Watch_Dogs: Welcome to Chicago

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Watch_Dogs: Welcome to Chicago

As the third largest city in America and an iconic urban landscape, Chicago also holds the distinction of being the most surveilled city in the nation. Its network of cameras and security systems makes Chicago the perfect setting for a game like Watch_Dogs. One of the challenges of rendering a real city in a game is balancing creative vision with reality: people must be able to recognize and believe in Watch_Dogs’ Chicago while allowing the game’s unique tone to shape its atmosphere.

With the freedom afforded by Disrupt, an impressive new game engine exclusive to Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft has created a version of Chicago that is almost impossibly alive. Learn all about the new engine and how we’ve created a living, breathing Chicago inside Watch_Dogs here:

Watch_Dogs: Welcome to Chicago

Watch_Dogs is never just black and white; whether in expressing Aiden’s morality or building the city in which he lives, there is always another layer to consider. On the surface, The Wards may be crime-ridden, festering in the shadow of the Mad Mile, but beneath the mirrored sky-scrapers and luxury condos is something more insidious than the grittier gang turf can offer. At every turn in Watch_Dogs’ version of Chicago, you’ll find secrets and shades of grey, and it’s up to you to make the decisions that will define your experience.

Should you choose to tread lightly, you will slip in and out of crowds unnoticed and go about your business in secret. Act more recklessly, though, and expect the citizens around you to respond with uncertainty, fear, or even violent retaliation. Aiden might work alone, but in the age of smartphones and up-to-the-minute media, even he will never go unwatched; every action has consequences.

You can pre-order your copy of Watch_Dogs for PS4 or PS3 by visiting the official site.

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  • Looking good looking good

  • Little worried about the game graphically. Gameplay wise the game still looks amazing and im sure it will be. But since the original footage which im sure was on a devkit and passed off as PS4 footage its taken a hit. I noticed NPC textures seem a little flat as did some vehicles. The scene where the train was going around the corner it looked very flat and plasticy.
    Not at all like the original lush, vibrant, almost photo realistic world.

    Im a huge stickly from graphics, dosnt make me like a game any more or any less with a few exceptions.

    But still none the less, a little worried its not what was Origianlly seen back when i placed my preorder in 2013

  • So stoked! Any chance we’ll see a digital pre-order for PS4 via SEN? Any idea why we only have a PS3 digital pre-order right now?

  • I must say, looks like the wait was definitely worth it!
    I’m impressed with the amount of things we will be able to do in this game

  • This game looks amazing. I really hope all that extra time payed off in the gameplay department. Can’t wait to play it, I’ve had this game pre-ordered for quite some time

  • I really haven’t been too hyped for Watch_Dogs, but it is exciting to know that Chicago is being used as this games playground. I will probably pick it up for that fact alone as I live in the western burbs of Chicago. Very interested to see how detailed the city has been recreated. It would be fun to race down Lower Wacker, Cause some mayhem at Navy Pier, and see all the digital landmarks I know in real life.

    I guess my question is….just how faithful is the recreation of Chicago in this game?

  • This game looks cool, but did this footage look bad to anyone else? Looked like 360 or ps3 cross platform graphics. Not like the usual stuff we’ve been seeing….

  • I saw that Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon arcade you sneaky devils. (;

  • Can’t wait! this game looks is amazing!!

  • Sooooooo awesome………

  • Buying digitally on PS4! :D

    Which platform was this trailer footage taken from?

  • Gotta say that I’m getting excited with Watch Dogs more and more…in the beginning it was just a good game with potential and a good concept but it looks damn great.Nice video…Watch Dogs has potential to be the best open-world game…just need to see if it can beat Assassin’s.This is a must buy no doubt about it.

    Also its really hard to believe people are b*tching about the graphics…just stupid.

    What’s that dragon at 3:30?…Blood Dragon reference?

  • Doesn’t make the gameplay look any better. Seems really bland and boring.

  • I’m osoaragent

  • Oh, will be surely waiting for some reviews before buying this one. It seems like the worst parts of some previous games. Mature is another way to call a boring, purposeless game. The way it looks, would not be surprised if the cell phones runs Abstergo Technology.

  • i was hoping for some new gameplay, i want to see what are the improvements, also show us some ps3 gameplay, i won’t be buying the game if i don’t know what i’m getting into.

  • day 1 waiting on the Digital Preorder to become available.

  • @18

    for PS4

  • Is this ps3 gameplay or PS4? I hop its ps3, graphically it looks last gen. Definitely looks nothing like we say at E3.

  • how about a playstation plus update for the boys

  • That’s awesome :)

    …And what happens with Ps+ Preview? I expect to see him soon…like today maybe.

  • This footage is from the PS3 version right?

  • @20 & @23 , it’s from ps4 version, ps3 version has alot uglier textures and there no anti alising in the game, they’ve released a “aisha tyler” trailer way back and it looked abseloutly ugly, it was so bugy the aiden hand wouldn’t stay in his pockets!
    here take a look (watch it in high quality to see what is going on)

  • Sure, it doesn’t look as good as back in 2012 when it was originally unveiled, but in my opinion, it looks better than that last vid we got a few weeks ago.
    I can see the potential here, and it’s obvious to me that some of the rougher edges are probably due to the streaming nature of the video. This looks like it will be at least as pretty as AC4 was on the PS4, if not a step above due to the new engine it’s using.
    I’ve still got my pre-order for this, and still looking forward to it. I just wish May wasn’t getting so crowded at this point. So much good stuff to play. Watch_Dogs will definitely take priority, though.

    Thanks for the new video.

  • @20 & @23 , it’s from ps4 version, ps3 version has alot uglier textures and there no anti alising in the game, they’ve released a “aisha tyler” trailer way back and it looked abseloutly ugly, it was so bugy the aiden hand wouldn’t stay in his pockets!
    i’m double posting this the other post sais awaiting moderation because it had the video link in it, just search it, it will show up

  • I go to Chicago often since I live in Illinois, so you better believe I’m going to give you hell if something is off lol

  • This game has taken a hit in the graphics department. The graphics look so washed out, and the characters themselves look flat.

    I don’t like the new look of the protagonist either. He looked more natural in the E3 2012 Demo.

    I can see the upcoming game The Division also having a downgrade.

  • I’m praying that this is the PS3 footage. Fingers crossed it is everyone.

  • second best game but whens the release

  • I may still get this, maybe, but yeah doesn’t look like what we previously were shown. Looks like GTAV graphics wise. Were the exclusive missions always asterisk marked as timed exclusive?

  • People complain and get upset because of it’s graphics. I don’t care whether it looks like GTAV or something we never seen before, it is an open-world that is interactive. An engine capable of doing that is of course gonna take some graphical hits but that does NOT stop this game from, hopefully being, one of the greatest things to come out this year. Graphics are one thing but I rather take a game that looks like **** but is fun and has tons of replay-ability than something that looks amazing but is only playable for 2 hours. (No offence to MGSV: Ground Zero. More of referring to Dishonored.)

  • Man this game looks soo raw. def getting on release or soon after.

  • **** yeah my city

  • this game looks immersive, though less immersive thanks to the enormous graphics nerf, and the possibilities of the hack tool seem fun. citizens seem to have a lot of personality and behave realistically, and i am intrigued at how you can just do whatever you want courtesy of the game not having a traditional “missions system.”

    however, ubisoft need to make up their minds about what they’re doing with this game graphically. the first footage looked incredible, but now a days, it’s looking more like grand theft auto. i understand there’s a lot more going on in this game than the ps3 could handle, but visually, it takes me back to the ps3 days which isn’t exactly a selling point for “next gen.” it’s really not helping that ubisoft are dodging any questions about graphics; they won’t even reveal which console the different gameplay footage is from. plus, the game was delayed two months, it was supposed to be out already, so this is all very fishy. i’m still interested in the game because it looks fun, but we still have a lot of things that need to be cleared up before people shell out $60 day 1 for this.

  • i forgot to mention, judging from the other cross gen games that were released recently, the ps3/ps4 comparisons won’t look that different, so it doesn’t really matter which version of the game this is. i doubt this is ps3 gameplay because they would want to show the better looking footage, but if it is ps3 footage, the ps4 version will probably just be clearer and have more detail/uncompressed textures, etc. that’s how it was with the other games, but all i can do is guess. it would be really nice if ubisoft could shine some light on this mess.

  • I really need this game now!! But well only 2 months left!

  • Good to see my hometown getting its first big game in the windy city, this will be a game that I will pick up yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks like it was worth the wait! Way to go Ubisoft!

  • best game 4 ever

  • Why are people so blind to see that this game is half baked in what it should had been. Ubisoft should delay this further until it reaches the same quality shown at e3 2012. I know for sure that the ps4 can replicate that. All this comes down to is lazy developers like ubisoft, who also are renowned for there buggy and screen tearing games. As you may all tell I’m very sceptical about this game now. I will be waiting on Eurogamer and Digitalfoundary verdict before I even consider paying for this. I expect this gen not last gen. But I am praying that this is the ps3 version and def not ps4.

  • This game will make GTA 5 look like poop. Without a doubt my most anticipated game of 2014.

  • Chief Keef, King Louis, this is Chi, right?

  • I’m getting that bros,!

  • We ant blind

  • Lolllolollolo

  • So board I’m in school!

  • About to play PayDay2

  • Iam the number one game killer

  • People who complain about graphics: Let me just confidently say you people are annoying and shouldn’t be classified as gamers. Pretty much all of you are saying your definition of “next gen” is just the graphics. That’s ridiculous games are so much more than that.

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