Sacred 3 Coming to PS3 August 26th, New Trailer

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Sacred 3 Coming to PS3 August 26th, New Trailer

Sacred 2 transported PS3 gamers to the fantasy realm of Ancaria for dozens, or sometimes hundreds, of hours when it was released back in 2009.

A few years have passed in our world, but for the lands of Ancaria it has been ages! History has turned to legend, old landmarks turned to ruin, and a new evil in the form of the Ashen Empire has shattered the peace that once was. It is a new era, and a time for new heroes to rise up and fight together.

Today, we’re happy to finally show you a glimpse of the next chapter in the world of Ancaria: Sacred 3.

Sacred 3 Coming to PS3 August 26th, New Trailer

Sacred 3, the newest installment in the saga, is an action-packed Hack ‘n’ Slash game focused on co-op gameplay. You and a friend can choose any hero and use unique skills and co-op combat arts to defeat hordes of enemies and take on epic boss encounters. The game supports seamless drop-in/drop-out multiplayer for two players to fight in co-op offline, and up to four players online over PlayStation Network. But be careful, your partner also is your biggest rival for the ultimate goal; to become the greatest hero of all.

Not much of a co-op player? Don’t worry, the game is designed for both co-op and single-player fun!

Sacred 3 on PS3

You can play as one of up to five characters from Ancaria’s different cultures: Safiri, Khukuri, Seraphim, Ancarian, and the Malakhim. If you played the side-scrolling beat ‘em up spin-off Sacred Citadel, which was released on PlayStation Network last year, you may recognize some of these classes already! However, the Malakhim are entirely new in Sacred 3. No one really knows where they came from or when they first appeared. Rumors started spreading about dark assassins decimating Ashen troops in remote areas of Ancaria, and tales about their heroic origins unfolded…

We hope you liked this first look at Sacred 3 in action! Stay tuned for more news — we’ll have it here on PS.Blog, on our official page, and on our Twitter. Sacred 3 will be released for PlayStation 3 this summer.

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  • was a hgguge fan of sacred 2, me and couple buddies used to play it all the time, loved the series of missions where went around helping a band which then led to a lil cd movie of them rocking out with creatures from the game

  • nice colors.

  • Awesome! Been waiting for good co-op games like the Baulder’s Gate games on ps2. Or even Dungeons and Dragons on xbox. Miss those co-op hack n slash days…

  • What about Vita? Or at least PS4 for remote play on Vita? Im not buying any last gen games anymore :(

    • Right now we are working to have Sacred 3 be the best it can be for the PS3. Our focus is there now, but that could shift to other systems in the future. :)

  • Loved Sacred 2! So I can’t wait for this! :)
    That extremely high res screenshot makes me feel this will come to PS4 eventually, or it should at least ;)

  • I havent got the chance to play sacred 2 but this looks promising.

    Am I right to compare this game to diablo 3 or Kingdom of Amalur?

  • also, the game itself looks good. any word on length ?

  • Damn that looked so good, it seems i won’t be unhooking my PS3 anytime soon, awesome game Deep Silver day1

  • Thanks! Glad you liked it.

    We are also having a hard time unhooking the PS3 ourselves. So many great games, so little time.

  • I’m glad to see that this game is finally releasing this August – but I’m disappointed that it will only be releasing on PS3! You really need to work on a PS4 version.

  • Sad this is out for the ps3 only but it’s still amazing and such a good and rich series already besides diablo games like this helped open the door for more beat em up dungeon crawler games.’thats my **** right thur!!! Hope this gets an ultimate edition for vita/ps4 soon so I can take it with me wherever I go. PLEASE!!!!!!

  • looks cool. would love to see on the vita

  • Been waiting for this for years! I’m a huge fan of Sacred 2. All I can say is this: MORE BLIND GUARDIAN!!!

  • Much excited for this one… you need to get some Avatars for PSN too those characters look amazing on your page.

  • Big fan of Sacred series. However – your implantation of local co-op in Sacred 2 was awful. Not as bad as the amazing studio snow blind did with their LOTR game, but worse than Diablo 3 ( which still has some issues). Actually Dungeon Hunter probably cleanest implementation. So I hope you can that to be less buggy and you might have me back as a fan. Needing to use separate accounts to play is just bad coding. Maybe it is PS3 limitation- but I don’t like it. Finally – why only 2 local when Dungeon Hunter and Diablo has 4. Why would I stop playing those so 2 less people can play.

    Despite those gripes your prior games have been pretty fun. Hope you can work this right so it can be a fun co-op game.

  • nice i got to get this game love 1 and 2

  • I had planned on getting this game but that was before i got the PS4. I know im missing good games on the PS3, but since i got my PS4 i have just not wanted to spend money on PS3 stuff anymore.

    Sad this isnt coming to the PS4.

  • I never even played the previous games in the series, I wonder just how good this really is.

  • Summer? Thanks Ryan!

  • I had sworn I was done buying PS3 games. I am disappointed this game will not release on the PS4. Also, it sounds like this game will offer fewer class choices than Sacred 2 did. Still, I can overlook all of that if someone can promise me Blind Guardian will write another 9 minute epic metal ballad for this game. I’ve been gaming for over two decades, and watching that concert in Sacred 2 is still among my top five favorite game moments of all time. In fact, I’m gonna put on Sacred Worlds from the “At the Edge of Time” album right now!

  • no ! no! no ! no ! noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i put near 1000 hours into Sacred 2,amazing game.
    was glad when sacred 3 announced,….then there was no more news!
    i traded my ps3 for a wii u T^T

    why yu guys do this to me? :(
    hehe well good luck in sales guys,i love the series [:
    whenever the ps3 falls to really cheap price ill pick it up and the game ^_^b
    aww man nao im sad tho :/

    but glad u guys were able to make it [:
    thanks you,take care.

  • Wish it was ps4/vita but I will buy it anyway. I bought sacred 1 gold and Sacred 2 i purchased twice , first on the PC and then on PS3. I loved your console implementation. Sacred 2 was amazing! It was and is one of the best arpgs out there. I can’t wait for this , will be picking up day 1…but please bring it out on PS4 or vita… so I can double dip again to support you guys! :)

  • sweeeeeet can’t wait! is blind guardian making a return for the soundtrack? haha

  • LOL at you people who think this is going to be anything like Sacred 2. I loved that game. It forced you to think ahead and plan your build. Newbs were punished HARD for not choosing builds wisely in higher difficulties. Ascaron Entertainment, the company who made Sacred 2, went bankrupt. The company making this sequel is the same one that made that HORRIBLE sidescrolling nonsense.

    Sacred 3 will be mindless co-op focused trivial nonsense requiring no build planning and no punishment for not planning. Sacred was never meant to be casual friendly and thus, this game will be just another generic Diablo clone.

    PS. Forced AI companions in a hack and slash RPG is also really lame.

  • I’m absolutely pumped for this, I put over 200 hours into part 2 on PS3. I will definitely be picking this up on Launch Day! I hope there are some sort of pre-order bonuses (or even a Special Edition? A Map, Soundtrack, Art Cards???).

    It would also be cool for a Vita version down the line, I’d double dip!

  • PS Vita version plz!!!

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