The Unusual World of Metrico on PS Vita, New Trailer Debuted

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The Unusual World of Metrico on PS Vita, New Trailer Debuted

We’re celebrating! We’re in the final stages of Metrico‘s production. We’d like to celebrate this phase with a special, branching trailer. We got a lot of requests to show some Metrico gameplay, but we’re not showing everything just yet. We’re really excited though to finally release a trailer with in-game footage. The trailer let’s you choose whether to watch a boy version or a girl version.

As we explained in our previous blog post, Metrico is all about using input to shape the infographics around you and solve puzzles. In this blog entry, we’d like to give a bit more insight into the world of Metrico and our design approach.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard on finishing Metrico’s last worlds. There will be six worlds in the final game. We wanted every world to feel fresh and exciting, that’s why each world has its own shapes, type of infographics, colors, music, mechanics, challenges, typography, and animation, which all tie closely into the world theme.

But we’re also introducing new means of input for the player to play around with, in each subsequent new world. Therefore, it made a lot of sense for us to design the game in chronological order. This helped bolt down the way each specific mechanic works, and how they work in combination with the previous ones.

It also helped us get the difficulty curve right and understand what the final experience will feel like. In fact, we believe the experience you’ll have with the game to be quite similar to how we designed and created Metrico: we had to experiment a lot and come up with new ideas every time, and hopefully so will you when you play.

When we started out, we thought Metrico was mainly about infographics and finding out what to give as an input to solve puzzles. But when we played around with PS Vita and all of its hardware features, it became clear that the game is not just about solving puzzles.

Metrico is a lot about the player and his or her physical presence while playing. With all the hardware inputs, PS Vita is the perfect console for this. For instance, Metrico knows how you’re holding the Vita, or how much light is in your room.

We’re working hard and putting a lot of effort into getting the overall experience to feel just right. The next time you hear from us, we’ll have an exact release date in Spring of this year!

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  • lol that was such a good trailer

  • Holy crap that music is awesome. Who’s doing the soundtrack for this, and is it getting a separate release or bundle?

    I love the look of the game but I really would’ve expected to be playing as a man in a suit or a woman in a pants suit. Charts and graphs, right? That’s business attire. Dude in a hoodie is maybe a little casual.

    Also, if anyone isn’t sure why the video is 30 seconds long and nothing happens, turn annotations back on.

    • Roy van de Mortel

      Thanks, we’re looking into possibilities of a soundtrack release and will announce who is composing it soon!
      And indeed…. turn annotations on!!

  • Is this a full Vita game or a Playstation Mobile game?

  • Didn’t know pausing on an image that could mean a million things would be considered a trailer…. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE!?!?!

  • Interesting “interactive” trailer! I look forward to seeing how many clicked on “boy” or “girl”.

    The game looks and sounds great & I can’t wait to finally play it!

  • I want those 35 seconds of my life back.

  • @2
    Haha, I almost let the whole video play before I realized you could click on girl or boy. I think they’re dressed in “jogging apparel” as they jog through a city/landscape made of infographics.

  • Interesting idea. Looking forward to seeing more of it!

  • Still looking forward to this!

  • Random Character walking in shifting backgrounds with charming music, will always remind me of “Cloud” from the Robot Carnival Anime.

    Interesting aesthetic, though I do have to admit, the characters animation feels a little stiff to me. Especially after seeing the fluidity of the company logo at the end, and the smoothness of the infographic background growth. For such a silhouette-inspired style, a bit of bobbing of the hair / flow to the pronounced folds in the pants / sleeves of the shirt on the characters would go a long way.

    I like the ideas of having the players physical presence affect the world of the game. That sounds pretty cool! I’d love to see the player character reflect some of this too, like lighting up a match if you’re playing in the dark, or tapping on the screen to get the gamer’s attention if you leave them idle.

    Best wishes on finishing the project! Will probably give it a shot, if my Vita has any space left by then! ;)

  • Looks cool but it bugs me that I feel like Im looking at stuff from work :S

  • I’m intrigued by the music alone, it’s so good!. I really want to know more about the game.

  • Um…yeah. I guess this trailer has not been optimized for iPhone 5, because that did nothing. Nice try, but you lose points for not beta testing your trailer, first. :-)

  • How can i see what you guys are seeing, I’m on my VITA i guess thats why its not working but i’m to impatient to wait till i get home

  • Okay so this is a puzzle based game aye. There are alot of puzzle games coming out. I hope there will be a demo for this too so I could try it out.

    • Roy van de Mortel

      There will be a demo up on PSN and later this month there will be a playable demo on the Vita kiosks at Gamestops and Targets alike.

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