PS4 Hits 6 Million, Ushers in New Era of Social Gameplay

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PS4 Hits 6 Million, Ushers in New Era of Social Gameplay

PlayStation 4

As you’ve probably read by now, cumulative PS4 sales have now surpassed six million units worldwide following the successful launch in Japan just over a week ago. It’s truly humbling to see the rate at which gamers across the globe are choosing PS4 as their next gen console of choice. Even more exciting is what happens when gamers power up their PS4s. In the United States, more than 90% of PS4s are online, enabling gamers to connect, compete and share their greatness with friends and fellow gamers.

There have now been more than 3.6 million live broadcasts, and more than 56 million spectate sessions on PS4 through Twitch and Ustream. In fact, since January 1st, PS4 gamers account for 20% of daily broadcasters on Twitch. PS4 owners are also embracing the Share button on the DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller, with more than 100 million shares captured as fans show friends their latest achievements on Facebook and Twitter.

And soon, you’ll be able to share your greatness in new ways. Developers are beginning to take advantage of PS4’s new interactive live broadcasting gaming features, integrating modes that allow broadcasted gameplay to become interactive for spectators. Even as a viewer, you can now influence livestreamed gameplay.

For example, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition features a built-in Broadcast+ mode where you can stream your gameplay while viewers on the PS4 or a web browser influence positive and negative effects during gameplay. More social feedback is on the way too, with Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition in March and Daylight in April.

We love the enthusiasm that all of you have had for the PS4 since launch, and we can’t wait to share more great games, experiences and features with you soon. Greatness awaits!

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  • Congrats! Well deserved!

  • You guys deserve it wholeheartedly! Excellent Job!! :D

  • Greatness Awaits!!!!

  • I hope you’ll allow us to share on different platforms! I’d love to share on Vimeo or Youtube, for example. Facebook is very limited for sharing videos… Also, can’t wait for the next system update, maybe we will get mp4 and mp3 playback! :-)

  • Great job sony congrats

  • Congratulations SONY !

    @turskih go buy an X1 and enjoy in 720p Titanfail.

  • Congratulations Sony!!!! All your years of research and development with the core gamer in mind is paying off!

  • Congrats Sony, ignore the impatient entitled haters. You’re doing well, I’m looking forward to whats in store.

  • Congratulations Sony and thanks for delivering such a great gaming system.

  • woot! Congrats!

  • Cool, wake me when 90% of it’s catalog is not ports and it’s actually worth something.

  • Grats on the 6 Million! I can’t wait for what you show/release in the future for the PS4, PS3, Vita.

  • Now if you guys could make more cameras…… Every ware here in Colorado is sold out, all internet stores are sold out, the only place i could find one for sell was amazon going for upwards of $300.00….

  • Well done all at SONY ;) Loving my PS4 :P

  • This is what happens when you :
    1- Release the Most powerful Console at a good price
    2- Focus on nothing but Games. we are Gamers. social media is a second periority.

    Congrats Sony. you guys deserve it. even tho i think no one from the high ups will bother reading our replies.

    Things you need to work on.

    1- Bring the exclusives. its been 5 Months since Killzone and Knack. Sony has one of not THE biggest First/second Party studio developers. where are the exclusives ? we are getting infamous but then there is what ?

  • Beyond! Congrats Sony! I love my PS4!

    Well said @13 formervillain!

  • Picking one up tomorrow, hopefully it isn’t sold out by then selling quick.

  • Ushers……… And keep up the good work team kickass.

  • Congrats and keep up the great work.

  • Keep on deleting you noob moderator. I must be hitting those nerves hard personally. Slick and I. Truth hurts huh sony? Way to treat your paying consumers!

  • Holy wow awesome!

    Glad to know my PS4 which I just bought 3 days ago (it was out of stock everywhere!) contributed to this number and record! :D

    Go Go Go Sony!

    We live in our world but we play in yours!

  • Wish we were in California so we could bring a news crew to your studio’s and csll you out on everything we said here. Best place to do it is at a E3 live tv broadcast. You mods make us want to shove all our sony products up your a**!

  • Offtopic: I like the layout and look of the blog, why don’t the forums match it? The forum is pretty eye hurting atm.

  • Congratz Sony

    Anything on a Firmware update???

  • No mp3 support, no cd support, no customization features, no games but indie and junk ports and still delayed features, no youtube app and no full dvr feature just a half made no feature dvr useless feature. Xbox one owns ps4 sad to say in ever area still. Games, features, camera you name it. Xbox one owns it and thats no trolling rant thats a fact jack! Ps4 has no media support and xbox one does, xbox one can play music cd’s and mp3’s while ps4 can’t. Who would ever buy a 400 dollar paper weight dust collector and keep it? S L I C K didn’t, HE returned it a day after having it. It was too boring and just sat there being useless and game less. Sorry put ps4 is worthless at the moment. Nothing but lame ps3 ports and too many lame indies no one cares for.

  • Firmware updates is never coming… Sony has no talented team or their greedy and selfish to actually give us what we ask from them. All they ever do is reduce feature after feature, delay after delay, hype after every lie and scam. Why we stick wit Sony is beyond me. Wish we went xbox one only.

  • Congrats Sony, you deserved it!

    I still hope you will add mp3, DLNA support and hdmi capture in the next months. The sooner the better.

  • Completely deserved, brilliant system. You guys need to make sure it continues though.

  • Whats the difference between sony and Microsoft? Sony delays and hypes everything while reducing features at the same time and Microsoft adds features instead of reducing them. If only xbox one wasn’t 500 bucks I’d get one.

  • Well you should start releasing a big update soon aswell as announce 1-2 big AAA retail games or MS will get closer and clser. Indie games don’t sell(few exeptions) but they are a good addition to retail games. Og and please try and get MORE new Indie/psn games and not just ports. I want next gen not 3year old games aka FEZ.

  • With indie games I meant don’t sell consoles.(bot in a karge scale atleast especially not 3 year old ports)

  • YES! YES! YES!

    Keep up the good work Sony. Looking forward to PS Now and Cloud TV this summer. Hope we see some jaw dropping titles at E3. Keep innovating, and keep the pressure on the competition. Lets have another PS2 like gen, or better yet lets one up even that.


  • Congratulation! :D Loving my PS4! All hail Sony!

  • congratulation sony…

  • Long live PlayStation

    Long live PlayStation listening to its customers, that will keep you this successful =)

  • Would have been much higher than 6 million sold if you could keep up with demand! I’m now living in Cebu for the meantime and even here where consoles are looked at as expensive the PS4 is selling in game stores in malls. I’m quite shocked that nearly everytime I go to the malls here in Cebu I see someone buying a PS4 for themselves or for their sons/daughters despite the fact people here make nearly $5 a DAY! wow! That really tells me how well PS4 is selling worldwide! I have only seen one store here selling an XBone which was Toys R Us and it is a US model, and Toys R Us told me they haven’t found one buyer for the unit yet since launch. Amazing job making a new console Sony!

    I myself am personally still playing on PS3, (I own 5 of them), for two reasons. Reason one is, I still have a back log of about 50 or so games to play brand new on the shelf that I haven’t had time to play and beat yet, including games still coming out soon like Dark Souls II and Final Fantasy X/X2 Remasters! PS3 has such an AMAZING library I haven’t had time to even PLAY all my games!

    continued below…

  • continued…

    Second reason is, I am checking your PlayStation Rewards AND the SONY Store website in America DAILY and NEVER see a PS4 available in stock to purchase! I have 25,000+ Reward Points to use from my SONY Credit Card purchases, and I want to use that on a PS4 purchase and for the LIFE of me I cannot procure ONE freaking console for myself! PLEASE get some in stock on the US Sony or Reward Points websites so I can get myself a PS4. I wouldn’t mind having TWO of them! One to play and one to collect like I do with all my game consoles. Once again great job Sony for making yet another wonderful console and having the BEST game library EVER! 4 times in a row!

  • hurry up and go on with those needed patchesh for ps4. i’m holding of buying one untill their fixed the problems.

  • This is great news, i love my PS4, had it since launch day. Keep up the great work, im a Sony gamer since PS1 and i’ll be one for life.

  • Six million?! Wasn’t it 4.2 million a couple weeks ago? How could you sell almost 50 % more in a few weeks? I’m not doubting, just saying how amazing that is. Congratulations!

    I, too, wish there were more games but I understand why we have to wait. Pretty soon I’ll be playing Second Son, so excited about that. And speaking of the streaming, I love watching live gameplay from gamers around the world and it will only get better as more games are released.

    So, Mr. VP of marketing, please bring Vita TV to America so I can do reverse-remote play on some awesome Vita games!

  • Hey, MANIK and others who say they can’t find a camera: I tried Amazon and you’re right! Only scummy 3rd party scalpers selling at 3 times what I paid at launch.

  • “Six million?! Wasn’t it 4.2 million a couple weeks ago?”

    The PS4 was over 4.2 million at the end of 2013. And it has been selling about 1 million a month for the past two months.

    The PS4 is on track to hit 10 million sometime in May and may reach 18 million or so my the end of 2014.

    Way to go Sony with the constant updates of real sales numbers. The little kid Xbox fan at vgchartz is unable to make up ridiculously low fake sales numbers for the PS4 like the pathetic little kid did with the PS3.

    The PS4 is now just about double the POS Xbox One in installed base and will be somewhere in the 4-5 times the installed base by the end of 2014. That is if Microsoft doesn’t dump the Xbox division like so many news reports are indicating they are looking at doing soon.

  • Congrats! May your sales surpass your expectations! Glad to be a part of it! Please keep up the great work you guys have done and continue to do.

  • Greatness Awaits!

    >On that note, when can we expect a patch for MP3 and DLNA support?

  • Love me some PS$!

  • It would be great if you could get the same result of interaction by connecting the mobile playstation app to the playstation, like this you could play at home and your local friend could use his phone to interact while not playing (He could see the same TV screen as you do instead of a stream). The Twitch interaction is a great feature, but I really think it should be expanded to local interactions as well for those that do not use streams or those that don’t have friends on Twitch. Personnally, I’m not a big fan of streaming my gameplay and I’m pretty sure that even if I do, as a normal user I won’t get much viewers.

  • Good for you guys. That’s all I’m going to say because it’s not like we’re going to get anything back as a sign of Sony’s gratitude. . .

  • Sony then are u going mp3, MKV avi MP4 and so on.

  • And for Vita nothing,,,only cellphones games =/
    Compatiblity of PS2 games for Vita will be great, but Sony dont have attention for Vita, only productions INDIES,,,ony indies games for Via, nothing more =/

  • lol i saw ps4 update and got super excited, thought it was gonna be something about mp3/4 and cd support
    oh well i guess

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