PlayStation Blogcast 112: Praise the Son!

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PlayStation Blogcast 112: Praise the Son!

inFAMOUS Second Son is almost here! An interview with Sucker Punch co-founder Chris Zimmerman is the highlight of this week’s show, followed by bountiful Dark Souls II and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes discussions. See you next week at GDC!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • inFAMOUS Second Son
  • Dark Souls II
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
  • N++
  • Luftrausers

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7 Author Replies

  • Welcome back Gentlemen!

  • i’m not amused by the title of this blogcast. you guys could have picked a better title and respect other people’s beliefs or lack thereof.atheists could say that you are promoting religion on this blog Lol

    seriously,title will sound funny to many but not for believers of the christian faith.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Actually, it’s a reference to “Praise the Sun!” from Dark Souls and “Second Son,” which is inFAMOUS. PlayStation Blogcast is a non-denominational podcast :)

  • inFAMOUS Second Son comes out the day before my 21st birthday. I love the inFAMOUS series. I feel a platinum coming for all three.

  • A wild Nick Suttner appeared!

  • If only I could be so grossly incandescent!

  • Can we start getting a more consistent release day, please?

    • Sorry. Week before events (GDC in this case) often makes it very tough. It’s been a tough last few weeks, actually. But yeah, we’ll continue to aim for Thursday PM or Friday at the latest. We didn’t record this week’s ep until nearly 6pm on Friday

  • Ok Sid, I already pre-ordered Second Son, and I bought Dark Souls on GreenManGaming this weekend. WHYYYYYYYY

    PS – are you guys playing Titanfall on PC? Had to ask. LOL

  • @2

    I’m Christian and thought the title was funny and clever. It bothers me when people in a small minority speak out against something claiming that all Christians feel the same way. The same thing happened when stories came out about how Christians were upset that Bioshock Infinite makes you get baptized. It was just one guy who felt uncomfortable and declared that it was offensive to Christians. I’m not really sure how that came about.

    Anyway, it looks like you guys talk about a lot of good stuff this week! I’m excited to listen!

  • D.U.P. will be facing my wrath this week! in memory of Cole!

    i’ll also be big bossing on my Bday ^-^ totally grateful for MGS on 3/18 celebrate all!

  • ye……. 69.99……13% tax………. $80…… I really love the inFamous series but I gotta wait till the price drops.

  • Love the Dark Souls reference :)

  • Thanks Sid. I appreciate the explanation.

  • Hey Sid,

    Beyond!!! Great Podcast as usual! I look forward to this podcast, Beyond, and UK’s Official Playstation Magazine podcast each week!


    P.S. It would be cool if you could have the guys from Greg or Colin from beyond and the Brits from UK join in your guys podcast. It would be a tri fecta of podcast awesomeness!!!

  • Want second son so bad but I don’t have a ps4 Dx

  • Will there be a “pre-download” option (a la CoD: Ghosts) before the game is released (and the downloaded game becomes playable)?

    It’ll really save time! :)

  • (reply to Sid)

    Sid I’m running it on my PC -which is not exactly a beast.

    Mini review?

    The verticality and wall-running change the game. No more “come around a corner and whoever has the better ping or host privileges survives” stuff.
    Maps are large, varied and genuinely fun to play.
    The Smart Pistol is efficient (seems like a hack at first), and very satisfying.
    The titans. Piloting them or having them follow you around is impressive. ;) Fun to rodeo them to take them down.

    If you’re on a bad team (meaning you have me on your team) and playing Attrition, the teams don’t seem to shuffle players between rounds like COD does.
    At the end of each round the ship comes to pick up the losing team, and there is an onscreen beacon for its location on the map. My beef is that the opposing team shouldn’t see it at all.
    The AI-bots are just cannon fodder. Wish Respawn would have made 8 v 8 or 10 v 10 “humans only” for the standard game mode.

    All that said, I enjoy the game quite a bit in short doses. Would give it an 8.5.

  • Would you guys at Sony happen to know if a Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 2 is coming out anytime soon?

  • Hey Sony IDK why Sony isn’t putting more then one game at a time for preorder on the PS4 or Apps how come the PS3 now has the HBO GO app but the PS4 Doesn’t I know its coming just like mp3 playback or DLNA and a host of other broken promises. I got my PS4 on day one and I have The Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD in it. SO I love my ps4 but I don’t know why SONY isn’t showing that love back to over 6 million gamers that said yes to be a BETA tester for them!!! its crazy to look back at how bad the Xbone was at the start but they have been adding this and that making the system better what have u done for the PS4 Sony ?????/ oh u can mute the cam now. where are all these updates that you promised 6 + million people? After investing so much money into my PS4 I think its BS that I even HAVE TO TURN ON MY PS3!!!

  • Can we have a “Playstation Blog App” Featured on the PS4. There is the blogcast, game updates, playstation news, console discussion, & feedback/comments I feel should be fully accessible from the console. This will improve on Playstation interest, game knowledge for purchases, & console support I think. At times I feel the Playstation Blog is a hidden Gem… But Why???? Is this a failure to ensure people are informed and continually engaged with Playstation Products and services? Playstation Blog is easy to use (User friendly) and always up to date. Why not show this off and ensure we benefit as consumers by being informed. Also Playstation Blogcast is GREAT and I would love to listen while gaming on my PS4 or just listening on it’s own. I have bought games and consoles because of it’s Influence. Why not make sure that this Influence is accessible and able to be used on the PS4. It would be great to be playing games & listening to the official playstation blogcast at the same time. Thanks

  • In Infamous the hero has all these powers,but yet he dies when he falls in water. I hope you can swim this time.

  • lol… It felt so weird not listening to you guys for so long. Glad to get an episode again. :)

  • @20 I was watching the ign livestream of a demo and the way it handles being in water is the only thing disappointing about the game that I’ve seen. Basically, if you fall in water, you don’t die but there’s a quick fade to black and you pop back up on land where you fell off and back into a fight if you’re fighting enemies. It seems pretty awkwardly handled unfortunately. I’m guessing that’s how it is in the full game and not just the demo build but I’m not positive.

    But other than that, the game looks fantastic!! I haven’t been this excited for a game since The Last of Us

  • @10 GalatasarayEken Where is that price in the U.S.? Canada maybe? If you get it from the Playstation Store, it is tax free, so I reccommend that. Even 59.99 + $10 store credit for free.

  • @16 ColonelOCorn Don’t answer him! It’s a trap! Jk…Love that Sid responded to that question instead of ignoring it. One of the reasons you guys are awesome. They don’t bash, yet they don’t completely ignore the existence. It’s just not discussed cause this is a purely PS oriented blog. Still, we are gamers, and they understand there are other games. Best video games blog to date.

  • So when are we going 2 be able play the podcast on are ps4’s

  • Nick! Regarding EDF, “It’s what’s great about video in a single video game.” Well said! It really is everything we thought video games would be as kids. It’s got all the elements right despite being a very basic shooter. Less is more when you get the fundamentals down and Sandlot know exactly what to do.

    Lastly, please share your EDF blog post on the PS blog, not just your personal blog, which I didn’t know existed til now.

    Appreciate the effort to fit in a blogcast this week, even if it is just a short one. Most of the haphazard and disorganised blogcasts are the best, so don’t put too much pressure on yourselves, we don’t expect much, just a plain old dollop of Sid n Nick will do. You guys can do no wrong, even when you go off on a transdimensional tangent.

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