Get the Most Out of Multiplayer in Final Fantasy XIV on PS4

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Get the Most Out of Multiplayer in Final Fantasy XIV on PS4

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

For the most part, players can explore the world of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn at their own leisure. But what would an MMO be without some group content? In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the numerous activities that can only be mastered in groups of four to 24.

The realm of Eorzea, with its three city-states, is far-reaching. It has many hidden corners and crevices in which the wicked can find a welcome foothold. Be it the manor of a lady, so struck with vanity that she exchanged sanity for it, or an abandoned mine overrun with beastmen — adventurers are in constant demand, and there’s always something to do.

Throughout the game, adventurers will also come across the so-called Primals. How these god-like beings are called into the realm is an important part of the storyline, so we won’t give too much away.

The best known example of the sheer destructiveness of the Primals was the coming of the Seventh Umbral Era, brought forth by the elder primal Bahamut, who was freed from his prison in the lesser moon Dalamud. A single, massive battle with Bahamut reshaped the face of Eorzea forever. What happened with Bahamut after the battle, no one knows…

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornFinal Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Adventurers don’t just become famous by fulfilling the quests of the general populace. Have you ever heard of dungeons? Enemy-infested abodes and holes in the ground. What does that mean for you? Simple — grab three of your friends and cleanse them, for fame and fortune!

Dungeons are instanced. That means only you and your group — with a total size ranging from 4 to 8 — will be able to enter. They are generally harder than what you’d find in the outside world, but they also give unique rewards like equipment that you can’t find anywhere else, and massive amounts of experience points.

So what if you’ve missed one? Or out-levelled a dungeon? No problem; each Dungeon has a “maximum level.” Should you exceed it, you will be levelled down to the appropriate level.

And you don’t have to run to the dungeon every time you want to enter it. After you’ve unlocked the dungeon, you’ll find it in the Duty Finder, where you can queue up with random players — although you may find it preferable to build your own group.

And what about the endgame? Well, about a quarter of the dungeons are Level 50 based, and some of them are available in hard mode — but we wouldn’t want to spoil the fun, now would we?

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


What would endgame be without Raids? Right now, there are two in the game: the Labyrinth of the Ancients within the Crystal Tower, a 24-man raid for three distinctive groups of eight, and The Binding Coil of Bahamut, an 8-man raid for the most dedicated groups. But it also delivers the best equipment currently available…

The Binding Coil of Bahamut is for those of you that are experienced in group play and want a real challenge, as only a few groups have managed to push beyond the final boss at this point.

With future content updates, which are currently planned to be released every three months, we will constantly expand the endgame landscape.


Throughout your travels, you’ll come across the Primals — god-like beings, called to the world by the beast tribes through means initially unknown. These challenging fights never fail to impress, and many adventurers have found their calling in sending these infernal beasts back to where they came from.

But it doesn’t end with that… Not only are there Hard modes for the Primals, but also the elusive and extremely difficult to master Extreme modes. Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

All of this content is available to you conveniently through a tool called the Duty Finder, so you can re-experience them at any time, help friends to master them, and find companions to battle your way to the top.

Enjoy your time in Eorzea!

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  • Ah, Titan.

    The first ragequit instance of the game :)

  • Titan’s not bad, Titan Hard Mode on the other hand… I am afraid to try Titan Extreme Mode.

  • Will we ever get more open world/non instant content? or super rare drops? something that makes the open world useful? because right now this game may as well be Guild Wars 1 at end game where you just stay in a town all day then teleport to instances. I miss the more open nature in non instanced things to do in older mmos like FFXI

  • Here’s to hoping TBCoB Turns 6-9 in this month’s update provide enough of a challenge for those of us that already cleared all there is.

    New players ought to have enough content to last them quite some time on the other hand.

  • I tried to play beta, but the text in the game was brutally small. Since they are porting the game to PS4, they really need to make text that is legible from your couch. As far as I could tell, there was no in-game setting to adjust it.

  • Fix the text size for the ncp.

  • According to my LInkshell Titan is supposed to be easier than Ifrit, Ifrit is supposed to be easier than Garuda.

    My computer wasn’t that great so I beat the King Moogle Mog, and Ifrit, never did Garuda.

    @5 I know on the PS3 you can change the chat box’s text by hitting select till the chatbox is selected, then you go over to the gear, and then there’s a font size option. For everything else you select it (with select) and then click R3 (right stick) and that increases the size of the windows.

    I’m on Hyperion under the same name Makai Ookami feel free to hit me, up I’m a 1.0 veteran coming back after a fairly long hiatus.

  • @7 Hyperion 1.0 player here too!

    Normal mode: Garuda > Titan > Ifrit
    Hard mode: Ifrit > Garuda > Titan
    Extreme mode: Garuda > Titan > Ifrit.

    Those are the intended difficulties, but I find that Titan EX is more annoying than Ifrit EX.

  • Can’t edit but I meant Hard mode: Titan > Garuda > Ifrit.

  • The Duty Finder feature for parties with people even from other worlds is a really cool option when player counts are low. Loving the FATE’s too! So much to do! If there was a PS3 demo I would’ve bought ARR sooner, but I have to admit after playing on the PS4, playing on the PS3 is a little hard on the eyes. lol

  • I loved playing the beta but the text is so small i have to sit in front of my TV to read it. If they fix this issue i might get it on PS4

  • I noticed in the chat box on PS4 Beta the developer’s saying the final version will have larger text…apparently, your concern has been noted.

  • They really need to fix the party find system. I cant remember what it’s called but when you register to find a group to enter a zone for mission. I kept finding myself sitting there for up to an hour waiting for a group and even then I think my groups were made up of people who get fed up waiting and made their own party. Other than that I enjoyed the game, won’t be buying it though because I can’t be bothered to restart my lvl 20 character.

  • Oh one more thing, trying to get the chat window open to type is a HUGE pain in the butt. The track pad is not very accurate and trying to get that cursor on the chat box is very difficult. Then you have to double tap it, then double tap triangle to bring it up, type your message, then double tap X to send. It took forever! I know you can use keyboard but for people who don’t want to, it’s been made very inconvenient to communicate.

  • Give us Musketeer please~~~

  • i’ll buy this game when it comes for the PS4 ;D i missed on the PS3 version

  • Hey Hergen Thaens, could you pass along to the development team to take some of the better ideas from FFXI and put them into this game? I love the game, and there is a lot to do, but we need just a tad more variety for the true FFXI fans. It’s almost like you guys are trying to make the best game possible without getting people to leave FFXI. LOL

    Like your scared that if you add FFXI elements to the game you’ll lose FFXI player base. Believe me, those guys will never leave lol. Spruce this game up with some more open world content, and we’d like some stuff introduced like campaign, besiege, Nyzul Isle, Sea, and Sky added to the mix. Your kicking ass with a great game!! Go ahead and take it to the next level and blow all the competition out of the water!!!!!!

    Bring back those game helping polls Yoshi P!!! Please pass this along Mr. Thaens. I would greatly appreciate it.

  • I like everything in this game BUT how they make the end game bosses battles being so “mechanic focused” cause that way people becomes more and more elitist, having to watch youtube videos before every dungeon fight its just stupid and makes the game boring.

  • I still haven’t payed the beta but since I have got my 64gb memory stick. I have been on my PS Via all the time. I gotta check this out at least once to see what it’s about.

  • I agree with @18. Make some if not all of the boss fights going forward do completely random moves LOL. That’s teach those youtube watchers!!!

    On a side not, I’d like to admit proudly that I’ve never watched a youtube video before going into a fight, nor afterwards, and the only video I was forced to watch because a raid member maid me was Twintania. And no sir… I didn’t like it!!! Watching the video that was, the fight is great.

  • I was typing to fast…. Note* and made… :(

  • Cannot wait until Square releases a expansion like Chains of Promathia (CoP). CoP it took years for people to get passed those fights (promys, mammots, ouryu, weapons, Jailers and last but not least the undefeated AV with no hacks or cheats or glitching) and in some cases some people never got their sea access until super late in game. Where Square had to lower the difficulty cap again or make items to help people with the fights. I’d pay money for a server dedicated to nothing but permanently increased difficulty (mechanics, higher lvl boss) in fights.

    Massive_13 go in with no background on the fight try to figure out boss mechanics. Those that read up on fights or about in same boat as those who watch videos IMO. Unlike FFXI you do not lose exp so the game is already forgiving. Sure gear may get damaged but that is small compared to exp loss.

  • I miss mobs like AV, PW and the jailers. Shoot divine might (RoZ) was fun before 75(might of been 60 / 65 cap when DM was first available been a long time) cap was released. Keep up the good work Square but release some major mobs need to update the gear cap system so when people run into lower lvl dungeons that are 50 so they do not just roll in with ease super increased damage and so on. Lock Odin and King Behemoth first 18 on his hate list are only ones who can help each other and fight them if they can’t he uses his 2hr/final move and then goes somewhere else.

    Loved FFXI before ToAU where things were challenging and very unforgiving, but when you killed the boss it felt like an accomplishment in the game vs ffxiv it is like okay, on to the next boss.

  • I have just one question you have to pay the game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Time and pay to play? Please reply :)

  • After I figured out how to make the text and some windows larger, and readable, I had a lot of fun. I didn’t think I would, but, it was a lot better than I imagined. I’m gonna buy it when it’s released.

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