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This Week in PlayStation

Okay, I “get” Dark Souls now. 20 hours in, and I can’t stop. I think I have a problem.

So that’s out this week, and so is TowerFall Ascension — a must-have for any PS4 owner. We’re nearing the March 21st release date of inFAMOUS Second Son (check out Fred’s Q&A and this official gameplay video to prepare), Mercenary Kings is confirmed for April 1st (no foolin’!), we got a look at the 19 classes of Final Fantasy XIV, Hyper Light Drifter is coming to PS4 and Vita (I want it now), and the minimal indie racer Race the Sun is hitting those platforms plus PS3.

It’s gonna be a weekend full of Dark Souls II and TowerFall Ascension for me — what are you guys playing?

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  • Infamous comes out Friday but the stores update Tuesday, when exactly (time too) will I be able to download it if I preorder off psn?

  • I was asking myself the same question for the past week @faraway25. A lot more since i want to do a midnight stream for the realease of this game.

  • I’ve been praising the sun since Tuesday, I’m like almost 50 hours into Dark Souls 2 already. This game is ridiculously huge & I wouldn’t have it any other way. On the flip side, yay for inFamous!

  • So no blogcast again this week?

  • When it will be available ground zeroes for ps4?

  • I am reading: Gamefaqs boards about Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
    I am watching: South Park DVD’s (After finishing the new game which is REALLY GOOD AND HYSTERICAL; finally a very good South Park game.)

    I am playing: Having trouble to find something to play while i very anxiously await for Final Fantasy X/X-2 for my Vita and I even ordered the guide which should be arriving on Monday, for when i receive the game the next day.

  • Just curious is the “Something Something Dark Side” reference from Family Guy or were they referencing it from another tv show/movie?

  • “This week in Playstation in Canada”
    They up the price at 450$ for the console.
    They up the price of all games to 70$
    They up the price of accessories over 9000.
    Microsoft doesn’t change the price of the XBO.
    Microsoft doesn’t change the price of the games.
    Microsoft is giving Titanfall with the console.

    Frankly, I understand the canadian dollar is low, but now it’s more like a console war thing thing instead of actual economy… If the prices stay the same I don’t see the point of buying a PS4 anymore. I prefer Sony’s exclusives by far but I don’t plan on paying 10$ more per game for the rest of my life, this changes LOTS a things. Frankly Sony, what is going on?

    Also, we (canadians) had NO REBATES when we had the stronger dollar, and now that it’s under we should pay more? This is against logics! It means we always pay more, ALWAYS. This is lame. I wanted to buy a PS4 after the end of the university session, but now I’ll pass.

  • Any word on Minecraft for ps4 yet? im jones’n

  • @ 8: would you like to know prices here in my country?

  • @Justin Massongill

    Can you please check if there is a pre-load for inFamous Second Son ?
    i’m not from the US so I have a really bad internet speed and downloading near 24GB will take for ever for me :(
    Please Please Please a pre-load all I need! I wanna play the game on its first minute, the wait for Friday is killing me let alone the download time while the rest of the world playing it :(

  • I’ve been too busy watching Bates Motel to play anything this week, I’m getting SteamWorld Dig and FFX/X-2 Tuesday though. I really hope the Blogcast hasn’t been canceled, It’s been a while since the whole blogcast team did the show together and released it before the weekend. I’d really like to see it released consistently on a specific day. Friday nights would be great.

  • Was hoping to play Peace Walker for free because I thought we would be getting that as Pre order bonus for Ground Zeroes on PSN ps3 but all we got was a sh**** theme that we could find the image of on yahoo images.

  • @8 i agree with you, i’m gonna pass on the ps4 and switch side and stick to my ps3 for the free game of Plus

  • is it Dark souls 1 comming out to the store someday?

  • I would get Infamous…if I had a PS4. Alas, I don’t yet.

  • I’m playing: inFamous 2 (getting ready for next weekend)
    I’m watching: Catching up on various TV shows: Revenge, Once Upon A Time, Arrow, Scandal…the list goes on.
    I’m listening to: Some song on the soundtrack for The Last of Us.

    Can’t wait for next weekend!

  • With all these prices hikes ps4 controller 64.99$ ps4 console 449.99$ ps4 Camera $64.99 ps4 games 69.99$ Will there be a blog post explaining this price fixing scandal?

  • I’m Playing: Tales of Vesperia (shhhh… >_>)
    I’m Watching: Grimm
    I’m Listening to: MC Chris – Foreverrr

  • Yeah, a update per week doesn’t cut it.
    It should be updated when a game is coming out, like Infamous SS and Mercenary Kings.
    Promotions and stuff should be weekly.

  • Idea: dark souls for psplus next month.

  • I’m playing Dark Souls II on PS3, really liking it so far. Starts off without the almost immediate “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED” onslaught of enemy attacks, but still can be unforgiving if you get overconfident. (or if you are still figuring out controls)

    Looking forward to Metal Gear Solid V:Ground Zeroes next week. I have a question: will there be an upgrade option for access to the PS4 version when I eventually get a PS4 this year? I wouldn’t mind paying $5-$10 more for a digital upgrade. (better than buying it all over again, despite me doing that with Metal Gear Solid games like Snake Eater… lol)

  • Yeah I’d like to know the time for Infamous Second Son as well but I’d also like to know if the “play as you download” function will be available as well?
    It’d be nice if we could begin the download early or not wait so much to begin playing ….

  • Can anyone answer this: Can I get the $10 promotion if I spent $59.97??

  • I’m playing: AC4: Freedom Cry, Dark Souls 1 (picked up the GH version on the day the sequel came out, haha), and finished Thief
    I’m watching: The Blacklist, Bob’s Burgers, Two and a Half Men
    I’m listening to: PS Blogcast, Podcast Beyond, Knife Party

  • Towerfall, and trying to finish up plat on Killzone, but prolly won’t finish it up. :( cries when infamous comes out it will be a long time before I finish up my plat… soooooo close too.

  • Playing Dark Souls II too (and loving it!). I’m keeping a running count of my deaths, and with 20 deaths in about 8 hours (I’ve only made it through the Forest of Fallen Giants so far), I’,d say I’m doing quite well.

  • tbh this is starting to be bullshi* not only do you guys up the price to $449.99 for the PS4 but you expect us to buy it? $50 may not seem like a lot but when Canada had the stronger dollar we didn’t see anything like that against the US. The Canadian dollar hasn’t been this bad since 4 decades but w/e I guuss I’ll have to wait a year or so.

    The game prices are extremely ridiculous and I hate when European’s say “Do you know how much we have to pay” YOU GET PAID IN EUROS! we get paid in Canadian dollars there’s a huge difference if you can’t tell

    I remember the first time I had to buy a 69.99 game (FIFA 11) & it cost me almost $80! 80 freaking dollars, where as when it was at 59.99 it was rounded to $68, that’s a $12 difference.

    I mean I hadn’t realized that the Canadian dollar was lower than the American dollar but I did realize that in gaming sites that games that were 59.99 were automatically changed to 69.99 + I live in Toronto where there’s 13% tax

  • So, Canada gets no shipments of PS4s for almost an entire month now. Yet the U.S. has been getting constant shipments. Now, the system is going up $50 in price here. Yet the Xbox One stays the same.
    I understand about the Canadian dollar being low but come on… Sony doesn’t adjust console prices overseas to match the USD, why are they INCREASING the price here?

  • You forgot to raise PS3 & PSVITA’s prices too.

  • My problem is that the Final Fantasy X & X2 HD Collection comes out Tuesday, and InFamous Second Son comes out Friday, and I’ve got both on pre-order. Which to play, which to play. . .

  • this next week for me is metal gear ground zeroes, and the following week is deception IV blood ties. hoping you guys get an idea about diablo III on ps4 along with reaper of souls or whatever the expansion is called.
    i’m playing thief
    i’m watching shark
    i’m listening to duran duran and their spin-offs

  • Main thing I remember from this week is that the store update took 3 days.

  • I no we in 2014 but im still asking for FALLOUT3 for the psn plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Sony can we make it happen fallout3 for psn

  • $20 for Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes something fishy is going on ill hold back on that and see what is so fishy about this game

  • @8 Microsoft sucks but da do have fallout3 for download the only thing good

  • @36 HIJACKER MGS V GZ is a 2-3 hour prologue to Phantom Pain. I’m not sure if it’s worth the price, but supposedly it has lot’s of replayability at least.

  • Well congratulations Sony PlayStation you just convinced me to by a new video card for my PC rather then a new PS4 and Infamous Second Son thanks to the $50 increase on the PS4 and the $10 increase on the game. Good Job bean counters.

  • ive already seen people live streaming infamous and metal gear, im so sad i cant play yet =[

  • Dark Souls II and Lone Survivor!!!

  • @8

    now here’s a reality check for you, 399$US=444$CAN 399$CAN=359$US

    This has been coming for a while. Our dollar is down vs the American dollar, which is up. Prices on gaming products have been getting marked up for the past month or two now. We went from $59.99 to $69.99 pretty quickly.

    It’s a retailer thing, not a developer/publisher thing. I guarantee you they’re doing this because retailers went to them and said they needed the MSRP increased to maintain their margins.

    The Xbox One will certainly follow suit, and the Wii U probably will as well. Games for all three (and Vita/3DS) have gone up so it stands to reason the consoles will too.

  • @8
    They didn’t exactly rush to raise it either. Our dollar has been steadily declining since the launch of the console, going as low as .93 on the dollar at the beginning of December.

    They don’t raise it immediately because it might go back to normal. They don’t lower it immediately because it might drop again.

    At this point they likely do not expect it to recover any time soon, or for a non-temporary time even if it does go back up.

  • pshh give us FFX/X-2 >_>

  • People are playing infamous now. I can not wait for friday. It is not fair. I’ve waited too long 4 the game.

  • @43 I can appreciate that RE. the console price. What gets me, personally, is the game price. Since the Canadian dollar got within about 25% of the US dollar(it started in the PS2 or late PS1 era iirc), game prices have been pretty stable at 59.99 for both Canada and US. Now that our dollar falls to 93 on the dollar, it’s suddenly too expensive to charge us the same price for games – or even a price that is on parity based off exchange rates?

  • I have purchased the pre-order for inFAMOUS: SS Limited Edition on PSN. I am new to the Playstation system ( converted from 360 to PS4) so i am sorry if my question will sound dumb, how would i download the game i pre-ordered on March 21st? Would the pre-ordered item change its description to the actual game and i will have the “Download” label or there is special procedure. Also since it is Limited Edition including DLCs, would they be included in the game itself or i will just see them in the list of DLC`s ? I am sorry if this question is noobish but this is my first PS4 pre-order.

  • Also does anyone know if the PS4 version of MGS V GZ will be $19.99 or $29.99.

  • @ DanteAMT, the purchased label should change to download when the game becomes available, and the DLC should download at the same time. Thats how it worked when i pre-ordered Thief. Plus i think DLC will show up under related items as My Add Ons, thats where the bank heist DLC is for thief. Also as far as i know MGS V GZ will be $29.99.

  • Thank you very much barbob75. Still new at the Playstation experience. I had PS1 and PS2 i can see i missed so much sweet deals not getting the PS3. Damn, I LOVE MY PS4 and PSN makes me wan’t to buy a PS3 also :)

    As for MGS V GZ i thought the PS3 is going to be a $ 29.99 but it turned out to be $19.99, would be so sweet if PS4 price is the same ;)

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