Tales from the Borderlands Detailed at SXSW

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Tales from the Borderlands Detailed at SXSW

Tales From the Borderlands

Hey everyone! This weekend, Telltale Games, Gearbox, and 2K Games unveiled Tales from the Borderlands at SXSW with the very first details from the upcoming series… and we have the full video of the panel right here to share with you!

We can finally reveal that you will play as TWO protagonists: Rhys, a Hyperion company man with a robotic arm and a knack for hacking; and Fiona, a fast-talking con artist. The story will be told from both of their perspectives, and here’s the twist: both of these characters are lying jerks, so you’re never playing what REALLY happened. It’s more like playing each of their interpretations of events, and the truth lies somewhere in between…

Set on Pandora after the events of Borderlands 2 and all its DLC, Tales from the Borderlands will explore characters who aren’t your typical heroes or badasses. Rhys and Fiona aren’t vault hunters, but they definitely have their own agendas, doing whatever swindling, cheating, or backstabbing they need to in order to survive. Rest assured it’s not all talk, either — there’ll be plenty of the crazy, over-the-top action you’ve come to expect from Borderlands as well, translated into the Telltale style.

Definitely watch the video of the Two Sides to Every Story panel for all the finer details on what’s to come in Tales from the Borderlands (plus things you never knew about the physiology of skags), and look out for the season premiere later this year!

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  • I loved the walking dead tell tale game so ill be keeping my eye on this for sure

  • So is this some kind of by chapter by chapter buy piecemeal thing? This is for PS3 only? I guess it’s not a DLC for borderlands 2. I guess this is nonexclusive thing for PlayStation either?

  • Is this coming to Vita? Walking Dead was great on it, and I’m very excited for future Vita Telltale games.

  • Can’t wait, any game from Telltale is a day one buy for me!

  • will this be on ps4 or ps3?


  • It’s this part, “the twist: both of these characters are lying jerks, so you’re never playing what REALLY happened” that has piqued my interest. Wasn’t sure what to expect but I like the sounds of that, should make for a fun play through :)

  • Will have subtitles in Brazilian portuguese?

  • So this seems to be more dlc from what I have read after the events of bo2 . Looking forward to this didn’t see this coming.

  • Played Borderlands 2 thanks to PS+ and completely fell in love with it. I’m also a huge fan of Telltale’s The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among us, so I’m super excited to see their take on the Borderlands universe!

  • I want TT games on PS4. I would triple dip on Walking Dead S1 (am gonna double dip when there’s a sale for PSV). And of course Walking Dead S2.

    Also, how about another Tales of MI? Or work with Disney and do Tales of MM? Or any of their amazing adventure titles, either remade or a new “Tales of” episodic deal. And please, bring Sam and Max S1 to PSN. I wouldn’t mind those ported to PSV and PS4 either btw.

  • Wait, hold up what type of video game is this some shotting game called borderlands, don’t get it is this a zombie game

  • Can’t wait!

  • *I just hope Telltale actually supports Vita equally to other systems this time. I’m sick of even iOS getting more attention than real gaming machines

  • Vita version?

  • I enjoyed Walking Dead season one, but honestly not enough to continue on too season two yet. (I’ll wait for it to go cheap or I’ll completely forget about it if PS4 starts getting better retail releases…who knows at this point)
    I’m going to pass on this as well until it’s cheaper, these games are more “Experiences” to me than actual video games.. there’s not much to them but they are still enjoyable in their own sense. But i would never call these better than the TV show/movie/game they came from.

  • @17, I don’t really get your perspective. Sure, you can say that these games are ‘just’ interactive experiences, but why does that automatically render them worse than versions in other media? Personally, I think the writing and characters on Telltale’s Walking Dead are much more compelling than those of the AMC series (I haven’t read the comics that they’re both based on), and considering my lukewarm feelings for Borderlands, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Tales from Borderlands outdoes it. I can sort of understand how someone might prefer to play a game that’s more action oriented, so fair enough in Borderland’s case, but I can’t at all relate to the idea that a dialogue-driven adventure game is necessarily worse than the non-interactive media on the same subjective. You have to take these things on their own merits. Just because it’s not what you want from a game, doesn’t mean that it’s a poor work of art in general.

  • Really excited for this, although im curious to see what it will come out on.

    BTW, I think someone at TellTale is stalking my uncle, he grew a beard about 2 months ago and then you know who shows up with a beard. Hell it was funny at first, but now it seems like someone is watching him lol.

  • can’t wait

  • I love borderlands, but I have zero interest in the walking dead and anything else made in that way/by TT games.

    I won’t buy this ever but I hope it does well so real borderlands games keep coming.

    Borderlands Vita please :)

  • This should be really funny and I can’t wait. I love all the telltale games and get really excited for them. I hope they do more comics. I wish they would redo the bone series and bring it to consoles. Wish they were still doing kings quest.

  • @ 17. you know you can get the whole season cheaper if you buy the season pass right from the start. saves you $5.

  • Oh I can not wait. TellTale has been so good to gamers recently with Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead and more games in this genre of game with different worlds and game play tweaks, I am excited.

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