PlayStation is the Official Gaming Partner of Top Rank Boxing

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PlayStation is the Official Gaming Partner of Top Rank Boxing

I’m excited to announce that PlayStation is now the Official Gaming Partner of Top Rank Boxing, the world’s leading boxing promotions company. As a part of this new partnership, the PlayStation brand will be featured front and center during several premier Top Rank events that will be broadcast live on Pay-Per-View, HBO and Unimas (a part of the Univision Network).

Top Rank promotes some of the biggest boxing events in the world, including the World Welterweight Championship rematch between “Fighter of the Decade” Manny Pacquiao and undefeated two-division world champion Timothy Bradley. Greatness awaits these incredible athletes when they match up on April 12, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Top Rank Boxing

In addition to Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2, PlayStation will be featured in the June 7 match-up at Madison Square Garden between three-time-division champ Miguel Cotto and reigning middleweight champ Sergio Martinez. Additional events to feature PlayStation integration include the May 17 bout between Juan Manuel Marquez and Mike Alvarado at the Forum in Los Angeles.

The main event is right around the corner and we can’t wait to have the PlayStation brand highlighted in front of the millions of boxing fans around the world.

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  • That’s awesome!! But you guys need to be featured more on widespread audiences, like the Taco Bell promotions. Xbox is always featured on Doritos and Mountain Dew…. you guys need things like that too. What ever happened to that Coca-Cola partnership? PlayStation needs to be marketed EVERYWHERE!! A good idea could have been to be featured at Wrestlemania promoting PlayStation as the system to play the WWE games.

  • When are we getting HBO go for the PS4?

  • Disgusting.

  • A great addition to a already awesome line up of apps! Youtube on the PS4 would be sweet! Oh and a more realized version of “Home” for PS4. Im done…

  • Nice. I grew up watching boxing and I still prefer it MMA, football, and basketball put together. And I love PlayStation. Now the two are coming together. Maybe some boxer avatars or themes? Wouldn’t mind getting a Juan Manuel Marquez.

  • This is great from a business standpoint, but why in the world is this being posted here for gamers to read? What relevance does this partnership have for us?

  • Good news for getting the brand back into the minds of the people out there. In a world where the other company and there deep pockets have saturated the market with their brand it’s good to see the PS brand stepping up.

  • @7 Speak for your self man. I have a huge interest on both these topics (video games and boxing), and why wouldn’t they mention it in this blog if Top Rank and PS are working together. No better place to read about this then on this Blog. If it doesn’t interest you, skip the post and continue with what you are interested in. I had to reply to you so the authors of these posts know there is people out there interested about this.

  • Great News. Will we be able to order this PPV through the Live Event Viewer app?

  • Awesome!!!

  • Great news.
    Good to see PlayStation replacing Xbox as the main gaming brand this gen.
    Well deserved, Sony.

  • smoothboarder540

    This is a waste. Boxing is just about dead.

  • Vita needs dualshock support. Cmon Sony i think you can. Since we dont get AAA games give us a nice update!

  • As a huge boxing fan this is very welcome, thanks SONY, and continue the great work.

  • People still box?

  • LOL people underestimate the widespread appeal of boxing, I’m sorry I don’t care how much you love MMA it still isn’t making as much money as boxing events..

  • LOVE ME SOME BOXING ! You guys should do a PS4 app and let us have discounts !

  • @17 Exactly!!Its time to remind people what a real fight looks like not two men hugging on the floor for 20minutes.before u all start crying,i am NOT saying ufc fighters are weak.I can make 50 clones of myself and have us all attack a retired cage fighter we’d still get savagely beaten. and mma is the most practical evolutiion of srteet fighting and all cqc in general. but as a sport i just prefer boxing anyway I am super proud of you SONY! I am a giant SONY, and PLAYSTATION fan. always have been . so its nice to see you gettin some recognition through such an awesome outlet. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY does this mean we can watch top rank fights on our PS4??? are we getting an app specifically for it or are we getting the live events viewer like on PS3. will it be free cause of your partnership or a pay per view thing. if so please give us a discount as ps plus members. I mean PS PLUS gives us so much Amazing free and discounted things already so i try not to be a spoiled jerk and ask for more (like a lot of the people i see complaining every month cause you gave them 10 to 20 free games but you forgot to rub their feet or pluck the moon from the sky for them! how could you ! waaaAaa!) but please

  • @14 that sounds cool but trust me having the screen vibrate every few seconds would hinder gameplay and get annoying real fast. no what VITA needs is double battery life i don mind a little extra weight in exchange, sticks that click (L3 R3) god it drives me nuts that they dont, a better browser, cheaper 3g or 4g, Sword Art Online and the localization of a bunch of other Japanese games, a made for VITA Gran Turismo, any Initial D game but i guess that falls in the localization category, and mostly FOR PORTABLE OPS TO WORK!!!! I WANT MY METAL GEAR!!! im sick of Europe lording it over me oh and throw in the acids cause why not and new Silver colored VITA that has all this but keeps oled screen anf comes packaged with a VITA style remake of the game Maximum Carnage which comes packaged with a voucher to download the original game cause psn ported it over too. sorry got lost in the fantasy

  • SilentSSP, I, too, enjoy boxing. My point is they haven’t announced anything that actually impacts or benefits us, like a Top Rank Boxing app, or a boxing or PPV app of any kind. All they said is there will be PlayStation adds when watching boxing. Big deal. Maybe they do have something ni the works that we will be able to take advantage of, but so far this isn’t relevant news to PlayStation fans.

  • I still wonder why people are begging for media apps… does your smartphone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop not have media programs?

  • @PanTheMan16 I understand, great point. Hopefully they do have something in the works.

  • we need a boxing game… when is fight night champion 2 coming out?

  • I thought this meant we get to watch the fight on our ps4 for free or at least a discounted price -_- but we’re not going to be able to watch on our ps4 at all!

  • I was waiting where I can watch the live stream since Playstation is the official partner of Top Rank, but I am no able to find it. There should be a free live stream to all PS+ Members… hmm… Or if there is a free I would gladly pay as well.

    @puto09 Yeah, I was keeps on searching where and what not but cant find it.

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