Joe Danger on PS Vita: 2 Full Games, 3 New Characters

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Joe Danger on PS Vita: 2 Full Games, 3 New Characters

Hello PlayStation.Blog!

I’m Alex! I work with Sean and the gang at Hello Games. We made Joe Danger, the super-colorful, super-challenging racey platformy series starring a fat little stuntman! People have seemed to like it loads, calling it all kinds of nice things like “astounding” (Official PlayStation Magazine) and “perfect” (Game Informer).

So, you might remember that we’re bringing Joe Danger to PS Vita, and I’m here to tell you that we’re nearly finished! Also, I wanted to tell you some super special news.

Joe Danger on PS Vita

So first up, both of our big-console games, Joe Danger and its sequel, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, are running on PS Vita at a smooth-as-butter 60 frames a second, looking clean as you like, and they play so, so nicely in your hands. 60FPS has always been so important to us, because that’s how the games we grew up with ran. So it’s fantastic that Vita can make it happen, especially since it totally looks just as good as the PS3 version. We’re pushing about 400k polys a frame, which is pretty amazing. It loads real fast too. :)

You won’t believe the work that’s gone into making this happen – our friends at Four Door Lemon have done an amazing job squeezing Danger into such a small form factor. We’ve always prided ourselves on our games running perfectly, and we’re so happy that Vita totally lives up to it.

So what will you get with the two games? Let’s talk numbers. Joe Danger features 84 levels, including the Director’s Cut and Laboratory stages, and 25 characters to play as. Joe Danger 2 features 85 levels — including 15 from the Undead Movie Pack we originally released as DLC for the PS3 version — and a whopping 35 playable characters. Seriously, there are dozens of hours’ play in these two releases. It takes our tester, Gareth, nearly three solid days to play through them both. Honestly, this makes him really happy.

We’ve also brought loads of improvements we made in Joe Danger 2 to the original, so both games automatically download ghosts to race against, plus they have online leaderboards and there’s a full complement of Trophies to collect. We wanted these games to be the best versions you can get.

“Alex!” you’re potentially shouting. “I’m stoked to hear this, even if it’s little more than I’d expect of Joe Danger. But there’s one more thing I need to know about. The original games somehow use pretty much every button on a DualShock, so how the heck do you play it on Vita?”

A fine question! We’ve spent a long time tweaking the controls to feel great on Vita, and we think you’ll like the results because they’re really simple! First, we’ve added touch controls for the menus and the Editor mode! This makes the games really easy to navigate. And in play, the only differences are that Circle now tricks as well as punches, while Triangle is a second trick button. The bottom line is that it feels so natural; we’ve been racking up some crazy scores already!

OK, so that’s the main course. Now onto the pudding: that special news. Following a little pub chat with our friends at Media Molecule (and then some rash late night promises) we’re really excited to announce that they’ve have helped us to put three new characters in Joe Danger 2!

Joe Danger on PS VitaJoe Danger on PS Vita

You’ll be able to play as Tearaway’s Atoi and Iota (Tearaway is a completely lovely game that everyone should play, btw).

And there’s some guy called Sackboy, too? Maybe you know about him.

Joe Danger on PS VitaJoe Danger on PS Vita

They fit so nicely in Joe’s colourful world. Sackboy is in our game! Sackboy! It’s so good. Thanks, Media Molecule! Hey, maybe Joe can take a holiday in LittleBigPlanet sometime?

So that’s us. We’ll be following up with release dates really soon, but for more news on all things Hello Games and Joe Danger, why not follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and maybe come visit our website! Thanks so much for reading!

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  • Cant wait for this game i love it on PS3 now its coming to vita should be so fun playing this on the go.

  • Really enjoyed it on PC, day one purchase for me!
    btw, will there be any discount for puls members?

  • both game for 1 price? this is the first time I’m glad to be late to the party

  • Great news! The perfect game for the VITA and have no problem supporting devs like this! I already own them on PS3 and would be glad to own them again and delve deeper into the additions you have made on the VITA.

  • Great News! I’ve actually been playing my Vita more than my PS4 the past few days. Joe Danger was great fun on PS3 and I am really happy to see that you have taken the time to make it a great experience on the PS Vita. Congrats and keep up the fine work!

  • You have my support. It looks amazing! Since it’s two games, will there be a physical release?

  • Thanks so much for the kind comments, everyone! It’s so nice to see Joe’s still making his public happy :)

    time-space: No, we’ve no plans for a physical release at present!

    bluki: Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 will be available separately. Seriously, there’s a whole lot of game in each one to enjoy!


  • Do the trophies include a Platinum ?

  • Also, if both games are available separately, will there be a bundle for both, with a small discount ?

  • I’m so glad Joe Danger is coming to the Vita. I don’t know how you guys are able to accomplish are much as you’re able to with such a small team, but we definitely appreciate it.

  • I think anything that has Iota in it I’ll buy. Loved Tearaway. Not to deminish Joe Danger, I’ve heard great things and if I can swing it I’d love to pick it up on the Vita. Thanks guys!

  • Can’t wait! Any chance we’ll see Joe Danger on PS4?

  • I wanted to love Joe Danger, especially with what you guys went through over Christmas, but there was something about it that just couldn’t pull me in (I played JD2 on PC). This does seem more suited to the Vita though…hoping there will be a demo so you guys can pull me back over to your side!

  • Will there be a platinum trophy for each game?

    I seem to remember both games having one on ps3.

    Will there be a discount for people who want to buy both at the same time?

  • Day one purchase on both titles. Love my Vita.

  • This is amazing, and this sold me on the Vita versions for sure. I played 2 (?) given out for free on PS+ and it was alright, but I think I would love the games on PS Vita.

  • April 1st is by far the worst date to report gaming news updates.

  • I already have both Joe Danger games on PS3.

    I would prefer to hear about how No Man’s Sky is coming along.

  • Oh god please don’t be a joke. My body _needs_ this.

  • No way Sackboy and iota on Joe Danger?….this is amazing.Always liked Joe Danger since the 1st one came out…I’ll be all over these on Vita.

  • ..I might have to buy this just for Atoi. She’s my weakness.

  • Hey you look hot

  • we were big fans of Joe Danger on PS3, so it’s awesome to see it on Vita!

    the PS3 version had majorly annoying aliasing artifacts in a few places. does the Vita use a better AA that also doesn’t scrub out too much detail?

    is it rendering in the Vita display’s native resolution?

    are the audio assets higher bitrate versus the PS3 version?

    Tearaway has been my absolute favorite Vita game, hands-down. it’s utterly fantastic to see them cross over! maybe you can get Abe, Stranger, and / or Munch from Oddworld in there next? or perhaps Fat Princess?

    any word on when Infinity will come to PS4/Vita?

    keep up the awesome work!! :)

  • Sackboy!!

    I’m a male in my mid 20’s and I’m obsessed with Sackboy. Weird, I know.

    I have yet to play Joe Danger as part of the IGC. Will hopefully get to it soon, just so many games to play.

  • New to Vita here, so will the trophies be same for both Vita and PS3 or will there be separate entries for them?

  • SONY listen up !! we need, no… WE DEMAND triple A games for the Vita !!!! you are loosing your fan base to mobile and Nintendo.why? the Vita is soooo awesome but i can’t play the same games over and over.

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