The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for April 1st, 2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for April 1st, 2014
The Drop

The thrill and spectacle of America’s pastime is returning to PlayStation this week in a colossal launch. The definitive baseball experience in gaming arrives on PS3 and PS Vita this week, and it packs more than 40 improvements and additions over its predecessors.

With the launch of MLB 14 The Show, the critically-acclaimed series hits new heights with tons of ground-breaking features. Year-to-year saves allow players to carry their progress from this year forward, into future entries of The Show. Quick Counts enable gamers to knock out full, nine-inning games in less than 30 minutes for an easy fix, and Universal Profiles on PS3 capture player styles for the entire MLB community to see.

But MLB 14 The Show isn’t the only anticipated launch this week; Mercenary Kings hits PS4 and packs retro visuals on top of a killer, side-scrolling shooter/RPG hybrid. Craft weapons and take on deadly missions solo or with friends.

For a complete list of games coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition
Mercenary Kings
MLB 14 The Show
Ragnarok Odyssey ACE
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3 — Digital
The original Blackgate experience is amplified with new enemy encounters, maps, batsuits, and enhanced visuals. Delve deeper into the Dark Knight’s past through a combination of stealth and free-flow combat.
PS4 — Digital
The terrible forces of CLAW have seized a top-secret island military base, and it’s up to the Mercenary Kings to stop them. Craft and customize a gigantic assortment of weapons, and take to the field in this retro-inspired side-scroller.
PS3, PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Baseball is better with MLB 14 The Show. The ground-breaking series returns with more than 40 improvements and additions, including year-to-year saves for the most devoted baseball fans.
PS3, PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Venture into the Sundered Lands to rise through the ranks of a legendary mercenary company. An expanded and enriched version of the original RPG Ragnarok Odyssey, ACE features new quests, new character customization, and a new 400-floor dungeon!
PS2 Classic — Digital
In the shadowy evening mist of Taisho, a young girl appears with an unusual request: “Please kill me…” As Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha, uncover the mystery of the girl’s strange abduction in this unique action RPG .

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7 Author Replies

  • Don’t Drop that ball!

  • Awesome! Ragnarok Odyssey ACE looks amazing and as an old time player of RO this is going to be a hell of a game for me.

  • sweet BATMAN

  • Awesome line up, loving the PS2 classics!

  • finally got my ps4 to go with my vita, mlb to vita this yr again is great, bout time.. hopefully i can play with ps3 and 4 players from it too!

    Phillip Santana Music on Soundcloud… i did muic forplaystation in the past, go give a listen!


  • Is Mercenary Kings two player and will the second player be able to earn trophies? Thanks!

    • Mercenary Kings is definitely multiplayer, but I’m not certain how Trophies will work — I’ll have to look into it!

  • Ooh a Shin Megami Tensei game I missed back in the day. Will definitely be picking that up. Hopefully they’ll keep it up and we’ll get Devil Summoner 2 and Digital Devil Saga as well.

  • thanks for drop

    I guess the “march madness” of realease is over,
    hopefully I can get some time off to catch up and enjoy Mercenary Kings on PSPlus this week

  • already preordered ragnarok ace – really looking forward to mercenary kings. woot woot

  • Mercenary kings is looking like a fun game can’t wait until thus Tuesday to play this game.

  • 1 of the best drops ever!!!! Mercenary Kings will be mine!! Thank you Sony your the best so forget the rest!!

  • I’ll try the Arkham Origins: Blackgate demo at least. And the Plus releases, of course.

  • Hmm… Might pick up Blackgate sometime… and hope it isnt as choked full of bugs as the original Arkham Origins.

  • Finally a Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner hits the bat. Now I’m ready to see Digital Devil Saga and Nocturne. Keep at the amazing PS2 games.

  • Devil Summoner is a pleasant surprise.

  • Heck yeah, Devil Summoner! You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this to come to PSN. Now all I need is for SMT: Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga to come to PSN as well, then I can die happy.

  • hey Ryan Clement, any information about MLB 14 : the show available for pre-order on PS4 version ?

  • Does anyone know how much Batman will be?

  • It’s kind of ironic that the only game for the next gen console is a 2D pixelated game.

  • @RonZombie91
    I THINK they said it would be 29.99. Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that, I could be

  • Mercenary Kings looks really good. Still hoping it will come to Vita sometime.

  • Nothing for me this week, but not a bad selection!

    FYI to those interested in Batman – its pretty bad nothing at all like the actual Arkham games. I had it on Vita and couldn’t even care enough to beat it since it was so far from the other games

  • It’s pretty unfortunate that Mercenary Kings is not on ps vita, i don’t have a ps4 guess i wont be able to play it :(

  • I can’t wait for Mercenary Kings, I was planning on buying it when it came out and now it’s free. Hell yeah.

  • omg SMT games!!!!!!!!! that is what got me in rpgs. hell of a drop ryan, i will be picking that up tuesday.

  • Man I really wish Mercenary Kings was on the PS3 so I could play it but still I’m just glad it’s coming out, I’ll get it when i finally get a PS4. BEYOND!!

  • Now I’m glad I held off buying Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for the Vita. Can’t wait to play it on the PS3! Mercenary Kings for PS4 also looks really good, I’m looking forward to that as well! Thanks a lot guys, this should be a pretty good week!

  • The Batman and 75 years later! Beyond Ryan!

  • Happy to see more PS2 Classics games.
    PS2 Classics wish list:
    – Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
    – Silent Hill: Origins
    – Obscure 1 & 2

  • Why Tomb Raider and Thief for PS4 went back to normal price? There was no indication the sale would be gone before the next store update.

  • @Misantropus
    Yes there was. It was clearly stated on the PS Store that it was a flash sale, valid only until thursday. On friday the price wen back to normal and the EA Flash sale started.

  • I guess you guys are never going to get rid of PS Plus Vita games Uncharted, Wipeout, and Gravity Rush are you? I am so tired of seeing these games as free. Can’t you guys pick 3 more? Rotate them out? Something?

  • Hey Ryan have you herd when we can see TWD season 2 on the vita???

  • Why does the PS4 have all these crappy super nintendo looking games and only a few truly next gen games?

  • This is an awesome drop. Any Shin Megami Tensei game is worth celebrating over! Thanks Sony, and Atlus.

  • I played the hell out of Mercenary Kings on Steam. And yes, I loved it so much I will do so again on the PS4!

  • Pleaaasseeee someone tell me Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abaddon is also coming soon!! I’ve been waiting for the SMT games to hit the store soooo bad. Thanks a lot you guys, I can’t wait to also see Nocturne on this. Must-buy-immediatly!!

  • when is yugioh millenium duels out

  • Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army

    Best name of a video game I have ever seen.

    I hope it does well, because I want Devil Summoner 2, Digital Devil Saga, and Nocturne.

    Also, Suikoden 2 and 3.

    And all the Tri-Ace games!

    Anyway, great drop this week. Keep up the good work.

  • I absolutely love that rockin’ NES cover you gave mercenary kings on the home page :)

  • Complaining about a game being 2D is like complaining about a movie being black & white.

  • Nice to see Raidou Kuzunoha 1 there. I wish the VIta could play these PS2 classics on the go.

  • are you guys ever getting ninja gaiden 2 plus on Digial in psn store on ps vita ? because it is not there

  • any news about digital pre-orders on PS4 version of FF:RR 14?

  • Unfortunately none of these games appeal to me. :\
    They all look bad.

    An 8bit side-scroller for the PS4? No. I want someone to develop a truly next gen game that will blow my ****ing mind. Not this Indie fad bull****.

    My PS4 has literally been an expensive Hulu Plus player since I bought it. Literally nothing decent has been released for it since BF4 and AC4. It’s kinda looking like a waste of money and time.

  • Mercenary Kings PS Vita please!!

  • @ jadefader: You mean this?!/en-us/games/ninja-gaiden-sigma-2-plus/cid=UP4108-PCSE00233_00-NGSIGMA2PLUS0000

    Yeah, it’s not available to purchase through the Vita, I just checked. That is very strange. But if you’re using the Vita store AT ALL, you’re doing it wrong. Use the webstore, push it to your Vita. No messing with the Store app on Vita. All those months people were having issues with the download process locking their systems? Only happened to me once or twice, cause I was smart and started using the webstore instead. And you’re already, obviously, on some kind of PC-type device, so there’s no reason you can’t use the webstore. So much faster and easier. Good luck.

    PS> The game is still $40 digitally, for whatever reason…

    @ article: Mercenary Kings FTW!

  • Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army?!! Wow! I assume part 2 is coming also?

  • Mercenary Kings!!!!!!!!

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