Second Son Update Incoming: Change Time of Day, HUD Off, 30FPS Option

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Second Son Update Incoming: Change Time of Day, HUD Off, 30FPS Option

Ten days.

That’s how long it’s been since I went to the midnight launch of Second Son here in Bellevue, Washington (just outside Seattle). I must have talked to over 100 people there, and so many more on social media and forums, Twitter, NeoGAF, etc. since then. It’s been amazing to see the excitement and passion of inFAMOUS fans, new and old. I want to let you all know how much your enthusiasm and support means to us, how it renews us, and readies us to go try to make even better games in the future.

inFAMOUS Second Son

We also want you to know that we listen to your complaints. Some big, some small, but we take them all to heart. We never want to lose sight of how important it is that we listen to all of you. We can always be better.

So to say thanks, not just for all the support but also for your passionate requests to make the game better, we’ve started work on a few small features which we’ll be delivering in the weeks to come.

Change Time-of-Day

Once you beat the game, a new entry will appear on the options menu to allow you to select the time of day! A very popular request indeed, and one we’re excited to enable for you all.

HUD On/Off

Especially for those amazingly talented screenshot taking folks, we’re including an option to let you turn the HUD on and off.

Cap at 30FPS

Internally we prefer the unlocked frame rate, but we recognize that some players find it distressing. So we’ll provide a way to ensure the game is not bumping up over 30FPS, if that’s how you prefer to play.

inFAMOUS Second Son

Of course, our coders and QA team are working to try to identify and resolve key bugs, and we’ll look at incorporating important fixes in the patch too. And who knows… if we’re inspired enough, we may sneak a few other little things in too. Time will tell!

We’re all working hard to release these updates as soon as we can. Time-wise, the earliest we could have the patch and new features ready is about two weeks from now, so stay tuned for another update — we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready to go live. Until then, keep fighting the D.U.P., keep sharing your awesome screenshots (#PS4share on Twitter), and enjoy your powers!

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  • I don’t understand why anyone would want to cap the framerate of such a beautiful game. I’m envious of your particle system, I’m really glad I caught the GDC presentation.

  • You guys are awesome. Thank you.

  • Thanks, guys :D

  • nice

  • Please add surrender/execute options for the last power please? And a Karmic streak for it as well… would definitely help people like it more.

  • “Cap at 30FPS”

    This has to be an April Fool’s joke. No one in their right mind would want LESS frames per second…

  • Cool update!
    The gameplay for Second Son was the best in the franchise yet. I absolutely love the mobility you have with the powers, especially Neon! Delsin and Reggie are already among some of my favorite characters of all time. My only complaints are that the side missions were repetitive and the game felt a bit shorter than past ones, but other than that, great game. Looking forward to what Sucker Punch does next! :D

    • Appreciate that kind words. As for side missions, hope you gave Cole’s Legacy a spin and do not forget about Paper Trail.

  • Pity you couldn’t add some whacked out new trophies. I snagged the Platinum trophy Sunday past :)

  • Im still confused why anyone in their right mind would ever believe anything game related on April Fools Day?

    I find it funny they actually gonna update the store today still….. but who knows…. we may end up getting fooled by that too lol

  • @KazeEternal A capped frame rate makes the game run consistently. It’s much better then if it fluctuate, the game would loose some responsiveness..

  • Thanks Sucker Punch, enjoying the game so far. Keep up the great work.

  • I loved your game so much, I somehow found the time to platinum the game even with a demanding job and 1 year old at home.

    Can’t wait to see what the talented folks at Sucker Punch do next, as this was an amazing debut on a new platform.

  • Locked 30FPS… yeah, I’ll leave it unlocked. I’m sure there are people who prefer it. There are people for everything on the internet, but I like the frenetic pace of ISS as is. No HUD and change of time are great though.

  • + jgrizzle358 Stable framerate is easier for eyes and makes the fluid of the screen seemless. it looks better in some ways. also its better with a 60hz tv, cause its 2s a frame, while 40 fps for say is broken. you should try it.

  • This is SO GREAT. Thank you, Sucker Punch! Platinum’d your game yesterday… ’twas a delight. :D

  • I remember when the first infamous was being developed and I saw a developers diary video on this blog. At that moment I decided to pre order infamous and have been a fan ever since. Sucker Punch is at the top of my list, second son is soooo. Great!

  • @jgrizzle358 You think that because you are ignorant. Personally I dislike an inconsistent framerate when I could have a consistent 30fps; the unlocked framerate never bothered me, but I would prefer a 30fps lock.

    This I great news, hope it’s not April fools (you guys can’t be that cruel, can you? If so, this is a terrible April fools joke which would only piss off hardcore fans)

    • It is not an April fool’s joke… already did that with a twitter post on suckerpunchprod. Interesting as well that the framerate drop is the most brought up.

  • thanks for the continued support! Fantastic game. I hope we get some good add-on content DLC in the future :D

  • Oh, and random question: Any chance of there being some Second Son PSN avatars added to the store? I’d love to have a Delsin avatar!

    • You know that is a great thought. One we should get the PSN team on. So PSN team how about those avatars?

  • that’s really cool.

    i hope you guys release some DLC in the future, i would like to fight hoards of elite DUPs!

    awesome game

  • Stereoscopic 3D in the next Update please :) I think my eyes would melt :)

  • You guys did an amazing job with this game. It is just so much fun. And just like with the first two games, even the optional/side activities are lots of fun. I only manage to play one or two story missions per play session, because I see all these other activities pop up on my map on my way to the next mission marker, and I get distracted!

  • Time of day option! Don’t really like the atmosphere you’re stuck in after beating the game in either karma run so having this option is an amazing addition. Especially considering the neon doesn’t really pop out in the True Hero endgame.

    I’d like to suggest a weather toggle if that is possible. :) Rainy Seattle looks amazing in the game and it’s a shame that you don’t see much of that in the game.

    • What you call rainy Seattle is actually one of our Time of Day settings. So have fun all you want in the rain.

  • oh god, WHEN ?! 2 weeks can i count that ? April 15 ?

  • Sucker Punch, thank you so much for this game, I’ve had an absolute blast playing it, even more so than the first two games. I immediately, after completing it, replayed it as evil to see how the other half live, and found it monstrously easier (I was already at level 4 before I got Neon powers without going out of my way), Delsin extremely unlikable, every motivation questionable, and the ending extremely baffling. The powers weren’t even any where near as great (I felt) as what I saw the true hero side obtain. It felt as if it was more tacked on, and I never felt that with Infamous 1 & 2.

    I feel like I have to replay the game a THIRD time, now, on good once again, just to get that bad taste out of my mouth. (And it’s a good enough game to get me to do just that!)

  • The gift that keeps on giving. It’s really admirable to see a bunch of people who just love their work and enjoy pleasing their audience beyond the game’s release.

  • Game looks great … lots of fun. Hope other will follow .. how great this game looks and plays.

  • @jgrizzle358

    hopefully what they mean is “lock” at 30 FPS. That means it won’t go below 30, but it also won’t go above it either, so everything will be at the same framerate. Right not it can vary between 60 (im assuming) and 30 (or lower, depending on how much stuff is going on). To some, even though it doesn’t go below 30 that often, the switching between them can be noticeable and impact the game. I think having a static framerate can improve controller responsiveness too, so it has its pluses and minuses just like having it unlocked has its pluses and minuses.

  • Platinumed game already. Amazingly Awesome!!!! Loved every bit of it and can’t wait to play more on my ps4 an ps vita. Would like to see some multiplayer similar to GTA Online were u could customize ur Conduit and team up do mission to progress a story and get new powers plus ur standered team deathmatch an death match were conduits battle it out and u could have a mode were one side is DUP the other a conduit r two that battle it out.

  • Talk about listening to the fans! Love you guys at Sucker Punch! Fantastic improvements. I prefer the unlocked frame rate too, but actually making it an OPTION is a rare and epic thing these days. Love taking screenshots of my home city in this game, so the HUD off and time of day is amazing too.

    What about also letting us control if it rains???

  • This is pretty cool, will the 30FPS also keep it from going below that? I just hate it when frame rate dips, which I have noticed in this game.

    Another suggestion, I prefer bumpers to triggers, can you guys add an invert L2/R2 with L1/R1 option? That would make it easier and more comfortable to shoot at enemies for me at least.

    And Thanks for adding these small features in, most developers don’t do stuff like that. Keep em coming!

  • Love you guys! Love the no HUD option for screenshots. Very excited for that!

  • Great, but PLEASE add HUD transparency slider also if any way possible. Would be great for us plasma folks.

  • Yes Yes! Thanksss

  • too late for me since i already beat this and sent it back to gamefly. Great gameplay, though i didn’t care much for Delsin.

  • I really thought Second Son was running at 60fps o.O
    I won’t cap its framerate at 30fps anyway.

  • Same with #23: I’d like to see a weather toggle, if it’s not already tied in with Time of Day, something I’m looking forward to.


    • We hear you and appreciate your thoughts and opinions on how to get around Seattle and no online multiplayer. As you know, Second Son powers get you quickly from point A to point B, while feeling super human. For us, driving a car, riding a bike, swimming in water didn’t fit that mold of being super human, especially when you can travel from rooftop to rooftop, up and down buildings, etc. As for online, have you tried out Paper Trail. No, its not multiplayer but a good 4 to 5 hr experience nevertheless with online components.

  • I played all three games, I am a huge fan of the series; my sons name is Cole (Yes, inspired by the game). Soooo, what DLC allows us access to the top of the space needle? What amazing event will unlock access to that area, since we can no longer access it after the first timed event…it’s like the game keeps telling me “Where do you think your going” and I’m like “To the top of the space needle that once struck by lightning will reveal a certain someone from the first two games, since lightning is really the only way to travel”.

    • Wow really cool you name Cole after well Cole. We have idea who you might be talking about making an appearance at the top of the Needle :)

  • “We may sneak in a few other little things too, TIME will tell.

    Time powers confirmed lol how sweet would that be tho.

  • I gotta agree with others. Delsin was not interesting as a chara. Sadly tho im sure he will be the main chara in the next game. Personally i think Fetch had a better story line than Delsin did (drugs, killed brother, went on to kill drug dealers. so much could have been done with her compared to Delsin). Once i got around to getting Neon powers (cleared out the whole first area just on smoke powers cuz i didnt do any of the story till the whole area was cleared) i played the rest of the game with Neon unless i couldnt.

    Way to easy to Plat this game. The graphics were great. Main story way too short. Even on expert game was still easy (getting inturrpted while draining powers was annoying tho).

    I have all 3 InFamous Plats. I love the series. Look forward to the next game which i hope will be a lot longer in story wise, a lot bigger in area size, and so on.

  • Sorry guys, I just assumed 60FPS was always better, seeing how they’re always going on about how amazing it is that all games run at 60FPS on PS4.

  • Sweet!

  • Hopefully in addition to changing the time of day, we can just let the time naturally move as we play, kinda like GTA. Love this game to death, the first game where I have actually used the #PS4share feature!

  • I had to login and say my piece. This game really is the best Infamous yet. The increased mobility makes getting around FEEL more important, and powerful. Also, to those saying that the game is shorter….that’s due to the increased mobility. He gets around 2-3 times faster than before, and of course, that’s going to impact playtime. But would you rather a gimped hero, just to artificially increase playtime??? No. Everything in this games feel smooth, fun, powerful, and addictive. I sit down to play for a hour or so, and can’t put it down 3-4 hours later! That’s great game design!!

    Congrats Sucker Punch, on a fantastic game. It’s always funny to me, how when people get exactly what they want, they somehow feel let down. I’ve played all 3 games, and this one is by far the best, in game play, graphics, and pure fun!

  • Always nice to see developers continue to support a product that was already so good!

  • Great additions. <3 Love the game. Can't wait to zoom around at night again finishing up stuff on evil.

  • What the game really needs is more content, an open world game that has almost no side content, the beautiful city feels like a waste. There is almost nothing to do outside story missions and clear DUP areas which gets repetitive fast. This is the shortest open world game I have ever played. What’s the point if the detailed beautiful city when there is nothing to do? Game had so much potential.

  • @45 it has nothing to do with mobility there is barely any content outside the main story.

  • @48 You’re right. It felt weird that there weren’t at least 3 optional side missions for Fetch and Eugene each. Would have fleshed them out a bit more and also added more to the game. So far the paper trail stuff is cool and hopefully we get the paper power before the end so we have an actual reason to use it.

    Some type of story DLC is really needed too. Just hope they expand on this game first before working on a full blown sequel. Seems like a lot of stuff can be done within this engine and Seattle.

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