New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

Featured Releases Now Available, Week of 3/18/14

Check out what’s new on Sony Entertainment Network’s ultimate entertainment services! Read more below.

New Releases 3/18

Music Unlimited Highlights

  • A long-awaited follow up to alternative hitmakers Foster the People’s debut album, featuring the single “Coming of Age.”
  • The debut full-length album from the crowned prince of this generations surge of EDM, Skrillex.
  • YG’s debut album on Def Jam, which includes appearances by Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Jeezy & more.
  • The official soundtrack to the upcoming Muppets Most Wanted featuring the muppets themselves, as well as the film’s stars, Lady Gaga, Josh Groban & more.

For further exclusive access to all the new album releases – see details here.

Video Unlimited Highlights

We’re really excited for this week’s New Release Recap! Why, you ask? Well, some of our favorite recent titles are now available on the Video Unlimited service – the Oscar-nominated The Wolf of Wall Street, the crowd-funded Veronica Mars film and our 99 cent rental of the week, Fast and Furious 6!

The Wolf of Wall Street: Leonardo DiCaprio steals our hearts – though he couldn’t snag an Oscar, unfortunately – in this outrageously comedic drama directed by the famous Martin Scorsese.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Ambitious New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio) strikes out on his own after the stock market crash in 1987. As he begins to live the American dream, he gives in to the indulgences available to people with power: greed, self-indulgence and some hilarious experiments with illegal temptations. While we know he can’t remain the “wolf” forever, his splendid self-destruction while climbing to the top is certainly something to watch.

47 Ronin: It’s been over a decade since The Matrix hit the theaters, but Keanu Reeves takes on a familiar hero role in another action-adventure set in a savage, dystopian world. Based on ancient Japan’s most enduring tales, this epic 3D fantasy adventure is directed by Carl Erik Rinsch (The Gift). The story is inspired by familiar stories by Miyazaki and Hokusia and displays stunning landscapes and epic battles to tell this timeless story.

47 Ronin

Forty-seven samurai vow to seek vengeance after a treacherous warlord kills their master and banishes their clan. To restore their honor and reclaim their homeland, they seek help from the enslaved half-breed Kai (Keanu Reeves) to fight for redemption in a savage, mythical world. Kai proves to be their most lethal weapon and their greatest hope for survival.

Want to get more Video Unlimited scoop on all the new releases? View further details here.

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