Road to The Show: The Evolution Continues in MLB 14 The Show

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Road to The Show: The Evolution Continues in MLB 14 The Show

Hey everyone, I’m Kirby St. John, a designer with the MLB The Show development team. My main focus year-to-year is improving and evolving one of our most popular modes, Road to The Show. The mode made some big strides last year, especially in terms of gameplay and presentation, but for MLB 14, we really wanted to focus on the logic and systems that govern the mode in an effort to allow for more variety and less restrictions. We also wanted to provide some new experiences never seen before in RTTS. The video touched on a lot of topics, but in this blog I will expand on what was introduced there and discuss some of the exciting things that were only briefly mentioned.

Topps Amateur Showcase—A new beginning to your favorite mode

Covered In The Video:

  • When creating your new ballplayer, you will select a home region (West, Central, East, International), which will become your team in the Showcase.
  • The Showcase comprises of three games.
  • Major League scouts will be grading your performance in order to determine your Draft stock.
  • The Draft experience includes the ability to hear all of the selections in your round called out, including your own name.
  • You are able to re-play the Showcase by “returning to school,” but doing so will age your player.
  • Welcom To Showcase

    More Info:
    The addition of the Topps Amateur Showcase in MLB 14 The Show is really an exciting addition to RTTS because it opens the possibilities of what you can experience in terms of career progression. In past versions of the Road to The Show, it was always assumed your player was an A-Potential player, destined for greatness in the Majors, and he was treated as such. That all changes in MLB 14, as the new RTTS player will start out as a middle-of-the-road, C-Potential prospect with many unanswered questions about his future skills. However, over the course of the three Showcase games, that blurry picture will become much clearer, as the scouts will analyze your every move on the field. It is important to know that they are not just interested in stats. They are mostly watching your approach to each situation you encounter. This means that a game where you get three bloop base-hits probably won’t be scored as well as a game where you go 0-for-4 with four well-hit missiles to the outfield. At the end of each game you will receive an update on how your stock has changed as a result of that game’s performance. Also, your Potential rating will reflect the rise or fall in your stock, so when the Topps Amateur Showcase is all said and done, you may be anywhere from a F-Potential, 7th Round pick to an A-Potential, first overall selection.

    More details regarding Road to The Show can be read here.

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  • May 6! Can’t wait!

  • I take it that this is only applicable to the home console versions?

  • Are we seeing only PS3 footage again here?

  • Will these features be on the Vita as well?

    Also – Is it only the Franchise progress that can transfer saves from year to year or can Road To The Show do this as well?

  • Is the Vita version gimped?

    Why hasn’t Sony created game cards over 4GB yet again?

  • Hey Kirby,

    This are very nice additions to RTTS. I already have my PS4 MLB 14 pre ordered.


    P.S. Please keep posting more videos in the coming days.

  • Any news of cross play between PS3/PS4? I plan to do a online franchise but the guys I plan to play with are getting it for PS3. I much rather have it for PS4 but will settle for PS3 if I have to.

  • All of these new RTTS features are compatible with the PS Vita, except the new Player Spotlight presentations. The Topps Amateur Showcase, new advancement logic, new training logic/screen, etc. are all featured on the PS Vita. Enjoy!

  • If I purchase the game on the PS3 will I be able to pay the $10 to upgrade to PS4 once it comes out?

  • Outside of rtts mode, I’ve always wanted to be able to see the speed ratings of the runner on second like they are displayed for the runner on first. Any chance this has been/can be added?

  • Great video of RTTS. Looking forward to playing the PS3 & PS4 version of the game. I might get the Vita version too. Love MLB The Show. Best Sports game by far!!!!

  • RTTS is like my own personal Baseball RPG. I love it.

    I would like to see the option of announcing being put back into the mode, though. I get that if it was really me, I wouldn’t hear it, but I think it adds something nice to the game and would like to see it back, maybe as a toggle? Maybe as a reward for making it to the majors so you don’t have to add speech for minor league teams back in?

  • Can we have styles please?

    I want to be a OBP, top of the lineup speed demon that gets .400 OBP, 100+ steals, 100+ runs scored.

    The way the game is built, the “objectives” force you to be a power hitter or you get benched.

  • Is there move support for PS4 and PS3? Can we use the move online to play with or against friends? Move support is a must! Feels like I’m playing!

  • Will going to school help you get to the pros faster?

  • Well done Sony! Another great improvement added to what is an amazing game! Way to step up the gaming experience to another level. What’s new in my personal favourite, Franchise mode to the PS4 this year?

  • Game that makes people switch brands! I always feel sorry that xbox fans can’t play this gem of a baseball game..I’m getting it for PS4 and since the delay i’m hoping it will be like NBA 2k14 next gen times 10.. Keep up the good work and hopefully with the features, the online MP will be improved

  • Is the Vita going to have all the key features

  • I think my favorite new feature to The Show is that we can now create a RTTS mode that can be continued in future versions of the Show! I’ve been waiting for something like this for years! It’s not cool to have to start all over again every year!

  • Sounds great, i’m so excited for this year!! the only thing i have a question on for RTTS is if my last name “Krebs” will be an audio option? If waited for my last name to be an option and it has to be one, so will the PS4 version say “Krebs” in RTTS?
    thank you.

  • Will PlayStation Move be back again this year and will it be available for PS4? Really enjoyed being in full control of pitching and hitting.

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