Bound by Flame on PS4: Crafting Items to Survive

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Bound by Flame on PS4: Crafting Items to Survive

Bound by Flame on PS4 and PS3

In Bound by Flame — a gothic RPG for PS4 — the crafting system has an instrumental role. You’ll need it to advance in your journey, as it provides useful upgrades to your character, while also having a strong aesthetic aspect.

Throughout your quest, you’ll loot various materials and components hidden in chests, or from the corpses of your dead enemies. These are the basic components to craft weapons, armor, traps, ammunition, or potions that you’ll need to progress. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of crafting in Bound by Flame; some of the best pieces of equipment are crafted!

The visual customization of your hero is also very deep. Some pieces of armor have up to three slots that can be upgraded, with a direct impact on your character’s appearance. Crafting will transform your hero into a killing machine, and will make you look like a badass in the process.

Crafting Components

In Bound by Flame, the opportunities to gather materials for crafting are many. Killing monsters, looting chests and coffins, or completing quests are all good means to collect various components.

There are a lot of crafting resources, and each of them has several quality levels. Components include metal, gemstone, bones, leather, blood, Hearth dust, and more. Most of these materials can have a tainted variant, implying various new crafting attributes.

While low quality components are very common, you’ll need to gather a large amount of high quality materials to craft the best weapons and armor. Fortunately, low quality components may also be used to create higher quality materials, at the cost of quantity. For instance, three coins let you craft a piece of raw metal, and 4 raw metal pieces will let you craft a piece of refined metal.

Another source of crafting materials will come from recycling your unwanted pieces of equipment. When you find new armor with better stats, you might want to dismantle the old one, in order to get some components back.

Crafting Talents

As crafting is a key element in Bound by Flame, you’ll have the opportunity to specialize your character for it.

Bound by Flame on PS4 and PS3Bound by Flame on PS4 and PS3

An entire list of talents are dedicated to enhance your efficiency in crafting. As a master in craftmanship, you consume less materials and create more products. You can even boost the amount of loot you find in chests and on corpses.

You cannot carry an unlimited amount of equipment, however. If you reach the weight limit, it affects your movement. But several skills allow the hero to push the limits of his bag capacity, letting you carry more weapons, armor, and materials. You can also enhance your recycling skills to optimize this process.

And all this work will pay off, when you proudly display your shiny new armor.

Armor and Weapon Crafting

Bound by Flame invites you to create and customize your pieces of equipment at an incredibly deep level.

Vulcan can wear 4 pieces of armor: chest, gloves, boots, and helmet. Each of them can be customized to add various bonuses according to your gameplay style.

Are you an aggressive warrior who likes to charge in the midst of battle? Opt for a pure damage boost for your weapons and physical resistance for your armor. Do you struggle a lot against enemies dealing magic damage? Increase your magic resistance!

Each of these options has a direct impact on the look of your character. Just like armor, the variety of crafting options for weapons is huge. You can customize the guard and the pommel of your blades, your war hammers, and axes. Find the one that suits you. And join the battle with the weapon and the armor you created.

Everything is at your disposal to customize your character with every detail, while giving you the edge you need to overcome the dangerous creatures roaming Vertiel.

Oh, and by the way, don’t hesitate to visit the official website or Spiders devblog for more info, and the official Facebook page to stay tuned on all the news about Bound by Flame.

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