Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Out Today on PS4

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Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Out Today on PS4

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut is out today on PS4. Space combat has returned to consoles for the first time in what feels like millennia.

Strike Suit Zero was born out of a passion for space combat and the sad realisation that the genre was severely under-represented. As game developers, we had the opportunity to rectify that. The Born Ready Games team grew up on a steady diet of Wing Commander, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Freelancer, Freespace — all the classics from the 90’s heyday. We wanted to create a space dogfighter in the same vein, but with an updated look and feel that would make it relevant to today’s audience.

The first thing we did was introduce a mech to the heart of the game. The Strike Suit — a fighter that can transform into a devastating suit of space armor at the touch of a button — eliminates issues with older games we refer to as “jousting” and “circle chasing.” The Strike Suit is quick and agile, allowing the player to turn 180 degrees quickly and take out any enemies that have got behind them. As a result, Strike Suit Zero has a much quicker pace than older space combat games.

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut on PS4Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut on PS4

The Strike Suit itself was designed by Junji Okubo, the mechanical designer behind Appleseed, Steel Battalion, and Infinite Space, among others. We combined Junji’s designs with an original soundtrack from Paul Ruskay (Homeworld), who collaborated with Japanese singer-songwriter Kokia on a number of tracks. As such, there’s an interesting blend of East-meets-West across all facets of the game’s design.

As developers, it’s not often you get the chance to revisit your game; to spruce up the visuals, add anything time didn’t permit the first time around, and to make improvements based on community feedback. The resulting game — the Director’s Cut — is the definitive Strike Suit Zero experience. The campaign’s been restructured, meaning the player gets into the Strike Suit — and thus the meat of the action — much quicker. We’ve added a load of new VO, expanding the story and — crucially — updated the look of the game.

Dan Lodge, Lead Artist, writes:

It’s not often an artist gets a second chance at doing the art for the same game. Luckily for the artist team here at Born Ready, that’s exactly what we’ve had the opportunity to do. One of the first teams in recent times to take on the challenge of producing a modern space combat game, we had very few direct references to draw from when we made Strike Suit Zero. This resulted in us cutting some corners that, as a small indie developer, we simply didn’t have time to fix for the original release.

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut on PS4Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut on PS4

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut has given us the opportunity to directly apply the lessons we learned the first time around and revisit so many of the things we had wanted to before. With over a gigabyte of extra texture memory unlocked for us to use on the PS4 version, we immediately ditched the tiling texture technique we had to use in the original.

We set about diligently rebuilding assets from the original game at an incredible pace and with a dramatic increase in quality. Great leaps were made in our approach, particularly to texturing, both technically and stylistically. Many of the ships in game are now truer to the original designs by Junji Okubo and they all have a much more coherent and convincing look.

When our time had run out, the team had exceeded our targets and replaced almost every asset in the game; the difference is clear.

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut is available on PlayStation Store today for $19.99. To address a couple of questions I anticipate being asked: the PS4 version of the game takes advantage of DualShock 4’s speaker for radio-chatter, and the touch pad for targeting. You can also remote play the game using your PS Vita. Lovely.

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut on PS4

Other questions? Hit up the comments section below and I’ll do my best to answer. Alternatively, find us on Twitter at @StrikeSuitZero and @BornReadyGames. Thanks for reading, and from everybody at Born Ready Games: we hope you enjoy the game.

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3 Author Replies

  • I’m pretty excited to get this!!

  • Demo?

    Interesting you mention Wing Commander, I watched the video before reading, and the vibe I got was Wing commander.

  • Will there be a PS+ discount?

  • Ah, just like ZOE, i love it.

  • I’ll keep an eye on this. Might grab it.

  • I sense a long night ahead of me. Thanks born ready!

  • want a ps4 so bad! hope i will be getting it soon because i want to play all of this fantastic games.

  • Are single and multi-player modes? Story mode?

    • Strike Suit Zero was always designed as a single player experience, and as such, there’s no multiplayer mode.

      But yes — the campaign is very story driven, with a cast of pilots advancing the story over radio chatter.

      Hope that helps!

  • @#3 darkwonders – it’s $15.99 for PS+ (they posted that on Monday)

    I have a couple of questions:

    Is there any chance this game will get Multiplayer added at a later date?

    How long is the campaign? (i.e. how long to complete?)

    Thanks, I may pick this up to kill time until Watchdogs.

    • Hullo. So there are no plans for SSZ multiplayer at this stage – but that’s not to write it off completely.

      The campaign will likely take you 6-8 hours, depending on how good your dogfighting skills are.

      Hope that helps!

  • Anyone know what time this actually releases on psn?

  • As long as the reviews are not super negative and the price is right, I think I may grab this one up.

  • judging from the trailer, this is a game i could get into. i’ll check out some gameplay that will inevitably be posted on youtube today. now onto the nerd stuff, how’s the game looking in terms of frame rate and performance on the ps4?

  • When Will we be receiving our $10 From Spending $60 In PS Store last month?

  • The PC guys were saying that the default gamepad controls were pretty wonky, but after remapping, it became fun and playable. Was that part of the community feedback you used towards the Director’s Cut? If not, are the controls remappable in this version?

  • @GizmooreTech
    Mine already game through [on March 22nd]. I used it towards FEZ.

  • GodofDeathOnline

    whats the hold up with the next firmware update for the ps4 the time it finaly comes out the playstation 4 will be so far behind with the features then the xbox one

  • $14.99 Day one purchase, $15.99 where i don’t have a choice but to purchase a $10 PSN card just to pay additional cents, it would have to wait for a discounted price and it will get discounted eventually.

    So your call, $0.99 cents less or less money for it. I want the game but no that bad. It’s your call.

    If anyone else shares the feeling cheers.

  • Played the game last night on Steam and was instantly sold for the PS4 Edition! Can’t wait to see all the new content! Congrats on getting your game on Xbox One and PS4!

  • Sooo, when will SSZ:DC be available on the store to purchase/download?

  • Looking forward to this on ps4.

  • zone of the enders ? :P

  • Does anyone know if there are coop missions you can play together with friends. I’m just looking for modes to play with friends as apposed to against friends.

  • Junji Okubo? Sign me up. Is there a Briarios or Deunan themed fighter?

  • Looks great! Might have to pick this one up!

  • What time will this game be available to purchase and download?

  • This remind me a lot to Omega Boost, great game, i wonder if it was an inspiration to this game. I might probably get it.

  • I love that you mentioned Freespace! That is my favorite space combat game of all time. The trailer is amazing and has sold me. You are correct we need more of these types of games. The fact that it’s on my PS4 with VRP is a massive win for me and any other space combat gamer!!!!

  • What I would give for a next gen Omega Boost or a Zone of the Enders. But I will/would definitely try this!

  • I was about to ask about multiplayer, but see it was already answered. I haven’t played a good 3D space shooter in quite a bit. It looks fun.

    Advice: Add multiplayer! (co-op + competitive if possible) The replay value will shoot through the roof.

  • sigh…i’m really interested in the game because of the ability to pilot a mech and fly in space. But not curious enough to spend $16 without a demo.

    Its really sad that we still have digital games released without demos. Demos should be mandatory at this point, especially if Sony plans to push us toward a digital future. :(

  • Still don’t see it available for purchase? Can we get a time when it will be available?

  • I played it on pc and enjoyed it though it was short.

    I really hope there is a sequel with online co-op. and more missions. honestly my biggest complaint was how short the game was. I’l be getting this on ps4 when the store updates (right now I can download it but no discount yet )

    seriously, sequel please, with double the missions and a co-op mode. maybe let us fly capital ships too. I wanna fly a cruiser :(

  • Wow this looks good and moreover insane haha…I really like that and did you mentioned no MP?…ha gotta make sure I will try this one…when I get a PS4.Nice job.

  • @ 30 Ryumoau – For once I must agree with you…demos should be mandatory.

  • It’s out out now but no Plus discount that I can see.

  • @30

    Demos are expensive. They require additional resources, separate builds and testing, and need to be designed differently than the standard game. For instance, a demo consisting only of the ‘start’ of the game, generally gives a bad or incomplete impression of the game, but levels taken from the middle of the game can overwhelm the players and generally cost sales.

    Moreover, most game mechanics like character customization or equipment (in RPGs or MonsterHunter or ‘choose your loadout’ styles) have to be carefully controlled, or you risk either providing the entire (enjoyable) part of the game within a single level (and losing sales), or giving the impression that most of your equipment or loadout are useless (when in reality its situation dependent, but you are only in one situation).

    All this takes someones time and effort, which incurs cost. Something not likely to be make back by whatever additional sales the demo creates on a 16 dollar game.

    So skip lunch for 3 days, avoid coffee for the week, and take the plunge.

  • Discount just showed up. NM

  • Ok this game advertises “intelligent enemies” and dogfights but what I see in the trailers is nothing more than an arcade shooter.. I.e you just shoot and the enemies blindly run into your bullets and blow up, so real skill required.. its nothing like lets say two expert pilots in Warhawk trying to take eachother down… soooo wheres the dogfighting exactly?

  • Will there be an option to redirect the radio-chatter to the headphones?

  • The “hey” towards the end of the music is sampled from “Close (to the edit)” by Art of Noise – a song that is featured in the Vita game Lumines Electronic Symphony.

  • Dat Prodigy sample :)
    Been waiting for this game, ty.

  • Hows the framerate? 60fps?

  • @17 It doesn’t bother me very much. I just add $5 with my card, I’m going to use it eventually. Also, if it weren’t for those weird prices, I wouldn’t have 4.20 in my wallet right now, and that’s just fun.

  • I’m on vacation, in Hawaii, reading up on this as I drink my morning coffee and all of a sudden wish I was at home with my PS4.This game looks freaking rad. Will Buy as soon as I get home.

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