Drakengard 3: Inside a Mature Story, Pre-Order Details

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Drakengard 3: Inside a Mature Story, Pre-Order Details
Drakengard 3: Inside a Mature Story, Pre-Order Details

Time is ticking down to the launch of Drakengard 3, coming exclusively to PS3 on May 20th. As of today, we’ve entered wave 2 of our pre-order bonuses, and fans of the developer’s previous work should not miss what we’re giving out. Pre-ordering any time between now and April 9th gets you the Nier costume pack, bringing a little bit of that game’s fantastic and beautiful weirdness to Drakengard 3.

You can equip Zero in the costume of everyone’s favorite, foul-mouthed warrior, Kainè, or don the Replicant version of the game’s protagonist. Your dragon is not forgotten either, as he can wear the awesomely creepy-faced Emil hat.

The Nier costume pack expires on April 9th, and if you pre-order by then, don’t forget that you also get another bonus that we’ll reveal on that day — so don’t miss out! Of course, if you pre-ordered before today, you’ve already got the Nier costume pack included.

Drakengard 3 Pre-order Banner

Secondly, we’ve sat down with the game’s development team to bring you some insight into how Drakengard 3 came to fruition after eight years out of the spotlight. Today, we’ve got a candid interview with famed producer of the entire series, Takamasa Shiba, who discusses his experiences producing the franchise, how the series has evolved, and the “novel” idea of creating a prequel novella to dive even deeper into the characters’ histories and motivation.

You can check out the first chapter, starring Zero, on the newly refreshed www.drakengardgame.com, which now features character backgrounds, concept art, wallpapers, and super-cute downloadable Twitter icons. Call dibs on your favorite sister while you can.

We’ll be adding more chapters of the novella to the website, more interviews with the developers are coming soon, and before you know it, we’ll be revealing wave 3 of our pre-order bonuses.

May 20th is just around the corner!

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  • *sighs* May 20th is still so far! Oh well I’m still glad we are getting it and I do hope the localization won’t be toned down too much. I prefer when it remains identical to the original as much as possible.

  • Still SE store exclusive, still no buy.

  • Any chance for a Drakengard Collection on PS3??

  • Hi Sakura-san,

    Just wondering if its possible that you’ll release more CE’s? Been trying to order but it tells me you have none left in stock :(

    • Hello RildizUsa

      Unfortunately we will not be releasing any more units :( We sold out pretty quickly on these thanks to all the love from the Drakengard community!

  • Thanks for forget the European audience of Drakengard.
    We get the dd-only version and there is no absolute word on pre-order bonus. Or you would do a post on the EU Blog.

    Thanks again.

  • Please stop with the SE Store exclusives. Your account system is abysmal. Just horrible.

    Anyway, glad this game is coming.

  • This Conversation with devs video sold o this game, thanks

  • sold me on*

  • I’m amazed that you really did translate the novella of each character!!! That’s one dedicated passion!!!

    • The Novella is such a critical part to the Drakengard 3 lore! It was important to us that the fans get this here. Very excited to share the other characters soon!

  • @4 it’s limited edition not CE limited to 5000 and sorry to say they better not add more since I bought mine day one based on the fact it’s limited

    • We have no plans of releasing anymore units. IF there are any released units – it would only be canceled orders.

  • So happy that I, pre order one before Wave 1 ended

  • Ya THANK YOU Sony!!! more games,,,,to PS3 and PS4,,,,and Vita? Nothing!!!

  • If I didn’t have to deal with Digital River, I would have been all over this. Same with the LRFXIII CE and the FFX|X-2 CE. Especially since I am in Canada. I’d probably be waiting for them to arrive a month after release date. Not to mention the customs fees.

  • Glad that this gets localized and disappointed beyond believe how Square Enix treats their European customers. No physical copies, no collector’s edition, no pre-order bonuses, but I’d make every bet that it’s at least going to be price in dollars = price in euros. I’m really happy for you guys in America, but this just makes me sad as somebody from Europe…

  • Where is the preorder on PSN? That shipping company that SE uses are one of the worst. Absolutely no point in ‘pre’ ordering a game when it gets there ‘post’ launch. Usually a week later. If they want a sale, this better be up on PSN. Otherwise I’ll miss this chapter of my favorite IPs ever, on principle alone.

  • Although I’m still getting Final Fantasy X/X2 HD LE (I’d prefer getting the CE but oh well), I wish that you guys would consider about your Canadian fans too.
    Both the Square Enix store and the Club Namco store go through Digital River but at least the Club Namco one offers free shipping to Canada at times.
    I wouldn’t mind if I had to buy $150 of product or even $200 to get free shipping since I could pre order 2-3 Collector Editions of games at a time and that wouldn’t bother me. I really wanted to support you guys and buy the nicer copies but when I have to pay $20 shipping on each game… that’s unreasonable.
    The only way I would have supported Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns sadly would’ve been through the CE, now I’m just going to wait until the game is down to $20 and for there to be a complete DLC pack on PSN (Whereas I may of payed full price on some of the DLCs).

  • I’m not trying to attack you guys but even with Drakengard 3 you ignored the fact that most Canadians would have to pay the $60 price tag plus shipping. With our dollar low you’ll mostly only get people who are pretty invested into the series for physical copies, while other people may opt for the digital version since it’d be a cheaper option (No USD-CAD exchange rate, no shipping and no taxes). Europe also gets a bad deal since even with the digital release (Which you make a higher profit off of) you haven’t even announce any pre order bonuses.
    I really want to support you guys but now you’ve even announced a Mana game… for smartphones.

  • Don’t care. Gimmie a Kingdom Hearts 2.5 release date!

  • Thanks so much for adding the ability to pre-order the PSN version!

  • why no PS4 release? Im not really buying last gen games these days

  • Whats with the EXPIRED over the Japanese Voice Track? Are we still getting that?

  • Preordered collectors edition on first announcment. The more I read about this the more I get excited since I haven’t played any other drakengard games and I’m kinda going on a whim here. This interview was awesome, I really love hearing about the game from the japanese developers.

  • I’m not a fan of this model of business. I don’t care about the dlc costumes being limited time offers but stuff like the language tracks should be included on the disc.

  • DecadanceFantasy

    Totally excited for the pre-order bonuses. Nice that we get the Nier costume pack! Looks great! I pre-ordered the collector’s edition the minute I saw the announcement on the blog! So excited for this game to come out!!!!!

    • I am pretty pumped myself about that Nier Costume pack haha. I was jamming to the Nier soundtrack on my way to work today.

  • bluenightmare941

    Thanks you!!! Takamasa Shiba, Yoko Taro, AcccesGames/DrakengardTeam for making Drakengard 3 the game looks awesome, but horrible marketing strategy by SE. Hopefully, maybe the retailers can get a “Completed Edition” of Drakengard 3 with all the DLC’s (costumes, playable characters, extra stories, weapons etc.) Still got madd love for you SE getting FF10/x-2 for vita day1.

  • Why does the EU gets treated so unbelievably bad when it comes to this game?

    All we get is a lousy digital only version without any word if we are getting any of this DLC. Let alone the EU getting a pre-order promotion like this. Is a physical release and a similar pre-order promotion for the EU really that much too ask?

  • Is it too late to get the Japanese voice DLC? Like could I still get it after the game releases as paid DLC? I messed this all up. I could swear I had it pre-ordered but it’s not showing up as an order in my order list. I was pretty sure I had pre-ordered it the day it was announced but I guess not. I’m very disappointed. I don’t really care about the costume pack but I might care about the third unlock so I guess I might as well pre-order it now. Also wanted all the Collector’s Editions goodies, but I can live without those I suppose. But not getting the Japanese voice DLC is really upsetting to me. Really upsetting. As that is what I wanted most. :(

    • For those who were not able pre-order in time for JP VO DLC, worry not! Although it wont be free anymore, we are planning on releasing the JP VO DLC day one of release. Pricing is not set yet but we shall keep you all posted!

  • For those who were not able pre-order in time for JP VO DLC, worry not! Although it wont be free anymore, we are planning on releasing the JP VO DLC day one of release. Pricing is not set yet but we shall keep you all posted!

  • Aww that was sad news Sakura-san. Time to hunt down dirty scalpers then :)

  • Question: Is Drakengard 3 going to be available at retailers or is it digital only? If is digital only, can we pre-order the game on the PSN? I hope you can answer me, thanks!

  • So I have to ask is the game going to have any content cut or altered for localization?

  • Can we pre-order from PSN? cause its not available yet.

  • Do we still have to pre order directly trough Square because I heard people are still having issues like before.

  • @11

    how did you get that awesome Kratos avatar? Were Symhponia avatars already released on the EU psn store or something? I really hope we get them in todays store update here.

  • So glad I ordered the Limited Edition early after reading the comments here. I’m curious how the DLC will be released. If it’s anything like Thief it will probably be a registration code for the SE member site that will unlock it. I’m excited. I can’t wait to play this game.

  • I am glad I pre-order this game as well and hope this help them to make Dragkengard 4 on PS4 lol. Also thank you Sakura Minamida for reply toward my questions about game glitches and frame drop from last post :) Can’t wait for this game!

  • Will we be able to Pre-Order Drakengard 3 though the PSN Store at all?

  • Eff the Square Digital Store, and that “Digital River” Company that runs it. They charged me immediately for this thing when I pre-ordered it — $56 gone immediately, despite saying otherwise: “For purchases of physical products, you won’t be billed until your product is shipped.” (https://store.na.square-enix.com/DRHM/store?Action=DisplayOrderInformationPage&SiteID=sqenixus&Locale=en_US&Env=BASE). So there’s a WARNING to anyone looking to pick this up.

    Screw y’all at Square for rolling this out like jerks. You should’ve just let it hang out there, like the last two Drakengard games, and let someone else publish it for real (like how Ubi Soft brought over the last one. This is, by far, the dumbest release I’ve seen for a game in quite some time, and I’m super pissed at Square. Yeah, I bought it, so you likely don’t care, but eff it – I’m gonna complain EVERY CHANCE I GET. Because you suck, Square. Don’t do this – throw t-shirts and CE’s on your stupid store. Don’t hold a game hostage up on there, jerks >:(

  • Pre-ordered the CE once I saw the bonuses. Never played this series before, but I’m very much interested in this one. The art direction, the music, the characters, it all seems very entertaining. This will probably be my last PS3 I play, hopefully not the last Drakengard.

  • Above all else, thank you for posting that novella on the DRAKENGARD site. I’m really not in a position to sink $80+ bucks lately, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on story bits (heck, that’s why I got the “Limited Edition Collector’s Set” of FFVII Advent Children and, unfathomably, ordered FFXIII-2 from Best Buy).

  • It’s just awful how Square-Enix is handling the EU release of the game. We get no collector’s edition, no retail version and not even the pre-order DLC. And yet Square-Enix refuses to even comment on the situation, let alone do something about it. Are we expected to pay full price (undoubtedly more than for the US version), and on top of that pay even more to get the three DLC packs which the US is getting for free with the pre-orders?


    1. Though this game was announced MAYBE a month ago you have already discontinued a first preorder bonus. Somehow I missed even hearing about the game which is quite odd for myself (so that is unacceptable on my own end) As I work in a games store and even occasionally write reviews and previews for games. So Unacceptable to discontinue a bonus so quickly but unacceptable of myself for this game somehow escaping my radar.

    2. An alternate voice is NOT downloadable content. ANYTHING from PS3 up should come with any languages the game is available in. Square Enix in particular is a jerk about this, and it is getting REALLY old. so NOW you have them but if I am reading this correctly you expect us to pay ADDITIONAL for it? Something that should have been in the games to begin with?

    When you buy a DVD or a blu-ray of a movie if the producers asked people to shell out a few more dollars for additional language options people would lose their minds. So why do WE put up with it? I am done with it. I am starting a petition against this to all developers. Last freaking straw.

  • Hey it’s been 8 years for this sequel, consider releasing Einhander on US PSN it’s been available for some time on JP PSN also make PS4 sequel to Einhander and throw one in for the Bouncer!

  • Looking forward to receiving the game!

    FYI, I noticed that every time I check my order status on the digital river webpage using the order number and password, I would always get a “Notification Regarding Login Restriction” email afterwards telling me to change my password.

  • @ Min117: Yeah, Drakengard 4 on PS4 is also my hope, if this games sells well. I pre-ordered the CE and convinced a friend to get it as well, so I’m doing my part to support this game. I still have my original, purchased new copies of Drakengard and Drakengard 2, as well as NieR (still pissed we were screwed over with the Gestalt version with no option to get the Replicant version).

    @ ShiranaiJittai: You should be a little more upset with yourself, honestly. They announced way back in October that this game was coming. They only announced the specific “RELEASE DATE” a month ago. If you’ve missed all the news and happy fans of the game talking about it for the last 5 months, that’s not Square’s fault. The game has been available to pre-order for quite a while, but they only announced the collector’s edition and DLC plans a month ago. For people who had this game on their radar, that was more than enough time.

    @ sockerps: I get that same email. I reported it to their support line, knowing that others have the same issue. I got a canned response about it being to “protect my account”. Such rubbish. But at least I wasn’t charged for my order already, like Vinsanity is talking about. That would suck.

  • I am happy for the US you got the full package of this awesome game, I envy you.

    But It is really dissapointing how SE treat the european customers, no retail edition, no collectors edition, no DLC for us, nothing!

    And the best thing, not a single reaction from SE europe, no statements, no respond to mails, no apologize, not a single word, nothing!!!
    Whats up with these guys, why just why can’t they give us a f****** answer ? sorry but meanwhile I am angry, since one month I am trying to get a respond to my questions.

  • The first Drakengard is in my top 5 games of all time! My discs for the first two game don’t play anymore! A PSN release for the ps2 games would be an instant buy even at $30 each!

  • Glad i ordered the Collector’s Edition!!

    And yes Digital River does charge after checkout, but they only do that to confirm that you have the funds to buy it.

    I know it sucks since other companies don’t do this like Amazon and all.

    I do hope i get this soon. I don’t want to order from them anymore.

    Though expect Final Fantasy XV CE to be exclusive to the Square Enix store for sure.

  • Square-Enix Europe suck a lot. Not only because they remain silent about the Drakengard 3 pre-orders or DLCs, but also because they haven’t released all the excellent PS1 classics like Chrono Cross, Threads of Fate, Xenogears and so on on EU PSN. Games that are obviously released on US PSN cause Square-Enix America cares about their customers.

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