Foul Play Coming to PS4, PS Vita

23 19
Foul Play Coming to PS4, PS Vita

Hello there! Mediatonic here, checking back in on Playstation.Blog after a long absence. Some of you may remember our PSN Minis. If you do, it’s highly probable that we love you. If you don’t, that’s okay, too!

We’re thrilled to lift the curtain on our return to PlayStation platforms with Foul Play, coming to PS4 and PS Vita! In this encore performance, we’re thrilled to announce a cross buy launch, hand-in-hand with some exciting new difficulties and optimization for each platform.

Foul Play is our theater-based beat ’em up where Victorian Daemonologist, Baron Dashforth, recreates his adventures for the stage; brawls and all!

No expense has been spared for the Baron’s one-night-only spectacular show, and it’s a game that rewards performance over pummelling, as every strike and combo has to keep an eager audience entertained.

Foul Play on PS4 and PS VitaFoul Play on PS4 and PS Vita

You don’t have a conventional life bar, but a “Mood-o-Meter.” Keep it filled with audience pleasing action, and you’ll be met with cheers, whoops, and hats in the air! Miss your cues, get beaten around by the adversarial actors, and you’ll find yourself booed off stage…

Join the Baron and his assistant Mr. Scampwick in co-op play wading through hordes of combat trained actors in a variety of menacing (and/or ridiculous) costumes.

The various plays of the night represent the scarcely believable, but ENTIRELY ACCURATE tales of Baron Dashforth banishing daemons. The lovingly crafted sets vary from the automatons of Atlantis to werewolves on the misty moors of Somerset — even a cult inadvertently starting the great fire of London!

Now we’re in the process of making sure everything looks great on the Vita display and in full 1080p for PS4 with our 60 FPS animations. We’re not quite ready to announce what day will be opening night just yet, but if you’ve got any other questions I’ll be happy to answer them in the comments!

We had a lot of fun playing with the conventions and limitations of the theater for such a grandiose tale. All in all, we can’t wait to bring our brawler, characters, and humour to PlayStation. If you want so see how we’re getting on, check us out on Twitter, Facebook, or our official website!

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  • That looks really cool, any idea when we can expect it?

    • Hey Gorvi! We’re polishing up both versions on the game – we’ll hopefully have some solid dates soon!

  • Interesting, I do like beat’em ups :D spent many hours as a little lad playing Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, TMNT: Turtles in Time, and many more. I can see this game being added to my Vita collection.

    • The whole team were HUGE fans of the classic old brawlers! Many debates about which was their childhood favourite – Streets of Rage 2 wins my vote personally!

      Hope this lives up to the legacy for you if you add it to your Vita library :D

  • That is an awesome concept, I’ll have to pick that up at some point. My only request: Platinum trophy.

    • Then you are in luck! We have a Platinum Trophy – we just need to make sure it has a suitably awesome name… :D Thanks for the interest and hope you enjoy it if you pick it up!

  • The concept is really cool. I hope it release this year.

    • That’s the plan! We don’t have a solid release date to announce yet, but you can DEFINITELY expect it this year!

  • game looks like alot of fun..reminds me of alot of other fun side scrolling games that should be already playable on the PS SHANK..JOE DANGER..Bionic Commander ..and Scott Pilgrim vs the like these would EASLY MOVE PS VITA OFF GAMESTOP SHELVES..SMH..SONY -__-

    • Big fans of those games you mentioned! Bionic Commando Rearmed is a source of nostalgic glee for me personally! We’re glad to be joining the Vita library and hope you check us out when we release! :D

  • YES! My 360 broke last year so I decided I was done with the MS ecosystem. This was one of the very few games I was going to regret not being able to play. Thanks so much for bringing it to Sony systems!

    • You’re more than welcome! :D We’re excited to be bringing it to the Sony systems! Doing a portable version as well as an updated console version for PS4 hopefully means the most people will be able to enjoy it!

  • @nYcFrEeWiLL82 I hear ya on those games! I’ve thought a few times that Shank and Scott Pilgrim would be awesome on Vita. Also so you know, both Joe Danger 1 & 2 are coming to Vita, there was a blog post back in August about it.

  • Can’t wait.

    Cross Buy/Discount (seriously if a free vita copy is to hard to chew on at least give us a fan loyalty discount)
    Cross Play
    Cross Save

    • You’re in luck, KazeEternal – it will indeed be Cross Buy. One price for both versions! Additionally we’re working on Cloud save functionality so you can share your progress between the two versions!

  • Looks fun. Count me in!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Looks like loads of fun.

  • Dudley-Do-Wrong1

    So stoked to finally have some good games coming to the Vita! Not there hasn’t been good games, but this one definetly looks better than most!

  • Ok, I wanted to first say this looks awesome and it makes my pants tight. Second I was hoping there would be some Fowl play in there perhaps some DLC? Giant chickens revolting and attacking a-la Legend of Zelda? Anyway the formula of Crossbuy and Platinum guarantee this will be a day 1 buy, so release this already and take my money!

    • Hahaha good to know! There were people who genuinely thought this was Fowl Play, a game of fighting chickens. I suppose we really missed a trick there… Noted for the future…

  • Most likely a Day 1 buy for me. Always welcome a trip down memory lane.

  • reminds me a lot to castle crashers fighting style.

    • It’s definitely up there in the pantheon of brawlers! We tried to do our own twist on the formula by placing the emphasis on performance and pleasing the audience. If you check us out, hope you enjoy!

  • great but really bummed that this isnt on the ps3 as well..

    • Sorry about that! With the timing of this release, Vita and PS4 made most sense for us! Also gave us a chance to touch up the visuals.

  • This is what its about stepping outside the box and bringing fresh new gameplay to the front. I am so glad the PS Vita has all these great games coming out. It makes me very happy to have a PS Vita and with the cross-buy and cross play this is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks so much for the enthusiasm! Glad our non boxed thinking seems to be a good fit for you! Whether you’re playing on PS4, Vita or both – really hope you enjoy the game when it releases! :D

  • I’m a big fan of this game on PC.

    • Thanks for your support! We’re tailoring the game to the Vita’s display and getting some new features in if that interests you at all, but honestly it’s always just a pleasure to hear from people who enjoyed the game! :D

  • Yeah, just watch that video on youtube cool game when i said I was going to get this game then I didn’t really know what to say sense it was a pretty cool game so I basiclly bearly say anything for Four play so yep ok.

    • Thank you! It’s been an absolute joy for us scouring YouTube and seeing ‘Let’s Players’ checking out our game! With the Sony release I’m sure we’ll be on the hunt for Shared PS4 content too :D

  • Looks fun! Too bad it isn’t on PS3, I would have bought it! Ah well.

    • With the timing of the release, I’m afraid PS4 and Vita made the most sense for us! Wish we could’ve brought it to PS3 as well. Sorry about that! Hope one day you might still get a chance to check it out! Either way, appreciate the enthusiasm.

      (…I am also a big geek for Mega Man so extra points for an amazing avatar image.)

  • Glad I didn’t buy it on XBL or PC but I’m ready to give you guys my money this time!

    (and I might buy it when it goes on sale on Steam one day. ;-) )

    • Haha! Excellent! Hope you enjoy it. We’re no stranger to the Steam sales if you keep your eyes peeled, but one price for PS4 and Vita version may be the way forward :D

  • will the PS4 version have 24-bit/lossless audio? will the Vita version have 320kbps Ogg or AAC audio assets?

    are the art assets on PS4 optimize for 1080p native rendering? (Some game have 720p assets that end up having awful-looking scaling artifacts)

  • oh, and are features of the DS4 in use? touch pad, light bar, and/or the in-controller speaker?

  • As someone who purchased and enjoyed the absolute crap out of the 3 Minis you guys released, It’s good to see you guys show PlayStation love again.

    I hope you can use the Vita as a second controller for co-op, like with Guacamelee.

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