The 19 Classes of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

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The 19 Classes of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Welcome to another update on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn — the biggest one so far. A lot of you have probably played the first beta phase from February 22nd to March 3rd — barely enough time to get your hands on one or two classes in a single city, right? Well then, let’s introduce you to the others!

You’re free to start in any of the three cities: Gridania, Ul’dah, or Limsa Lominsa. Most of you will want to get used to the game first, so you can play solo and get acquainted with everything. Up until level 15, you’ve got tons of local quests and adventures that await you — and from level 15 onwards, the whole world opens up to you as you get access to the airship and the other cities.

If you want to play with your friends, you simply have to choose classes with the same starting cities, and you can group up right away.

Once you’ve acquired a class, you can change to it at any given time (outside of combat and dungeons) by simply equipping the weapon associated with it. It’s that simple!

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Gridania, One with the Forest

Gridania lies in the heart of the Black Shroud, a huge, ancient forest. As you would guess, classes based in Gridania are in great parts based on natural harmony, hunting, and surviving. If you like to start your game in tranquillity and natural splendour, this is the way to go.

The classes you’ll find here are suited to this abundance of natural resources. It’s the starting city for…

Masters of the Hunt with Bow and Arrow
Archers are ranged damage dealers, specialists at keeping enemies at a distance while launching a hailstorm of arrows at them. Archers can later train to become Bards.

Tackle the Mightiest Boar in Thick Armor
Lancers are melee combatants, able to inflict considerable damage to any enemy foolish enough to come into reach of their lance. Lancers can later on train to become Dragoons.

Calling Upon Nature’s Magic
Conjurers are well versed in powerful healing magic, preferably with a considerable distance between them and the enemy. Conjurers can later on train to become White Mages.

Of course, there’s also a rich industry based on the goods that the forest provides! As such, you can find the guilds for the following classes here:

  • Leatherworkers, experts at making tanned hides into sturdy armour.
  • Carpenters, masters at bending, twisting, and sawing wood to fit their needs.
  • Botanists, which provide plenty of ingredients for all the other crafts.

Check out this video to hear the different background tunes for Gridania.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Ul’dah, Jewel of the Desert

If trading’s your thing, then the city of Ul’dah is for you. The trading capital in the middle of a vast desert was built by busy Lalafell traders and is very proud of the riches it’s amassed over time. If you want to prove yourself in a harsh climate, this is the city for you.

The classes that call this bustling city their home are among the most fearsome of all of Eorzea.

Masters of Destructive Magic
Thaumaturges rain down havoc on their enemies in the form of fire, lightning, and ice from the side of the field, bringing a quick end to anyone standing in their way. They can train to become Black Mages.

Wreak Havoc with Powerful Fist Weapons
Pugilists are proud close combatants, pummelling their enemies and rivalling Thaumaturges in terms of inflicted damage. They can train to become Monks.

Skilful Adepts of Sword and Shield
Gladiators are front line fighters and always careful to not let their targets attack their friends. They can train to become Paladins.

Other guilds have also found the bustling markets and riches of this city very attractive.

  • Goldsmiths, able to forge magically imbued jewellery out of gems and other precious materials.
  • Alchemists, concocting powerful mixtures to fuel allies and weaken enemies.
  • Miners, extracting plenty of precious materials from the earth and supplying the markets.
  • Weavers, turning the world’s most exquisite fabrics into fancy costumes or armour for the magically gifted.

Listen to some of the background tunes of Ul’dah.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Limsa Lominsa, Bracing the Tides

If you always like a fresh breeze and green, fertile land next to a gorgeous beach, and the idea of seafood makes your mouth water, then Limsa Lominsa is the place for you. What was once a safe haven for pirates has become one of the most beautiful cities in all of Eorzea!

If you’re into fighting, you better be in it for good, as Limsa Lominsa hosts two renowned guilds for those willing to brave the sea itself:

Masters of Magic Through Equations and Formulae
Arcanists calculate both attack and healing spells from their books — and to keep the enemies off them, summon magical beasts! They can train to become Summoners or Scholars.

Masters of Destruction with a Trusty Greataxe
Front line fighters that every enemy should fear — and if not them, then their fearful, massive weapons that could probably sink a ship. They can train to become Warriors.

But no one would say that old pirates wouldn’t know how to earn some honest money as well! You’ll find plenty of guilds to make you some money.

  • Armorers, wrestling iron and steel to host and protect the massive muscles necessary to swing big, destructive weaponry.
  • Blacksmiths, supplying everything from culinary knives to hulking greataxes.
  • Culinarians, able to turn almost anything edible into a healthy, invigorating, and delicious meal
  • Fishers, supplying culinarians and alchemists with a smorgasbord of sea fruits and fishes.

And, last but not least, check out some of the background music that will await you as a visitor to Limsa Lominsa.

Wow, that article got a bit longer than I initially planned. Glad to see that you’re still reading! Do you think we should go into a bit more detail about the classes in a future update? If yes, please let us know in the comments!

And that’s it for this week!

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  • I cannot wait to delve back into this world. Stuck it out as long as I could on the PS3, but couldn’t get past the visuals.

    Happy to say the PS4 version is everything I wanted and played great during the beta.

    Great job!

  • I’ve played FFXIV on the PS3 and I definitely enjoyed the experience I’ve had playing Beta. Looking forward to its release date~

  • 19 classes? Even counting the starting classes I only see 17…..

  • White Mage is the most useful job in the game. Best healer and 2nd best AoE damage dealer.

  • @DragonIrons Then you counted wrong.
    1) Archer
    2) Lancer
    3) Conjurer
    4) Leatherworker
    5) Carpenter
    6) Botanist
    7) Thaumaturge
    8) Pugilist
    9) Gladiator
    10) Alchemist
    11) Weaver
    12) Goldsmith
    13) Miner
    14) Arcanist
    15) Marauder
    16) Armorer
    17) Blacksmith
    18) Culinarian
    19) Fisher

  • Any information about future Ps Vita Projects?
    We want you, SQUARE!

    KH would be awesome.

  • This is neat and all, but this is the kind of information we use to get in instruction guides when games still came with them.

    Instead of wasting time on the internet where some fans may or may not see this, just make sure all copies of FFXIV come with a nice instruction manual like games use to, especially RPGs!

    Did anyone see how thick the original FFXI instruction book was?

  • KH DDD for vita and PLS as community manager… talk to sony to give u the money and GIVE US FF7 for PS4 ALREADY!

  • Been an awesome game so far, but I do miss playing as a blue mage back at FFXI. Even if it were possible to add the job later in the game, I don’t know what class the devs would decide to unlock it from(I would currently have from gladiator), or to add a new class that could branch it to the jobs of red mage and possibly mystic knight as well(cast en-magic on swords, like in FFV).

  • I want DQX for PS3/PS4/PSV. If you ported it to even the Wii and WiiU, you can port it to superior online and graphical systems with cross platform with PC.

    I also want DQVII HD port on PSN with cross buy. And bring back DQ mainline titles to Playstation, starting with DQVIII Remake on PS4 after you give me those 2 ports above.

  • So much more beautiful and bigger than DCUO which is becoming boring with each week that passes.

  • Where’s the free to play element? Wait for Everquest Next. At least there you can actually claim a home and build as you deem fit.

  • Please release Final Fantasy Type-O in the West! Make it digital only, playable on both PSP and PS Vita, or exclusive to PS Vita with minor upgrades and trophies, but please, PLEASE release it on the west! It makes no sense for Square to invest in bringing games that are largely not well received by fans and critics (the FFXIII trilogy), while leaving the game that is considered one of the best FFs in recent years as a japan exclusive. Please, we want to care about FF again!

  • I want a Necromancer class.

  • We need jobs and classes such as Thief Ninja and Samurai.

  • Believe it or not II haven’ t players the beta and I’m not sure this will be a game that I will buy. I wish I had of checked out the beta at least.

  • tusunami
    Round 2 of the beta is the first week in April. Give it a shot.

    I’ve been playing the hell out of this game on PS3. As I understand it, we can transfer out existing characters for phase 2 of the beta. Will we still be able to use the PS3 version after/during phase 2 if we transfer to PS4?

  • Give us 1 year deal of $ 50 sub for FF14RR please. :)

  • LMAO i got 4 classes to the level 20 beta cap in that time…. well i guess playing on PC in 1.0 and PS3 in A Realm Reborn helps too.

  • Summoner, checking in.

    @17/spectyre: There’s no real transfer of characters. You’re just accessing the live servers in phase 2. You can continue playing the game on PS3 should you choose to do so. However, if you do a license transfer to PS4 (free) for the full version, it replaces your PS3 license and you won’t be able to play on PS3 again unless you buy the game for it again.

  • Been playing on the Ps3 version”Beta is done until april” i can’t wait to switch to the Ps4 game.

  • @5 no, I didn’t count wrong. First off , THESE are actual job classes:
    1) Archer
    2) Bard
    3) LaNCER
    4) Dragoon
    5) Conjurer
    6) White Mage
    7) Thaumaturges
    8) Black Mages
    9) Pugilists
    10) Monk
    11) Gladiator
    12) Paladin
    13) Arcanist
    14) Summoner
    15) Scholar
    16) Marauder
    17) Warrior

    Now if you count Alchemists and Blacksmith and such like you did… you’d have WAY over 19….. Those aren’t Job classes genius.. they’re friggin hobbies. They’re side jobs to help you make money. I played FF XI for 8 years, I think I’d know the difference between a job class and one of the hobbies.

    According to this there are NOT 19 job classes….. hell there’s really only 10-11. Somehow an archer becomes a bard….. but they’re completely different. And an arcanist can become a summoner or a scholar….. but the rest are the same…. I guess. A Conjurer becomes a white mage, a Thaumaturge is a mini BM, pugilist is a mini monk… etc etc.

  • @22. DragonIrons. You’re counting wrong.

    Let me break it down for you.

    In the Amyoury system, there is a total of 8 combat classes, 11 none combat classes, and 9 jobs.

    1. Gladiator
    2. Pugilist
    3. Marauder
    4. Lancer
    5. Archer
    6. Conjurer
    7. Thaumaturge
    8. Arcanist

    none combat classes

    9. Leatherworkers
    10. Carpenters
    11. Botanists
    12. Goldsmiths
    13. Alchemists
    14. Miners
    15. Weavers
    16. Armorers
    17. Blacksmiths
    18. Culinarians
    19. Fishers

    Total of 19 classes.

    9 Jobs

    1. Paladon
    2. Monk
    3. Warrior
    4. Dragoon
    5. Bard
    6. White Mage
    7. Black Mage
    8. Summoner
    9. Scholar

  • Misspelled Paladin.

  • and… armoury

  • Nice work!!

  • So many choices.

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