2014 Naughty Dog GDC Talks and The Last of Us Accolades

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2014 Naughty Dog GDC Talks and The Last of Us Accolades

As we did in 2012, we’ll have a large pack of Dogs giving talks at GDC 2014. We just wrapped up The Last of Us: Left Behind to universal critical acclaim. It currently has a score of 89 on Metacritic, making it the highest rated PS3 downloadable content ever. We also recently received five BAFTA awards, including the coveted Best Game in 2014, for our work on The Last of Us.


We’re now heading to GDC to talk about some of the techniques and process that went into making The Last of Us, which has now hit over six million copies sold worldwide, as well as what made Left Behind, our first ever downloadable, single player story chapter, so unique.

GDC 2014

The full list of sessions for all Naughty Dog talks, along with dates, times, locations and descriptions, is available on the Naughty Dog blog. Visit the GDC Schedule builder if you want to put these sessions in your calendar, export them or print them out.

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  • Go Naughty Dog!

  • Sold-in or sold-through?

  • So many great panels to choose from, but I will be attending at least a couple of Naughty Dogs’ panels.

  • Eric, when can we expect more Uncharted PS4 news?

  • One of my favorite games ever. On another note, I will personally buy 6 million copies of crash if you guys get the rights back.

  • Who else wants a Jak and Daxter on the PS4? 1080p 60fps :)

  • Congratulations on the acclaim, scores and awards! For an encore, I suggest bringing The Last of Us to PS4.

  • Any news regarding the 3rd part of the season pass (mp dlc) ?

  • Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of this masterpiece. I’ve been gaming for 35 years and TLOU is, hands down, the best gaming experience I’ve had. Kudos!

  • Great stuff….TLoU deserves every award in this planet.Always good to see TLoU devs talking…BTW I’m really looking forward to the next DLC…a new difficulty mode got me really interested….that will sure make me beat TLoU for the 6th time….also will we get more customization items?…can’t believe you guys won’t put a gas mask in there.

  • Looking forward to more games from one of my favorite developers. Your games have always been my favorite and are the reason why I am going to school to make games.

  • Looking forward to Uncharted 4.
    I hope there’s a sequal to The Last of Us.

  • Really hoping for a TLOU GOTY on PS4…

  • i want to see jak and daxter on ps4 and a jak and daxter vol.2 collection that has jak x combat racing and daxter please make this happen naughty dog

  • Would have preferred 2 Single player DLC and 1 multiplayer of the 3 available through the season pass. I look forward to a return on the PS4.

  • Can we please a The Last of Us Bundle PSN Sale ? Last sale was in October , and know i feel like i missed on a really huge opportunity .

  • The Last of Us on PS4 please? give me an enigmatic answer so the internet have something to talk on the weekend.

  • PLEASE give us a TLOU Definitive Edition for PS4 with stereoscopic 3D support! Uncharted 3 was the best 3D the PS3 had ever seen. ND knows how to do 3D justice better anyone, yet your best game yet dropped it.

    I’d also love to see more Tess! she played such a big role in Joel’s life shaping the battered and reformed character we see in the game. She’s the only person Joel cared about before Ellie and considering how strong of a bond he forms with Ellie in such a short time, it only makes his life with Tess even more intriguing. Besides, there’s 20 YEARS of their lives for you to refer back to, it’s ripe for potential DLC.

    Lastly, this game seriously needs a co-op mode! Even a simple wave-based hoard mode against AI survivors or infected would be amazing. This game has such brutal, visceral combat but we rarely had a chance to make the most of it. A hoard mode would definitely satiate my bloodlust.

  • Great job

  • Congrats, great to see the game sold well alongside being hailed critically :)

  • Congratulations of a job well done. I can’t wait what you guys have for us for the Next Gen. No questions to ask what is next. I will wait patiently and enjoy your next project.

  • I Platinumed the last of us. Trying to platinum all the naughty dog games. Can not find somewhere to buy the first uncharted lol.

  • Why is this crap “game” so praised? Is it praised for its crappy casual QTE linearity? Or is it praised for its crap B rated storyline that copies just about every zombie story and game in existence? Or is it praised for its crap “gameplay”?

    Oh wait, the casuals praise it for its graphics, that’s right. How could I forget that?

  • @ neuropunk The ESRB is rated M 17+. It’s not Naughty Dog’s fault if this game scared you or gave you nightmares. Pay closer attention next time so you will select a more appropriate game for your age.

  • @TeamGreen615 Never respond to neuropunk. Don’t give the kid the satisfaction. All he ever does is troll this blog.

  • One of the best games I’ve ever played, no doubt. And Left Behind was amazing DLC. So awesome to see the commercial success as well, 6 million copies for a new IP is insane!

    Now… we all want to see 2 things:

    1. Last of Us re-mastered for PS4

    2. A sequel on PS4

  • Deserved. Glad you and Media Molecule got a lot of recognition.

  • well deserved……PURE AAA for me.

    @ 26


  • The Last of Us give me nightmares, WHAT?! IT’S NOT EVEN SCARY WHATSOEVER! Not even one part in it is scary. if you want scary, son, try Fatal Frame.

    Anyhow, why are you casuals and your linear interactive movies ruining video games so much? Go play your Angry Birds. I miss back when games focused on gameplay and exploration instead of linear one and done interactive movies.

    Also, why are your games so linear? Are you westerners so F’n stupid that you are unable to navigate maps and such? Why no exploration in western games? Hell, Uncharted is a series about an explorer, yet YOU DON’T EVEN GET TO EXPLORE SINCE THE LEVELS ARE SO DAMNED LINEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Other devs take note, TLoU Left Behind sets the bar for story DLC, gives more of what you love with a twist, while simultaneously filling some of the story you knew and shedding light on story you didn’t. It was perfect. Made me positive where before I was pretty sure that The Last of Us is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Thank you.

  • The Last of US PS4 please :P

  • Great job!

  • Last of Us needs to be on the PlayStation 4.

  • great game

  • PS4 version will get this to 8 million easy.

  • (claps)

    Another great Masterpiece by Naughty Dog. I played The Last of Us and immediately I knew this games was gonna be a HIT! Not to mention The Last Of US: Left Behind DLC. Pure Greatness.

    Congratulations Naughty Dogs!

    Looking forward to the sequel and to Uncharted 4.

    Keep up the good work!

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