Awesomenauts Assemble! Out Today on PS4

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Awesomenauts Assemble! Out Today on PS4

Awesomenauts is making a major comeback today on PS4 in the form of Awesomenauts Assemble! If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll get the added bonus of a 20% discount during the first week.

Awesomenauts Assemble! combines modern, team-based multiplayer with classic, alien-blasting action. You’ll play as one of 15 interstellar mercenaries, each with his or her own unique abilities and upgrades. In battle, you’ll team up with two other players. These can either be random players or friends, both online or offline through splitscreen. Together, you’ll be facing off against a team of enemy players, automated turrets, droids, and the local wildlife as you try to blast your way forward towards the goal of destroying the enemy base. And you’ll do all this on lush, hand-drawn alien worlds.

If you last played Awesomenauts on PS3, you’re definitely in for a treat. The game has seen an almost complete overhaul, from the menus and balance to the netcode, everything has been improved. On top of that, a lot of content has been added compared to the original release. Awesomenauts Assemble! more than doubles the amount of characters, while also adding a new stealth-focused map and awesome, downloadable skins.

New character additions include Gnaw, an adorable alien dog-creature that can dominate areas with his acidic spit and spawnable minion turrets. SkĂžlldir, a big space Viking whose groundstomp shakes the very planet, has also joined the team. Then there’s Ayla, a devious little girl with unimaginable psychokinetic powers. Just make sure to get out of her way when she becomes enraged. These are just a couple of the examples of new Awesomenauts you’ll be able to play with, adding more variety to a roster that was already varied.

Awesomenauts Assemble!Awesomenauts Assemble!

And even more characters are underway! As you may know, a big expansion to the PC version of the game was funded through Kickstarter last year. This expansion included five new characters, custom game settings, and a brand new map. We’re happy to announce that content from this expansion content will be making its way to PS4 when development on that is further along!

When we first created Awesomenauts, our vision was to bring the fresh experience of the MOBA genre to console. And we wanted to do it in a way that fits consoles, by making everything more direct, more skill-based, more colorful, and — in the end — more fun. After we launched Awesomenauts on console back in May 2012, we moved it over to PC, and we’ve been expanding on it ever since.

Now, over a millions copies later, we’re happy to finally play the updated version from the couch again. All thanks to the amazing porting abilities of our friends at Abstraction Games, and of course, the power of PS4.

We’ll see you online!

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  • I will be getting this PRONTO……my son is a HUGEMONGOUS fan of the PS3 version

  • Is this worth getting if you don’t have any online friends?

    • I’d like to think so. Like any other multiplayer game, it’s probably the most fun when you’re playing with friends, but it’s perfectly fine to join matchmaking on your own to team up with random players.

      Like the commenters below have pointed out, if you’re not looking to go online to play with other people then there is only a practice mode for you to play against bots. There’s no single-player campaign.

  • @2…….its fantastic for couch co-op, but the SP might not be worth it all in itself.

  • Yeah, what Craazy said. This is a MP game through and through, SP is just playing against bots.

  • I’m so glad you offered the PS3 version free in PS Plus. Now I’ll be buying the PS4 version as a result. Are there any improvements in the matchmaking based on skill level? I sometimes get into matches where I am playing against players significantly better than me which isn’t very much fun.

    My tips for new players is to play the practice mode first and learn all the different characters. The biggest key is to not die because the enemies are rewarded and can level up fast. So run away when you health is low and stick together with your teammates.

    • Happy to hear you enjoyed the PS3 version! Compared to the previous version, matchmaking has been improved in several ways including the introduction of Leagues and Seasons. Players are now assigned to a League based on their leaderboard position, and will only play against players in the same league as them, or one above / below it. Every two months, a new Season starts which means the leaderboards all players start with a clean slate.

      In addition to those features, a lot of small tweaks have been made to make it more reliable in general.

      Your advice to new players is definitely one of the most important things to learn: dying is really costly even though it doesn’t cost you all that much Solar directly – it gives your opponents an advantage on the battlefield as well as extra cash! Playing it safe is often much better than taking risks, especially if you’re new to the game!

    • Sorry for the typo, I meant to say that every two months the leaderboards are reset, which means all players start with a clean slate and will be re-assigned to a League based on their performance from that moment on.

  • IIRC the PS3 version didn’t have twin-stick shooting. Does the new PS4 version have right-stick aiming/shooting?

    • That is correct. The original version on the Playstation 3 didn’t have twin-stick shooting or even 360-degree aim. Awesomenauts Assemble! does have the option to enable right-stick aiming, though this isn’t enabled by default. You can customize this yourself from the Settings screen.

  • when is coming out, i can’t see it in the store?

  • Thank you to those that have chimed in on my question. I think I’ll be getting it.

  • @7 The games on the store typically start to update around 1-2PM Pacific Time.

  • I’ve watched a few videos on this game and it looks really well done. In fact, I was looking forward to buying it. Unfortunately, Sony thinks that everyone is into the social gaming crap they are trying to push. Evryone is not. No single player campaign plus you are stuck playing with others online?! You just lost my money.

    • Heya, you can play Private Matches if you don’t like playing with strangers online, but the heart and soul of the game lies in multiplayer (whether that’s public or private matches). We’re just a small team and decided to put all our effort into making the multiplayer as good as it can be, so decided to pass up on doing a multiplayer experience on top of that. That was our decision though, not one made by Sony.

  • Im here waiting for it to appear in the store..

    is there any Streaming interaction in this game? JW not really a big deal =)

  • Day 1 for me. Great price.

  • @10 typhoon_seven – I assume it will work the same as the PS3 version where you could do a private match. That allows you to play offline by yourself, with local co-op partners or online friends. As long as you are all on the same team then you are playing against three bots and the difficulty is harder than the Practice mode. The bots are not as smart as real players but they are a good challenge. I suggest looking at some youtube videos or some PS4 streaming to get a better sense for the game. It is really fun and addictive!

    Robin Meijer – Thanks for your answer above. That sounds like a well thought out system which will alleviate my occasional frustrations with being outmatched or perhaps playing with a newb. :) I’m glad to hear that there will be lots of ongoing update to the PS4 version. Thanks!

  • I loved the first game. I am picking this up right away but I had a question. It is showing up on the store but I thought it was $7.99 for Plus members. Just wondering what was up with that. Thanks!

  • I’m really not sure if I want to buy this. I see no reason to if I already own the Steam version of Awesomenauts, even with the Plus discount. Will the content featured in Assemble! be offered for Steam users, and if so, at what price, or will it be a free patch, or is that content PS4-exclusive?

  • I just bought the skin bundle 1 for this game (which does not include the game??) for $15. Why did I not receive the discount? Is this a problem other people are having? Please let me know. I desperately want to play this game, but I want to make sure there is not some kind of issue first.

  • Shows as $9.99 with no PS+ discount…what’s up with that? I’ve been prepped to purchase all day long only to find out I don’t get my discount.

  • The 20% discount isn’t being put on at the moment.

  • Love Awesomenauts, glad to finally get the updated PC version onto a Console!

  • I never really played this too much on PS3 so not sure exactly about this now.

  • It’s good to see that you’re committed to updating the PS4 version considering the PS3 version fell behind pretty quick (for understandable reasons). Will the PS4 version be updated along with the PC version? I’d really prefer the console version to be my fav version, but playing outdated versions on PS4 when there’s newer versions on PC feels like being on the losing team :/

    • Hi Zomby_Jawsh, we don’t consider this version of the game to be an inferior or version, or Playstation users to be on the losing team. Yes, the PC version has received a couple of new updates in the meantime, but all that content is still in Early Access and we’re not ready to bring that to the Playstation 4 yet. Awesomenauts Assemble! won’t be receiving updates day & date with the PC version, but all content that we release there will make its way here once we have enough content to release and are sure the balance is solid.

  • i didn’t enjoy the first game very much, so i’ll probably pass on this new one unless it eventually gets offered free for ps plus.

    Love the trailer song though. Very awesome and cheesy. :)

  • Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this game and Romino! I’ve bought the PS3 and the PC version along with funding the kickstarter and buying copies for my friends. That’s just one more reason why I don’t want to buy an inferior version of the game.

  • Now it says it’s discounted, but charges me the full price anyways…

  • This looks interesting and will give the PS3 PS+ version a try with my son in a private match. If we like it then I will get the new PS4 version. I really want to be able to shoot with the right analog stick. I appreciate your hard work and Thanks!

  • Those here asking about the Plus price-anyone from Sony who comes on here to reply always says to wait until the blog post that the store is updated publishes. The store is in flux while they update, so the prices aren’t always accurate. Patience is a virtue.

  • I just bought the game at the discounted price. Yes! Happy times!
    But I feel a little stupid for assuming that the bundles would include the actual game…you know, like a bundle. The wording is confusing. To me, ‘bundle’ implies that the dlc comes with the game. The prices are even more confusing. The skin packs cost more than the game…really? And we don’t even get a complete pack? Dang, that’s harsh. I don’t actually mind paying a little more because I love this game. I just don’t like feeling deceived.
    I’m sorry if I am the only person who feels this way.
    All that aside, I’m going to stay in tonight, order some pizza and play some Awesomenauts! Life is good. :)

  • This game is so much fun! It was worth the wait. For anyone still thinking about getting this game, get it. Get it now.

  • I bought it, despite worries about support. :\

    Don’t disappoint me.

  • Cant wait have the money ready but stil no sign of the game in eu store any1 know the time ? So i can start right away no time 2 lose calt in sick for work today for this becfor me this is the most epic release on ps4 to date getting all skins 2 to support the makers of the game they deserve it

  • LOVED LOVED LOVED this game on X360. Played it so much just in Practice Mode that I prestiged my account. I was disappointed there weren’t any updates or DLC for that platform but totally understood why. Bought a copy for PC, even though I couldn’t play it at the time just to support it.

    I was super-psyched to hear it was coming to PS4 and have been loving the “new” content that I didn’t get to experience on the 360. Unlocked Gnaw, he might be my new favorite. Can’t wait to see what else is coming…Starstorm?

  • My son is the biggest awesomenauts fans ever. It was his favourite game of the last few years bought on pc and ps3 (free on ps+) Might have to get on ps4 but cant see anything new on ps4 compared to pc version.

  • Picked this up today for under $8. It’s actually really fun guys! Took me awhile to figure out the point but it’s pretty cool.

  • Awesomenauts are AWESOME! I’m left all games and playing only Awesomenauts. I want to buy skins for my nauts, but unable to do it :( when it will be fixed?

  • Any plans to release more levels or features? My roommates and I cleared it about a week ago… Love it!

  • awesome game!

    however online matches: other people dont use mics… its rather rather for me to be able to hear feedback.

    therefor i am looking for players: add me on steam: uolliac

    i play an aggressive healer!

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