Borderlands 2 PS Vita Bundle Coming May 6th

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Borderlands 2 PS Vita Bundle Coming May 6th

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since we’ve checked in and given an update, so buckle up. We’ve been working with Iron Galaxy Studios, Gearbox Software, and 2K for a while now to bring Borderlands 2 to PS Vita, and we’re excited to announce that the award-winning, fan-favorite, role-playing-shooter will be available via the Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle on May 6th, and digitally on PlayStation Store and at retailers nationwide on May 13th.

Borderlands 2 PS Vita Bundle Coming May 6th

The Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle features the new slimmer, lighter PS Vita Wi-Fi model. The new model features 1GB of internal memory built into the system, a new high-definition liquid crystal display, increased battery life, and an enhanced design that makes the system even more comfortable to hold. The bundle will include the new PS Vita system in black, Borderlands 2, and an 8GB PS Vita memory card — all for $199.99.

We’ve been working hard to jam pack the endless looting and mayhem of Borderlands 2 into the palm of your hands, and we’re committed to porting over the heart and soul of the console original without compromising the gameplay you know and love. Soon, PS Vita owners can chase down Handsome Jack on the go.

Borderlands 2 on PS VitaBorderlands 2 on PS Vita

Now if you’re like me, some of you would have already poured hours into Borderlands 2 on PS3. Because cross save is supported, you can easily continue your existing adventure on PS Vita. Just got done with a long PS Vita session out on the road? Pick up right where you left off on PS3 when you get home. Easily transfer your saved game from PS Vita to PS3 and vice-versa so you don’t miss one second of the shooting and looting mayhem.

When you pick up Borderlands 2 on PS Vita, you’ll also get six add-on packs. Extend your experience with Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty, Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, the Psycho and Mechromancer Character Classes, as well as the Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Upgrade Pack and the Collector’s Edition pack. As if the core game wasn’t already packing hundreds of hours of entertainment, this bonus content seals the deal, helping Borderlands 2 on PS Vita rank exceptionally high on the handheld-bang-for-your-buck-o-meter.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this epic and action-packed PS Vita version of Borderlands 2. The look, the feel, the style, the characters, the weapons, and the co-op gameplay with its countless hours of shooting and looting — it’s all here! Prep your gear, Vault Hunters, we’ll see you back on Pandora.

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  • Awesome, totally can’t wait for this. Grabbing the bundle on day one!

  • I am legitimately excited for this! I needs me that slim Vita, and I’m planning to murder the enhanced battery life with some good ol’ shooting’ and loot in’! Big thanks to everyone involved :D

  • PlayStation for life.

  • Hopefully they’ve worked out the bugs that have been reported to be in this version as I’d love to play this on the go.

  • So will this be the official release date of the Ps vita slim in the US in all retail stores
    Or just for this new bundle

  • Pre-ordered and can’t wait!!


  • Does this game also supports online co-op gameplay?

  • What is the price of the standalone game?

  • All right! Lots of Vita love next month, God of War Collection, The Sly Collection, Borderlands 2. Thank you Sony!!

  • will the Borderlands 2 dlc be cross buy? so it doesn’t corrupt the save or say that you can’t cross play because of dlc like the holiday ones

  • Any chance that if you already own the full game version you will get the VITA version too? Or maybe a discounted price?

    Thank you. Borderlands Rules!

  • For this bundle, is it a Physical or Digital copy of Borderlands 2 that is included?

  • Is it true that the 1GB of internal storage can’t be used if you have a memory card in the Vita?

  • Don’t get to buy this day one but I will have it soon.

  • Cool video, but it does seem to show a lack of enemies attacking at once. I hope this is a real port and not a half done and rushed cash-grab of an older game. If not I know I’ll be getting myself a copy to play on the go.

  • Looks pretty good. Couple questions though,
    1. How much memory will the physical copy require
    2. Why only 2 of the story DLC packs? What about the Tiny Tina DLC pack?

  • The cross-save feature makes this very worth picking up :)

  • I like how this gets a bundle with the terrible 2000 model of the Vita with useless internal memory, but Killzone: Mercenary didn’t get any bundle.

    I’ll be picking this up though. The game, not the bundle. Some bull**** that the game doesn’t come out May 6th.

  • I like how this gets a bundle with the terrible 2000 model of the Vita with useless internal memory, but Killzone: Mercenary didn’t get any bundle.

    I’ll be picking this up though. The game, not the bundle. Some b/s that the game doesn’t come out May 6th, why’s it take longer exactly?

  • @13 The bundle in the video reads that the bundle includes a “voucher” for the game and an 8 gb memory card. So that means it’s a digital copy to eat up your memory card space. It’s Sony’s best method to ensure you don’t trade the game in and continue to support the used game market.

  • Not 100% sold on the new Vita Slim since it loads games much slower then the original model but the value is pretty damn good.
    This game itself is what’s going to sell me on a Vita regardless of so a few questions answered would be great.

    How will the remaining DLC be delivered? Will the Vita get the Head Hunter packs, Vault Hunter Upgrade and the other major campaigns? Are they available day 1 or cross buy? Are there no plans to deliver them at all?

    Bonus Question: What is the file size?

  • @19 Simple, it takes longer so the game will sell Vita’s before the release of the game itself.

  • Can a vita owner play with a PS3 owner? Thank you.

  • I got my copy of the game already paid off! Can’t wait.

  • Games load slower on the slim?

  • is the DLC on the cart? or downloand?

  • What about the 64 GB Vita memory card release for North America? I’m out of space! I’d love to buy Borderlands 2 for Vita but need to buy the 64 GB card for more space.

  • This would have been great if i didn’t already have it on ps3. Hopefully when this comes out, they will have a sale on the dlc for the ps3 version.

  • Is there any chance that i’ll be able to play with my friends who have the ps3 version. Meaning, can I play on my ps vita with my friends as they play on their ps3s??? Would really love an answer to this.
    And thanks for bringing this epic game to the vita.

  • I hope this turns out well. I haven’t been reading good things in previews so far though so I will be waiting on a review. Played 2/3 of the way through on PS3 and my attention drifted elsewhere, would love to finish up the platy on Vita… but only if the game runs good. Obviously there are going to be limitations on the Vita version I just hope they aren’t so glaring it turns the experience into a negative one.

  • Here is a tip for you Sony as soon as Minecraft Vita is released you should release a Minecraft Vita Bundle and advertise it. Vita sales would be skyrocketing the sales charts.

  • Will this game be cross-buy? Already own it due to ps+ and getting for my vita would be real slick!

  • This will be a great addition to Vita, but what about two missing DLCs (Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep)? Will they be available afterwards?

  • I am sooooo excited for this game to arrive on Vita! I own it on my PS3 and beat it with one of the six classes. Loved everything about the game, but had to move on to the next game in my large back-catalog. The thought of being able to transfer my save with the second character I had already started over to my Vita and continue the addictive looting just warms the cockles. I understand that it may not look quite as good as the PS3 version, but as long as it runs well enough, I’ll be satisfied. And to those asking, it’s pretty well-known that the Vita version of this game has online co-op, just like it’s big brother. Thanks Sony…hope thisversion of the game lives up to its great history!

  • Can’t wait for this. :D

    Great job third party team and Iron Galaxy.

  • If I didn’t already have a Vita, I would definitely grab this.

    the Vita is a great device!!!

  • OLED for life!


  • And I have no clue why anyone would think or assume that this game will be cross-buy, or believe that they would (or could for that matter) give a discount for people who already own BL2 on the PS3. Either buy the game, or wait for it to be discounted.

  • i had a hunch it was coming out next month <3 day 1 digital for me!!! vault hunters assemble on the go!!!

  • OH YEAH BABY!! Another Vita Killer App! Thank you Thank you! So excited for this to release on the Vita. BL2 is my favorite shooter of last gen!

  • Would be nice if Sony took a play from Sony Japan with these bundles. The limited bundles need etchings on the unit, so the systems stand out as well.

  • because i have to wait an extra 8 days to buy it digitally i wont be buying it.

    i guess day one vita owners can wait. lol

  • took long enough. Why does Sony wait until the month before to announce a release date?

    I really hope for some more Western AAAs this year.

    Also: a tip for you Sony. YOU MUST PROMOTE THE VITA IF YOU WANT IT TO SELL. Marketing is just a bit important

  • Any chance of the Slim Vita w/o Borderland 2? Also any info on the Vita TV?

  • Day one buy. My second Vita and it’s worth it..I love this little beast.

    Now we just need more memory options and bigger memory at a great price..PLEASE, with a fat cherry on top.

    Oh yeah and a GTA vita story. Please, with sprinkles all over cherry syrup. :D :D

  • TurismoM3: Just import one…. Thats what I did after there wasn’t an announcement about it coming Stateside by the time my taxes came.

  • Please, tell the team working on it to do the following

    uncompress the game files – do not worry about the size of the game, I am sure that most of the vita owners would grap even 16 gb of ram for it, if the game loading times as fast/great/smooth as Dynasty Darriors 8 EL:C on vita.

    Frame rates is first – then Quantity of things on screen and around, then finally the graphically quality

    Such game will not be as wonderful if it is hammered with frame rates problems and/or slow loading times.

    Thank you :)

  • God of War and Borderlands 2 Vita bundle on the same day. You couldn’t have maybe changed one so they weren’t directly competing with each other?

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