Hands-on with MLB 14 The Show on PS4

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Hands-on with MLB 14 The Show on PS4

MLB 14 The Show on PS4

Big and small. Those two words best describe the visual improvements San Diego Studio has implemented in MLB 14 The Show on PS4. From the detailed stitching and fabric of a glove to the 4x texture resolution of entire stadiums, the team has pushed itself — and PS4 — to create an unrivaled experience in baseball.

The PS4 version of MLB 14 The Show boasts plenty of obvious enhancements over its feature-rich, PS3 counterpart. Players look better even at a glance, with uniforms and helmets that wrinkle and flash under the grace of a new lighting model. While stadium crowds in the PS3 version were made up of about 40 different models, the PS4 version hosts 1,000 individual models in varying clothing and gear — and each model has approximately the same number of polygons as the actual players did on PS3.

The list goes on. Individual blades of grass provide a subtle accent against a player’s shoe. Stubble grows on his cheek. These details, big and small, push the PS4 version ever closer to visual parity with a game broadcast on television.

MLB 14 The Show on PS4MLB 14 The Show on PS4

For those that haven’t played the PS3 version yet, MLB 14 The Show brings a litany of new features and improvements over last year’s outing. Quick Counts simulate the pitching counts in a game, reducing the number of total pitches while preserving the outcome. This allows gamers to jump in and out of a game in less time, while still experiencing much of what The Show has to offer. Series favorites, including Road to the Show, have been improved. Cross save support across all three platforms encourages baseball enthusiasts to bring their progress on the go, or between PS3 and PS4. As an added bonus, year-to-year saves enable gamers to bring their progress this year to future entries in the series.

A less obvious addition, though no less addictive, is the new player lock feature — something San Diego Studio dubs “Road to the Show, anywhere.” This locks the camera — and the action — to any individual player in a game. Player lock opens up the tremendous diversity and strategic richness in each position on field, from the planning and quick thinking of the catcher to the patience and precision of an outfielder.

Each position plays a bit different, and unlocks a whole new way to experience The Show. If that player happens to be out, The Show can simulate all the “in-between” moments in a slick interface brimming with statistics, or gamers can watch it all play out in real time. The amount of options and customization is staggering, inviting the most devoted baseball fans to plunge into a sea of possibilities and fine-tune the experience to their liking.

In fact, MLB 14 The Show aims to cater its fun to all types of players, from those with a craving for a quick fix, to gamers in it for the long haul. And with player lock running underneath every game, each position on field is a new perspective into America’s pastime.

MLB 14 The Show hits PS4 on May 6th, and is already available now on PS3 and PS Vita.

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  • Wow! The top image in this article could easily be mistaken for a photograph at first glance.

  • when will it be available beyond two souls in digital format as in European psn? thanks

  • Nice to read about the PS4 stadiums in MLB the Show 14. I have just bought the Vita version and I like the gameplay and scaling difficulty. When batting it is hard to discern which type of pitch you will be facing due to the graphics – in the Vita version – .
    But the most glaring omission in the Vita version is the absence of a proper online versus mode. Sure, there is Homerun Derby but a sports game like this should have an online versus mode where you can play an actual match of baseball.

  • Loving the changes to the Vita. So much faster to get through a game/month/season both in the RTTS mode and Season mode. I jsut wish the trophies still popped when using the quick pitch feature. See you guys at Pax East!

  • Looks great. Like really great. Might be my first baseball game since Ken Griffey.

  • Can we PS4 owners get a demo for MLB 14: The Show this before May 6th please, and thank you?

  • Beyond!

    How are the load times and online play? I read the review on IGN for PS3 version and I heard the load times were long and online was laggy. Is this fixed with the PS4’s power? Outside of that, I’m extremely excited for this game! Now I just need the Blue PS4 controller to release in the US so I can play my dad in baseball again!

  • Why do I keep seeing this and yet every interview Ramone comments it will not be 1000 for 2014 closer to 300

    While stadium crowds in the PS3 version were made up of about 40 different models, the PS4 version hosts 1,000 individual models in varying clothing and gear — and each model has approximately the same number of polygons as the actual players did on PS3.

  • I swore off sports games.. forever ago, but I may have to pick this up. Then again, its baseball, and I’m from (and still live in) a baseball town, so that’s that, I’m picking it up come the 6th.

    As per usual, thanks Ryan, great write-up.

  • Glad to see the O’s getting some love on this post.

  • Will the PS4 version let you import music like all the previous PS3 versions?

  • Buying! This post caused this sudden urge, i swore never to buy another baseball game too.

  • yep i already pre-order this game in psn store as digital version for ps4.. can’t wait to play .. graphic look so stunning.. i played this game on ps3 version so it look good but i love gameplay and pitcher mechanic. Hey Ryan Clement, any info about Watch Dogs available for pre-order on PS4 version in psn store ?

  • 2010…

    Let’s go GIANTS!

  • @10

    send me some open pit bbq!

  • lol………..”……..
    My sister said that she will kill me in baseball can’t no body kill me in baseball
    Talking about games anyone getting watch dogs!

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!


  • Looking forward to this game on Playstation 4. Meanwhile I’ll be playing the Playstation 3 version of the game for the time being. Keep being those videos every Monday till the game comes out. I’ll be looking forward to them.

  • Ryan, do you happen to know if the PS4 version will also have 3D since the Devs were seeking feature parity?

  • Whoa, I thought the top image was real, but, manipulated with computer dust.

    I can’t wait for this game.

  • Graphics are phenomenal, must resist buying a PS4 for this game.

  • Sounds and looks awesome, can’t wait!

  • Probably the best sports game ever, and even if I’m not really a baseball fan, I have to get this. Looks unbelievable, so true next gen stuff. Amazing work!

  • I haven’t played a Base Ball game in years. But I think it might be the time, with the way it looks on PS4 and being able to cross save to Vita sound awesome.

  • if it wasn’t for the big-headed kids, the muffin-top players (all of them) and the barren dugouts (i mean… have u ever seen a dugout with no bats and gloves in it?) i’d be a bit more impressed with the visuals. sometimes visual improvements can help to accentuate oddities as much as enhance those things that already impress.

  • Looks amazing, day 1 purchase. I have the vita version, which is great but has a few problems I was hoping you guys could address.
    – Lags a lot when hitting high foul balls.
    – throwing meter too slow taking players forever to throw the ball.
    – when batting with a runner(s) on base, it’s impossible to influence a hit to the left side without the runner(s) taking an extra lead (even while holding down R)
    – when guessing a pitch while batting the only way to guess the R pitch is by touch.
    Other than that the game is great.
    Thank you!

  • The 1st pic in this post looks like real life…damn.Sony games always making me amazed.

  • Looks incredible! I can’t wait!

  • What are the cutscenes like and do the fans capture the homerun balls or let them bounce around?

  • Are there cutscenes if we get benched or sit down to minors or what if we suffer an injury do we see the doctors evaluate?

    Also line drives back up the middle that bounce off the pitcher need to show the pitcher in pain and need to result in an INJURY. A pitcher cannot take a linedrive OFF HIS FACE and still stay in the game!!!!

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