsome Jack and Claptrap, so sign me up!

  • @ daDILLYdog – Oh…I’m sorry that you didn’t I like that I used “straight facts” to justify my argument. It’s crazy how numbers, figures, and facts get in the way of the point that you are trying to make.

    So let’s say for the sake of your argument that half of the people that own/owned a PS3/360 don’t use it anymore or sold it (which is an EXTREMELY generous concession to your point). That would still leave 75 MILLION PEOPLE actively using/playing their PS3/360. That is still a 500% bigger install base than what the PS4/XBone will have once BL Pre-Sequel is released in the fall. Last I checked, 2K and Sony are in this thing to make money, and they can make more money by selling to the larger install base and continuing to develop its next-gen title for the PS4 (see: Arkham Origins/Arkham Knight)….(cont.)

  • I (and millions of other PS3/360 owners) have chosen not to upgrade to next-gen at this point, not because I’m a cheapskate or poor, but because there simply isn’t a compelling reason to upgrade at this time. As much as I love Sony hardware and will be buying a PS4 in the future, there are not enough quality exclusive titles out or on the horizon to justify the $400 purchase yet. After looking at all of the sweet games that have come/are coming to PS3 in the near future (i.e., Dark Souls II, South Park, BL Pre-Sequel, The Evil Within, Destiny, Persona 5, Watch Dogs, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Alien: Isolation), I’d certainly prefer my strategy of waiting until publishers and Sony have abandoned the PS3 to yours of being an early adopter having to watch sweet “last-gen” titles pass you by (make sure to waive to Persona 5 as it floats past you…you sure are going to miss that looker!

    GREATNESS (indeed) AWAITS…I just choose to let it wait a tad longer than most.

  • @PS_man1984 – I couldn’t agree more…which is why I’ll chose to wait for those games to arrive on PS4 before plunking down 4 bills. PS3 has so many great games, why would I upgrade yet?

    And to be sure, you all have to realize that this is Sony’s strategy, right? They know that guys like me will eventually move over to PS4. They could care less if it’s today or 2 years from now, as long as I stay within their ecosystem. They counted on guys like PS_man1984 and daDILLYdog to run out day one and buy a PS4, then sit and complain about how they don’t have enough games to play. They are selling PS4s IN RECORD NUMBERS while early adopters complain about how they don’t have enough games to play and how there aren’t enough games being announced! That’s crazy!!! Yet here are the early adopters on the Borderlands page complaining about how this should be coming to PS4 instead of PS3. GUYS…remember the 10 year plan Sony spoke about for the PS3? Did you think that they were joking or lying about that. PS3’s got a ton of juice left in it, and I’m gonna squeeze every drop out of it before I leap into next-gen. Cheers!

  • @15 Oh god not another one of these, look believing the journey is the more important then the destination is just foolish, it’s thoughts like that that lead to Mass Effect having it’s half ass ending, which ruined the franchise big time. Allow me to point something out about this. THE JOURNEY WOULD NOT AND CAN NOT EXIST WITHOUT THE DESTINATION, understand?

    That mentally leads people to leave games half assed and with no pay off cause, OH well atleast you had fun right? NO, it’s NOT good enough!

    One would never take the Journey without the destination first existing, and second it being WORTH it to take the first steps the journey , and trust me if you knew the Destination ahead of time many would not take the one that ends in garbage if they could physically see it cause then at that point there is none.

    REGARDLESS, what is the damn point that question has not been answered we KNOW how this ends, why do this when we can do one about the story connecting the 2nd and 3rd game, that would make more sense.

  • One of the reasons why I resisted the urge to trade in my Playstation 3. Is cause of great games like this. Bothers me a little it won’t have a Playstation 4 port.

  • Once again, I find it amusing how many NON 2K and Sony representatives we have speaking on their behalf using word like ” I think “.

  • The same as a Huge debate over which PS you own.

    ……..Sad, really.


  • Hmm..this looks good…Borderlands is already being milked but whatever…I’ll give you guys high credits for making it for PS3 and not damn PS4…how nice of you guys and good job….I’ll keep my eye on this.And please no port for PS4.

    @ 2 BlaqMagiq24 – Well said.

    @ 27 RenderMonk – I must agree with you..thats some real talk man.

    @ 29 TooLegit505 – How annoying can you be with that?….this is the 4th or 5th post I see you saying the same nonsense.

  • looks neat, but pretty late for a last gen exclusive. i’m planning on my ps3 being out of my room and replaced by a ps4 in the next couple months.

    @ 21 (GStylez1980):
    sony needs to get more ps4s on the market.

  • So uh…what happened to Borderlands not missing PS Vita again or something like that? I can understand the rational behind it missing PS4 but Vita?

  • Am I the only one actually excited about using the new characters at all? Not to mention the aspect of playing a borderlands game from Jacks point of view. Have to check back on this article later…

  • @35 So what you’re saying is that you played hundreds of hours of Mass Effect (1,2, and 3) or tens of hours of Borderlands, found the ending wanting, then basically said “this game sucked?!” You denigrate the entire game (or franchise), its gameplay, etc., because you hated the ending? Man…you and I just won’t agree on this subject. Listen, I’m not saying that endings to games shouldn’t be great. Bioshock had a terrible ending, for instance. But I’ll be damned if that wasn’t one of the greatest games of the last decade! I had fun every minute I played that game. The ending was lame, but I’ll always remember the fun that I had getting there. I agree…Mass Effect 3’s ending sucked. But it did not tarnish the entire franchise to me…it just didn’t live up to it’s rather lofty expectations. But man…what a long and glorious ride!

    Like I said, we likely won’t agree on this topic. To each his own…

  • Thanks for letting us know the rumors are true…

    I am very Glad I kept my PS3…

    Sweet… We get to play as a CL4P-TP on that Shadowy Moon we have been staring at… that’s Pretty Bad-Ass…

  • To those adhering to hearsay, I’d advise you to read the actual article very carefully. This is a promotion for the PS3 version coming out this fall on Sony’s own website so of course they aren’t going to show-off other versions that don’t have a thing to do with them.

    Nowhere did they misinform us about it being a Playstation exclusive. If you want news about other versions then Google it.

  • So ready for this now the only way to approach this is how I can

    1: Day 1 Physical Purchase
    2 Wait for the game to have a digital sale like 70% off or
    3 Wait for this game to come to PS+

    Decisions, Decisions.

  • One of the best co-op experiences out there. With the PS Vita version coming and the prequel sequel to BO2 this is going to be spectacular. I didn’t expect this to be coming out this year but since it isn’t on next gen it makes since to be coming out this year.

  • Just to be clear, to all those calling this is an exclusive it’s not. This is the Playstation Blog why would they say it’s coming to 360 & PC!!?? It’s coming to PS3 and that’s what they stated. Not PS4, not Vita, PS3. Technically it’s scheduled for release on PS3, 360 and PC later this Fall. No where does it say Exclusively for PS3….

    “Aren’t you glad you kept your PS3?” Why wouldn’t I. I have my 2nd PS still, my original PS2 fatboy and yes my launch PS3 and launch PS4. What can I say, I love my Playstation and just because something shiny and new is out doesn’t mean I’m parting ways with my beloved, yet eventually neglected last gen console…. I loved the first Borderlands but I haven’t gotten around to playing 2 yet. Thanks to PS+ I can crack into it anytime now. Hopefully I’ll find some time and desire to rip through it before the prequel. Happy to see some quality games still in the works for PS3. It’s looking like from now on last gen and next are going to coexist for a year just to keep gamers busy.

  • As you know the devs already said all future Borderlands game would be coming to PS where is it? Liar Liar

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