Industrial Revolution: The Order: 1886 on PS4

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Industrial Revolution: The Order: 1886 on PS4
Industrial Revolution: The Order: 1886 on PS4

Recently, The Order: 1886 took the spotlight as Ready At Dawn revealed new details and first gameplay footage for the hotly anticipated 2014 PS4 exclusive. In our new video interview, Creative Director and Ready At Dawn Co-founder Ru Weerasuriya revealed new insights into the game’s combat, storyline, and graphical prowess.

The game’s universe is a complex, heady brew steeped in myth and half-truths. Inspired by an array of divergent topics ranging from King Arthur’s Round Table to the Industrial Revolution, The Order: 1886 paints a grim vision of 19th-century Victorian London. With mankind locked in a centuries-old struggle against a race of monstrous Half-Breeds, The Order was formed to turn the tide using state-of-the-art weaponry and centuries of combat experience. Amidst the ever-present Half-Breed threat, The Order must also contend with a rebel network of humans who resent the aristocracy that created it.

The Order’s first gameplay footage takes us to the London district of Whitechapel, a hive of scum and villainy that nonetheless looks sumptuous thanks to the game’s rich, saturated environment lighting. Galahad, Lafayette and the rest of The Order also look stunning, with agonizingly detailed costumes and eerily lifelike facial details that rival the pre-rendered CG cutscenes seen in many other games.

The Order, Gamescom, 03The Order, Gamescom, 02

One rough-and-tumble fight sequence demonstrates The Order’s immersive approach to melee combat. After Galahad grapples with a feisty rebel, the player can grasp for one of several weapons lying nearby in order to land the finishing blow. Ready At Dawn promises that The Order’s melee combat will be branching and dynamic, so different players will get different results.

With its cinematic presentation and painstakingly constructed Neo-Victorian environments, The Order: 1886 makes a convincing case for PS4’s graphical prowess and Ready At Dawn’s eye for detail. We’ll know more once we finally get a chance to go hands-on with this promising PS4 exclusive.

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  • keeping an eye on this one.

  • Hard to say much at this point, but it certainly has an interesting topic and setting as well as impressive visuals. If it combines those with a good story and respectable game play, I will be all over this one… unless it is to scary ;p

  • Very excited for this! Love the setting

    Can we expect a longer gameplay demo before e3?

    What sets this apart from other 3rd person shooter games?

    Keep up the great work! This is a must buy for me.

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  • eady At Dawn’s The Order: 1886 is still looking like a great game! I have been watching this games development since it was unveiled at E3 in 2013. It’s very exciting, and I can’t wait to play it!

  • Looks cool

  • Looking forward to know the release date, as it probably will be the date when I finally get my PS4. Next-gen cinematic feel is what’s catching my attention the most. Hopefully it’ll have some next-gen gameplay and level design packed in, too.

  • Ready at Dawn is an awesome studio. Ghost of Sparta was a masterpiece God of War game. I am extremely excited about The Order… Day 1 for sure.

  • Titan-what? This exclusive looks like it’s going to be a masterpiece. Can’t wait.

  • Looking good, but I wanna see more!

  • Great preview Sid!
    Ready at Dawn did a great job on GOW and I cannot wait to see more of this.

  • This is one of the most intriguing and my anticipated title for PS4. Those cloths in Soft Physics, yaaaaamy! And the HD Moustache is very welcome ;). Hope it will be released in 2015, I want a great polish of aesthetics and especially technology. According to previews the 2:40:1@30fps is good, but I want a stable 30fps! I don’t mind the cinematic experience.

  • From what i have been reading about this game. This is a diamond in the ruff.

  • everything about this game makes me happy i’m getting ps4

  • That was like 1 minute of actual gameplay, we really need to see more footage.

  • Ready at Dawn are pretty incredible. What they were able to do on the PSP is pretty epic.
    Cant wait for The Order! Do hope we get to see a little more footage.

  • I did a focus group on this game and I’m loving what saw about this game. Looking forward for this game.

  • i love this man

  • They dont need to show anymore of this game im buying this on day one! looks unreal good best game ive seen! and the story looks to be pretty good!

    PlayStation with the best exclusives once again!

  • More C&P games. YAWN!!!!

  • I have high hopes for this one, but I hope they can iron out those apparent frame rate issues

  • intro song name plz???

  • It reminds me a bit of Uncharted 3 :(
    Are there any sword type weapons in the game??

  • Huge Rant against you guys closing Santa Monica.

    Now, I understand that you guys changed the HQ’s location, but that doesn’t mean you should close off one of your best studios!

  • I loved everything that Santa Monica did.
    I loved the direction and the epic sound they had.

    You have to keep it open. You have to keep that IP alive.
    What studio do you have left? It looks as if you got rid of almost everyone…

    Who are going to make games for you?
    The PS4 is selling like crazy. You got to keep that momemtum going and have New studios and MORE GAMES!

  • Was looking forward to this ever since the E3 trailer and still am!

  • Love Archangel. Is Two Steps from hell on the soundtrack?

    That’s the song that starts @ 1:17

  • The Order will be the jewel of the PS4…I’m already seeing the best PS4 and of course next-gen game.No MP already means that the experience will be superb.Can’t wait to see DAT gameplay showcase at E3…the lil bit of gameplay I saw in the other sites left my jaw in the floor.

    Only one downside…the freaking lettebox.

    Sid could you please ask them to at least put an option to play the game without letterbox?…that would be much appreciated.

  • There’s a lot of gameplay videos on youtube, I watch them all and in my opinion for now (in future) there are 3 must-have games: inFAMOUS SS, The Order 1886 and Watchdogs ;) For now!!

  • Can’t wait !

  • There was only a few seconds of gameplay, but if you know your programming, the lighting, movement and actions were smooth and impressive. The gentleman being interview knows his audience and loves the game he is making. Great combination. This game is going to be successful, no doubt about it.

  • Looks great oe two important questions that’s being bugging me and I don’t I think the devlopers ha vent anserwed yet.

    1.How long is the estimate ;ength of the game gong to be?
    2.Are they planign to have collebles like notes that will tlel you more about the world?

  • OscillateWildely

    I’m remaining cautiously optimistic on this one. I want it to be a phenomenal game and I hope it’s more than just a pretty face.

  • Looks like an AWESOME game, can’t wait!!

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