Galak-Z Coming to PS Vita

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Galak-Z Coming to PS Vita

Galak-Z for PS Vita

We here at 17-BIT are ecstatic to announce we’ll be bringing the same seat-of-your-pants space shooting gameplay of Galak-Z to PS Vita. Since each game of Galak-Z is a unique, randomly-generated adventure, you’ll be able to dive deep into a fresh experience anytime you have a free moment, no matter where you are.

Counting From One to Infinity

As we designed Galak-Z, we realized a funny thing — we kept building onto one main level rather than adding new levels. Typically, we’d be building new levels left and right to express new gameplay concepts, but with Galak-Z, we were focused on how each new enemy, trap, plant, and weapon fit into the mix. So we kept mushing them together in one big level. It was glorious, and it was known as “the cave.”

Why did the same environment stay fun for so long? What really matters in Galak-Z is the interactions between all the moving parts. Combat with intelligent squads, getting attacked by a hostile environment, weighing the risks of a deadly magma pool versus the sheer style of knocking some hapless enemy into it… As long as we kept switching it around, it kept being interesting.

Galak-Z Dungeon Generation

The endless fights helped us learn how the environment should work. In the same way that water erodes rock, seeking the path of least resistance, we bumped and nudged the curves of our walls until we started to understand what made a room feel real good to move around and fight in.

That hand-worn level became the guidebook for our level generator, which now helps to replicate the work we’d been using intuition and experimentation to craft. We have a library of rooms hand-designed to fly around in. The rooms are filled with potential spawn points for the traps and enemies. We do it by hand to guarantee the objects are placed in interesting and organic ways; you want that self-defense turret to have a good angle on any intruders, right? The rooms are then selected, randomized, and connected to form a dungeon. Launch out from your mothership, and you’ll find yourself entering a new and dangerous space cave on each mission.

Galak-Z for PS VitaGalak-Z for PS Vita


We’ve been inspired along the way by many of the “new wave” roguelikes. In particular, we’d like to give a shout out to Spelunky and Don’t Starve.

Spelunky works so well as a handheld game, and we can’t put it down. Spelunky’s superpower is the extremely rich interactions between every last object in the game. When you’re collecting rocks to dislodge spiders to set off arrow traps, you’re pulling on a deep well of knowledge gained purely by watching the rules of the game grind against each other, and expressing it in a natural way. Every miserable, hilarious, catastrophic death doubles as a big chalkboard lesson in How The Game Works.

Spelunky is also great at giving satisfying play sessions of anywhere from three minutes to three hours. The union of the roguelike structure and the pick-up-and-play nature of a handheld resonated with us. It makes us even more excited to get Galak-Z on the go.

Don’t Starve’s survival aesthetic has had a big impact, too. We love the way it encourages you to set long-term goals for each play session — “I’ll work towards building my science station this game” — then distracts you with unexpected troubles. The progression, in which you learn more and more about the tech tree and find new pieces to add to your mix, has inspired our thinking about our own utility belt of abilities, upgrades, and power-ups for the Galak-Z fighter plane.

Galak-Z Spider Grab

On the Next Episode…

We’re still building our ultimate space anime fantasy. We’ll keep the combat tight, the missions intense, and the villains dastardly. So, keep your engines hot as we push ever closer to our launch of Galak-Z for PS4 and PS Vita later this year. Until next time, Space Ace!

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3 Author Replies

  • Love me some rogue-like games. Between the resurgence of those and the adventure games, it’s like I’m reliving my childhood in the 80s all over again.

  • It looks really nice and fun! Now I want more info

  • My #1 Indie game is Galak-Z! Thanks for your hard work! This looks and sound truly remarkable! I will be picking this up on my PS4.

  • Awesome news! Will the PS4 and Vita versions be launching around the same time?

  • Outstanding! Was interested in this game anyway and now it’s a must buy. Let the Vita love continue!

  • Was already day one but now even more so!!

    Will this have a platinum? Can see myself putting countless hours into this.

  • Will the PS3, PS4, and Vita games be linked somehow? i.e. leaderboards, saves, whatever?

    • We’re still working on how the two versions will be tied together. Also, Galak-Z will be for PS4 & Vita.

  • Awesome. Keep the Vita games coming.

  • Awesome! This is great news :D.

  • i love indies games but I’m tired of it we need some games for vita other then indies ps vita can do better i have 4GB card for vita fill with indies games.

  • Also will this have a cohesive story? With an end?

    Don’t know if u guys are moving away from that Saturday morning cartoon vibe u had going on.

    • We’re more fully embracing (bear hugging, really!) the Saturday morning cartoon vibe! Just like in those old weekly shows, you get to go on new adventures every time that cumulatively inform the larger story arc. Player choice impacts your pathway and keeps your journey organic and unique to you.

  • When I attended PAX Prime last September the first game I wanted to play was Galak-Z. Thankfully 17-Bit’s stall was near the edge of the Indie Megabooth and I didn’t have to walk through the sea of people that were jammed into the mega booth! After several minutes of playing the game my suspicions were confirmed; thus game is bloody amazing. Can’t wait to play the final version on both PS4 & Vita.

  • While I’m digging the shift in direction I do have a question about the level design.

    While the root of the game seems to be zipping around through asteroids I was hoping for some open space areas as well. Like being able to take on battle cruisers or freaky giant space alien monsters that are too big to fit in your ‘room’ design. Would make for some nice challenges don’t ya think?

    • We completely agree! We’re super excited to start revealing more and more of Galak-Z in the coming months. Variety is really important to us, and space is a big place! :)

  • hope a demo will be avabile

  • My god this game looks so dang awesome. Rogue-likes are my favorite genre on PS Vita, and I’m sure I won’t be able to put this down once I get my hands on it!

  • I love the graphics. It looks like it’s similar to Pixel Junk Shooter, but with anime style, which is awesome!

  • Count me in for shooters these are always a blast to play. Just exactly when this is coming out. The suspense is killin me.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Spelunky is a good source of inspiration, indeed. You described it perfectly. That alone makes me want to check this game out.

  • any use of the Vita as a second screen cross-controller? PS4 stereoscopic 3D support? use of the DualShock 4’s unique features (in-controller speaker, touch pad, etc)?

  • I love space shooters, especially on the PSVita. I hope to hear more about this in the future..

  • Listen,listen,listen, these ps vita games are going on sale and after a other sale and other and it’s kinda crazy because they really want playstation gamers to buy these game or parents of playstation gamers can buy ps vita games to ps3, to ps4. Ok Galak-Z never herd of the game before do I wanna get it for my ps vita I don’t know, problay not.

  • genius527, if you’re trolling on all of these posts, nobody gets it, so it defeats the purpose. They don’t find it irritating OR amusing. It’s just “Okay.. whatever that means. Anyway..”

    If you’re not trolling, then hello and I apologize.

  • so glad to hear that this is going to be on the vita as well. day one for sure

  • Day one for me as well. Fun fact: When watching Sony’s presentation of the PS4 and the games that were being developed for it, one of the ONLY ones that instantly blew me away was Galak-Z. The moment I saw it, I was like “Holy crap, I NEED this!” Knowing it’ll be on the Vita and possible to play it on the go is just the icing on the cake.

    Really looking forward to more news about in the future!

  • I am a HUGE Starblazers fan, so ever since this game crossed my radar last year I have been super excited about it. It is definitely a day 1 buy for me, and along with The Witness, is my most anticipated indie game. I think it is cool that it will be on Vita too, but even though it is a day 1 buy, I don’t know if it will be a day 1 buy twice. Any chance it will be cross-buy so both PS4 and Vita will come on the same purchase?

  • Eh, will there be permadeath?

  • Sólo espero que cuente con cross-buy, cross-save y un juego en línea :D

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