MLB 14 The Show Out Today on PS3, PS Vita

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MLB 14 The Show Out Today on PS3, PS Vita

The Major League Baseball season has started, so now it’s time to see how your team will do when you’re controlling all of the action as MLB 14 The Show launches today on PS3 and PS Vita. The Show is the highest rated sports video game over the past eight years, and we at San Diego Studio want The Show to keep getting better, because we think baseball is better. We feel incredibly fortunate that our game will be available across three different platforms this year, so that every PlayStation gamer can experience all of the new additions that we incorporated into The Show.

You can pick up a copy today and check out our new additions, which include: Quick Counts, which helps you play a full nine-inning baseball game in less than 30 minutes, a revamped Road To The Show experience, and an all-new Online Franchise mode. Also, don’t forget to check out the PlayStation Sports Pack Vol. 1 as well, which includes both MLB 14 The Show and NBA2K14 for PlayStation 3.

MLB 14 The Show on PS3MLB 14 The Show on PS3

This year’s version of The Show will be feature complete on PS3, and when our PS4 version launches on May 6th, you’ll be able to carry over all your save data to the next generation. So, dust off your cleats, get in the box, and get ready to take your team to the World Series, because MLB The Show is finally here.

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  • If it’s like the last titles it probably isn’t cross buy but will there be a cheaper upgrade option for PS3 to PS4?

  • I am not expecting it, but is any version cross-buy with another? I know it has the awesome full cross-save and next year cross-save which is great.

  • i was wondering the same thing. I thought cross buy was PS3 -> VITA but thought they should include some sort of …”if you buy PS3 version you can upgrade on PSN (or trade in) for PS4 at reduced price.

  • And with my Reds having an off day I will be playing this allllll day!

  • it would be really nice if it was cross buy

  • Look what just came up:

    GameStop announces PS3-to-PS4 upgrade offer for MLB 14: The Show

  • it’s $20 upgrade through Gamestop fyi

  • will this game available for pre-order on ps4 version ?

  • Anyone else having issues installing on PS3? I’ve downloaded twice and i keep getting an error that it corrupted…really pissing me off.

  • ya i also pre ordered the show 14 an downloaded it twice just to get a corrupted error when installing…i been doing this since 1230am an there is no feedback anywhere on the internet about this problem

  • is this really an april fools joke or what i want to play the show an cant get in to install someone here please helllpppppp!!!!!

  • your telling me nobody is awake there at sony this morning to check into this…whats the point of a pre order if you cant play the day it comes out??really really frustrated having been up all night to download 20gb twice an still cant play

  • Can’t wait to download this when the store updates.!

  • @9 & @10
    I also have the same issue. I downloaded it around 12:30 EDT and it took about 6-7 hours to download. I let it download overnight and then I get the same errors that the Data is Corrupted. When it reached 14% that’s when I got the error I hope this issues gets addressed. I was hoping to play this version of the game till the Playstation 4 comes out next month. I’m giving this game another download while I’m posting this right now.

  • You guys aren’t seriously gonna buy both versions in hopes of a cheaper upgrade price? My only concern right now is, will you be able to update rosters to a current on-going season without having to start the season over? I’ve been *****ing about this for years. I bought a PS4 and that’s the version I’m waiting for!

  • come on sony there is a bunch of us that are having these downloading from the store is my only way to go i want to be playing this game today

  • getting tired of this -_- downloaded 4 times… installed another 7-9 times and all the same bs gets to 14% then error occurred hell starts -.- need to get this stuff fixed asap

  • I just got a new Cable modem earlier today and downloading it again. Just hoping for the best with this download this time around. (Fingers Crossed)

  • I finally got the game of MLB 14 the show Downloaded thank goodness. Took me afew days but I did it.

  • i’m still getting this corrupt data during the install of the game, gave up and requested a refund from PS
    unless anyone else knows how to fix this?

  • I have a question: will MLB 14 for the PS4 have 3D features like the PS3 version? that would be awesome!

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