MLB 14 The Show Quick Counts and Player Lock

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MLB 14 The Show Quick Counts and Player Lock

Hello, Ramone Russell here. I’m the Game Designer and Community Specialist on MLB The Show.

One of the most common pieces of feedback we get each year from our fans is that they’d like to play complete games faster. That’s why we’re excited to bring two new options into MLB 14 that allow for you to experience The Show without having to make as big of a time commitment as in the past: Quick Counts and Player Lock. Watch the video below for an in depth look.

Here are a few more details about the features that weren’t covered in the video:

  • Quick Counts and Player Lock are game options; they aren’t mandatory.
  • Quick Counts and Player Lock are available in most game modes.
  • Player lock will allow you to play a full game in as little as 10 minutes.
  • With Quick Counts on, you will cut your game completion times in half if used in conjunction with the Fast Play presentation setting. Games can now be completed in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Realistic stats in Quick Counts have not been compromised. However, you may see a slight increase in strike outs and walks.
  • To customize your Player Lock experience, visit the Options page and access the RTTS Options.
  • Player Lock fielding uses fielder-perspective controls, so all bases are mapped opposite of non-Player Lock games (i.e. Square = First, X = Second, Circle = Third, Triangle = Home)

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  • Keep showing that PS3 gameplays that we all want to see…..

  • @1 Agreed. At this point, it almost has me concerned about the PS4 version’s quality.

  • These features are really interesting…I’m curious to see how Quick Counts closely parallel a pitcher/batter combo’s real-life at-bat statistics, and whether the player’s participation in only one or two pitches skews the stats towards a 50/50 coin-flip pattern.

    The video in general looks great…but will you have CC slimmed down in time? :)

    And between Hot Stove and the Olympics, I hope Matt V has had time to give you some new audio for this year…crossing my fingers for a Sochi reference somewhere in the mix!

  • Is there still a Beginner Mode in MLB14?

  • Let me start off by saying I love the show but this feature of being able to turn off broadcasting and presentation and fast count I feel feats the purpose of playing baseball but I can’t wait to get my hands on it to try it for myself but I’m sure I will just play the game as before as I’ve always loved your broadcasting and presentation it’s one of highlights of your series that separates it apart from other games

  • I agree with #5 snakeeyes211. This feature kills the mood of the game, however some players would enjoy fast forwarding.
    But it is something new and good nonetheless. I seriously can’t wait for this game!

    I hope we get teams current up-to-date lineups by release day. (crossed fingers)
    And CC Sabathia is slimmer now. ;-)

  • I have been waiting for years for “player lock.” I don’t know how many seasons of rtts I played through wishing I was controlling an actual major leaguer. Finally, I can play as some of my favorite players without having to deal with entire teams of players I could care less about.

  • At first I was quite excited to try out MLB 14 on the PS4. I was hoping for an early march release (like last year!) so the late release date is a big let down. Those new features also don’t excite me at all.

  • I hope you do cross save. I’ll be able to play on my Vita during my lunch breaks at work and with this new quick play feature, I’ll be able to get through full games while at work.
    Though it’s a shame the PS4 version is coming out at a later time, I have faith that you guys are going to release a quality product.

  • So glad to see this. I love the game, but it just takes so log to get through a game/season. This will be a welcome change.

    • Glad you like the additions we really wanted to give players a way to expedite their games, while still maintaining simulation accuracy.

  • PS4 gameplay please. May cant come soon enough

  • Are u going to implement the replay rule somehow? And also the no collision rule at home plate.

  • The best baseball game ever. I mean its as relistic as it can get, you gotta luv that. And its on the PS Vita!!!!!!!!!!

  • I hope there is a feature with an animation when you hit a for sure homerun to really enhance the feel and excite the user. Maybe like a slow-mo cam when one is hit.

  • I know that the quick count is the focus on this video, but one of things that I really noticed is that batters’ unique batting swings are being implemented even more, like when longoria hit that home run, the motion in how he moved his bat after he hit the ball matches up well with how he actually does that kind of thing in real life. I love how the progression in this game has advanced so well and how real life it it becoming, great job on it you guys, I can’t wait til the ps4 version comes out, so excited!!!

  • RTTS is by far my favorite mode, I play nothing else. Unfortunately in ’13 i got tired of looking up at fly balls in an empty sky and stopped playing. Fix that, and let us play a catcher without calling every pitch please.

  • Alright so this good. I like the player lock from anyone in any game mode, but I don’t like the simulation part will I be able to sit in the dugout till I am up to bat or field instead of having to simulate the whole experience and not listen to the commentary. That’s the true experience I want to be able to stand on the field. Example I selected to be Andrew McCutchen in an exhibition match up. The game starts with the Intro and the immediately skips to me batting because where home. I don’t get to see anyone else bat at all.

    I think we should be able to see the whole game regard when locked on. I want to see the whole game and the commentary because it gives that true simulating experience.

    • All of the RTTS presentation options are present in Player Lock. So if you want to see all of your teams at bats you only need to toggle that option on from the menu.

  • hey Ramone, tell me why PS4 version come out late in May ? i don’t want wait little longer to get this game on ps4 instead ps3.. i noticed fans are not happy about release date is May for ps4 including me

  • Ramone – I know it’s a licensing thing but would it be possible to design MLB jerseys for Playstation Home avatars that we can buy and wear while in-world?

  • While I am extremely excited for this game and already have it pre-ordered, the lack of PS4 gameplay footage and the month delay from PS3 / Vita release (2 months if looking at last year launch) makes me a little nervous. Especially without a firm May release date. It makes me feel like it will be last week of May game. I haven’t played MLB The Show since ’12 and am glad to finally see RTTS carry over from year to year. Just sucks not having more PS4 info. Still looks like a solid game though and can’t wait to finally get it.

  • Ramone, please bring back the broadcasts into road to the show! I almost fall asleep without the conversation going on. At least make it an option to toggle on and off. Love the show!

  • Some players swing at the first pitch.

    I just think if you wanted to implement quick count, it should have been where 1 strike and you are out, 2 balls and you walk. This would have kept the game quick, and, I think, the stats in line. Even have the option for 2 strike/3 ball counts. This way you guys are doing it just doesn’t feel right.

    But either way, I’ll be downloading on my PS4. Hoping the beards look better then what you guys have shown though. Right now they remind me of when NBA 2k first introduced “realistic” jersey movement. It was overdone and distracting. Right now, the beards are distracting. Hope attention that might have been better used elsewhere wasn’t spent on making the beards look good..

  • Have to say, I’m still a bit disappointed that rain delays/postponements and double-headers didn’t make it in this year, but with the power of the PS4 I’m more hopeful that we will see it soon. It really does play a huge part of the game when you play season/franchise and need to make roster moves and adjustments due to a rain-out or doubleheader. (Though I also must state that this must be made an option so that those who hate the realism it brings won’t have to deal with it).

    I still don’t have a PS4 (have no desire for any of the games on it right now), but I think in the future with Metal Gear:Ground Zero/Phantom Pain, plus the better version of MLB The Show, there will be a PS4 in my entertainment center later this year.

  • I’ll keep my expectations in check that the PS4 version will blow us away simply because the first game on PS3 (MLB 2007) didn’t. Note to everyone else, that also came out in May that year while the PS2 version came out in March.

  • when is this game bring able to be pre order on the ps3 store I love these games

  • ok… like a lot of people with this year’s The Show… i’m waiting for the ps4 version. i’m skeptical about that version, but i have every faith in this one on the ps3. my only question is this. with the quick counts enabled, will there still be a chance of stepping to the plate in a first-pitch scenario? because… if not, then that takes all the realism out of it, for me. i understand the algorithms and all that (i actually have a college degree. lol) but, does that algorithm take into account that occasionally a batter will decide to swing and possibly hit the first pitch… like, say… josh hamilton should come up to the plate in this year’s version with more 0-0 counts than a lot of others. that way… as much as the video game baseball player likes to swing at that pitch, too… it would keep his stats true-to-life. just my thoughts before bed… as i plan on dreaming of the ps4 version, and am already thinking like everyone else who can’t get enough of The Show… how i can make the ps3 version better… for next year, if that’s not implemented, already. :)

  • Hi,

    Can anyone, or maybe someone from the dev team, explain how the beginner mode and the new dynamic difficulty works? I was never sure how to activate beginner mode in MLB 13.

    • Begginer mode is a difficulty setting in the options menu, its one setting under rookie. While beginner mode is meant to teach you how to play the game, dynamic difficulty was introduced for people who toggle between two difficulty settings. Or for those who would like to see where they should be playing for the best game experience.

  • Former XBox360 player, just bought PSN for the sole reason of playing MLBTS. I’m very excited for the release, so perhaps someone like me will appreciate everything you are releasing for the simple fact that EVERYTHING is new to me.

    Are there ever any classic teams/stadiums included? I’d love to be able to play as the 1982 Brewers or play with Hank Aaron or something…

  • im glad its an option at least, because I like to play a whole game and take my sweet time to make it more realistic than it already is lol #cant wait for the show

  • Yeah it’d be nice if you could set your profile icon to be a mlb uniform

  • I’ve seen the community comment on this, but no confirmation from the developers. Can you please confirm the following:

    1. Gamers can actually play rtts mode with in game mlb players?

    i know it’s oxymoronic since mlb players are already in the show, but I’m thinking more of the rpg elements associated with the rtts game mode. Something like taking a young pujols and attempting to get him to the show and/or recreate his rookie season stats. More like a “rookie of the year mode” focused on past ROY winners or a hall of fame mode attempting to recreate/relive legendary moments of hall of famers…

    2. Are there classic teams, hall of famers, and are classic ball parks returning this year? If so; any new additions (ie. the kingdome; astrodome; or Olympic stadium)

    3. If there are classic teams/HOF’s etc; can you play as those individuals in rtts/player lock mode?

    I have been a huge fan of this series since Shawn Green was on the cover, but I haven’t bought this game as a day one purchase since 2008. I appreciate the time and attention devoted to perfecting this franchise, but please add some new modes involving recreating history with legends or a franchise mode that allows you to start an expansion team…

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