Trials Fusion: FMX Tricks, High Scores, and Lots and Lots of Crashes

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Trials Fusion: FMX Tricks, High Scores, and Lots and Lots of Crashes

Trials is known for its high-flying, face-smashing, precision platforming races, but get ready to take it up a notch (maybe several notches) with the all new FMX Tricks System. More than simple flips and twists, FMX will have you pulling moves like the Dead-Body, Going Up, and everyone’s favorite: The Superman.

You can forget the clock and take on dedicated FMX Trick Attack courses where the goal is to pull as many high flying, death defying, don’t-try-this-at-home tricks as you can on tracks specially designed to keep you airborne and twisting like Dorothy’s house in a tornado. It may look easy, but this is Trials and the cruel laws of physics still apply, so it’s likely that you’re going to land on your face at least once. Or sixteen times.

Huge tricks, high scores, and bone-crushing crashes await you. See you in the air.

Trials Fusion will be available on PS4 as a digital download for $19.99, or you can pick up a retail edition, which includes a Season Pass, for $39.99. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more game info, breaking updates, and backflips.

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  • stop teasing me with this game. bring it to ps3. i want

  • I’m excited for this game, I really am, but can you guys please turn down the freaking solar flare that’s occurring in every background?

    It seriously hurts my eyes in every video of this game I see, and I do not want to have it blasting in my face, obscuring the character as I try to do tricks. I get that we’re trying to show off crazy light and graphics and all that, but it looks like it seriously hinders playability.

  • I REALLY enjoyed Evolution Gold, so i cant wait to get Trial Fusion on PS4 and replay it over…and over,… and over..and over ..and over ..and over ..and over ..and over ..and over ..and over ..and over ..and over(yep, you know exactly what i mean!)

  • YES!!! Hatsune Miku, the true waifu!

  • Release date?

  • Used to LOVE this game back on the PS3/ 360. Can’t wait for this.

  • @2 Goldanas
    I think you mean lens flare. I agree, it’s a bit distracting, but it’s part of its art style :O

  • this glaring effect is becoming a problem, nowadays. Splinter cell has lots of it. BF3 too. middle of the day, and a light pole it’s capable of blinding you. Stupid. But yeah, Ubi, we get it. You could do glaring effects, dust particles in the lenses, flare and everything. Just tune it down, or give us the possibility to turn it off. Thx.

  • You put any of the Trials games on the ps3 and I’ll buy them. You put the first two on the ps3 and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again.

  • Is the season pass going to be available on PSN when it goes on sale or is it only available with the retail version?

  • This game is OK…but id rather play JOE DANGER..physics are alot more controlable..and looks more fun. I hope they create one for VITA and PS4. I dont have a ps4 yet.( waiting till they allow us to play GTA ONLINE on it :p) ..but when i do get it this game will be downloaded for it..unless JOE DANGER comes out before it ;p

  • It depends on what you like, I suppose, but Joe Danger isn’t much fun to me. Trials is amazing. I’ll be getting Fusion on 360, though, because I don’t have a PS4 yet (later this year) and besides that I have 4 controllers for the 360, and we enjoy the local multiplayer a lot.

  • Sweeet !!!

  • Please bring this to vita

  • This seems like a game that I can really get immersed in. Hopefully when this comes out I can get it.

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