PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

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PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

Hi everyone! The next system software update for PS Vita, version 3.10, will be available for download beginning later today. This update brings some anticipated and useful features to PS Vita, including the ability to display more than 100 applications on the home screen (we know you’ve been waiting patiently for this one), and a new Calendar application.

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

Check out some of the new features and changes in PS Vita’s 3.10 system update below:

  • You can now display up to 500 applications on the home screen.
  • A Calendar application has been added for PS Vita, allowing you to set up gaming events with your friends. Sync your Google calendar to have all your events with you on your PS Vita. You can also share your favorite events by using the Messages and Email applications.
  • A new “Manage Content on Memory Card” option has been added to the Content Manager application. You can now view the data on your memory card, making it easier than ever to manage content on your PS Vita. You can now view memory usage by content type, and delete content and applications.
  • You can now send and receive voice messages using the Messages application on PS Vita. Exchange voice messages with your friends and players on PS4 and PS Vita.

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

PS Vita System Software Update 3.10PS Vita System Software Update 3.10

For the full list of new or revised features in PS Vita system software update 3.10 and instructions for updating your system, please visit this page after the update goes live later today.

Let us know what you think of the new update in the comments below. What new feature are you most looking forward to?

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  • Thank you for increasing the app limit! Now I just need a 64gb memory card…

  • Thank you, SCE. :)

  • First thing I’m going to do is make a Spelunky Party too :)

  • Hey Sharon…I want to go to the Spelunky party…oh, that’s tonight? :'(

  • The release dates in the calendar are marked by default?? if not, that would be a sweet feature :)

  • Will this new update allow me to play Soul Sacrifice Delta?

  • THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Amazing! Thanks Sony!

  • Awesome update.. 500apps should be enough for a while :)

  • I hope this update addresses the issue with previously read email on one PS device displaying as unread on another device.

  • People have 100+ apps on their Vita screen?

  • Long time request for the PS-Vita system software team.

    First and foremost, WPA-Enterprise (wifi) support for the Vita.

    Many college campuses use this, and students cannot play their vita’s online. (Ohio state is one of the largest universities in the world).
    And its inaccessible for all of us. WPA-Ent2 is a very common security authentication.

    **Can we please get confirmation if this is even possible? or in the works. Its huge for a lot of us.

    Second. Can we please have the ability to mark Email as READ/UNREAD on the vita email app… Just a basic feature needed for all email applications, and its missing on the vita.
    Thanks All!

  • No more 100 app limit!

    Thank you, Based Sony.

  • Ok getting better but this took 4 months? Well whatever I guess but now if we could delete Via apps and games without also deleting the save data that would be lovely

    Also music and screenshots while in PSP games, if screenshots are not possible do to some legal reason then at least get music in there

  • Some things on my Wish list:

    Better organisation of Vita’s Download List
    – Separation of Vita games from PS3 games and PS4 games, just like PS Mobile games are separated in their own special section.
    – Separation of DLC from our games list, do they get their own Download List.
    – Separation of Demo, give them their own section.
    – Separation of Avatars&Themes, so they also get their own section.

    This should make our Download List more easy to navigate when there are several hundreds of entries on the list.

  • finally <3
    hope you guys keep updating the Vita firmware… there's so many things to improve on!
    and ditto on that download list filters!

  • +1 to WPA-Enterprise (wifi) support

  • Great news. I am looking to pick up a Vita soon. Any news on when the Borderlands 2 Vita Bundle will release?


    I can now fill my 64GB card that I imported. The App Limit was blocking me.

  • This looks like a worthwhile update. I’m looking forward to checking out the new features!

  • Any chance on updating PlayStation Vita’s PSN account system to be in line with PlayStation 3 and 4’s, where users can have multiple PSN accounts active on the device and can play content downloaded across all registered accounts on any one account?

  • Some more things I wish we could have is higher quality custom wallpapers.

    When we apply wallpapers into PS Vita, they often get heavy compression artifacts that makes the image look like it’s saved with low quality JPEG settings.

    I would also like the option of having screenshots encoded in .PNG format.

  • Where is this Spelunky Party?

    Don’t say City of Gold.

  • Have you added an option to use a button press to get past the “pull the page diagonally” screen you get when you turn on the system or wake it up from suspend? I don’t really like touching my screen unless I absolutely have to.

  • Oh man FINALLY! These fix my biggest gripes with Vitas OS. Really good move here Sony

    Couple questions though

    1. Is this separate from tomorrows PSN store update?

    2. I know you can’t say too much ahead of time but do you have an expected time when PSN will update tomorrow? Or at least know of somewhere that will update as soon as it is? Im really looking forward to the Conception 2 demo and want to start on it ASAP

    Thanks in advance!

    • The System Software Update is separate. It should be going live tonight, and you can refer to the link at the bottom of the post if you have any issues downloading it

      Can’t speak to the timing of the publish, but agreed! Stoked to try Conception II :)

  • I hope us in the states get the 64 gig card soon. With PS Plus I’ve had no room for months now.

  • Good job on listening to what a lot of people were requesting. I love how the mem card management looks in line with the data management on PS4. I’d really like to see the Vita’s OS slowly evolve to look closer to the PS4’s menu; at least in aesthetics and GUI elements. So far so good.

    Has the team in charge of firmware plans ever thought to add in screenshot sharing on the Vita? A lot of us would love to post our awesome scores and other screens straight to FB or Twitter just as easy as we can on PS4. It’s also a bit of a pain to connect my Vita to my PC just to get the screenshots off. It would be nice if there was a faster, more elegant way of doing that.

    Otherwise, keep on trucking with these awesome firmware updates and I hope to see some performance improvements to Remote Play as well as those juicy new PS4 features we’re getting! Thanks guys!

  • So is there no longer a limit in the amount of apps you can place within a bubble? I would love to have a single bubble with all my PS+ games for instance instead of splitting them because you can only have 10.

  • I haven’t come close to the previous 100-limit, but I know this will make a ton of people extremely happy. And I’m happy too…that I don’t have to see them whine in every single Vita-related post.

  • so if the PS4 and the vita got updates does that mean the PS3 will be getting updates to god i hope i haven’t seen an update for the ps3 in ages but i like the update for the vita i will download it when i go back on my vita

  • @Kchow23: i think they just increased the max number of apps that can be installed on the Vita in total.

    currently, you can only have ten bubbles with ten apps each, OR 100 individual apps. either way, the limit is 100 apps total regardless of the bubbles. the new firmware will increase it to 500, so you’ll be able to have up to 10 apps per bubble, making it 50 maximum (full) bubbles total.

    i think it’s a good compromise because 10 apps is the same as how many fit on a single page on the home screen, so limiting a bubble to 10 apps is natural.

  • How about improvement to screenshots when taken screenshot doing games; most of the time their look blurred out half the time. If possible how about live steaming off the Vita to Twitch or Usteam if not possible its okay. How about fixing the problem with party chat were you don’t lose connection if idle for to long when not chatting or when chatting. Fix the App for friends; it will sometime show i don’t have any friends at all and i had to leave PS Vita off for 10 mins then restart it from safe mode to fix the problem half the time now. How about improvement to the Internet Browser to support more Image, Audio, Video formats, and when Javascript enabled, pages always reload randomly for no reason please try to fix it.

    Will we see 128GB Vita memory card some day?

  • PLEASE fix the download list on the Store on the Vita… I JUST want to see games that are actually playable on the Vita. Why is this not an option? With PS+, I have a ton of stuff to scroll through to find games that are actually for the Vita.

  • Sweet, now stop trying to rob me with those memory card prices so I can make use of the new app limit. Those prices are a joke

  • Awesome

  • After the update installs tonight, I’m going to transfer all my games back over to my 64GB card, screen cap every page, and paste it all together in one image. It’s going to be epic.

  • Thank you Sony for listening to your fans and community as the 100 app limit was a huge complaint from many of us. Now bring that 64GB memory card to the US please.

  • Thank you all at Sony that develop the firmware/updates for the Vita and giving more for this wonderful handheld!

    I’ll admit, I’ve always enjoyed the PSP, but the Vita has so much to offer. It’s in a lot of ways what PSP owners have wanted after the PSP. Thanks again and can’t wait to download this baby! :)

  • @jose213jose: i agree with the screenshots. if they can squeeze some more 1’s and 0’s out of the Vita OS to get the screenshots to be higher quality (or better yet, uncompressed PNG) it would be highly appreciated.

    i don’t think video streaming will be possible though. PS4 has extra chips n what not jammed up inside it for the express purpose of encoding/decoding video feeds as well as managing network in the background. Vita just wouldn’t be able to handle it.

    @KeklarHastene: oh yeah, that’s another thing i forgot about. to be honest though, the download list and/or library need to be fixed across PS3/Vita/PS4 completely. i’m in I.T. but not networking or engineering, so i don’t know what all is involved in getting that set up, but it seems like it isn’t out of the realm of possibility to have a Library function that will show you everything that you’ve purchased and let you sort by platform/date/installed/not-installed/etc. Android does a splendid job of that, although it doesn’t have sorting.

  • Are we going to see a 64 GB Vita card released in the US soon?!

  • awesome update,very useful.thanks!

  • Thank you, just in time when i get my 64GB mmc.

    Just need 1 more thing on vita, MULTIPLE ID on 1 vita pleasee XD

  • I know this isn’t related to the patch, but please Sony, make Crash and Spyro’s PS1 Classics compatible with the PS Vita in North America. Europeans have been able to do that for ages now. If you can’t do it, at least be transparent and let us know.

  • I have close to forty retail games for the Vita. They don’t take up much room on the memory card. Then add PS1, PSP, and anything else from PS+ and I reached the 100 app limit. Thanks for the update!

  • Either that or give us the option to have more than one account on a Vita, so I can get those games from the EU PlayStation Store.

  • First off thank you for the update hopefully we continue to see more.

    -Secondly i wanted to know if the ps vita 2000 will come in different colors in the United States, i know some places already do but not sure about the US. (Also will there be a Borderlands 2 bundle with different colors?)
    – Also will there be a price cut on the memory cards because for many people this is what’s stopping them from getting a vita. Lastly thanks for the update :D

  • Thanks for the continued updates! CrunchyRoll last week and now this. Keep ’em coming!!!

  • Thank You Sony

  • This is really great. Thanks for making a wonderful system even better!

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