PlayStation Blogcast Episode 113: Meet Morpheus

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PlayStation Blogcast Episode 113: Meet Morpheus

Virtual reality! inFAMOUS Second Son launch! Dark Souls II! Alien: Isolation! GDC! This week’s show has it all, topped off with a dollop of next week’s new PlayStation software releases for North America.

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Project Morpheus
  • inFAMOUS Second Son
  • GDC 2014
  • Dark Souls II (heeeeere we go)
  • Alien: Isolation
  • Fez

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The Cast

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    And thanks everybody for the news and I can’t be more excited for the Morpheus!
    I’m totally taking the playstation-blue pill!

  • can we get some minute markers for the topics?

    • Justin Massongill

      Good idea, but we already barely have enough time to record and post these things… I think anybody can comment on Soundcloud stuff though, and it’s implemented in such a way that you can comment with what the subject is as you’re listening! Not a real solution, I know, but that’s all I’ve got for now. :)

  • Oh, on a second note… Would it be a stretch to expect the 3 PS1 Deception games to get a Classic release on psn? We already got Trapt as PS2 classic and I’m a fan of the series and still have the original discs.

  • BLAZBLUUUEEE!!!! (Got my Limited Edition preordered!)

    But seriously, how come I never see you guys talk about Japanese games (in the Stuff We Talked About section, not counting Dark Souls)?

    YES. Time codes would be very helpful for those who just want to hear specific topics.

  • This has been an amazing week for PlayStation. Project Morpheus sounds amazing and I can’t wait to see how it progresses. On another note, inFAMOUS: Second Son looks amazing and the reviews have been awesome.

  • I agree with @2 and @4. The only reason I don’t listen to the PS Blogcast is cause I don’t have time. If you added what time you talked about what then I would be able to listen to it. It would be easy if you took a note of the time you talked in-depth about lets say Second Son. Just a thought. I would love it if you added it. :)

  • Are you gonna promote project Morpheus with Lawrence Fishburn? He could say any line from the matrix and it would apply to this product. In fact, why not call it the matrix. That’s what your basically talking about.

  • I really enjoyed the Project Morpheus discussion, I’m way more excited for it now than I was originally. I think games that you have to walk in might feel kind of awkward at first, I would prefer to see a home run derby game implemented with move controls, a panzer dragoon on rails shooter type game, or a house of the dead type game. I’m also excited for that Conception 2 demo tuesday, it looks interesting.

  • Hi guys, excellent show as always. Here are my thoughts on the Morpheus.

    I would love to see the VR rebirth of two classic Playstation franchises: Colony Wars and Destruction Derby. I also think games such as Wipeout or a real-time version of Front Mission (or Armored Core? or maybe Mechwarrior!) would be awesome. I can also imagine hours of fun with Oblivion/Skyrim. Finally, upcoming games like Gran Turismo PS4 and Drive Club could (must!) also support Morpheus.

    And here’s a crazy idea! How about getting the best tracks from Motorstorm, Pacific Rift, Arctic Edge and Apocalypse, put them on a disc and add Morpheus support? I think it would be amazing!

    I love it when you guys get sidetracked and discuss movies, food and non-game related stuff. Those little tidbits give you guys personality and it makes the show feel like it’s hosted by real people, not by some corporate men in suits. We have all watched Pulp Fiction and we can agree that “Personality goes a long way”.


  • @41:34 Neil Young, is that you? Definitely keep the surprise guests coming!

  • @ 122:50 Alien: Isoloation talk… Kinda interested in that.

  • Hi Sony , your doing a great job ,thank you
    EMOTIV INSIGHT: Optimize your brain fitness & performance , this reads you brain waves . Imagine if you could use this with Morpheus, the possibility could be limitless

  • I haven’t finished listening to this week’s Blogcast, but has anyone told Sid that The Joker will not be appearing in Arkham Knight? Last week he was pondering how they would solve that which meant he hasn’t played through all of Arkham City.

  • hi, I bought infamous second son collectors edition yesterday and I was playing through and came across the paper trails mission. I went to the marker, started and finished the mission. then it told me press up on the d-pad to link my paper trail account to my game and it wouldn’t work. keep in mind I do have a paper trail account and have been following the missions on the website. I have also noticed that on I haven’t been able to access the last two missions. please get back to me on this because I want to find out what is wrong with my infamous paper trails experience.

  • great job. not done listening

  • Sid,
    I can’t believe I going to talk about this channel, but here goes:

    TNN used to be The Nashville Network, with country-music performances, country shows, and motor sports such as NASCAR, monster truck races and stuff like that. Those PSone games were based off of those sports.

    Early 2000s, it changed to The National Network, where it was a bunch of old reruns and wrestling.

    A year or two later, it changed again to Spike, where it showed mostly men’s programming, MMA, and the occasional video game show or special.

  • Another great show guys! Keep em coming!

  • Morpheus…Kobayashi Maru…Yeah. Make it happen!

  • So if you guys made a Pinterest, I think it would be the perfect place to post PlayStation recipes, haha

  • Glad to have you guys back after the week hiatus. The music that was playing during the Sucker Punch interview was getting me so hyped. Anyone know if that was from Second Son’s soundtrack?

  • My two sons and I listen pretty regularly with direct download to a PS Vita (an app would be great). Very entertaining & informative guys. You really seem to have gotten into a groove…. the conversational quality (you’re not just stiff Sony corporate propaganda) that the show has adopted is perfect. Our top three game podcasts are PlayStation Blogcast, IGN’s Beyond and RebelFM. I’m glad Sony grabbed Ryan. I’ve talked with several other Sony fans and the consensus is that your blogcast plays an integral roll in maintaining the PlayStation nation morale.

    PS My youngest says Sid’s sneezes are scarier than Nick’s picture.

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