King Oddball Out Tomorrow on PS4

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King Oddball Out Tomorrow on PS4

Hello readers — exciting times! It’s been pretty frantic bringing King Oddball over to PS4 from PS Vita, but we’re really happy to have it as our first PS4 release. We can’t wait to see how the game is received on the big screen.

I’ve covered the game pretty well on Playstation.Blog in earlier posts, so I’ll shed some light on the various special level sets and how they came to be. First, a quick recap: King Oddball is a skill-based, physics puzzler, where your goal is to clear the screen of enemies with three throwable rocks. So far so ordinary, but in King Oddball, you don’t get to fling the rocks any way you please.

The King swings a rock back and forth like a pendulum, and the rock is released when you hit X. Gravity takes over, and you hit your target if your timing was good. Accurate timing takes you only so far though, because soon enough you need to be strategizing about where the rock will bounce after the first, second, and even third impact. Tip: it’s often good to start from the topmost targets, as the rock will fall down eventually, possibly taking out enemies on the ground.

King Oddball on PS4King Oddball on PS4

This basic gameplay is fun and strangely addictive, but as there are dozens and dozens of levels, some variety is good. Enter the Boom Challenge and One Rock Challenge. In Boom Challenge, the rocks are replaced with hand grenades which explode a few seconds after release. These levels obviously play quite differently than the basic levels.

In One Rock Challenge, you only get one rock to complete the level. King Oddball’s basic gameplay is (on the surface) very simple, but we wanted to include levels where we got to strip it down even more. The question “How hard can it be?” is quite pronounced here.

Finally there’s The Hall of Diamonds. Originally we made the conscious design decision not to include the ability to replay levels, display a score, or have the three star rating typically seen in pretty much all physics-based puzzles. We wanted King Oddball to be simply about clearing the levels and moving on.

After a substantial amount of player feedback, we caved in a bit. In The Hall of Diamonds, you get to replay the basic levels, but you fully” clear” them only by not throwing the last rock, which is now a diamond. It’s a feat that very much equals earning a three star rating.

King Oddball launches for PS4 on April 8th, and it comes with a free trial. It’s $6.99 and cross buy with the PS Vita version. Give it a go!

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4 Author Replies

  • darkknight198302

    Looks just like Angry Birds with rocks. Not interested in this game. Hope better games come out soon. Greatness Awaits!!!!!!

  • Gotta say i’m instantly not interested.
    Even looks like Angry Birds.

  • I’m going to grab this. Looks like fun, especially since it’s crossbuy with the Vita and I can play it anywhere (and by anywhere, I mean at work, ssshhhhhhh).

  • Oooo… Another 2D game for the mighty next generation console. Showing some raw power.

  • I really don’t want this. I think these kinds of games are meant for phones rather than dedicated gaming machines. =/

  • Was the Vita version controlled with the touchpad? If so, how’s the control going to work on DS4? It’s just like swinging on a rope/grappling hook in any other game, you swing around to gain momentum and hit a button to release at the right time?

    Honestly, no interest in an Angry Birds variant with poorer graphics and single-screen levels.

    • There’s no manual swinging, it’s all automatic. The gameplay is purely single button, you just figure out when you want to release the rock and then hit X with as good timing as you can. Try the free trial, it just might grow on you!

  • jibjab79 – I do agree with you. Since the launch of PS4 a lot of 2D games are coming out. As you said, too much power for so little… I am not criticizing the game. It might be good, but it is a simple game.

    About 2D games, why SONY does not release on PSN suikoden II. Epic 2D game. And that is all I want to see regarding 2D!

  • seriously, please try harder

  • I’m up for some physics.

  • Also, what’s the story behind those landscape silhouettes?

    • The backgrounds are just visual flavor, and they reflect the metagame world map. Snowy background in the polar levels, desert or jungle theme near the equator and so forth.

  • Not even half way interested in this game at all this is one I won’t be buying.

  • So happy about this.

  • see lot of people complain about this game.


    Between this and that Vita Game Z RUN you posted a few days ago IM loosing faith in the QUALITY DEPT

    So am I to believe that anyone is allowed to make games and any games are presented here?

    do you screen anything? I mean WOW. and from looks of the comments im not alone ESPECIALLY on Z RUN.

    DId the guy quit who screens games? Do you need somebody? what is it?

    Im serious this is getting dicey…..

    Maybe Jack leaving says something?

  • This is why I continue to wait to buy a PS4. There’s nothing that screams next-gen yet. This particular game looks like something from the Sega Genesis.

  • Vita needs dualshock support. Make it happen Sony. Pspgo had it so whats the deal. C’mon you can do it.

  • Game actually looks pretty tough O.o

    Think I’ll have to grab it for the Vita. Looks perfect for on the go.

  • This game looks cheap. This belong on mobile, and deservingly vita but I’ll pass on this for my ps4.

  • This is starting to go beyond too far with all the crap on the PS4! I did not spend $400 on next gen hardware to play last gen games that are already on handhelds, and mobile devices. Make no mistake I have been Sony since day 1 but if things don’t start to change and soon, I will trade in this over priced shovelwareStation for the XBox 1 and I’m serious! Maybe “Greatness Awaits” was a sign from the Gaming Gods to Jack that he needed to go to greener pastures cause the way I see it this ship is sinking, and sinking fast with all this crap these companies are calling games…! Leave mobile games to mobile devices, handheld games to handheld devices, and for the love of God; give us next gen!!!

    • We appreciate the feedback. Please note, however, that just because this game exists on your platform of choice, you don’t have to play it (although I do encourage everyone to try the free demo).

      Also, blocking some games from PSN would not mean that there’d be any more AAA games available.

      If anything, one of the most exciting features of “next-gen” is the unprecedented openness of the platforms, making indie games of all kinds available.

  • FYI, this game is free on Google Play Store and also on iPhone/iPad for $3.

  • @God-Of-Lyf

    I agree.

  • @Jaakko Maaniemi – That reply to #19…was a damn good reply…well said.

    BTW is there a demo for this game out on PS3 or Vita?….I don’t remember.

    • There is a free trial available for PS Vita and PS4. This is the way we plan to roll with our upcoming games as well, because we’re a small developer with almost no marketing muscle. We figure the best chance we have is to let the games speak for themselves. We’re quite happy with the results so far!

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