PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate Coming to PS4, PS Vita This Summer

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PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate Coming to PS4, PS Vita This Summer

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate on PS4 and PS Vita

All of us here at Double Eleven are excited to announce that PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is coming to PS4 and PS Vita this Summer, and we can finally start to talk about it!

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is a twin-stick shooter that’s as much about blasting things as it is about exploration, puzzle solving, and collecting things. Within Shooter Ultimate, players interact with environments that run an advanced fluid dynamics simulation. These interactions are needed to solve puzzles, overcome enemies, and progress through levels.

For those who remember the original PixelJunk Shooter games, Ultimate combines the campaigns of Shooter 1 and 2 into a single experience. It certainly doesn’t stop there, as we’ve done a ton of work on top of that to make this the third game in the series!

So here’s our list of nine things that hopefully make our PixelJunk Shooter worthy of the title “ultimate.”

1. Full Visual Upgrade on PS4

When we were trying to decide what a PS4 version of Shooter should look like, we knew that it needed to remain true to that classic, razorsharp, vector-based aesthetic — which continually threw new ideas at the player — while still being able to stand besides modern PS4 games. From a gameplay perspective, we wanted to make combat more intense, engaging, and overall provide for a more rewarding experience.

So, we decided to introduce real-time environment lighting, along with a host of new visual FX for things like projectiles, explosions, thrusters,and more. And it didn’t stop there — we’ve also worked on making the fluids look even better by increasing the resolution of the particles, improving shaders, and adding anti-aliasing to the edges of the fluids. We’ve also revisited the color palette, and color grading has been added to every scene, which hopefully makes it look and feel more immersive.

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate on PS4 and PS VitaPixelJunk Shooter Ultimate on PS4 and PS Vita

2. A Redesigned Ship on PS4

Something that a lot of people loved about the ship in Shooter 1 and 2 was the way it managed the relationship between momentum and resistance to changes in motion. This is not something we wanted to mess with, but we did want to improve the visual feedback to the player, to make that relationship more accessible.

To achieve this, we decided to introduce a 3D ship, which allowed us to add animations for aeronautical maneuvering that gives better visual feedback. The ship is also treated to the newly introduced real-time lighting, as well as the other visual improvements.

3. 60 Frames-per-second on PS4

For the uninitiated, higher frame rates capture much more of the action every second, so there’s much less opportunity for action to blur when you’re in the thick of it. Behind the scenes, our physics and fluid dynamics simulations also run at 60 FPS, meaning that the game is more responsive to how the player interacts with the various environments. It also improves on the control feedback and responsiveness.

4. Awesome Environments on PS Vita

One of the most understated aspects of the Shooter series of games was the highly complex fluid simulation. Most of the puzzles in the game require the manipulation of various fluids (water, lava, magnetic fluid, acid), each of which are made from several thousand particles to get the simulation looking perfect.

The computational power to run this has even given some quad-core PC processors issues, so bringing this game to a portable handheld was always going to be a major challenge. This has all been made possible thanks to some excellent research and development by our team, and we’re really excited that we can bring this experience to PS Vita.

5. One Seamless Experience

PixelJunk Shooter introduced us to the Yellow Dart, and its mission to save trapped scientists. PixelJunk Shooter 2 picks up exactly where the first left off. In PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, you can enjoy an uninterrupted and complete experience, with all the new features introduced in Shooter 2 — such as the super spin — across all chapters.

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate on PS4 and PS Vita

6. A New HUD

Ultimately, we wanted the HUD (heads-up display) to be more intuitive and informative. After evaluating the original HUD elements, we also realized that too much screen real estate was being used up — that was particularly problematic on PS Vita.

The newly designed minimalist elements have a level of opacity, which allows for more action to be seen. More so, we thought about what other information the player should know and we’ve added new elements to reflect this.

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate on PS4 and PS Vita

7. Cross play

As gamers, we love it when consoles and handhelds work well together. So cross play was one of the first things we looked into. Now you and your friend can play together, without both of you needing the same device.

8. Cross Save

Another thing we find useful as gamers is cross save functionality, and this is something we’ve added to Shooter Ultimate. With this, you can take your save game on the move on Vita, and then continue your experience at home, with all the new graphical effects on PS4.

9. New Scoring System

We’ve reviewed the entire scoring system, and without giving away too much, we’ve hopefully balanced it to accommodate those who are just starting out, those that enjoy competitive play, and to those that would challenge their friends on the leaderboards.

We’re really pleased with how PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is taking shape, and we can’t wait for you to grab it on PS4 and PS Vita this Summer.

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  • YES! YES! YES! Oh heck…there goes whatever free time I had planned over Summer!

  • Cool, hope its free on PS Plus, otherwise i’m not buying the same games twice ( i already have 1&2 on ps3)

    Also will online be cross ps3 & ps4?

  • Will the game carry a platinum trophy??

  • So much for that big IGN exclusive reveal an hour from now for this.

    You guys did great with PJ Monsters, this should be great as well. After this, hit up Sony about doing the Vita/PS4 Journey ports please. You guys have some real hardware talent.

  • Because that could revive the online community, if the online was crossed over between the ps3 and ps4

  • Looks great guys! I’ve been meaning to get into Shooter ever since I watched those Quick Looks with Ryan Davis.

    Thanks for doing so much to bring it to both PS4 and Vita. It’ll be easy to plunk down the cash for this.

  • Cross-save


  • This is awesome news, I loved both Shooter and Shooter 2. Now announce PJ Eden for PS4 and Vita and I can die a happy man!

  • Awesome! I never did finish PJS2. :)

  • I was hoping it was Journey.

  • “we’ve done a ton of work on top of that to make this the third game in the series!”

    Does this mean that there will be new levels too? A third chaper/campaign?

  • Nice! Probably my favorite Pixeljunk game.

  • Come on people. Pixeljunk is worth sending a couple more bucks to. I’ll be buying on Day 1 no matter the price. The extra things added that they mention in this post are worth it.

  • Like++ Hopefully this is Cross-buy also or Cross-Discount-Bundle with a PS+ cherry on top

  • This is brilliant news, I’ve always thought that the PixelJunk Shooter would be right at home on the Vita, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Is this better then monsters?

  • You know, with this trend of PS4 porting re-releases, it makes me think that the lack of backwards compatibility on the PS4 is not about the actual cost or console limitations, but rather was done purposefully so developers could make slightly altered “ultimate” versions and double-dip on their existing products.


    Give this a platinum and you’ve guaranteed a double dip from me.

  • Awesome~! Looks amazing!

  • Never did get around to checking out Shooter 2, and having a portable compilation seems like the perfect reason to do so. Thanks for not forgetting the Vita!

  • very cool. maybe this is something my wife and i will play together. been looking forward to some more cross-play titles!

  • Awesome! Nice to see the PJ Shooter saga come to PSVita & PS4 owners! As a PS+ member and especially as an owner of both PJ Shooter 1 and 2, I look forward to picking this up with a discount *fingers crossed* real soon!

  • Cross Buy?

  • I finally have a reason to consider getting a ps4. Nice job, guys.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    I’d love to see Sidescroller revamped like this. Please tell me Sidescroller Ultimate is on the way too… :)

  • It seems I’m the minority in this opinion reading the comments from this and other posts but here goes. I personally didn’t buy my PS4 to play these remake indie games. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them on PS3 and if I so choose to replay them I will fire up my PS3. I’m just getting tired of these remakes taking up my IGC and the store to make it look like PS4’s library is growing. It doesn’t help sell consoles when guests come to check out PS4 and all there is are PS3 remakes. My two cents.

  • Who said there isn’t PS4 backwards compatibility? At some point you will be paying again to play any PS3 game!

    I was playing Dead Nation Plus last night, and next to nothing was done with the game. Sony… please stop before this becomes really silly.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Dnut

    Don’t worry. These games aren’t stopping the main attractions from being made, released, or sold. You’ll get what you want in time.

    These “smaller” games can hold you over in between the heavy hitters, and in my opinion, they do that very well.

    Also, financially, indie sales provide a solid source of income for the industry in general. People need to realize the contribution that indies have provided to our hobby. We’d be worse off without them, I can promise you that.

  • Well said, @PrimeroIncognito. Took the words right out of my mouth. Just because re-made indie titles and ports of PS3 games are currently on the horizon for PS4 does not mean that’s what is exclusively coming to the system over the course of its 10-year lifespan. It’s early, everybody. AAA titles are on the way…please believe that!

    As for this game, I’m truly excited to hear of its impending release! I own PJS 1 and 2 for PS3, but never really got to play either, as many PSN games get lost in the shuffle of all of the AAA madness. I will surely find time to play these games on my Vita though. Very happy with all of the titles that have been announced for the Vita as of late. And we’re not even close to E3 yet!

  • @Primero, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind indie games on PS4. Contrast, Resogun, Outlast, and even Don’t Starve I was ook with. I’m just not into the “remakes”. As honkayjeezus says it’s these ports that I don’t like. Aside from grabbing extra trophies, they’re not worth it. The IGC is so vast now anyways that I don’t need this filler. Give me something original.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Dnut

    Ah, I see.

    I’m glad to hear you understand and appreciate the IGC for what it is. Some people still don’t comprehend what an incredible value it is, as sad as that sounds…

    Well, these remakes are still good for those who always wanted to play these games but never got around to it, right? The updated graphics will woo some, but for me, when I get a PS4, it’s going to be all about the DualShock 4 and the improved control it provides. I seriously can’t wait to try it with some of these remakes, honestly, mostly so I can measure the difference between the old and the new, and play them with the refined level of control I had always envisioned them as having. I never did like analog buttons… so glad Sony did away with those! Analog sticks + digital buttons is the way to go.

  • Lost in all this talk of double-dipping is the notion of a great game now being available to those new to the PlayStation family. They never owned a PS3, or any that preceded it. I mean, if it’s worth it to you then buy it. If not, don’t. But there’s at least a hint being made here that “double-dipping” is being forced upon us.

    Yes, the PS4 lineup is starting to look rather…um, familiar. As others have said, give it a bit more time. It’s not these games existing that really bothers you; it’s the lack of great alternatives/new IP/huge sequels. Infamous is on the way in a couple of weeks, though.

    Also, it’s very strange to read that this is still in development for a Summer release here but apparently joined the IGC in the EU already today (for Vita anyway). o_O

  • 32# These ports are not Next Gen tho. Just slightly improved versions. Dead Nation is just a filler so it looks like it not an empty week. What happend to that Indie support that was promised? Or was it just Indie old ports support? This year the ONLY new PSN game so far is Strider. ONE GAME,yes one single new game. Sony have to wake up or the competition will catch up fast.

  • Ah, crap. Never mind. I misread the EU post; the game that joined the IGC today was PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD.

    Sorry. XD

  • I loved the original and its sequel!Im sure this one will be great too. Only thing im not sure of is the drop shadows, makes it look like papercraft.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ kivi95

    Hotline Miami 2, Velocity 2X, and Trials Fusion are all looking good and will be here soon. And those are just the games I’m interested in. That’s not the whole list of PSN titles on the way. Seriously you guys, don’t worry about it. Be patient. You’ll see… a couple years from now when the PS4 is loaded with all kinds of awesome games to play (both indies and AAA), we’ll look back on this little slump and laugh. It’ll be all good.

  • Another port? I hope this doesn’t take away from Q Games working on something new.

  • @KwietStorm
    Making games and mastering a new platform can be expensive. These “ports” are a great way to stretch muscles and understand the hardware by seeing what you did last gen won’t work on next gen, the reverse is true too as you can learn what still works or even works better.

    Point I’m striving for here is that these titles are honestly a win for everyone. We get remastered versions of old games we can play for the first time or play again and see how they adjust to the new tech in place. Most important part is that these developers can use these titles to help mitigate that cost of learning instead of betting the farm on unproven tech.

    In the end what they make off this game will help them pay the staff for the new game, instead of paying the staff on the new game and running out of money before completion. I’ve played these titles before and its nice to have an excuse to play them again while in a sense donating money to their next project with a prize to go along with it.

    I want new games as much as the next person, but as a dev, these things take time and money.

  • was a good game. i got the regular version for only 1$ on there psn blowout sale a couple years ago. was a great day.

  • Great news! I loved both these games, even when I got my behind kicked on the sequel’s multiplayer.

    Can’t wait for it on PS4. Now, if only you could add some new levels, that would be even more awesome.

  • What’s the cost to us?!?

  • Want ModNation Racers 2?

    Go to Google

    Search “ModNation Racers 2 for PS4 petition”

    Click on the second result.

    Sign the petition please.

    Thank you

  • Will there be any deal for the people who already bought this games before? :P

  • Don’t know how I feel about the upgraded graphics. The whole charm of the game is that it was cartoon styled.

  • Cross-buy, pretty please ;). Love it on PS3.

  • Awesome addition to an ever growing stable of games!! Thank you! #CrossBuyFTW!

  • 10. Cross Buy

    Pretty please :D

  • So Vita ver won’t be 60fps then :(

  • cool! Any plans for Pixeljunk Shooter 3?!?

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