A Message From Jack Tretton

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A Message From Jack Tretton

PlayStation Nation,

It is with mixed feelings that I inform you that I will be stepping down as President and CEO of SCEA effective March 31, 2014. This is a result of a mutual agreement with SCEA, and I leave knowing that the PlayStation brand has never been stronger, PlayStation 4 momentum continues to accelerate, and the future will only get brighter for our gamers.
Serving PlayStation fans for the past 19 years has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career. Your passion for gaming inspired me every day.

I want to thank you for constantly pushing PlayStation to deliver breakthrough gaming and entertainment experiences, and to never settle for “good enough.” The embodiment of this commitment can be found in the PS4, which has quickly become the #1 next-gen console worldwide…thanks to you.

We’ve shared many memories over the past two decades and I’ll always be grateful for your support.

Thank you,

Jack Tretton

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  • Best of luck in whatever you do next.

  • We’ll miss you Jack :(

  • Is it April already? This must be some bad joke…

  • Goodbye Jack. We’ll miss you.

  • Best of luck!

  • Jack, we will seriously miss you. You were inspiring. You had a great passion. You always had a real smile. Your E3 presentations were always fun to watch, because we could see your love for games and the gamers. You understood.

    I’m going to miss you. :'( Maybe come back for an appearance at E3?

  • Thanks for everything Jack. You’ve left SCEA on a high and delivered your best E3 conference.

  • No! What a shame! At least you picked a high point to make your exit. I wish you well, Jack. You – and others like Shahid and folks here on the blog – have really done an outstanding job connecting with your consumers. Hopefully you’re taking on a post at Activision or EA and can get their messy houses in order :) (More EA than Actiblizz.) Looking forward to hearing from you in the future, from wherever the winds take you next.


  • Good luck Jack and thanks! I’m close to my 40’s today but keep my fantasy alive thanks to PS and awesome games, glad to see PS brand maturing together with the once young gamers. You’ll be missed and remembered as the lovely and every PS fan’s dream uncle :-). It was always a pleasure to see you dominate the stage and get the love of the attendance at the E3, no one like you.


  • May the force always be with you Mr. Tretton, we all love you.

  • Wow, what a strange week! Such sad news…

  • Jack, things just aren’t going to be the same without you. You’ve been with PlayStation for as long as I’ve been a PlayStation gamer and it’s been awesome going on this ride and seeing you rise up through the ranks as the PlayStation brand grew to what it is today, a large portion of which is entirely thanks to you. I wish you the best in whatever comes next for you, and I hope that Layden realizes that he has some big boots to fill!

  • Very sad to hear this news Jack. I loved watching you every year for your E3 presentation. You brought Greatness to PlayStation.

  • No, Jack! Don’t go! I love you!

  • You will be missed. Can you give us more details as to what brought this on? Who will replace you? Are you staying with the company or leaving sony for good? E3 this year will not be the same without you.

  • Jack, you’ve done wonders for Sony Entertainment and the PlayStation brand. I’ve been loyal for as long as you’ve worked for PlayStation. You helped shape it into the awesome brand that’s kept me entertained for 19 years. Thank you for all of your hard work and best of luck to your future career endeavors.


  • Damn it Jack. I’ll miss how happy you always looked announcing awesome stuff at E3. I guess we’ll always have the videos of the crowd going wild when you said the PS4 would handle used games the same as the PS3.

  • thanks for everything you’ve done over the past 20 years

  • We’ll miss you Jack!

  • :/

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  • You will be missed. You truly made the PS brand better….Will really miss him at E3 (><)

  • “..along with the Family Guy Freakin’ Sweet Collection, a real crowd pleaser.”

    ^My favourite Jack Tretton quote of all time, I think that was E3 2006.

    Sad to see you leave, but smart to leave while on top and especially after last year’s E3. Good luck to you.

  • Good luck Jack, you’ll be missed. E3 will never be the same now.

  • Jack.
    Thank you so so much for everything you’ve done for PlayStation since its existence. The work you’ve done didn’t just grow a business, it’s had a tangible positive effect on my life. Through PlayStation I’ve had positive experiences that have actually made me a better person, at some level it’s part of my personality. You’re influence will be notably missing and events like E3 will be missing that thing that made the conference so genuine. I know you appreciate the fans, and we appreciate you back. If you stop being a part of the gaming industry all together, I hope you get an outlet where you can comment on the industry from a step back. Also, if you ever write a book on your work at PlayStation, you have at least one guaranteed buyer.

    -Just another gamer.

  • This just in Bob: Mark Cerny promoted to President and CEO of SCEA

    Jack is great! Definitely miss seeing his happy mug announcing PlayStation goodness.

  • Sorry to hear that, Mr. Tretton. I always thought you were a natural up on the stage. Best of luck.

  • Man, can’t March end already.. so many terrible news, losing Amy Hennig was bad enough. I will miss Jack Tretton, he was always great to watch in interviews and showed he really did care but best of luck on what he does next.

  • Thank you for serving PlayStation. I always looked forward to listening to you speak at E3. You will be missed. Best of Luck.

  • No! You were such a good face for the Playstation brand, Mr. Tretton! — I never expected a corporate president to be so chill and down to earth like you are in your interviews. I loved the whole team, really.. Great job with this launch.. I’m sad to hear that you won’t be involved with in the long run of Playstation 4.

  • The big question of the day is why? What about E3? Wow this is going to feel different this year without you presenting E3 2014. I only hope that it wasn’t a financial or legal problem.

    Whatever the reason. I hope happiness wherever life will take you!

    You will be missed!

  • This is completely shocking! You’ve been amazing all these years Jack and it’s hard to imagine an SCEA without you in the big chair upstairs. Despite it all, best of luck to you, and thank for all you have done and given us up until now.

  • Sad to see you go after almost 2 decades of awsome, best wishes in whatever you do next.

    7 Salute!

  • Thanks for everything Jack. You’ll be missed.

  • No word where are you heading after this? Moving during a whole year and living from fishing in the north pole? Survival walk through the Sahara?…MSFT?…the last would be weird….

  • Sad news, you’ll truly be missed.

  • Sorry to hear that too.

    Best regards from Spain (lot of fans here).

  • Sad for day PlayStation, best of luck to you Jack!

    Met you a few years back at E3, you were very personable and took the time for a quick photo. Thanks for all your hard work making PlayStation what it is today!

  • Maybe you will never read this but you were an awesome CEO and we will miss you….. Good luck!

  • Sad to hear you are leaving. You have done a fantastic job as CEO of SCEA and will be very missed. Thanks for putting in all those years of hard work to help get us where we are now. Good luck to you in all your plans in the future!

  • You will sincerely be missed Jack.-(the PlayStation brand today lost a great leader. good fortune in all your future endeavors

  • We’ll miss you, Jack. Be well.

  • Thanks for everything, Jack. PlayStation fans will never forget you and good luck in the future.


  • The PlayStation Nation salutes you, Mr. Tretton. Thanks for all your hard work.

    Best regards from Portugal.

  • best of luck man, you will definatly be missed :(

  • I think I speak for all of the Playstation Nation when I say thank you Jack for all of your amazing years of service to the fans and community of everything Playstation. Your one of the few “corporate” guys that never seemed “corporate” but more like a guy that really loves games and even more importantly respected the hobby of videogaming. I’ve been gaming since the Colico Vision and old Atari days but never have I felt so glad to be a gamer until the age of Playstation and Jack you were a big part of that. Im not sure what road you may plan to take next but I wish you nothing but the best. P.S. I will never forget when you dropped the mic and walked off the stage at last years E3 man!!!

  • You will be missed by playstation fans around the world.
    I had a great time watching your E3 press conferences and see you improve year after year. And you leave the playstation brand in such a strong position, you should be proud.
    I can picture a bar filled with the best playstation characters making a toast: “for all he does, for all of us…to Jack!”
    I wish you all the best for your future, both professional and personal.
    Long. Live. Play.

  • Thanks for everything Jack.
    We’ll miss you but we wish you the best of luck in whatever you are going to do.
    E3 is not going to be the same without you.
    Hope you can read all the message somehow.

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