February 2014 PlayStation Store Top Sellers

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February 2014 PlayStation Store Top Sellers

Strider… strode to the top of the PS4 charts on PlayStation Store this month, with Thief, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and Tomb Raider Definitive Edition nipping at its heels.

Minecraft is sittin’ pretty at number one on PS3, but Castle Crashers made a valiant push to try and dethrone it, beating out even the mighty Grand Theft Auto V for the runner-up spot. The Last of Us fans snapped up Left Behind, the new single-player story chapter, vaulting it to the top spot for PS3 add-ons.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z ruled the month on PS Vita, with Toukiden and Dustforce cleaning up at number 2 and 3, respectively.

As always, head over to the EU PlayStation.Blog to see how your faves stacked up on their side. What’s going to take top honors in March? Perhaps a certain Seattle-set adventure from our friends at Sucker Punch? Maybe the local multiplayer sensation TowerFall Ascension? Or will the boys from South Park use the Stick of Truth’s immense power to rule the month?

PlayStation Store Top Sellers

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  • Castle Crashers? O__o

  • I think this post is incorrect. Your telling me Killzone shadowfall isn’t a best seller for PS4 but Ghosts and Battlefield 4 are???? Very Strange

  • put Trails in the Sky on sale. I want to replay it on my Vita before the second chapter comes out this year.

  • @2

    These posts can’t possibly be incorrect, as they run by actual sales numbers which we don’t have access to. Killzone is certainly a top seller for PS4, but evidently it’s selling the vast majority physically.

  • @1: Castle Crashers had a big discount, something like $2.49 if i’m not mistaken.

    @2: Most people get KZ Shadowfall as a disc

    Minecraft, my god, these kids will play anything nowadays.

  • @ saab01: Considering that Killzone: Shadowfall has sold over 2.1M units, next to the 6M PS4s that are out there, that means that almost 1 in 3 PS4 owners bought the game physically. I’m pretty sure that others who bought the game digitally probably got it closer to launch as well, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s not on the list.
    I’d also be willing to guess that after the initial rush on PS4 stock, the majority of people picking it up now are just jumping on the next-gen bandwagon, rather than specifically wanting what Sony is offering, and so are less likely to buy exclusives like Killzone, especially when they probably play CoD or BF every year anyway.
    I’m more surprised that Lego Marvel is so high up the list when it came out almost a month before the PS4 did, and The Lego Movie Videogame is the most recent one.

    Anywho, happy to see that FF9 is currently the only FF game in the top selling Classics list. It’s about time 7 finally fell off that list, haha.

  • It’d be nice if you would tell us if Minecraft is cross-buy or not. I really want to buy it but Id prefer to have it on current gen consoles (i.e. PS4 and Vita). Please let us know!

  • The main game making the listing aside, guess there’s a fever for the HD Remaster for the FFX-2 Yuna outfit to make the add-ons list among the regular lot (including…*sigh* Minecraft skins; PC, people, you can do what you want for freebs). I definitely contributed to No no Kuni’s charting, even though it took aeons (hah!) to download and install. Good to see Danganronpa chart, though I’m still Vita-less (c’mon, PlayStation Now!). And to backtrack to Final Fantasy, IX’s topping VII! Y’know, maybe from a one-two of those wanting FFVII either already having got it or getting it better(?) on Steam. Or both. Noticed Red Dead Revolver, too. That one courted me, but eh, still haven’t dipped back in to its followup.

    I’ll second a Trails in the Sky sale, but more from wanting to go digital on my UMDs (not that I have the room on my card, at the moment, most lately due to FFIII…which has fallen by the wayside for Bravely Default. Good gaming, right there!).

  • nice to see people are still getting on board with playstation all stars

  • What an unfortunate last name to a womens health care product!

  • TxK good to see it do well.

  • Why the PS4 list goes till the number 20 and the PS3 and Vita lists don´t? And why not show us the selling numbers? I mean, our curiosity wants more than simple lists. I am tired of consulting VGChartz and similar sites looking for numbers.

  • @8 I don’t see how PlayStation Now would help you played DanganRonpa. None of Sony’s handheld games are offered on that service.

  • @10 lol, I thought the same thing! You have my sympathy Justin.

  • Unfortunate last name? I’d say the opposite. Just think about it… ;)

  • Minecraft is truly a phenomenon!

    Looks ok, even though were much more deals of good games throughout last month, but I guess everyone already had them. Strange not to see both Season Passes for TWAU and TWD S2, since they were at miserably discounted price for an ongoing game series. I guess many are waiting for full Seasons releases and buy it latter for like 5$ Season Pass TWD Season 1;) like last year discount.

  • Im a psvita player and l really cant believe that this piece of junk Dustforce selled more than games such as Dragon’s Crown and Killzone Mercenary

  • I clicked the twitter link after seeing Playstation and Minecraft in the same sentence hoping it had something to do with a ps4 version. I’m not getting the ps3 version so can you please release it for ps4 already?!?!?! lol

  • Glad to see both Toukiden and Danganronpa up there on the vita list. Injustice as well, I finally picked it up when it went on sale last month.

    Can I just go ahead and call it now that Hatsune Miku Project Diva f will be in the top 3 on the vita list when the March sales release next month?

  • DBZ didn’t even chart on PS3… in yet Bamco treat the PS Vita like total garbage. yes, DBZ was also at retail for PS3 (unlike Vita), but… come now. Vita version has 3 times the ratings on the store too. Demo had far more ratings on Vita as well.

    Step it up Bamco. Your Japanese branch is killing it. While you do nothing, even bring over PS3/Vita games… only on PS3. *throws rocks*

  • Even if it were physical, what would be “very strange” about Battlefield and Call of Duty selling more than Killzone?

  • Oh yeah Left Behind totally deserved….Best DLC EVER…..also glad to see Castle Crashers in 2nd and surprised as well lol.

    @ 2 saab01 – I don’t know why the surprise………people prefer crap over top-notch quality…its been that way for a long time.

  • @7 I’ll be honest, this is 100% speculation, but I can 99.99999% guarantee you that Minecraft is not going to be cross buy. My speculation comes from common sense. Why cross buy something that will sell millions on top of the million they already sold (take lets say half the people bought it on PS3 already that would buy i on PS4, that is a pure BS percentage I came up with there)?

    Also, it won’t be the game game on both platforms, at a minimum (and possibly the only upgrade) the worlds are going to be bigger on PS4/XBO; are there other cross buy games that have differences in platforms (other than graphics)?

  • Some very surprising rankings here. Minecraft was a no brainier though, but it will be interesting to see how long it will keep the number 1 spot.

  • Do ya’ll got little big planet for sale on ps vita and car games for sale on ps vita?

  • Can;t find a more appropriate blog for this. Sony PS could be a Top Seller. Why is Sony management so short sighted as to not include video streaming in the PS system? I am a Sony guy, but my xbox 360 will stream any video in any format directly from my NAS. My ps3 needs a remote app running on a PC. Pretty sad. For me, and several others I work with who share the same concern, this will be the factor that determines whether I upgrade to ps4 or xbox one.

  • Lol at Jim Carrey animated reply.

  • Happy to see Beats Trellis is still getting some love. One of the few creative outlets you can have on the Vita currently.

  • Just literally bought the Strider game a few hours ago.

    While i still wish the game was much faster like in the original games or even his Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 counterpart. That’s the movement I want for a Strider game, just take his UMVC3 model and built a whole 2D game around it

    Still the game is fun as hell, while it doesn’t bring anything new to the franchise, the references, the great gameplay(still needs adjustments) makes up for the shortcomings.

    Also bring a competent composer next time. Literally i did not remember a single OST that is memorable in the game. Most are awful remixes of the original games.

    Either make new music or just rehire the composers who did the original games because clearly it’s impossible to replicate the original music of the series.

  • I bought Bully and L.A. Noire during the Rockstar sale, but I quickly came to the conclusion that aside from Red Dead Redemption, I can’t stand free roam games with forgettable NPCs and forgettable side quests. :P I still boot RDR from time to time, trying to complete challenges or just looking for random encounters or treasure chests. I think my favorite thing about RDR is the scenery… I really hope Rockstar will make some kind a sequel or spiritual sequel to RDR, minus the way to long crunch time and poor working conditions. :(

  • Nice list, already have a few of them on my account. Can’t wait for Minecraft Vita!! I’ll definitely be adding more games on this list to my account.

    Here’s a thought…. 2 PS1 classics that would probably best sellers would be the first 3 Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games, on the NA Vita? Hmmmm? Just saying.

  • i missed the castle crashers sale… :(



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