Savant Ascent Coming to PS4

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Savant Ascent Coming to PS4

Hey everyone! My name is Jo from D-Pad Studio, and it’s our pleasure to announce that Savant Ascent, a game about robot infested towers, magic missiles, and claiming ultimate power, is coming to Playstation.

Music and style are what the game is all about! Savant in real life is an electronic musician, and in the game you play as Savant as he appears on Savant’s 5th album cover, designed by our art director, Simon S. Andersen.

Our team has been close friends with Savant for a long time, and last summer we decided that:

  1. We should create a game together.
  2. We’d use Savant’s music and Simon’s characters as inspiration.
Savant Ascent on PS4

We ended up with a beat-pumping, dodge-and-shoot action game, stylized to fit with Savant’s tracks. Tracks could be unlocked, giving you an introduction to Savant’s music, and also acting as powerful upgrades. This makes you feel like nothing can stop you once you get the hang of things.

We didn’t think it was enough to only be able to shoot magic missiles and defeat robots, so we added some varying stages, powerful abilities to be discovered, and a challenging boss fight to top things off.

Challenge and the feeling of mastery was what we wanted the gameplay to contain. I can guarantee that most players will meet with an ill fate the first few tries at Savant Ascent, but with some persistence you’ll be dodging danger like a pro.

You can change the background music to any of the unlocked tracks at any time. Each track will also change the gameplay, encouraging new ways to defeat the incoming robot onslaught.

Style was the thing we wanted to perfect in Ascent. We wanted players to lose themselves to the music, quicken their pulse, and keep on their toes.

Savant Ascent on PS4

Even though this was to be a game revolving around music, we didn’t want a game resembling Guitar Hero or Rock Band, or any other synced beat tapper. Rather, we wanted the music to blend with the game.

Subtle elements were added, to let the game live through the music — like enemies dancing to the beat, menu elements shaking on bass drops — and let Savant seem like this would be the kind of music he’d listen to as he set out on a robot-demolishing rampage.

Growing together with Savant, Ascent is a game that has and will change over time. We’ve vowed to add elements from future albums, and given time, we might be adding additional soundtracks, possible levels tailored to the album’s design, and new modes, abilities, and secrets.

To keep up with news on Savant Ascent, or our studio, feel free to make a visit to or

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  • That is great news, loved it on PC :)
    How about vita version?

  • Man, those GIFs make the game look very much like Symphony of the Night. Would that be an accurate comparison?

  • Huuuuge congrats Jo – can’t wait to check it out!

    Really hope Owlboy is next! (I remember you showing it to me at GDC 2010!!)

  • Oh snap! This looks bad ass! Love the GIF’s!

  • This looks great, I am loving the gifs as well. Great to know mastery is available. I like to struggle, over come and then master my enemies over time as I learn the control. Looking forward to learning more!

  • I liked the gothic art style. How about a VITA version???


  • this looks awesome and PERFECT for Vita. Please bring it to both! would love to play this.

  • This looks beautiful. I want to see videos and listen to the music.

  • Is there a chance that we could see Owlboy on the PS4 as well?

  • looks interesting. just need to make sure its priced appropriately.

  • looks cool!

  • All kinds of bought.

  • Wow. Really digging that art style. Can’t wait to see more. :)

  • not saying its a bad game, but where are all the 3d games (not like 3d with a compatible tv, im talkin 3 dimensions)??? save all the 2d games for ps3. put some effing effort into games, delevopers. i dont know where the 2d craze came from, or why its trying to be brought back, but the ps4 is capable of so much more than this backwoods SNES style animation without the evident pixelation of old systems past. get with the times, devs!

  • I like the way this game looks.

  • @ TwiztidPsycho420

    Maybe because people like 2D games? Maybe because the use of 3D in video games is overrated?

    After you make your own game, then you’ll be in the clear to question another developer’s “effort”.

  • Thanks for making in an indie game that isn’t monochrome and doesn’t look like a pixelated mess. Rare thing these days!

  • So this is like music based action platformer game. This sounds intriguing more info about this and more gameplay footage can’t wait for more. The indie seen is really a force this next gen than ever before.

  • Sweet. This looks awesome.

  • Looks fun! Will keep an eye on this one.

    @TwiztedPsycho420 – Better hardware doesn’t mean that all things produced for it should be at the limits of it’s specs. It is a great time in tech where we can have all different kinds of games. You shouldn’t bash a dev because they didn’t create something to your own specific tastes. Just move on and praise the ones that do, so you can get what you want from someone else.

  • @ TwiztidPsycho420

    Well you want to know why?

    – Since the thrill of 3D has passed many gamers began to long for some of the same style games they played as a kid or adult. That created a market for remakes of classics and brand new games for people.

    – 3D is more complicated. Ever to make something in 3D? It’s a hard thing to do when you have a small budget and an even smaller team. It’s easier to animate a sprite than it is to build a 3D character model and animate that. So much more time consuming. Hell even some of the great 2D games coming out these days can’t touch the animation quality of some games from over ten years ago. 2D games are easier to understand design wise and to program for. It’s as basic as gaming can get on an electronic device just short of being a pure text game. One man can make a fun 2D game faster than he can make 3D game for the most part.

    Don’t worry though, more 3D games are coming. I hope you get Strike Suit Zero and Octodad when they release for example.

  • Can we expect a reasonable price like mobile or will be inflated $14.99 just because it’s on an actual gaming device?

  • this game seriously needs the vita treatment :D

  • Hey #17
    If 3D is so overrated, why are you on a PS3 or PS4? Shouldn’t you just stick with your old consoles and save the money?
    Just my thought. (Since those consoles had far better 2D games than what these indie developers are making)

    I do agree however that we do need 2D/Any Indie games.. but every game released thus far (that’s not a direct PS3 game port) has been indie (well almost if you don’t count the few day 1 games (which weren’t great) and Infamous this week (as MGS is also on PS3.. i won’t count that ;))

    This does however look interesting, one of half-decent indies we are seeing emerge… the rest have all been look-alikes to other titles.. heck Basement Crawl was basically bomberman and some others have looked like direct clones of other indie titles released just recently…

  • IzoGray, considering that the game costs $1.99 on Steam, Android, iPhone, Humble Store and Gamersgate, I highly doubt they’ll inflate the price at all.

  • @ Dangyousuckatgamin

    I didn’t say I didn’t like to play 3D games. I just said THE USE OF 3D in video games, based on the consumers’ manipulated perspective, is overrated.

    3D isn’t better than 2D, it’s just different. They each have their pros and cons. But most people don’t realize that. They strangely believe that 2D is inferior to 3D simply because the 3D viewpoint is newer to the industry. The only genre where 3D is clearly superior, and absolutely necessary, is in racing games. No other genres truly benefit from any greater immersion by the use of 3D.

    In fact, some genres, especially platformers/action/adventure/arcade type games are better in 2D than 3D, due to regularly uncooperative camera control, and the subtle inaccuracies in collision detection that seem to be more prevalent in 3D games.

  • Vita please!!

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