SteamWorld Dig on PS4, PS Vita: Tips and Tricks

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SteamWorld Dig on PS4, PS Vita: Tips and Tricks

Hi everybody! First of all, we’ve been live in the United States for two days now and, according to your user reviews, we’ve been getting a whole lot of love. But we’d be thrilled to hear what you think in the comments below or on Twitter. And hey, there’s still a couple of days left on the Spring Fever promotion for all you PlayStation Plus people out there — which means 20% off on SteamWorld Dig as well as a whole bunch of other titles. The sale lasts until March 24th, so don’t miss it.

Steamworld Dig

Today we’d like to dive a bit deeper into the gameplay of SteamWorld Dig by dishing out a few spoiler free hints and tips.

Also, because a lot of you have been asking about cross buy, we’re happy to confirm that SteamWorld Dig is cross buy across PS4 and PS Vita. And now for a few hints and tips to all you new diggers out there…

Don’t Get Greedy

Even though SteamWorld Dig is a mining game, hoarding is not recommended. If you’re unfortunate enough to fall to your death or get crushed by a falling boulder, you’ll be reassembled back in town. But reassembly comes at a price. Half your mined gold is the standard fee. It’s not so bad if your pockets are empty, but carry more than an upgrade worth of cash and we won’t take responsibility for crying and rage quitting. The universe is a cruel place, don’t you think?

Your unsold loot, however, will be safe where you left it down in the mine, just waiting to be reclaimed.

Dig Smart

The further down you go, the bigger the boon. It can be a long way down, and up for that matter, so dig smart and make good use of teleporters. They’re expensive as hell but they’ll save a lot of time and sometimes might be the only safe way out of a sticky situation.

Steamworld Dig

Steamworld DigSteamworld Dig

Snoozing Baddies

There is rest for the wicked: some enemies live out the larger part of their lives in the underworld, hibernating or in nap-time, depending on the species. Noises, such as a mining robot tearing it up with a pickaxe, can wake the sleepers, so be careful where you tread. Sneaking up on them in their sleep, however, might not be the kindest move — but it can be awfully effective!

The Wall Jump

Rusty doesn’t just carry a fine piece of digging equipment, he also can do one heck of a wall jump. Mastering the wall jump will not only grant you passage back up the mine shafts you dig, but could be the tool for reaching otherwise inaccessible areas of the map. There are even rumors of shortcuts for the skilled and observant in some of the caves.

Take care and keep digging!

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