Stadium Comparison: MLB 14 The Show on PS4

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Stadium Comparison: MLB 14 The Show on PS4

Happy Monday! We’re excited to share this first extended look at MLB 14 The Show on PS4. In this dev diary, Ramone Russell, Community Manager and Game Designer, shows off some of the improvements and graphical upgrades the team at San Diego Studio has made to the environments of some of the most storied and iconic stadiums in all of baseball.

Each of the 30 Major League stadiums and ballparks have their own personality and vibe — no two are alike. With the power of the PS4, the team has been able to recreate these unique cathedrals like never before. A new lighting engine, a nearly 10x increase in polygon count and over 1,000 unique character crowd models bring these stadiums to life.

Find out why Baseball is Better with MLB 14 The Show when it launches on the PS4 May 6th.

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  • Jaw…..On……Floor!

  • Love, love, love this franchise. Ever since 2006 this game has been the best baseball you’ll ever get to play on any system. May 6th can’t come fast enough.

  • The crowds, stadiums looks amazing, day 1, cannot wait.

  • WOW. Can not wait for launch day.

  • Looks good! — but those jaggies! When will they go away :/

    Next gen maybe?

  • Man I hate these YouTube Videos when it comes to PS4, because the compression really kills the look of the game. By the way will the PS4 version have a 3D mode as well as support the move, since you sited features parity.

  • Camden yards and ORIOLES fans look amazing ‘O say can you see’

  • I’m with comment number 1..Wow! Day one buy.

    People talking about how next gen is current gen lol, I guess you guys have seen the future..

    Doesn’t make sense, since we haven’t seen everything this gen..So when a Epic engine 4/ new engine game is released, is it still current gen?? To me it’s still next gen cause it hasn’t been even released to play , yet.

    Bet it makes people working on ‘new’ things pretty pissed off. We simply got the taste of next gen with games like Infamous, KZ4 and NBA 2k14. PS4 is still next gen system for NEXT GEN games. Now say the opposite PS4 is current gen system with current gen games LOL, does not sound right at all. So yeah, PS4 is still next gen. ::pp

    OT: Wow that looked like a real game being played..The stadiums look like the best I’ve ever seen.

  • Can we filter out the trashy looking crowd models? I’d prefer only well dressed upper class.

  • Looks amazing! Already pre- ordered. Lets push for “facial scanning” for RTTS. next year. I want my avatar too look IDENTICAL to me. Please! Im done… :)

  • I have not played this game since The Show ’09 and I am pretty damn excited about this one.

  • I wish I didn’t hate baseball so I could enjoy this franchise.

  • Holy moly I can’t wait!

  • Vita needs dualshock support. Make it happen sony. pspgo had it. Or should i just sell my vita?

  • With the title “Stadium Comparison” I honestly thought the preview picture was from a real stadium and the video would be highlighting how closely MLB The Show came to achieving a comparable level of detail. Truly amazed that the entire video was all in-game assets…well done!

    Too bad I am Canadian and this title, although absolutely gorgeous, doesn’t really appeal to me. If only you folks could bring this passion to a competitive NHL game.

  • Wait what? I’m sorry but compared to the screen shots they put out way back last year, and in the more recent future I thought I was looking at the PS3 version.

    I dare anyone not a fanboy to go back and look at he screen shots from last year this looks far worse. Hell I might as well just buy the PS3 version SMH.

    I was super excited and now I’m just MEH :-(

  • *the

  • I haven’t bought a baseball game since Super Bases Loaded on Super Nintendo but I may have to pick this up. It looks amazing lol.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So, how easy is ii to pick up and play this series of games? I haven’t played a baseball game since the Dreamcast but this looks amazing and a lot of fun. Plus you know not a ton of next gen games out yet so I was thinking about grabbing this.

  • It’s not very easy IMO, but thats the point of baseball ! There is the feature that came out last year that lets the AI adjust to you as you learn, so that will help. I played this game SO much last year on PS3 it was ridiculous. I have to wait for the PS4 version , but my friend had it for ps3 so I tried a couple at bats.. I COULDN’T HIT THE DANG BALL PERIOD LOL. There is a learning curve to just pick up and play after awhile. Like I said tho, theres sliders and the new feature I mentioned above. I can tell this game is gonna look just filthy on ps4! Can’t wait!! No fair we cant play for another month!

  • Well I didn’t mean easy as easy to win, more along the lines of easy to grasp how to play the basic game, so if I am losing it is due to lack of skill not lack of me understanding how to control the game. Of course season mode, GM mode, and the create a player are going to be a lot harder as there is a lot more going on in baseball than just the action on the field.

  • Yes to comment #6

    You can’t really look at a compressed YT video and definitively say that this game looks nothing like the past screenshots we’ve seen. Even if it does end up looking more close to the PS3 version than we thought, it still is and will be better than anything else before it. It’s also still the first MLB on the PS4 and we know from experience that every year improves upon the last. This is still a day ONE buy for me… no matter what it ends up looking like (which is REALLY good btw). I seriously cannot wait that much longer for this game!!!

  • @atrumlupus Take it from me; I got the game on vita last year (the game got me into baseball) when it went down to $17.99 and I didn’t know a thing about baseball (but the basics of course like 3 strikes and thats an out, 3 outs and they switch sides, ect) while there is no tutorial or anything playing Road To The Show and reading the manual (for controls) I learned the game surprisingly very, very easily. :D Best 17 bucks I spent on my vita. I’m gonna be getting it on ps3 and ps4 when I get one, and I have a feeling I’m not gonna want to go back to the vita versions till they get the physics just like the ps3 versions haha. :P

  • #16 – screenshots yield much sharper images than compressed video. You can’t be a fan of this series if a slight differential in graphical fidelity from media released over a year apart has you so disappointed that you’re no longer enthusiastic. The only thing that this game needs improving on is the over-recycled commentary. Everything else about the Show is great.

    #22 – Depending on what difficulty you’re playing on there can be a huge learning curve, especially when it comes to hitting. Perhaps their new “dynamic difficultly” is which the game automatically matches it’s difficultly based on how you’re performing might make this game more accessible to newcomers or players that have been away from the franchise for awhile.

  • Wow this is jaw-dropping..AMAZING!

  • Looks really impressive.

    I have the show 12 for vita, and liked it from the viewpoint of a sports fan and a very casual baseball fan. That being said It just makes me wish that Sony made a soccer game.

    I will definitely try a demo if one is made available. With the price hike here in Canada to 69.99 for games It is very hard to buy games that your are unsure of. But that is no falt of The Show team as this looks incredible. With the hud off it would likely fool my grandfather into thinking I was watching a game, as he is a true baseball and sports fan.

    I hope the game does well, and I will definitely be keeping an eye on it, Even if I end up picking it up later on sale it is because they have earned one not because they deserve a pity buy.

    I have always been a hockey, soccer, tennis fan and have dabbled over the years on other sports genres but I think the Show 14 for ps4 might just be the first baseball game to turn me into a real fan. It looks that good. Miles beyond fifa 14. 2k`s basketball looks superior to my favored genres as well. I blame EA licence dirtbags.

  • Nice to read about the PS4 stadiums in MLB the Show 14. I have just bought the Vita version and I like the gameplay and scaling difficulty. But at the same time I am very disappointed by the fact that the game doesn’t offer a real online versus mode. Sure, there is Homerun Derby but a sports game like this should have an online versus mode where you can play an actual match of baseball.

  • The last thing needed to make things even greater, use the PS Camera to scan our face so that we get a personalized RTTS player =)

  • Looks amazing, day 1 purchase. I have the vita version, which is great but has a few problems I was hoping you guys could address.
    – Lags a lot when hitting high foul balls.
    – throwing meter too slow taking players forever to throw the ball.
    – when batting with a runner(s) on base, it’s impossible to influence a hit to the left side without the runner(s) taking an extra lead (even while holding down R)
    – when guessing a pitch while batting the only way to guess the R pitch is by touch.
    Other than that the game is great. Just waiting on roster update so I can start my franchise.
    Thank you!

  • The graphics are insane. It looks like you are watching a real life game. When I see game footage of this game and Batman, it really shows how powerful the PS4 is. When times goes by, the graphics will only get better and better for the PS4. I am impressed. I don’t have a PS4 but it is really tempting now.

  • Wow. That looks great.

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