PlayStation Vita Pets Coming on June 3rd

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PlayStation Vita Pets Coming on June 3rd

PlayStation Vita Pets

PlayStation Vita Pets

We are very excited to announce that we will be releasing PlayStation Vita Pets exclusively for PS Vita. PlayStation Vita Pets is no ordinary pet game! The team at Spiral House set out to make something that was more than just a pet sim – we wanted to make something that felt like a real game, with characters, fun and adventure, so that’s exactly what we did.

In the game you pick from four different puppies, each with their own personality, sense of humor and character traits. Once you’ve gotten to know each other and learned the skills needed to venture outside the safety of your home you’ll be able to embark (no pun intended) on the adventure of Castlewood Island and uncover the long lost legend of a king and his dog.

That’s right; outside of the home where you dress, play with, bathe and train your dog is a whole island of adventure to explore and puzzles to solve. Together you’ll be able to explore a massive forest, venture into multiple locations like spooky old mines and graveyards to ultimately make your way to the legendary castle in the center of the island, where the king’s greatest treasures are hidden…

PlayStation Vita PetsPlayStation Vita Pets

None of this is possible without your pet pal though, through nurturing, training and playing together your dog will gain the skills you both need to be able to progress deeper into the world, crawling, pulling, digging, jumping and more will all come into play if you want to be able to uncover all the secrets of Castlewood Island.

We’ll share more details in the coming weeks. PlayStation Vita Pets will be available for purchase on PlayStation Store on June 3rd, just in time for summer. :)

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  • Looks pretty, finaly a game that my wife won’t say not to. xD Plus price?

    Also, does the (pet) grow up or do they stay as puppies?

  • Wow, something to compete with Nintendo’s Nintendogs, are there pugs by any chance? I have a pug, that’s why i’m asking.


  • Oh i just read there are 4 pet breeds, if there are no pugs, hopefully as DLC?

  • I’m actually pretty excited for this. It looks like it’s iterating on NintenDogs, which, to me, was really boring because it was ONLY a pet sim, where as this looks like it’ll have more character to it and some exploration aspects. I really like that.

  • Wow, just what the Vita needs, a Nintendogs game. Hopefully this wont show up at IGC anytime soon.

  • “We’ll share more details in the coming weeks. PlayStation Vita Pets will be available for purchase on PlayStation Store on June 3rd, just in time for summer. :)”

    So no retail? Where it would be seen by casuals on the store shelves? The core audience for this? Stupid decision. It’s like you are trying to make Vita do as badly as possible in NA.

    I’m an extreme minority of gamer who actually likes content like this. But I won’t be buying a digital only release of it.

    And the game should be called PlayStation Pups. Because it clearly only has dogs. PS Pups not only rolls off the tongue better, it’s platform agnostic so you could expand to PS4 or PS3 if you wanted. And it actually doesn’t make people go, “Why is it called pets? I only see dogs?”

    Very disappointed in the handling of this game. If Europe gets a retail release, I’ll just import it from there and give SCEE my money.

    Do not do this with Invizimals. Please.

  • Yup, SCEE is putting it out at retail. So they get my money. SCEA, stop sucking.

  • Looks fun for some kids. I might even give it a go.

    That said, I hope you guys at PlayStation (marketing or w/e) are looking into a Minecraft Vita bundle when the game finally comes out. Have the Borderlands 2 bundle for older teens and adults and Minecraft for everyone else. Minecraft will sell like hotcakes! =p

  • I actually remember this being announced last year at E3, GDC, or Gamescom. I can’t remember which event it was, but I remember seeing that the dogs can talk in the debut trailer. Is that still a thing in the game?

  • No retail? I was really hoping to grab this for my sister and I, but I’m not really a fan of digital.

  • Looks great!!! I think handhelds are perfect for lighthearted games such as Tearaway, LBP and now Pets. However, do release digital and physical.

  • As long as the dogs don’t talk, I think it’s worth a purchase. :)

  • I just watched the trailer posted on the EU blog last August. Was rather impressed by the graphics and movement of the dogs…and then they spoke. My brain turned all “I DON’T LIKE CHANGE!!!!” but like you said the dogs clearly have different personalities and voices to go with them. Ill most likely pick this up, another copy for my sister as well.

  • PSVITA feels like Nintendo (wobbly icons, annoying music/sounds) and doesn’t feel like Sony PS4’s companion. I think it’s awesome Pets is coming to VITA, though, because I’m all about having as many games as possible. Variety of games = more people buying PS VITA.
    *QUESTION TO THE BLOGGERS ABOUT PRICING ON VITA: I noticed Rayman Origins for PS3 is $9.99 but its like $24.99 for PSVITA… why??

  • About time! Vita needs more kids games! My 3 girls play more vita then the DS’s we have. They use my vita to play old ps1 games and small psn games. Way more use then the DS. Sony might hit that market with this title. Vita is one of the best investments ever for an adult. Lets think about the kids now!

  • You know what ? I’m 25 and this game got my attention. Why ? Because sometimes I need games other than shooting, driving, etc and I think it’s actually really positive for a console to get games like this. I love dogs, I lost mine one year ago and I simply can’t afford an other one. So, yes, the idea of having a game which combines the traditionnal pet game with adventure features pleases me a lot.
    To people who feel let down by the Vita, you have the right to express your anger – anticipating some eventual future comments – but there is no need to insult the developers making this game so please let people enjoy family games such as PS Vita Pets; you can see there is some heart being invested in its creation, and that’s what matters the most ;)

    Sincerely, a core-gamer.

  • @17: Creepy, I just read your comment on the EU blog and refreshed this one and bam. There it is again.

  • Trophies ?

  • “In the game you pick from four different puppies, each with their own personality, sense of humor and character traits.”
    It seems the awkward voices are here to stay… For me, it’s a deal breaker… and I was really hoping for some sort of pet sim :(

  • Decent pet sim*

  • I think my dog would be pretty disappointed if I ignored him so that I could play this game instead.

    I’d also be pretty disappointed in myself for purchasing it.

  • Oh they’re so adorable <3 <3 <3

  • Please include the American Pit Bull Terrier

  • We desperately NEED Western 1st and 3rd party games. However, this is not exactly what I’d call a system seller in that regard…

  • THANK YOU!!! conception 2, and now this, i must say, i am a very happy fanboy

  • Great! Yet another game aimed at my kid that he will be playing on MY PSN account!!!

    Come on Sony, let us have more than one PSN account tied to a Vita!! Sub-accounts of the main, at the least!!!!

  • Why is it called “Pets” when there are only dogs?

  • Price?

  • HUGELY excited for this. I don’t like pet sims, but I LOVE adventure. And this combined elements of two of my favorite adventures, ‘Homeward Bound’ and ‘Goonies’. Like Elvick above said, I won’t buy this digitally because I don’t buy any games digitally. But I’ll import the UK version if they get a physical release

  • They forgot to mention that the dogs talk (with human voices), check out the trailer to see it.

    I don’t know about everyone else here, but for me personally this is really disturbing and will make/break the game for me.

  • If they say anything I want them to tell me I am a loser and doing nothing with my life.

  • @31: I don’t care at all. That actually appeals to me. Sure, it’s not for everyone (talking animals) but it adds a new twist to an already done type of game. Being able to go on an actual adventure in one of these games is neat.

  • Although I prefer having an actual pet than a virtual pet, it’s kind of nice to see a pet simulator on the PS Vita.

  • BUT THEY TALK!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • As a middle-aged man with no kids, I’m oddly intrigued by this title. But like #28 says, if it’s only dogs, why call it “Pets”? Will there be DLC for other animals? If not, maybe should be called “Playstation Pooches” instead. Regardless, as someone who gets paid to write a weekly blog as a dog, I might be able to deduct this from my taxes. lol

  • Will it have beagles in it? …I’m asking for… someone else… ahem…

  • Will this be compatible with PSVita TV?

  • Is this game a Free to Play?…I hope so.

  • I want cat DLC!

  • worthless ports like the gow collection gets a retail release but original games like this doesn’t.

    makes sense.

  • Corgi and Shiba Inu DLC and I’ll buy it twice.

    Okay no that’s not true, but once for sure.

  • so… uh…. this is a free to play right… ??? …. lol

  • and yes if i cant pick a pug from the beginning gtfo

  • Wow the post for this is unexpected for this game so I wonder are half the post complaining or people that are actually interested in this game.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Elvick_

    If there is future DLC that features animals other than dogs, then “PlayStation Pups” would be quite out of place. Perhaps they gave it the name they did to leave an opening for options like that? Who knows…

  • Fantastic, a virtual dog to replace my cats with. lets see how you’ll get fed now Charile and Ollie…. but yeah if possible, or if it makes sense with the gameplay, it would be nice to add a DLC with cats or other animals. a virtual pet pig is totally worth the buy in my head. Hopefully this does well so a dlc can be released.

  • wat? doge is not amuse

  • This game won’t work with other animals. If you watch the trailer you’ll see why.
    It’s not JUST a pet simulator, it also has REAL gameplay elements- puzzles and adventures…etc.
    This is one of those games that kids would/will love to play.

  • This does look interesting, looking forward to it :D

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