Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd Coming to PS3, Vita in N. America

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Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd Coming to PS3, Vita in N. America

Following a fantastic reception to the PS3 and PS Vita release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F in North America and Europe, SEGA is proud to announce that we will be bringing Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd to the West later this year!

That’s right. You’re not dreaming. We believed in all of you and we asked for your support – and you gave it to us without reservation. It was your supportive comments, your encouraging words at every place we showed the game, and your drive that made all the difference. Some of you bought the game twice – others three or even four times. But whether you picked it up once or four times, all of you helped make Miku a success, and still do. Thank you so much for that.

Now, it’s our turn to believe in you once more.

This fall, we will be releasing Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd for both PS3 and PS Vita. Project Diva F 2nd features similar but improved gameplay over the first game, with a whopping 40 songs – a collection of the best new songs, and some of the most loved classic songs, previously only available in the Japanese releases. You can check out two of those in our trailer!

Besides 40 songs and four difficulties for each in the Rhythm Game, players can look forward to the return of the impressive Edit Mode feature, which lets you build your very own videos and Rhythm games using all of the in-game assets, and share them online with the world. It has seen notable improvements over the first version, and we can’t wait to see what amazing creations you all will build with it!

And finally, because we like good news, I’ll drop a hint here that we have some fun stuff in the works for our Western release. I’m pleased to confirm one of those things right now: We will be releasing a packaged version of the game for both PS3 and PS Vita!

One of the primary comments we saw across the internet over the last year was that PS3 owners loved their physical copies, and that so many PS Vita owners wished one was available. We begin our campaign today by announcing that whichever platform you own, you’ll be able to reserve a physical copy of Diva F 2nd when it releases!

We’ll have much more news regarding Project Diva F 2nd as we near E3, but in the meantime, we hope this news has made your day a little brighter.

Thank you all once more for supporting us, and here’s to the future of Hatsune Miku in the West!

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  • YES! Thanks Sega! I’m a huge fan, I personally have imported Project Diva 2nd, Extend (On PSP), then F both Japanese and Western version…still planning on buying the digital Vita version for a more portable version of F. For F 2nd I’ll get the Western version when it’s released.
    It’s a happy day for rhythm game fans. :D

    • Wow, you’re very dedicated! Thanks for supporting us (in advance) on both the VITA version and the upcoming F 2nd!

  • Hell yeah ! Day one for me !

    That means the first version on VITA was a success in NA. Glad to hear that !

    • The Project DIVA series is off to a great start, thanks to all of you! Please keep spreading the word and telling your friends, and thanks, as always, for your support. : )

  • I don’t even really know what to say, but I’m so incredibly happy this is happening. I remember pre-ordering the first Project Diva when it was announced, and I was on the train the whole way through, extolling the virtues of our lord and saviour Hatsune Miku. I suppose a big thank you to Sega is in order, for taking a huge chance on the first, then a big thank you to all the fans who bought in, and now another big thanks for taking a second, even riskier chance. Maybe Project Diva f 3rd will be the first one that I don’t preorder from Japan. ;)

    Just one quick question, IF, when a third game is looking like it’ll be greenlit for the west, do you think it would be possible to announce the localization before release in Japan? I’m not angry or anything, but I just spent $75 on the Japanese version, when I totally would have waited for the US SKU. Super big request, I know, but I’d really appreciate that in the future.

    Thanks again, for everything!

    • Glad it made your morning (or afternoon)! We believe in you guys, and you haven’t let us down yet – so it’s a risk we are happy to take.

      When it comes to announcement timing, a lot of things often come into play that can lock you in on a certain date or time frame. Would have loved to announce this sooner if we could have for you guys, but today was the day. : ) Thank you for the feedback!

  • Some of us Import the US version to get a Psychical copy

    • If you live in Europe, you’ll actually be able to pick up a physical version over there, too!

      Or if your area doesn’t have one in general, then yes, we hope you’ll enjoy the US version.

  • Never herd of this game before, if it’s on ps vita and ps3 isn’t it suppose to be on ps4

    • You’ve never heard of it? Go give the demo for the first game a try! It’s on PSN for both the PS3 and PS VITA right now.

      If you like music or rhythm games, you’ll probably be hooked after about three plays. : ) And to confirm, yes, this is for PS3 and PS VITA only.

  • Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! XD
    Congrats on the success of Project Diva f~~!!

    Imported my copy straight from japan on launch date lol (I’m turning a blind eye when it comes to miku), cost lots of money along with the shipping and all.. But it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

    and I’ve Platinum’d it as well :D

  • First off, sign me up for one of each.
    Second, any chance Sega could bring Illbleed to Vita? It’s been so long since my DC died, would love to play that again. Just a straight port would be fine, slap it up on PSN and I’d be in heaven.

  • I was able to be the first platinum achiever in the world for the NA version, can’t wait for the second part :D

    It would be awesome if you guys can give us some Project DIVA avatars for the US store.

    • Oh wow, congrats! As to the avatars… you are not the first person to ask, so we’ll see what can be done. : )

  • Played DIva F for 2 weeks to get ready for Diva 2nd Import I have coming in next week. Played Valkyria Chronicles for the first time on PS3 and just finished it AMAZING GAME! This whole month has been devoted to SEGA games for me.

  • Thanks SEGA. I’m excited for the second game! Thanks for bringing it over to the US! Will most likely get it for my Vita (physically).
    Now I just need to work on diva f for a while longer.

  • Guess I gotta double dip agaiiiin!
    Hopefully the localized version won’t make my wallet cry as hard as importing did!

    Quick question if you can answer
    Will there be an option to switch from Romaji to kana for lyrics? That was the one thing that bugged me about the localized version since I was told in Japanese class that “Romaji got hit by a bus and you shouldn’t use it anymore”

    • Generally, it’s always cheaper to buy it locally as opposed to importing. We certainly do our best to make sure that’s the case, too!

      No news currently on game details like lyrics, but we’ll talk more about that in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

  • First game, Bought Retail PS3 and Digital Vita

    Let’s work out a deal (you already won me and I’m getting at least one version of this game)
    How about I buy both and you guys bring Yakuza 5, HD Collection or PSO2 to the west?
    (Who am I kidding will probably buy both eventually)
    Seriously though, How much more can we prove to Sega that we want these games brought over?

    • Thanks a ton for supporting us, Kolma! Really appreciate it.

      I’m afraid I can’t make any deals, but having worked on / played both the Yakuza and Phantasy Star series, I can definitely understand all the love for them.

  • I greatly enjoyed the first Project Diva (I even bought it for PS3 and Vita) and just today I paid for the japanese version of Project Diva F 2nd (Should be shipped tomorrow!), but the more the merrier, I will buy it in PS3 and Vita when this will be released on the West too!

  • cool now where is Yakuza 5

    • No news on the Yakuza series from my side, sorry! Always good to see love and support for that franchise, though.

  • YEEEESSSS!! YEEAAHHHHH!! >_< Vita version day 1 purchase for me. :D

  • Thank you base Sega, and thanks to everyone who supported F and f, we did it guys… we did it T~T!!!

  • Not for me but glad to see Sega bringing over a game that people want.

    Now if we could get them other ones…. ;)

    • Thanks for jumping in to share in the positive feelings, even if Miku isn’t your type of game. :) Appreciate it!


    You guys rock, great job with the Vita version, so fun! Can’t wait!

    • Glad to hear you’re excited, thank you Tinye! We hope a lot of VITA owners (and PS3) will be very happy today with the news.

  • Also it would be great if this time around, there perhaps can be an option to enable and choose between fully translated English subtitles for the songs or to choose to keep them in the romanized translation. ;) it’s great being able to read the romanized words and sing along (if that’s something you’re into), but it would be even better to be able to actually read and understand what the song is actually about. Make it happen Sega, if you can implement this feature in the second game for us, then I’m pretty sure it would even be more successful than the 1st game. :)

    • Good feedback, thanks! Fully translated English lyrics are actually very (very) complex and require a lot of work to make happen, but I’ll pass on the comment.

  • This is great news, day one buy on physical copy of PS3 version for sure! Loved the song Romeo and Cinderella, can’t wait to play it. Not sure if I want to double dip for the sequel yet as I had no idea confirmation was so soon, but I hope Project Diva f 2nd is different to the original and not just newer songs.

    • DIVA F 2nd has a mix of both new songs and remastered songs from the previous project DIVA games, which never released in the West. It’s a really great springboard that blends the best of both together. Hope you’ll like it!

  • Glad there’s more games for vita

    Add me on psn JFrespect

  • Hope you caught reply #38 Aaron, blog took a while accepting my post so you might have skipped over it and didn’t catch my appreciation post lol

  • Excited to see the physical release of the Vita version is coming time around.

    • As are we! We got so much feedback requesting it the first time around that we knew we needed to make it happen.

  • Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! F was the reason I picked up my Vita again and I’ve played it now more than ever! =) I cant wait for the 2nd and more to come! I’m so excited!

  • I am so happy to hear this. I already pre ordered my import and I plan on double dipping when it’s out in the West. Even more happy to hear that it’ll be a physical release. This has got to be one of my favourite game series and I’ll continue to support it for as long as I can. Thank you, Sega.

    • Many thanks for double-dipping. As long as there are fans like you who are supporting us by picking up the game, we’re happy to do our best to bring the series over to you!

  • Having purchased both the PS3 and Vita releases, to see that the reception was good enough to warrant more releases is a dream come true. It’s an absolutely ideal game for a handheld in design, so if this trend continues, maybe, just maybe, we’ll get other related “Diva” titles, and I guarantee you I will never be sated from them. Well done, to everyone, for making this possible.

    • Thanks for picking up both versions, Rocket. Glad you enjoy the series, and thanks (in advance) for supporting Miku with titles like F 2nd. :)

  • I want to buy the Vita version for sure. But I have to buy it for my sister who is a HUGE Vocaloid fan. Thank you for localizing what looks to be a great game.

    • You’re very welcome. We still have a lot of work to go on the game before release, but we’re so excited to announce that it’s coming West today!

  • Oh, this makes me so happy. I was at work, about halfway through my day when I saw the tweet about this. I freaked a little, no lie.

    Welp, just means I need to work on getting the plat for the vita version. The PS3 Miku plat is looking for company. :)

  • @61 – For those of us who don’t know how to read Japanese, the Romaji at least lets us learn how to sing the songs. :p

  • Will the song lyrics be translated this time around? That was the one big major turnoff I had with the first game.

  • Let me get this straight. Instead of getting Valkyria Chronicles 3, or Yakuza 5, or Phantasy Star Online 2, popular sequels to popular games, we get Sega taking the easy route, and just flipping some text around in a music game, and selling it for full price? Please, Sega, at LEAST give us Phantasy Star Online 2. The only reason I went to PAX a few years back was because PSO2 was going to be there, the booth got me extremely hyped up, then suddenly, it just disappears from US release calandars? At leats tell us that it’s been canceled, instead of baiting Non-Japanese Phantasy Star fans, who are already used to being the butt of Sega’s jokes.

    • Thanks Cecil. No need to rain on the Miku parade – this is one of those games that many people probably never expected to see released in the West, so please join us as we keep things positive in light of today’s announcement.

      That said, don’t think I don’t know where your love for the games you mentioned comes from! :) I played the original PSO/PSU for about 8 years of my life, I beat both Valkyria Chronicles, and I had the pleasure of getting to work on Yakuza 3 + 4 + Dead Souls. They’re all such amazing series. Please do spread the word and tell your friends about them.

  • Aaron, please don’t say this some kind of early April Fools Day joke!? I was not expecting this kind of news so soon! I just got done getting perfect ratings on all songs on Hard yesterday, so I’m moving on to Extreme today : )

    Question: If I buy the physical retail PS3 copy, is it possible to get a discount on the digital vita version?

    My favorite songs: World’s End Dance Hall, Tengaku, Negaposi*Continues

    • Not an April Fool’s Joke, don’t worry. : )

      Congrats on your progress in DIVA F/f so far! No news on a discount for both versions currently.

      Ah… Negaposi*Continues! Such a fun (crazy?) song on Extreme.

  • With the reactions in this thread, I think I have to download the demo to give this series a fair shake. I don’t know if I can take all the Jpop though.

    • It’s not all Jpop. The cool thing about Miku is that the music is all made by artists and fans, many of whom prefer different genres. Some music has a more chiptune flavor, some is more rock, and it just keeps going from there!

  • Thank you Mr. Webber! This is such great news! Really happy both versions are getting a physical release. If I have enough money by the time they come out, I’ll definitely try to get both!

  • This only means two things to me:


  • Thanks guys. I will be getting this day one. I do wish we got some type of limited or collectors edition since would have easliy droped the cash. Also can we please get some avatars. I want a meiko dang it.

  • Why Sega no release Yakuza the latest instalments and PSO 2 in the WEST? Please do something! Thank you;)

  • This only means two things to me:

    2) Gotta get to work on platting the Vita and PS3 versions of the first Hatsune Miku!

    Extremely excited to see the next Hatsune Miku game come over :) day one buy on both platforms.

  • When I got to play the first Hatsune Miku Project Diva F at E3 2012 before the Japanese release (http://i1167.photobucket.com/albums/q630/ErnstyLin/E3%202012/IMG_20120606_171511.jpg), never in my wildest dreams did I think the series would come out outside of Japan. Thank you, Mr. Webber & your colleagues at Sega for proving me wrong!

    With both the Japanese PS3 and Vita versions of Project Diva F 2nd pre-ordered, looks like I’ll be quad-dipping again, nggh!

    • Oh wow, very cool picture. We’re so glad to bring it out for fans like you, Lazer, and even more appreciative to have such amazing support from everyone!

  • I’m importing the PSVita version of this game but i’ll be sure to pick up the US release for PS3. That’s what I did for the first game since it’s so hard waiting. Thank you :)

  • This time,can you please release it in Asia Store ..
    I like to play project diva since psp..
    But it just release in NA store =_=
    So I cant download it..
    not to mention it’s just for digital only~

    This is what I am talking about SEGA!

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • OMG yess! Thanks sega, and thanks Aaron too. Im really hoping right now for a limited edition for both versions.

    • It’s not just me; there’s a whole team of people at SEGA who are really dedicated to Miku! I’ll pass on your thanks to all of them. : )

      And, of course, thank you for supporting Miku and the game, and making all of this possible!

  • Yes yes yes! I’m so glad we’re getting a physical release! I’m glad I supported the first game just to get news of a localization for the 2nd one :3

    • We’re really excited to be able to bring out a physical release for both versions, and in Europe, too! It’s because of your support that all of this was able to happen. Thanks so much!

  • Came in because I’m exicted about the announcement and also to check if Aaron is responding to basically every comment like usual. Both are great atm =P you on a record dude.

    • Glad to hear it, Dugna! Thank you – I try to respond to as many comments as I can. : )

      Speaking of, it’s time for a quick lunch break, but I’ll be back and responding again as soon as I get back. Thanks all!

  • I’m really, really happy to see Miku getting so much love. I got both PS3 and Vita versions on day one and I was about to import Project Diva f 2nd, but glad to see Sega bringing this one as well!

    Are you guys going for the same strategy, release PS3 version first, then the Vita one? Or are any chances of both versions being released at the same time?

    Last, but not least, thank you for working so hard on this!

    • Thanks for supporting both versions of the first game!

      We are currently planning to release both versions of F 2nd within the same time window. Right now, that’s simply “Fall”, but we’ll have a more specific date to announce in the future as we get closer.

      As to working on this, it’s no problem. It’s a lot of fun. : )

  • After reading through everything – there is not much left to be said.

    So… thank you. That’s it :)

  • YEsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss thank youuuuuuuuuuuu :,)

  • I loved the first game so much! Platinumed the first and even made a trophy guide for it on another site. I also am close to getting platinum on the Vita version. Glad to see this coming to the West! I am hyped! Do you think we could ever get any news on sale specifics for this game? Maybe if we set a certain milestone for something we can know? I know this did very amazing in sales form what you guys make it out to be, but I just like looking at numbers.

    Will definitely get both PS3 and Vita versions day one! Now, I hope the third Project Diva F will be on PS4 as well! I can Only hope. Thanks for supporting us SEGA. :)

    • Congrats on your platinum, and thanks for writing up a guide!

      I don’t know that we’ll ever reveal the sales numbers, but what I can say is that if you haven’t already picked up a physical copy of the first game for PS3, you’ll probably have a hard time finding it soon! (Most Gamestops are already sold out, as is Amazon.)

      Thanks for pledging your support for F2 – we’ll have more news in the future!

  • Something I forgot to mention also in my above comment. I wish there was an option to import the first games song. Don’t know if you can pass that onto the Japanese Devs but it would be wonderful if you could. :) Playing both the first and second game’s songs in one would be amazing. Rock Band spoiled me in that manner :D

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