The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for March 11th, 2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for March 11th, 2014
The Drop

Steel yourself. One of the most punishing names in gaming makes a brutal return to PlayStation this week, igniting a joyous fire in the hearts of hardcore RPG fans. Dark Souls II comes to PS3 this week, bearing the haunting aesthetics and teeth-gnashing difficulty that gamers have come to expect. Wield swords, shields, crackling spells, and powerful potions in an effort to thwart death itself.

For those interested in the competitive side of gaming, look no further than TowerFall Ascension, which hits PS4 on Tuesday. This addictive multiplayer arena pits archers against each other in heart-pounding battles where a single arrow can spell the difference between victory and defeat. With blissfully simple play and enormously rich strategies, TowerFall Ascension celebrates the thrill of couch competition. Ascension also features brand new Quest and Trials modes for a more robust experience.

For a complete list of games coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky
Dark Souls II
Fort Defense North Menace
Putty Squad
TowerFall Ascension

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3 — Digital, Retail
The long-running RPG series makes its return with another colorful adventure, told from two different perspectives. Select your hero and participate in fast-paced, turn-based battles, and create potent items. Streamlined synthesis system invites both old and new players alike.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Prepare for one of gaming’s greatest challenges in a shadowy world rife with danger. The fan-favorite RPG series continues, ready to accost players with enormous foes, cruel traps, and dizzying cliffs. Go beyond death.
PS Vita — Digital
A pirate armada approaches! Deflect the assaults by building defensive towers, and collect crystals and upgrade spells along the way. 20 levels set in the cold and unforgiving ice.
PS4 — Retail
An old-school platformer that will test a gamer’s timing, skill, and imagination. Set out to rescue the imprisoned putties, and use putty powers to overcome challenges and save the day.
PS4 — Digital
Grab a few friends and prepare for pixelated war. TowerFall Ascension pits players against one another in high-stakes, white-knuckle battles rich with strategy. An approachable but deep local multiplayer arena.
PS3 — Digital
A charming puzzle adventure driven by stunning liquid simulations. Face creatures composed entirely of liquid, and work to unravel a mystery that now threatens the entire world. More than 10 hours of content across multiple environments.

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