The Witch and the Hundred Knight Out Today on PS3

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The Witch and the Hundred Knight Out Today on PS3

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! It’s me, The Great Doodini (aka David) from NIS America, and I’d like to perform a magic trick — I mean illusion — for you! For my first act, I’ll pull a Prinny from this hat! Oh wait, it looks like this one’s exploded already… Looks like that’s the end of that act.

Well, no worries, because I know someone who’s a lot more magical than I am, and today’s your lucky day because you get to hang out with her. Her name’s Metallia, and she puts the “witch” in The Witch and the Hundred Knight on PS3, which is out today at retail and as a digital download from PlayStation Store. This is NIS America’s first 3D action RPG, so I’m pretty pumped to tell you all about it!

In The Witch and the Hundred Knight, you play as the legendary Hundred Knight — a demon summoned by the swamp witch Metallia to help her spread all her neon green, swampy badness across the land. Why does she want that? Because even though Metallia’s a witchy woman with a lot of power, she somehow can’t travel beyond the edges of the noxious swamp she calls home. It’s up to you to help her take vengeance on the world, but the more you get to know her, the less of a good idea it seems…

The Witch and the Hundred KnightThe Witch and the Hundred Knight

All this vengeance-taking is predicated on you laying down the hammer, and the sword, and the spear… and a bunch of other weapons on any enemy that dares stand in your way. The Hundred Knight may be small, but he packs quite a punch when he can equip up to five different weapons at a time.

Certain enemies may have different immunities and weaknesses, so it’s best to diversify your weapons profile to maximize your damage. Plus, if you combine them in a certain order, you can get damage multipliers. On top of that, you’ve got Tochkas, which are the Hundred Knight’s own special magic skills. He can summon minions of his own, create traps, and perform a plethora of other dark magic to beat down enemies. And if that wasn’t enough, the Hundred Knight can switch between other “facets” at will. These act as classes. The Power Fortress facet, for example, acts as a tank, while the Noble Raptor can convert enemies into allies. Looks like the Hundred Knight has got a lot more up his demon sleeve than me and my exploding Prinny in a hat trick…

The Witch and the Hundred Knight

These are only some of the systems in the game — I haven’t even touched on Gigacals, which is the energy you need to do anything. The more running and fighting you do in a level, the more you burn through your Gigacals. You can recover Gigacals by eating food you find or getting an enemy’s health low enough and chomping down on them.

There’s also the ability to raid village houses for items and boosts, but then you risk having the villagers turn against you forever. And it wouldn’t be an NIS America game if you couldn’t enhance your weapons in the Bucket List!

What do you say, folks? Why not give a hand to Metallia and her assistant The Hundred Knight? You’ve seen the customizable weapon combos, magic skills, personality changes, and all sorts of systems. You ought to stick around and see what else they’ve got in store for you in this wickedly dark action RPG. Follow them down to the swamps and see what kind of show they’ve got for you! Metallia says it won’t hurt too much…

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  • This game looks cute ^-^ I might have to check it out :)
    Any chance of a demo in the future?

  • I really want to get this game but I have to wait a little while, so many releases in such a short span of time! Definitely pick this up eventually!

  • too many launches today! anyways im still hoping for a flash sale! on ps3 games.. thank you sony!

  • I wish this was on Vita as well, or at least on PS4 for remote play. Im not actively buying new releases for last gen consoles anymore :(

  • Grabbed the Collector’s Edition so I could pick up the Metallica Nendroid :)

  • I need this game but I think I can’t get it this month T. T

    BTW Thanks for all the great game NISA

  • Uggghhhhh, why can’t we get good JRPGs anymore? Why do modern JRPGs always have to be this silly anime crap?

    If only JRPGs would go back to being turn based, serious, and grand, like they were for PS and PS2, not this garbage. Why is it NIS/Atlus seem to be the only ones making JRPGs? Wish they’d at least make a good game and not silly anime loli garbage.

    I want great epic JRPGs again, I miss them so much, as it is my favorite genre. JRPGs won’t get any respect with this silly NIS trash. This is why we can’t have nice things. Can’t we go back to Playstation and Playstation 2 styled JRPGs? Why all this silly crap, instead of games with a more serious tone, that don’t have a cast fully comprised of 6 year olds?

    If JRPGs were more serious, for grown ups, don’t you think you would get more sales? Any grown ass adult should be ashamed and embarrassed for playing stuff like this.

  • Arrived yesterday and it’s quite the enjoyable game. Also that Metallia nendoroid petite is so freaking awesome. Thank you for those wonderful Collectors Edition.

  • neuropunk, check out Kingdom Under Fire 2 man, it’s like an RTSMMORPG, kinda like a cross between Monster Hunter, Dynasty Warriors, and Kessen, looks badass and supposedly coming to PS4 mid to late 2014 early 2015.

  • Want this but dont wanna put down
    disgaea d2 0_0

  • @7 neuropunk – One of the most consistently serious JRPGs I can think of is Final Fantasy II, and even that drops the line, “Guy speak beaver.” For more recent times, perhaps Lost Odyssey? Yeah, JRPGs aren’t as prominent as they had been, but this vibrant silliness (and immature adult subject material) is NISA’s videogame calling card. They just happen to also invest themselves into their materials’ localization and promotion as much as their players invest in the games.

    If there’s classic-style, “grimdark”-esque JRPGs to be found these days, I’d expect them more from handhelds (where visual scope doesn’t mandate infinite money to push the system to its operational limits) or the indie and hobby scenes (though that requires more sifting to pick out the gems).

    @topic – As for me, this’ll be on a far backburner, but nevertheless on my radar.

  • @neuropunk We do get good JRPGs, but it seems you’re too biased to enjoy good games.
    Pokemon X/Y, great JRPG – Not by Atlus or NIS/Turn based
    Bravely Default, great JRPG – Not by Atlus or NIS/Turn based
    Tales of Xillia, great JRPG – Not by Atlus or NIS/Not turn based, but that doesn’t take away from the game
    Dark Souls 2, great JRPG – Not by Atlus or NIS/Not turn based, but still doesn’t take away from the game
    Drakengard 3, great JRPG being released later this year – Not by Atlus or NIS/Not turn based, but still doesn’t take away from the game

    The Guided Fate Paradox, great JRPG. Not turned based, but isn’t ‘loli anime garbage’ like you might think. It’s very serious and explores deeper into the morals of right and wrong making you question whether or not what you’re fighting for is actually the right thing to do.

    Why don’t you actually play some games before posting your biased thoughts on them?
    Like they always say “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

  • I will try this definitely! :D

  • I do miss old RPG’s though like Final Fantsay 6/7 Breath of Fire, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Secret of Evermore etc…

  • “+ nanaki85 on March 25th, 2014 at 11:34 am said:
    I do miss old RPG’s though like Final Fantsay 6/7 Breath of Fire, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Secret of Evermore etc…”


    “+ inuitadakimono on March 25th, 2014 at 11:31 am said:
    @neuropunk We do get good JRPGs, but it seems you’re too biased to enjoy good games.”

    Such as what? Only PS3 JRPGs worth playing are Demon’s, Dark, Dark Souls 2, Dragon’s Crown, Valkyria Chronicles, South Park, Final Fantasy X HD. This has been the worst gen for JRPGs.

    Maybe NIS should try to make a serious JRPG that doesn’t pander to 5 year olds.

  • @15 neuropunk – Well, there’s your problem: The PS3’s a very capable, very Japanese system. So, you either wait forever for a team to make all the assets that justify a commercial release for a powerful machine, or you get whatever the Japanese PS3 crowd likes. While you might not want to shell out for a handheld (seriously, those’re where to find the good JRPGin’ actn this past gen), but your computer should be able to handle any number of lower-resources RPGs. Since you seconded SNES-era output, I’ll take it you’re not averse to, say, good games made in RPG Maker or the like.

    And as attested by inuitadakimono, a game’s visuals don’t necessarily equate the gravity of the subject matter.

  • Handheld JRPG quality is bad. I want production values of the PS Final Fantasies, and Xenogears. Also, Breath of Fire should return. Bravely Default looks good, but most everything else looks crap. Even M&L Dream Team is regarded as the worst in the series, which is a shame because I used to love the series. Why has JRPG quality dwindled?

    JRPGs used to be on consoles, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t still be there. Lost Odyssey was the best classic style JRPG during the PS3 gen. Tales series is great, but it’s not turn based.

    And don’t even get me started on the crappy Lightning Fantasy XIII series.

  • now that I have a good look of what the game is im interested.

  • @7/15

    What JRPGs are you talking about that don’t have an anime style? Even FF7 was anime style. Prettymuch all JRPGs are.

    Only Valkyria Chronicles and FFX are ACTUALLY JRPGs among that list. The SOuls games and Dragon’s Crown are Action RPGs, not JRPGs.

    The Atelier games have been great and getting better, the Tales games are always good, Guided Fate Paradox was quite enjoyable, the FFXIII games, despite being controversial, were very good. P4G was amazing, although for the Vita so might not count in the argument.

    But ever since JRPGs made the transition to the PS1, they started being very anime-style… why? Because they’re JAPANESE RPGs and Japanese people, for the most part, love the anime style. It’s just a fact, sorry.

  • I looked again, but can’t find it listed… Price??

  • I am absolutely swamped with releases this month and this is one to add to that growing list. March has been just a fantastic month and one I will be picking up games from for the better part of this year. Thank you to NIS for bringing this over!

  • @ Seluhir

    “FFXIII games, despite being controversial, were very good”

    Wow, you’re a huge troll with your highly ignorant absurd remark. The Lightning Fantasy XIII series are some of the very worst games I have ever played. They suck, they’re so terrible. They’re not even JRPGs, FFXIII anyhow, is much more like generic western linear action game or something, but in no way does it feel like an RPG.

    No, most JRPGs don’t have that loli superanime style made for little babies. Also, the classic Final Fantasies may look like cartoons, but not Japanese anime-ish.

  • Interesting, an RPG that is based off world domination. Sick of hero saves the world theme….been overdone a bit.

    Her selfish whim of making everyone feel her view of the world……hoping there is a hero you can challenge.

  • Already bought the LE from the NISA Store! Waiting for it!

  • I never played any of the games by NIS America so I decided to pick this game up on a whim. It sounds like a silly game but once I get down to playing it. I bet that it will be super fun. Besides it has been awhile since I played a super complicated RPG with lots of item and skill management.

  • As for me, I still hold it against myself to not have played more of the PS1 Classic Wild ARMs that I got through the handheld promotion some time back. Very anime visuals, but more of that “dinge” aesthetic at work to make it so consciously apparent. I do still boot it up now and then just for that opening Western sounds, though. Ah, whistling as an instrument unto itself…

    (…so off-topic.)

  • My wallet wants you guys to stop releasing games. Every time NIS America comes out with a new game, my wallet spontaneously opens itself and gives you all of my money. Sadly, NIS America isn’t the only publisher it does this for.

  • Disappointing. This game actually looks great, but it’s not available on PS4. PlayStation you need to get your priorities straight. All I keep seeing released on PS4 is garbage.Meanwhile, great games are still coming from Sony, only on PC or PS3. You have a next-gen console, that is a great piece of hardware, that needs to be taken advantage of. These garbage games like fez, race to the sun, and mercenary kings all look like they came from decades ago.

  • We need another JRPG in the likes of the original Xenogears (PS1) again…old skool, 2-typed turn based combat, intriguing/involving/mostly adult storyline, great graphical interface & combat system, anime-like intro/cutscenes/ending + and I do mean + GIANT mechs!!! back when JRPGS defined the era and made gamers really connect with the stories and characters.

  • Looks interesting. May give it a try. But with no demo, I may skip it for a while and end up forgetting about it.

  • My collector’s edition arrived yesterday. I played a bunch of it last nice. Definitely a fun game so far. :)

  • Delivered it to my house when I wasn’t home…have to wait until tomorrow to sign for it at the post office ARRRG

  • 49.99for the reviews it got i would think 29.99

  • My collector is on its way to me :D

  • Any plans for PS Vita release? I would then buy it if it was on Vita.

  • @33 – the reviews are wrong.

  • Waiting for my CE. :3

  • @17: Lost Odyssey was nice, but I prefered Ni No Kuni. It’s not totally old school turn based JRPG, but it’s by far the most “old school” game I played and loved this generation. Lost Odyssey was really good, but the battle system wasn’t that nice near the end, the battles were way too long. The story was impressive though, I loved it. The next BIG JRPG (even if not turn based again) is gonna be Final Fantasy XV. I LOVED the Kingdom Hearts series, and it’s the same team. They are building a “Dark Fantasy JRPG”, and the combat is pretty much the same as Kingdom Hearts. It’s gonna be really hard to beat. Still yes, I’d like another fully turn based JRPG game, Final Fantasy 4 to 10 style. ^_^ Still, if you like SRPG games, you HAVE to play Valkyria Chronicles on PS3, one of my favorite game of the PS3! ^_^

  • @Neuropunk Accusing someone of trolling because their opinion differs from yours? Really? Well I guess I know why people prefer not to talk to you… have a nice day sir.

  • I like rpg’s and this is one that I would like to try out at some point. Hopefully i’ll get around to it soon.

  • That girl…the witch I think….its really awesome.

  • I meant “she” is really awesome.

  • I’m psyched this is finally out & the gameplay looks great. Also, another vote for VITA!

  • For a moment I thought it would be something like Legend of Mana, frustrated now “-

  • @neuropunk

    Good classic style JRPGs does exist, the problem for a person like yourself is that they are not localized. Japan keeps the good stuff for themselves. Learn the language and import all the good titles.

    Have you ever played Dragon Fantasy Book I and II? Modeled after classic games, turn-based, top down, 16bit graphics. It is like a blast from the past.

  • More crappy localizations!
    Thanks a lot NISA.
    I was looking forward this game until I saw it fell in your dirty and lazy hands.

  • Cool!

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