Demon Gaze Coming to PS Vita on April 22nd

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Demon Gaze Coming to PS Vita on April 22nd

Demon Gaze

Greetings, doods! I don’t know about you, but after a long week at the office, I feel like a vacation’s in order. I’m thinking someplace exotic that will wake me up from the daily grind, and I know just the place! I’d like to introduce you to the warm and hospitable dungeon-crawling RPG world of Demon Gaze, which will be available for PS Vita on April 22nd. Mystery, dungeons, monsters, and demons… this place has it all for you adventurin’ weekend-warrior types. So come along with me and let’s take a grand tour of the world of Demon Gaze.

Demon Gaze takes place in the land of Misrid, which has terrain for every adventurer. There are ancient cities (That are on fire!) for history buffs, woodsy mazes for those who pack homemade granola in their hemp-woven satchels, and even haunted burial grounds for travelers looking for a little morbid fun.

You’ll get to experience all these lands in the classic, first-person dungeon-crawling style — slashing your way through mazes and getting up close and personal with the local wildlife by engaging in bloody, turn-based battle. Navigation’s a breeze when you can plot your course through these dangerous dungeons using your Vita touchscreen, and if you’ve already explored the area you can just employ the Auto-Move feature and kick back while you walk through the dungeon like the expert you are!

Demon GazeDemon Gaze

If hordes of monsters weren’t enough to draw you in, what if I told you that all of these lands were ruled by demons? It may sound a bit daunting, but you should know that when you enter this world, you’ve entered it as a Demon Gazer. What does that mean? It means you’ve got a really cool-looking, glowing eyeball that’s got the ability to suck up demons. Demons will usually be a little enraged with you when you first approach, but if you throw down using all your equipment and special skills, you’ll be able to defeat them and return them to a more compliant form.

Playing all your cards right, you can get these demons to join you in your travels and help out in their own special way. You’ll meet Mars, the Fire Dragon Woman, who boosts your party’s strength in battle; Comet, the Starry Magic Girl, who’s an expert in navigating mazes and finding items; and plenty of other demons! Having all these demons on your side is like having an all-access pass to the coolest spots in Misrid.

Speaking of cool spots, when you want to get away from all the dungeon-crawling and demons, you can go to the Dragon Princess Inn, where you’ll get to know the zany locals, and maybe even get to know a little more about yourself and your past. But what’s really great about this place is you’ll meet adventurers from all walks of life, and you can recruit them to join you in your dungeon-crawling travels.

Demon Gaze

All sorts of classes — including Assassins, Wizards, Paladins, and Samurai — are eager to help you fight, and there are over forty ways to customize their character portraits. Not only that, but you can use special items to teach your party members skills from other classes in order to maximize your party’s hitting power. Nothing like having a party tailor-made for your own traveling style.

So what do you say? Why not book yourself a flight to Misrid and get out of the cubicle and into some dungeons? Class customization, demon-taming, and dungeon-crawling all await you! I know I’ll be taking that trip to Misrid in April — hope to see you there, dood!

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  • All ready pre-ordered months ago. Looking forward to it.

  • Too bad is going to have the worst possible localization.

  • Great! A year of RPG! I love it.

  • Day 1 buy.

  • please localize Neptunia Rebirths 1 & 2.

  • Anything censored? if so i won’t buy this.

    Also what’s going on with Neptunias?

  • I can’t wait for this, a good dungeon crawler is one thing the Vita really needs. :)

  • I’ve never really played a first person dungeon crawler but I’m taking a risk on this because I love NISAmerica – preordered at least a month ago. Can’t wait to try it out!

  • will not support until SONY lifts/extends/eliminates the vitas’ 100 app/save limit.

    get used to hearing this.

    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!
    eliminate the 100 app/save limit NOW!

    its really 82 considering the 18 undeletable apps.

  • Day 1 buy !!!!

  • I do feel like you have to ask the standard question here.. How much is censored?

  • @2 *[…]too bad it’s[…]

    Just saying.

  • Already pre-ordered the Limited Edition!

    Now please bring Neptunia Re; Birth 1 & 2 and if it’s possible the New Atelier Rorona!

    @2: What is the problem with the localization?

  • Im really not big on the super cutesy design with the women there. I wish Japanese devs would cut that crap out.

    Still, Ill buy this game :)

  • @12 Yeah, I noticed after I posted. English isn’t my first language…

    @13 NISA is localizing it. I.e. everything.

  • @15: Well, I didn’t have any problem with other NISA localized games so I don’t think I will have any problem with this one (If they keep the japanese VA even better). But well, at least NISA have the guts to localize this type of games so I’m very happy with their work and I will always supporting them buying their games.

    • Thanks for the support, DeepEyes7! We love localizing different Japanese titles that normally might not make it out West, so it’s great to hear fans enjoy them.

      As for the VA, we always try to have both Japanese and English as audio options, and Demon Gaze will indeed include both Japanese and English audio!

  • So much whining on here, already. -_-

  • what’s wrong with NISA localizing? if it’s not for NISA we’ll never have enough jRPGs to play on PS3 and Vita. this gen is a nightmare of jRPG fans and NISA made it a lot better.

  • So this is like that old game Dungeon Master that I played on the Amiga, but with awesome Japanese artwork? Instabuy. I just ordered it. Can’t wait to play. :D

  • Looking forward to this! ^_^

  • Got the LE pre ordered.

  • it looks cute but i’ll wait for a price drop because Nisa is notorious for overpricing these low budget rpgs, especially when they know they will release a ton of overpriced on-disk dlc for them as well.

  • I loved NIS’s localization of DanganRonpa, and I was really glad that I ordered it straight from your website day 1 so I could support you guys. Looking forward to doing the same with Demon Gaze. Keep up the great work NIS!

  • A big thanks to NISA for continuing to support the Vita. There are a flood of RPGs on Vita this year and I’ll be buying most of

  • Love the graphics.

  • I pre-ordered this as soon as it went up. NISA is awesome and deserves my cash! If anyone is interested in the Limited Edition they should probably go for it right now since less than 25% of stock is left at NISA’s web store with no chance of a reprint.

  • Been looking forward to this one for a while.

  • It’s censored so no thank you i’ll import

  • Hoping the IA DLC makes it across the pond.

  • Oh yeaah more rpg’s coming to the PS vita. There is definitely alot of variety on the platform. This just makes me all the more happy that I bought the PS Vita!!!!!!!!!!

  • I might buy this, looks like a good rpg. The only first person dungeon crawler I played was Etrian Odyssey for D.S….gigity.

  • @2: So Ignition is doing the localization? Shoo hater.

  • Awesome! Didn’t know it was a first person dungeon crawler. I love this battle system type… So it plays like Wizardry? I’m looking forward to this game then.

  • I imported this, so unfortunately I won’t get the Disgaea charactres. But I just wanted to say that this is a fantastic game for dungeon crawler fans. All the mechanics are well-polished, and it has everything you’d expect from a modern crawler in terms of user interface. The class/skill progression is more traditional (i.e. fixed), but that’s helped somewhat by special relics that grant special abilities. The art, music, and characters are also fantastic if they’re your taste, and there’s a huge number of portraits and voices to choose from.

  • 28# how so? i am quite interested, i might not buy if its censored

  • You had me at Dungeon-crawling! This will be a day one purchase.

    How long will the game take (roughly) to beat?

  • @28 @35: Look at the answer in #11, nothing has been censored.

    @David Alonzo: Thanks for your answer, much appreciated.

  • Actually really looking forward to this game on the vita for a while now. Surprised to see it highlighted on the site though lol.

  • Can’t wait for this fist person crawler. Preordered the LE. I’ve heard there may be some Disgaea dlc, can you comment on any other possible dlc down the road? Like IA perhaps? :) Thanks!

  • keep the vita games coming :D

  • I reserved this game a while back, and I am extremely excited. And I’m also fancy. ^_-

  • Looks fun! I think i’ll pick this up later after I’m done with FFX & X-2.

    Also, when will Re;Birth 1 & 2 be localized? I love the Neptunia series on the PS3, but I find myself away from my PS3 more often than not. Having a portable Neptunia game would very great. I’d gladly buy them if they get localized.

  • It looks interesting, for sure. Will there be a demo? I’ve never played a first person dungeon crawler like this before and I’d like to feel it out.

  • Thanks for keeping the japanese VA – already preordered the LE months ago.

  • @ 9 YES!!!! I FINALY GET A CARD BIG ENOUGH TO HOLD MOST OF MY GAMES( 64gig) and i still cant?!?! Its been months already! IT MAKES ME ANGRY ENOUGH TO BOYCOT BUT NOOOO SONY HAS GOTTA BE AWESOME, BOOM PS4 BOOM NEW VITA GAMES AT LAST AND EVERY SINGLE ONE GOOD, BOOM MORPHEUS! God I love you Playstation . Straight up though I will pay exra to see this happen, do it please. PS. I Sorry for ranting on a game page .incidently this game looks great. ps. again though I know you never will, please localize Sword Art Online

  • Thanks NIS!!!

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