Trials Fusion Comes to PS4 April 16th

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Trials Fusion Comes to PS4 April 16th

Get ready, riders: Trials is making its PlayStation debut! RedLynx, a Ubisoft Studio, is happy to announce that Trials Fusion is coming to PS4 on April 16th.

As you can see in the trailer above, Trials Fusion builds off of the Trials series’ unique take on physics-based platform racing while introducing features such as the brand new FMX Tricks System. Our development teams at RedLynx and Ubisoft Shanghai have designed Trials Fusion specifically for next-gen hardware, and we plan on bringing you tons of races, skill games, and challenges to tackle in the months to come.

Trials Fusion on PS4Trials Fusion on PS4

Trials Fusion will also include the fan-favorite Editor Mode and an updated version of Track Central, where you can download and share creations with Trials riders and builders all over the world. We can’t wait to see what you create — using the same tools that our level designers used — when you start building this April.

Trials Fusion on PS4

Trials Fusion will be available as a digital download for $19.99, or you can pick up a physical edition, which includes a Season Pass, for $39.99. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well — we have a ton of content and announcements planned for the coming weeks. See you on the leaderboards!

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  • Wowww… damn to bad no ps3 aswell.

  • Is there any chance of this coming to the Vita? I am a huge fan of Trials HD and Trials Evolution on XBLA, and plan to get Fusion, but probably won’t be getting a PS4 for another year or two.

  • I’m all for it! I’ll probably remote play it.. :)
    Season Pass sounds like fun..

    Anything that’s not that knockoff Urban Trials Freestyle..

  • this would be danksauce on Vita. and with a platinum. ps4 will suffice tho.


    I was always jealous of my buddies who had Xboxes and could play this game. Whenever we hung out at their houses we’d get some good local multiplayer going. Some of the best fun I’ve had for some time. I bought it for PC but it just wasn’t the same. Now that I can play it on my PS4 from the comfort of my couch (and Vita via Remote Play when I want to lay back and relax) I’m stoked beyond all reason.

    I’d love to know about any additional PS4 features like Vita Second Screen for Editing tracks. Woooo x10!

  • OMFG ~ !!!!

  • Awesome!

    I really enjoyed Trial2 SE and EvolutionGold on pc, you can count on me to get Trial Fusion on PS4 in a heartbeat!

  • Can’t wait, I’m loving the trails for Vita right now

  • I’m really excited for this and totally stoked that Trials Fushion isn’t exclusive. This is one series I’ve loved on Xbox 360 and thought I’d have to live without it until I eventually pick up an Xbox One.

  • WOW only for PS4..not cool.This game is perfect for the im surprised it wasnt released for the ps vita..but oh well. I would seriously like to see EA SPORTS get thier act together and start releasing thier BIG games like FREEKSTYLE and NBA STREETS..those games had me up all nite playing with my bro or just pulling off amazing tricks. This game reminds me of a dubbed down version of FREEKSTYLE..i miss it already.

  • Awesome! I’ve always wanted the Trials series, but never had a 360. Can’t wait!

  • Looks great but @redlynx i sincerely hope the feel is closer to HD than Evolution.
    And for goodness sake if there are turns on the tracks i hope they are implemented with the utmost of grace..

  • also i must say i alwaysss wanted this game on the ps3. its great to atleast see it come to the ps4.

  • Ubisoft stopped releasing games on Vita. Child of Light is on pretty much everything but Vita, and I’m pretty sure the Vita version of Cloudberry Kingdom has been canceled.

  • I like these kind of games & there always fun too. More games coming to the PS4, also what people need to understand is that not every game will be on all platforms all the time.

  • Daaamn, why not PS3 ? Or even a Vita version alongside PS4 is appreciated.

  • Whaaaaaat?! This is sooner than I expected. Awesome! Trials is the only reason I still sometimes use, you know, another console.

  • It’s crazy how ps4 games come out so quickley, so i getting the ps4 soon!!

  • Aweome, day one buy here. Love these kind of dirt bike games!

  • @10
    Some aspects I agree with you, others I do not. But not going to really go into details because I don’t want to troll. :)

  • Yet another game that is encouraging me to finally cave in and buy a PS4.

  • I love the Trials series. Played it not too long ago actually. Excited for this, would be more excited if it was coming to the ps3 as well as ps4, still can’t justify a ps4 purchase yet. This and Infamous are the only games that have me interested at the moment. Was just watching some video’s of this elsewhere and it looks absolutely fantastic. The atv’s look great and the courses look just as evil/fun as ever.

  • super coooooolll!!!

  • Awesome! I passed up on theses game originally as i had no idea what they were really about. maybe bad marketing. A group of friends convinced me to purchase it in a steam sale and ever since I loved it! the uplay servers act up a lot but once you get games going they are endless fun and get challenging. I also picked up the vita version in ps plus and that is also amazing. now cant wait to pick this up first time around. you’ll should try it out. at least check out the version out now to get an idea.

  • Very nice! I’m a fan of Trials HD and Evolution, though I don’t have a PS4 quite yet. Maybe some Vita love?


  • The Vita game Urban Trial was amazing.
    The new PS4 game Trial Fusion is going to be even better.

  • will we be able to pre order it in the uk? digitally

  • really looking forward to this… played it all the time on my 360. Pricing is a bit tight though…. used to be £12 for the game and £6/7 for DLC on 360 in the UK, now looking like £20 and £40 with the “season pass”…. :o/

  • I downloaded it on 360 oen day when bored. I had a lot of fun.

    Can’t wait for it

  • Hopefully it’s free with ps plus and Sony would be absolute legends!

  • This is a NO BRAINER… Instant buy!!! Loved Trials Evolution!

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