Warframe on PS4: Update 12 Adds New Warframe, Weapons, Mode

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Warframe on PS4: Update 12 Adds New Warframe, Weapons, Mode
Warframe on PS4: Update 12 Adds New Warframe, Weapons, Mode

It’s been a long time coming, but Update 12 is here! The Warframe team is extremely (dare I say Digital Extremely…*crickets*) excited to not only bring Update 12 to our existing PS4 players, but also to our newly added Warframe fans in Japan. They just got a taste on their Day 1 launch. This is another big update that includes a new Warframe, new weapons, a new game mode, and my personal favorite; a badass new HUD!

Zephyr: The Air-Based Warframe

For Update 12, we really wanted to introduce a Warframe like no other, and we believe we accomplished that with Zephyr, the air-based Warframe. Lighter than all other Warframes, Zephyr uses this to her advantage to increase her mobility, but also to complement her vicious attacks.



Now I know sometimes it’s hard to adapt to change, but bear with me here. Our new, stylized, in-game HUD is something every Tenno will enjoy. This HUD is less obtrusive, contains more information for the player and their squad, and we offer a handful of new customizable options to tinker with.

Another big change our players will notice is our 3D transmissions, which bring so much more life to our various friends and foes in the Warframe universe. Be sure to give us feedback in our official PS4 Forums on Warframe.com.

New Game Mode: Interception

Over here at Digital Extremes, we’re always looking to spice up Warframe and introduce new content and game modes for our players. With Update 12, we’ve added a new capture based game mode, Interception. Along with this game mode, we’ve expanded the beautiful forest level set teased in Update 11.5 across all Earth nodes.


Here’s how Interception works: four areas are highlighted on the map that players or enemies can control. Staying in proximity to the capture point keeps control of areas, but watch out for the Grineer, as they can capture a point by simply hacking nearby consoles. Holding a capture point accumulates points for your total score. Whichever team reaches the max score first wins the round, and then you simply need to clear the area of remaining Grineer to complete the mission.

The more points you hold, the faster your score goes up. When the round’s over, the score is reset and players have the option to claim their reward and quit, or continue to fight on for a bigger reward similar to Defense mode.

This is just a taste of what’s included in Update 12 so load up, gear up, and space ninja the night away, my PS4 friends! Until next time.

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  • Super excited for this update. Awesome game & keep up the great work DE!

  • I played a few matches when PS4 launched and I was a little overwhelmed with everything. Now that I am catching up with my PS4 backlog a bit I am planning to come back and play some more. Is there a good place for beginners to go to?

  • Nice. Started playing Warframe the other week to tide me over till Infamous and it’s really growing on me. I look forward to try the new frame out. =) Awesome job.

  • Great game as I am really enjoying it. Any word on the Vita Remote Play control fix? Thanks!

    • Hi CrusaderForever,

      Thanks for the kind comments. We’re actually quite amazed how many of our players use Remote Play so improving this experience for all is definitely on our radar. I have no solid dates at this time but discussions are ongoing.

  • Sounds great. Can’t wait to check out the new content!

  • Hogwild333, check the warframe wiki. It has a beginners guide. Add me if you want more help or wanna join a clan. I love this game.

  • CrusaderForever, log on with remote play on your Vita, go to options, control, and switch the triggers around. Fire weapon for mele and aim for crouch. Play while your SO watches dance moms!

  • How will clans work if PS4 an PC builds are not in sync?

    also how long till the option to merge accounts?

    • Hi crusher915,

      Clans on the PS4 and PC are separate entities. We’re still actively working with Sony to ensure our Warframe community has the best player experience possible, including the possibility of account merging. We’ll keep at this :)

  • I’m definitely excited to see what the new update brings!

    Also, if others are looking to play Warframe, Killzone Shadow Fall, and other team-based games with a group of people that play during the evening on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, check out our site: RebelAllianceClan (dot) com. I hope to see ya soon!

  • Did you guys happen to fix the trophy bug for leveling a sentinel to 30? I did it with 2 different sentinels – one purchased with premium currency and one crafted and neither gave me the trophy. Having said that Warframe has surpassed my expectations as far as an action MMO goes.

    • Hi Valde_zerocool,

      We’re investigating this issue right now to make sure the systems work as intended. Thank you for the kind comments and for playing Warframe.

  • Been waiting for this. Have you guys fixed the frame rate lag when someone with a bad connection joins, and have you fixed the sentinal rank 30 trophy bug?

  • New update is slick! NIce and smooth now!

  • I’ve been playing update 12 on the PC version of Warframe and I am very much enjoying the new HUD & 3D transmissions from the Lotus & other characters, Also, Zephyr’s Tornado power is a very useful power to unleash against a group of enemiies. I’ve also greatly enjoyed using the new Phage shotgun and I think that it has some great special effects.

    Question: Do you currently have people investigating a solution to the numerous serious problems (already mentioned on the official forums) that many PS4 players have encountered while attempting to pass the Mastery Rank 7 to 8 promotion test (Wall-running & shooting)?

    Note: On the PC version of Waframe – I’ve found it to be EXTREMELY difficult to use a controller while taking the abovementioned promotion test.

    • Hi JKar275,

      Glad to hear you’re a huge Warframe supporter. I myself love the new HUD and I’ll be sure to pass on your comments to our UI team.

      For issues discussed on our forums we have a dedicated (and amazing) customer support team that filter out these issues for the dev team. The transition from a mouse and keyboard to a controller is a big jump so there’s always going to be some room for improvement. Thank you for calling this out!

  • Will their be more trophies added in the future?

    • Hi Dangisuckatgamin,

      We’re going to add more Trophies into the title when the opportunity presents itself. Being a Freemium title we have our restrictions but we did include 2 new Trophies into U12. More to come!

      Thanks for playing Warframe!

  • Wow I’m glad they are expanding on the game. I 1st played when I got my PS4 last Dec. I enjoyed the game but I had really no idea what I was doing. How do the class mods work? I’d like to get back in but don’t know anyone who wants to play. I’m very much a noob. Does anyone want to join up? Or just give me some pointers? Thanks.

  • This is how an update is done! Loving the few minutes I had a chance to play with the new toys, quick question: The Grustrag Three lurking about? XD

  • Is there anyway to cut down on load times for the PS4? I moved to the PC due to that fact that everything takes just so long to load.

    On my PC levels and menus load sub 6 seconds, now i’m not expecting that from ps4 but somewhere around 15-20 seconds would be very acceptable to me.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi nikrel,

      Glad to hear you’re an passionate Warframe player – thanks for this. The beauty of updating Warframe frequently is that we can continue to work on load times, performance, general bugs, etc. I assure you this is always a hot topic over here at DE and we’ll continue to work on these improvements for fans like yourself.

  • Is it true that Warframe is coming to Xbox one? This rumor is coming from a recent IGN post about your new update by the way. I hope not. PlayStation needs more exclusives. Especially on the MMO front.

    On a sidenote. I have no idea why Sony of North America is holding up War Thunder should I have this months ago.

  • JKar275,
    It definitely isn’t a suitable test for PS4 players, but my friend and I (and many others) have gotten through it with relative ease by mapping “Jump” to L2. With that setting, it’s very easy to hold the jump button while aiming and shooting.

  • i have a love hate relationship with this game, i love the fact i can buy items to make it easy, but if i want a challenge i can go and farm for hours/days to get a part. and thats what makes it fun, but its also what i hate. either I’m in the mood to farm or I’m not. but I’m looking for ward to building this warframe, even though i just got all the rhino parts, I’m going to wait tell the announce his prime soon.

  • Are you kidding me this just keeps getting better all the time. I haven’t been in this game in awhile. Gotta get back to this real soon, excellent update it really is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Didn’t this update come out on PC like close to a month ago? Don’t get me wrong I played this on PC long before PS4 version came out (version 6 maybe?), but with it out now i would think updates would roll out at same time. Ah well its better than PS4 owners not getting it all so that’s cool.

  • Oh man this looks cool…Warframe is one of the games I’m most looking forward to play when I get a PS4.

  • Warframe is so addicting and fun and I love the support the game is getting. Good job Digital Extremes!

  • I thought that I was supposed to get 170 free credits on Warframe for signing up on playstation plus, did I miss understand? Great game though!

    • Hi GranTurismo420,

      In order to receive the Warframe PS+ goodies (with a PS+ subscription) you need to download the Warframe Starter Pack from the PS Store. Once in the Store select PlayStation Plus and move a few tiles over to the right to see the Warframe section. Select the Starter Pack and start the download.

      We appreciate the kind comments. Happy hunting!

  • Iv’e really enjoyed the game, but I wont be playing heavily or certainly spending micro transaction money till it has trophies released. Awesome that the content keeps coming though!

  • Hey Garmie-Bear, they added trophies to Warframe almost a month ago. Go check it out. They add new set of trophies with every major update too.

  • Please change the touch pad to hold. Tomb Raider uses it this way and I think it works a LOT better.

    I find it really annoying to constantly have to fix my map, because I accidentally tap the touchpad while swiping for my abilities.

    And some custom remote play controls would be nice if possible.

  • Thank you everyone for the feedback and comments!!! Please know that the devs at Digital Extremes are always reading the feedback on our forums in order to serve you, the fans better. You’re what drives Warframe and without your continued support we wouldn’t be here. I’m out for now, that Oxium isn’t going to collect itself :)

  • Thanks Pat and MetalCoco, I appreciate the help. I hope you do fix this as your game is amazing and this is my only real problem. I play on my PS4 all the time as well, but I do like playing VRP when I am not down stairs. I will give MetalCoco’s instruction a go. Take Care!

  • What is the deal with {DE}Kickbot in regional chat?

    Ever since update 12 Kickbot just randomly kicks people for the most non-obstrusive comments. For example someone will say something like :T2 Defense PM me for inv …then BAM xxxxx has been kicked message.

    Please fix this ..it is annoying

  • just came back on to play and was struck by this HORRIBLE new hud!!! how do i change it back? this is so awfull i kept dying over and over i dont know wth is what and the layout is HORRIBLE I HATE THIS. this has drove me so mad to the point on coming on here mad and not playing anymore

  • why the heck couldnt you give us a chance to keep the old hud or switch to the new one, shouldnt it be our choice? and not forced on us? just because someone over there in the office likes it doesnt mean thousands of others will like it. isnt that logical?

  • Mouse and keyboard please and also stomp pack for prime access.

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