Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Coming to PS4 This Month

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Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Coming to PS4 This Month

Hullo, I’m Jamin Smith, Community Manager and writery person over at Born Ready Games. I’m here to announce that Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut will be heading to PS4 later this month. If mechs, space, and blowing things to smithereens with mechs (in space) are your thing, read on.

Strike Suit Zero is a space combat game that harkens back to the days of Wing Commander, Freelancer, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter — all the classics — but with a mech twist to the dogfighting, and a next-gen lick of paint. At the heart of our game is a ship that can transform from a traditional fighter to a lethal suit of space armor: the Strike Suit. This really changes up the core concept of dogfighting, allowing pilots to transform, turn 180 degrees, and unleash a barrage of missiles without having to go through the laborious procedure of ‘jousting’ that older space combat titles relied on.

The Strike Suit was designed by Junji Okubo (Appleseed: Ex-Machina, Steel Battalion, Infinite Space), who has a very functional approach to mechanical design. As such, the Strike Suit unfolds much like a real piece of machinery would; there are no Michael Bay-esque transformations here.

U.N.E. Frigate from BornReadyGames on Sketchfab.

Fans of Homeworld will also be pleased to hear that we’ve enlisted the services of Paul Ruskay for the Strike Suit Zero soundtrack, too. Paul has collaborated with Japanese singer-songwriter Kokia (Tales of Innocence, Gunslinger Girl: II Teatrino) in bringing the soundtrack to life, resulting in an interesting blend of East meets West — a notion that is apparent in all facets of the game’s design.

The development of the game was put under a bit of strain over Christmas when our studio was trashed by some pretty serious flooding. The river Wey here in Guildford burst its banks on Christmas Eve, and our studio (and poor neighbours Hello Games) was submerged in flood water.

Worry not, however. While lots of equipment and personal items were lost, we were able to rescue our machines in time, and successfully moved the team upstairs where development got back on track as quickly as possible. As such, Strike Suit Zero is well on track for its March launch.

We’ve furnished PlayStation.Blog with some never-before-seen concept art from Strike Suit Zero: the Grados Cruiser, Pegasus Cruiser, and concept enemy Fighters can all be seen below with notes from our Lead Artist, Dan Lodge.

Grados Cruiser
The Grados cruiser is a bit of a Born Ready art team favorite. We’d love to build this ship and see that massive fixed cannon in action one day. Check out the distinctive design of the rear hull and the engine housings.

Strike Suit Zero: Director's CutStrike Suit Zero: Director's Cut

Pegasus Cruiser
A little more streamlined than the Argama U.N.E cruiser found in Strike Suit Zero, the Pegasus was designed as a colonial frigate hunter. I think Junji really nailed the engine design on this one.

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut
Junji sent us a good range of proposed designs for fighters. These are some of the designs that didn’t quite make it in.

You can also check out a 3D model of the U.N.E. Frigate, which has been re-modelled and upscaled for the Director’s Cut. You can get up close and personal, and bask in the glory of those extra polys in the embed above.

Thanks for reading! For more information on the game, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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4 Author Replies

  • Can’t wait for some meat and potato real PS4 games… I feel like everything that’s been getting announced I’ve had on Steam for ages or they’re old PS3 remakes :(

  • Oh wow! This looks pretty kick butt. Do we got a confirmed frame rate fellas? :)

  • Whoa! That was a very good trailer..Day one buy for me.

    Looks very fun to play and sexy to boot. Thank yous.

  • I can’t wait for this. I was so excited when it hit the PC, but my PC sadly isn’t beefy enough to run it well. Day one buy, I love games like this. :)

  • @1 – I’m with you on that one. Strike Suit Zero and all it’s variants/addons are frequently on sale on Steam for 90% off. I kinda get the feeling that anybody that’s wanted to play the game already has it

    Next Friday is Infamous. That’s a PS4 exclusive, but after that I don’t see anything really coming out for the rest of the year until the new Arkham probably around Halloween. Just more and more PC ports and PS3 remakes. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could have MP3 and AVI/MP4/MKV support or even PSX/PS2/PSP digital compatibility. I’m sure the PS4 is more than capable of running all of that

    We need something over here Sony. Even if you were just more open about the plans for the coming year with a tentative timeline

  • As far as a “next-gen lick of paint” did anyone else feel like Dead Nation didn’t look any different on PS4?

  • I always wanted to play this game, I hope PS+ will get a discount?

  • Yeah these are nice add on’s for the PS4 game libary but like mentioned latest games have been on other platforms long time. Nothing “new” under the sun. My PS4 is collecting dust I hope Watch Dogs will change that.

  • I’m a Steam addict and I’ve never seen this game. Have a library of over 200 RPGs on the service. So all of you “have this game already” folk need to keep in mind that not everyone is a multi-platform (console/ tablet/ PC/ whatever) owner. Even if they are a gaming enthusiast, its quite possible that any number of excellent games – such as this one – have slipped through the cracks. Didn’t know about Outlast or SOMA either until the PS Blog showcased them.

    Games are games, and with the shrinking single-platform output, you’re going to see them on as many platforms as you can imagine. So y’all need to keep a more open mind towards software in the future.

  • As someone that has a Mac that can’t play most games except classic games like Freelancer. I have been keeping my eye on this and can’t wait to play this since I have been having a blast with the ZoE HD remakes. Also those design pretty damn awesome.

  • Looks awesome! Happy to see the space fighter get some long overdue respect. Day one buy for me!

  • Well said Christian399, I know I damn sure have never seen this game and I plan on getting it Day One. My PS4 has been a Vidzone player and not much else (some madden, NFS, and other games that my PS3 would have been running) so I welcome games that I can enjoy regardless if anyone else has played them or not.

  • man reminds me of them warhawk dog fights

  • I know I wont be expecting a reply back because I am about to say something negative about this game. In all honesty this game looks pants and dated.

    But seriously sony I hope you reply back to me on what is happening about The Last Guardian. You probably wont do because the game is so secretive. Why cant you show just one screenshot of the game, even if its from a tree from the game? Or has the team working on the game changed the look of the griffin into a giant bunny? So secretive.

  • I dont have a PC so im super excited that stuff like this is coming to PS4!!!!!!! KEEP EM COMING SONY!!

  • This makes me wish for a Next Gen Robotech game!!!!!

  • Wow, this looks awesome. I remember seeing trailers for this a while back, and I’m glad to hear this will be coming to PS4. I’m also stoked to hear that this is a single player game; I’ll definitely be buying this one.

  • Will there be a DEMO ?


  • I already own both Strike Suit games on PC myself but my PC is like three years old and won’t be able to run the game at it’s best fidelity. I look forward to buying it on PS4 though with all the bells and whistles.

    I gotta ask though, why the lack of Infinity?

    • Strike Suit Infinity was built on a different framework, and the actual process of bringing it to console is not very straight forward. That’s not to write it off on console completely, but there are certainly no plans at this stage.

      That said, the Heroes of the Fleet mission pack (and the Marauder and Raptor Strike Suits are both available with the Director’s Cut)


  • This trailer reminded me so much of watching so much Robotech when I was a kid. KTEH Sunday Science Fiction night. Such good memories. Definitely will be picking this one up, and not pretending to be Rick Hunter while I play, because looking back on it he was kind of a giant DB.

  • This looks pretty fun, but I have to wonder why we’re getting this, but still waiting for War Thunder. :\

  • This is a game that I want to be playing ASAP! Make it so.

  • Looks great guys! I’m glad to see you guys taking this game to the console market!
    I hope you guys get a ton of new fans that haven’t played the original on PC with this release, you guys deserve it.

  • @6 Agree with you with Dead Nation except certain creatures seem to have more detail like the Moth we can actually see its mouth.

    As far as this game is concern I would love to have it for my PS4 but I’m full with my games of the month. Which are Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD and inFAMOUS Second Son, Perhaps April. guys but love the trailer.

  • Looks awesome. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  • LoL I’m with 20… I used to watch robotech in the 3rd grade … It’s the first thing I thought of when i saw this … I’ll be buying this for sure… March is looking good for me with this game, second son and the new BF4 expansion pack at the end of the month … Not to mention dead nation that we already got

  • got this on pc but im double dipping when they release it on PS4, it is really good

    and LOL at those doom and gloom “there is no gaems” crowd, E3 is around the corner and im pretty sure there will be more surprises to come

  • I played the original game on PC and had tons of fun with it. Paul Ruskay did an amazing job with the soundtrack. My only gripe with the game was the cockpit vision. Anyway, I’ll gladly purchase this enhanced version not only to support a potential sequel but also the respective developers.

  • This is something worth checking out, I will have to look into this more.

  • HOLY JUMPING CRAP!#% I *loved* Wing Commander: Privateer and Descent Freespace 1 &2. This game is sooooo up my alley!!!

    The backgroundart looks fantastic, but the rendering approach doesn’t look that much better than Freespace 2. The jet trails don’t appear to emit light that affects the ships flying near it, same with the laser shots that course near materials. That’s too bad :(

    Any use of the DualShock 4’s internal speaker or touch pad? voice commands via the Camera? use of the Vita as a second-screen controller?

    Very, very interested! Just need the answer to some questions before I buy :)

    • Hullo – glad to hear you’re looking forward to the game! There’s no use of the DualShock 4’s internal speaker, but we have taken advantage of the touch pad for targeting. There’s no use of voice commands (the game is twitch based and too quick to make decent use of it) but you can use your Vita as a second screen.

      Hope that helps!

  • What, I need to get that ps4, because they are coming out with “new” ps4 games now more ps4 games than ps vita, and ps3. Strike Suit zero is a kind of cool game because it got the shotting in space, and your just riding in the space ship but, just on the ps4, cause thats apart of “GAMING”.

  • Reminds me a bit of “Omega Boost.” Looks cool, I’d like to try a demo.

  • I’ll be buying this day one if there is a discount for PS+ just saying. No infiniti though… hm. Toss up.

  • This game is SO GREAT! I can’t wait to get it for ps4. I want to see how everything is different and I was never able to play through the DLC on steam so I’m glad it’s included.

    Happy to play this with the DS4 we’ll see how it goes up against my joystick, probably different, but it will do.

    Also as with every game on ps4. I’m gonna test it on my VITA!

  • Now we just need some new Gundam games… but no more DW Gundam please

  • 1:10 sounds a lot like The Prodigy – Smack my B**** up, game also reminds me of Zone of the Enders, haven’t played that since ps2, which is a good thing! will definitely pick this game up!

  • Day 1 purchase … my PC isn’t really gaming ready, so I’m excited it’s coming over to play on my big screen :D

  • Price and firm date? I like the looks of it. It brings back cool memories of watching Robotech.

  • Wooohooo I kickstarted this game :D totally getting another copy for the PS4 though :)

  • Is this “coming soon” like War Thunder, or “coming soon” as in it will actually be released?

  • @ Chris72Lynch

    The post said this month. Nothing more. :-/

    Based on the schedule so far I’m guessing the last week of March.

  • We’re starting to run out of March.
    Still no firm release date.

  • Come on guys, its time to release this game! Tomorrow is March’s the last update!!
    Any news about it? Will it really come or will we have to wait a bit more?

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