The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PS4 Video Walkthrough

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PS4 Video Walkthrough

Since taking over as stewards of the Spider-Man console gaming franchise, we’ve seized the opportunity to explore new territory with each game release. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on PS3 and PS4 created a great opportunity to build and improve on something rather than starting from a blank slate. The gameplay walkthrough we’ve prepared for you today shows off some of the ways we’ve gone about doing that, but I’d also like to briefly flesh out some of those details with a little more context.

The new mechanics of web-swinging are more than just a visual tick, and that’s why we often start off pointing them out. Controlling separate sides of Spider-Man with separate sides of your brain has a great psychological effect, and it really immerses you even deeper into your character, particularly when you have to decide to use the right or left trigger based on the physical location of buildings as you swing through the city.

Your cell phone is more than just a glorified menu and map — it’s also how you gauge your progress as New York’s guardian arachnid. The new “Hero or Menace” system is a way for us to personalize the act of safeguarding everyday citizens’ lives, by adding real consequences for Spider-Man and the city as a whole based on your actions (and inactions). We really want you to feel like you’re the hero behind the mask, and that means giving you all the challenges and choices that ol’ Webhead has to deal with moment-to-moment.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2The Amazing Spider-Man 2

And that also means letting you take off that mask to experience a slice of life from Peter Parker’s perspective by investigating multifaceted characters, as well as letting you go home to visit Aunt May and take care of personal business. The sight of Peter’s wardrobe is a cool one, and we’re excited for players to get their hands on the range of suits we’ve included in the game. As with the shift in web-swinging, these costume choices offer far more than just a cosmetic effect.

You’ll notice the combat scenario we show off in the video takes place in an open, outdoor environment. We’ve got this great wide world to play with in Manhattan, and we thought it would be a shame to just restrict you to a series of linear corridors. That’s not fun for you or for us. So indoors and out, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 tries to give you legroom, with enough space to explore and experiment.

As you can see in the combat section of the walkthrough, you can go wherever you want in this area, which really frees you up to do whatever you want, too, from stealth prowess to up-close-and-personal combat, and we’ve expanded Spidey’s skill set to reflect that.

It’s the same city as before, but it’s definitely a different world, and we can’t wait for you to discover all the other reasons why when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 arrives on April 29th.

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  • That looks pretty cool.

  • The game looks decent but i wish publishers would wise up and stop charging full price for these rushed out movie tie-in games. Even the better ones like Xmen Wolverine and 007 Quantum of Solace weren’t worth more than $40 at max.

    I’m really excited about the new spiderman movie and would like to play the game, but i can tell you right now i won’t buy it till a month or two later when its priced reasonably. Not every game is created equal and movie tie-ins shouldn’t cost the same as GTA V did when it released.

  • What a shame,there’s no Vita version for Second Episode and I don’t care about PSNow or remote player or Teamviewer or whatever is the name.
    I just wanted a real game for my vita in order to play everywhere :(

  • Sold! Count me in. Beenox never fails to amaze and this game looks like its shaping up to be a great super hero game.

    “Spider-man 2099 costume” Oh yeah. Time to go pre-order for PS4. I imagine later on they will do a Vita version like they did with the first ASM game. Well, hopefully. Thanks for posting the video.

  • Looks really good, I am impressed. My son and I are going to love this on the PS4. So glad you got rid of the sky swinging, just wasn’t realistic and hindered the immersion. Can you tell me if there is going to be a ton of collectibles like ASM1? I sure hope so as I loved collecting the comic pages. Also, not sure, but I thought I read some where that there is going to be never ending enemy scenarios in the city after you finish the main story, can you elaborate on this? One more thing, can you verify Vita Remote Play as well? I know all PS4 games excluding camera enabled games have it, just want to make sure. Great work, look forward to playing your game.

    • Yes, there will be collectibles in the game. Comic Pages are back, as well as Unlockable Comics. There will be Audio Logs and Tech Bits as well (used to upgrade your arsenal). Also, random crimes will continue to occur when you are done with the main adventure. The game does support Vita Remote Play as well.

  • Loved the first one, besides some annoying indoor missions. Hoping this one is just as fun, if not more! :)

  • I seriously need this game now! I don’t even think I’ll be able to wait until I see the movie first! I did try that with the first game after all and caved almost immediately after I crossed the threshold with it.

  • I loved the first one, very underrated game. Looking forward to this on my PS4!

  • It looks a little plain graphically and the font work is sorely lacking (I know, I know, that’s a super minor thing that only crazy people like myself will notice) but the actually looks pretty fun, especially moving around the city. I might pick this up in a few months if it turns out to be pretty good.

    I really hope Beenox gets the chance to make another Spidey game that isn’t tied in with a movie though and have enough time to make it truly amazing. Just look at Rocksteady’s Arkham series. They’re completely free of a movie schedule, make incredible games with that time, and those game sell like crack because they’re so good, not just because people want a movie companion.

  • Will the PS4 version be native 1080p?

  • I hope there will be a lot of costumes (I want the Noir one) already on the disc and not as paid dlc, please. 1st was ok, this one looks improved. I hope the story will be as well.

    • There will be 13 costumes that can be unlocked through the course of the game. 6 costumes will be available as gift with purchase and/or downloadable content.

  • graphics look like PS 2 wtf lmao GTA3 + a flying man is what this is beef up the graphics its ps4 damn it

  • Are there any spoilers in the game for the movie?

    • You could say there are spoilers about Max Dillon and Harry Osborne…only if you know nothing about these two characters. If you have read about them in the past, you probably know their backstory a bit.

  • One thing I hope this game avoids is what’s dragged down other Spider-Man games in the past. For a superhero with such cool ways to get around like web slinging and wall crawling, developers often insisted that he should RUN everywhere. Level design is important in a game like this, I’m hoping they afford Spidey the chance to showcase those abilities.

  • Hoou I gotta say I’m actually surprised…for a movie game this looks good.I’m a major Spidey fan but since PS2 his games are pure disappointments only…I must ask please release a demo for this…game looks good but it may be another one of those games which looks good in video but not so much when you’re playing it.

    Also those animations on Peter’s part must be a joke.Step up your thing Beenox.

  • Is there anyway for a Sony Studio to do a Spider-Man game? I would love to see Santa Monica Studios do one so bad…

  • Beenox Spidey games have been hit and miss I’m hoping this one is the former. Looks like they have been learning a thing or two from Rocksteady on how to create environments that showoff the hero’s abilities. My only issue with their Spiderman games is artificial lengthening of games by giving Spidey mundane things to do. Also, their cutscene animations have always been a bit clunky and I wish they were a bit more cinematic. All this said, I like what I see so far . . .

  • @4 &12 because it was made for 3DS,I don’t know why sometimes Sony supports those devs,there’s only money important to them nothing else.

    Vita’s future would be shinny, it takes time I know but future will be the moment games are coming for both PS3 and Ps Vita with the same graphic quality just smaller size on vita because of resolution.

    I want to say thank you Sony for creating such a powerful device for the best and strongest hardware ever.It even could be replace PS3 instead and in the future.

  • Looks good so far. Reminds me of Spider-Man 2 on the PS2. It was the best Spider-Man game I’ve ever played.

  • PRO TIP:

    Make it just like Spider-Man 2 for the PlayStation 2 and you will have a customer.

  • Wish it were on PS Vita… despite the issues with framerate and ugly textures on 99% of things, I enjoyed playing the first on Vita again.

  • Sounds and looks like an improvement, but on IGN I heard them talk about the menace system and it seems like an annoying punishment system. Rather than a good feature. The example they gave is not being able to save everyone in a fire, thus being a “menace” and getting negatively affected by that gameplay with lower attack or something. Punishing players for not doing well is dumb.

    They also talked about you guys focusing on last gen consoles, which is unfortunate.

  • The ONE thing I LOVED from The Amazing Spiderman (the first game) was the boss fights with the robots (hunters) where you chased them through the city, I’m really hoping they have some huge-epic-boss battles in out in the open city. That’d be cool, that’s what made the first game SO cool. Is there any chance we could see what some of the boss battles are like?

    • You will battle flying enemies for sure, such as Electro. Btw, Hunters are back as well, they can be summoned by the Task Force if your Menace rating is really high. We son’t showcase complete boss fights, since it would spoil the game.

  • The game is looking great guys. I just might have to pick up the first one now.

  • looks pretty cool, and i’m not necessarily a fan of spiderman. the gameplay, at least the stealth approach, seems very arkham-like.

    release on 4/29?! that’s my birthday =D

  • Well lots of improvements! I really love Spidey and this game game is awesome!!

  • This is cool and all but we all know that movie games never are good. I hope that this isn’t based off of the upcoming movie because just cause this is on the PS4 doesn’t mean this will be the 1st movie game to be a big seller cause it’s on the PS4.

  • Hopefully Andrew Garfield and everyone do their voices for the game- the first movie game’s VA’s were okay but it’d be so much cooler if everyone from the movie did their voices

  • My lack of interest in movies based on comic books (due to studios wiping their butts with the source material) really hinders my desire for these games, and makes me wish they would make a game that is not tied in with the film. Games like Ultimate Spider-Man, Shattered Dimensions, and Edge of Time were quite good.

  • It look really good but the price…

  • @12 PS2 graphics?.What a ridiculous comment.

  • Will this support PlayStation Move? Loved the implementation in the first one.

  • I like spiderman games. In fact spiderman 2 was my fav on ps2. Unfortunately, in terms of graphics this game looks the same. Really? How is this a ps4 game? It looks like ps3 style graphics. At least make it more realistic looking. Boxy cars and animations were back in 2006 and should stay there.

    I know graphics don’t make a game, and I like the rest of what was shown. But ugh the graphics are horrible. Looks like something the wii or ps2 would put out….

  • ps2* Didnt mean to put ps3

  • I’m just hearing that there isn’t a Vita version which is weird since the first Spider-Man for Vita was just released not to long ago. I am not a Vita owner but I just feel bad for those that are anticipating the sequel after playing the first one. I really enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man and recommend it to other gamers who haven’t played it yet. According to the title of this blog the video is supposed to be the PS4 version. I would have never known because it really does look exactly like last generation’s Amazing Spider-Man. I was hoping for a nice boost in graphics but that’s just my personal opinion. The city from above isn’t looking as great as I was hoping for it to be. The roof tops all pretty much look the same and could of used some more detail to bring it to life. If you google New York City from above you’ll see what I mean. The city didn’t look that busy either. I was expecting to see more of a population in such a lively city. Birds? Planes? Rain? It would of been so cool if you could swing around the city with lighting in the air.

  • Continued
    With the PS4 being new generation and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 being kind of the first movie to game choice I was just hoping for a little bit more then what I’m already used to but that’s just my opinion. I noticed you didn’t mention anything about the touch pad (PS4) or motion control. When you pull up the smart phone you should be able to use the touch pad so it feels more real and the motion control could be used to push enemies away who have a grip on you, finish a combo, or solve some puzzles.

  • Did anyone else start to get motion sickness as he swung through the city? The game looks decent…

  • This looks like an early ps3 game… Hope the final build doesn’t look this bad. I’m speaking purely on the visuals. Also, Peter Parker looks way too bulky. Who am I kidding though, I’ll buy this day 1 and enjoy the hell out of it like I did the last one.

  • I heard all the demos shown so far have been on PlayStation 3 and XBox 360, are you guys going to show what it looks like on PS4 anytime soon so we can see the difference?

  • That looked pretty awesome. I got a bit giddy at the Spidey YoYo stealth take down. Shades of the Noir segments from Shattered Dimensions. I love the web swing mechanics that made Spider-Man 2 so popular came back, but I’m just a bit worried it’ll affect the combat. I’m not sure how awesome fight sequences like the Spider Slayer encounters from the first Amazing Game would work without the automatic swing features it had.

  • Graphically sad and pathetic. Hire some real artistic talent. Cities are more than brown repetitive structures with reflective textures placed everywhere. There is all sorts of texture and design, none of which are apparent in this city design. This looks like a first-gen PS3 game with better resolution.

    You are not an impressive studio, Beenox. Take some lessons from Rocksteady, Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog, etc.

  • this game is going to be AWSOME! because beenox is my favorite video game company

  • Great googamooga the game is looking amazing. Cant wait to pick it up.

  • can you change clothes without going to your apartment. it would be so cool fighting robots in the city flying around and all and after you destroy them you go in to in alley and change to peter parker when no ones looking! Please answer

  • i also wonder if you can dodge while your web slinging. like if your in a car chase and one of the thugs is shooting at you with a machine gun and your spider sense goes off while your swinging you do a barrel roll or something that would make car chases way more cooler. If only i was a beenox director.

  • if you pre order the game you get 4 suits and you can unlock 15 suits so who ever pre ordered the game will get 19 suits

  • the developers said 15 skins minus the gamestop exclusives. and will the black suit tear? also, since we can no longer swing in thin air {no complaint} can we use the web par shoot? and what about the web zip?

  • This looks incredible, great job Beenox!

    Expanding on the Peter Parker gameplay is there any way for the player to explore the city streets at all during free roam or even after completion (Without Powers) or at least other explorable areas such as his best friend Harry’s apartment or maybe something else? And last but not least will the Sam Raimi red suit and Sam Raimi black suit be making a return in this game?

    • You can’t play as Peter Parker at any time, it wouldn’t make sense to replay a mission where you face off with a villain without your suit. You will be able to visit locations in free roam, some as Peter Parker, some as Spider-Man. Revealing these locations would spoil the game.

  • is kingpin only in a Sealth level

  • in the trailer ck is a easter egg or is it the killer?

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